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MMS Given By IV

3rd December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Adam Abraham is in Mexico interviewing and filming the work with MMS being done there in a medical clinic. Here is a little teaser. It reveals that MMS is being given by IV.

Jim Humble’s new webpage:

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3 Responses to “MMS Given By IV”

  1. Arrow Says:

    I found this on a forum. It is a quote from Jim Humble about Dioxychlor (TM):

    I want to mention just one of those papers as it is my favorite
    research paper. Here is several excerpts from it. I wish I could
    show you the entire paper, but it is copyrighted, however, you can buy
    the paper from the Bradford Research Institute. The paper is called
    “War against Microbes.”
    It tells about Dioxychlor(TM) a trade marked commercial chemical
    consisting of the exact same chemical as MMS. It has been in use for
    more than 15 years. These are the excerpts:

    “The following is a description of the characterization and mechanism
    of action of Dioxychlor(TM), researched and developed by American
    Biologies(TM), as relates to its antiviral, antibacterial,
    antimycoplasmal and antifungal activities. Dioxychlor(TM) has been in
    clinical use for over fifteen years with tens of thousands of
    infusions at the Amerian Biologies(TM) Intergrative Hospital and
    Medical Center as well as other clinics and hospitals throughout the

    To understand fully the action of Dioxychlor on target organisms, it
    is necessary to describe in detail the chemical structure of this
    oxidant as well as the biochemical structure of substances found in
    these target organisms with which Dioxychlor(TM) interacts. These
    targets include viruses (the nucleic acides, RNA, DNA), bacteria and

    Dioxychlor(TM) is available on the Internet for sale and the entire
    scientific paper is available as well. The formula although somewhat
    weaker than MMS is the exact same chemical. (TM stands for Trade
    Mark). Go to Google and search Dioxychlor.

  2. patt Says:

    Dioxychlor Formula:
    Is it possible that there is a “difference” ?:

    “oxidized natrium CHLORIDE “….
    Otherwise it is not the same as Natrium Chlorite,as JIM told us.

    kind regards,

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Seems the Dioxychlor starts with a different forumulation from a salt compound Natrium chloride = NaCl, ( sodium chlorite = NaClO2 is MMS) Somehow in their process they end up with chlorine dioxide. The paragraph below is from their website. I’m no chemist, but I suspect that this company has found a different way for explaining the same chemical as MMS. You have to remember that it is chlorine dioxide that does the work. I think that sodium chlorite is the natrium chloride once it is oxidized.

    “Dioxychlor is an inorganic compound composed of chlorine and two atoms of nascent oxygen covalently bonded. (sounds like chlorine dioxide to me) It is the chemical property of Dioxychlor which makes possible the release of nascent oxygen upon decomposition during its action as an oxidizing agent, leaving a non-toxic chloride residue.”