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MRSA Alternative Treatment with Allicin – Testimonial Updated 4/16/08

3rd December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Watch this Video, Part 1:

and Part 2:

Our recovery from flesh eating MRSA
December 1, 2007 at 20:01
Hello everyone,Here is an update on our recovery:Our family has been free for over 1 ½ yrs from any signs of MRSA

My two son’s were viciously attacked by flesh eating boils. I had a more mild attack. My oldest son came home one day with a bad ‘spider bite’ it slowly healed. A week later 6 more boils came back and they were literally eating away at his legs within a few hours. We took him to our family doctor of 20 yrs plus, and his nurse practitioner threw Septra, Doxycicline, and Murpirocin ointment at the infection. Our doctor called us on and told us not to worry. He said that they have never had the antibiotics fail to kill the infection and that it would not come back. Well, it did come back within 10 days after using the drugs correctly. The drugs did cause the infection to retreat which was a part of what save his life, because it bought us time to research. We also consulted with an Infectious Disease Doctor and he confirmed my thinking, the doctors are experimenting to see which antibiotic might kill MRSA. At that point I lost confidence in doctors and antibiotics and decided to research and pray.

Our lives depended on finding something that would cause the boils to go away. We did find something and it was pure and concentrated Allicin. We used it as suggested and got the results we needed. Since we used pure allicin we have not had any signs or symptoms of
MRSA for over 1 ½ yrs. To help the symptoms of MRSA pure and concentrated Allicin is needed. There are no other forms of Allicin that may bring lasting desired results that I am aware of through hours of research.My youngest son who also had flesh eating boils, did not need any antibiotics or medical care since we used pure Allicin. We decided to deal with his infection only with Allicin, however we did kept in close contact with our doctors through his and our recovery process.My oldest son (19 yrs) had dental implants and had no issues with MRSA.
Our opinion is that any form of surgery is risky after being infected with MRSA . The possibility of being a carrier or colonized with MRSA put our son at a higher risk catagory in our minds. We were hoping that Allicin had taken care of the risk of colonization also.
He is in a dorm room at college and his new room mate brought MRSA in and it traveled to another young man. He has not had any signs of MRSA. He is using a maintenance amount of pure Allicin. We all use a maintenance amount daily.Because of our recovery and the recovery of many others using pure Allicin, I want to help others. I am not a doctor or health practitioner and I do not give medical advice. I am a naturopathic health researcher and I do have a consultancy. I serve my clients in the area of research and education which includes proper use of nutraceuticals. I have been a naturopathic researcher for 20 yrs. I am a student of, and pursuing degrees at: The form of pure Allicin we used is called Allimed. It is a physician’s strength form of Allicin. Allimed is a much stronger form of pure Allicin than Allimax and has been formulated for MRSA. At this time it is available from the main company, naturopaths, or qualified consultants. It is of the utmost of importance that Allimed is used correctly to be successful. Allimed is not available through retail stores etc.I have posted more about our experience with Allimed here: have asked people here on this forum who want my help to email me.
After I receive their email I ask them to call me. I also ask them to
read our story on our site. I have decided not to go back and forth with
questions on forums or by email. This is not beneficial for me and it
uses up too much of my time.I realize that many misunderstand my desire to help others and I often
get accusations. Many have sent verbal curses through email etc.
This does not stop me from reaching out to help others in their battle
with MRSA. I realize that it is hard to communicate character on forums.I have been a member of this forum since 3/06 and have received life
saving advice. I have tried to share our story to encourage and support others.

This is my website:

I have designed it myself for helping others to understand the epidemic
Pictures (graphic) and current news reports are available.
Our story is available there.

My site has a ‘consultations’ page. I have helped many people with horrendous health issues. I have not charged a consultation fee for anyone who I have helped with MRSA though this may change in the future. This depends on my time used in helping others.

Because of the numerous emails, I have had to limit myself to those who
call and show serious interest in being proactive with fighting MRSA.
It is important to talk on the phone to better understand each other.
This also builds trust and hope which is very important.If you want my help then we can
connect through email and then through phone calls. Several have accused me of trying to
lure others into a ‘money making’ situation. I have had numerous horrible accusation tossed
in my direction. No doubt, there will be more accusations. The individual will have to have their
own opinions and make up their own minds. I will not respond to emails that are negative or derogatory in nature.
God bless, love, Cathy
We have been free from any signs of MRSA for over 1 1/2 yrs.
Praise God! He is the Great Physician!

Cathy has just provided these sites to facilitate your research on Allimed

Here are some research files for you:

This is a good file to print out to run by your doctor:

These files are good for you to review for point of reference:

This link helps to confirm and validate Allimed information:

Research article, Dr. Ronald Cutler, Allicin, MRSA:

Research article, Allicin diminishes Bio film (resistant coating around bacteria):

Radio Interview with Dr. Ronald Cutler regarding Allicin and MRSA:

Video Interview with Biochemist, developer of Allisure (stable Allicin) Peter Josling, author of Allicin, The Heart of Garlic:

Internet News Articles, Dr. Culter, Allicin, MRSA:,1,2230919.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Allimed info and directions:

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16 Responses to “MRSA Alternative Treatment with Allicin – Testimonial Updated 4/16/08”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    From Peter E.
    Manuka Honey for MRSA wounds:

  2. Health Guru Says:

    Helping others battle MRSA is certainly a priority for me. Your insightful posts and entire site are such a benefit.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    An update from Cathy:

    MRSA Recovery
    Started by Cathy Posted: January 14, 2008 at 18:26
    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are all doing better.

    We are doing great. Our family was attacked by a vicious strain of MRSA that rapidly turn into flesh eating boils. This happen about 20 months ago and we are free from any signs of MRSA and we have not had anymore boils, lesions, etc.
    I know that our story will be hard for some of you to believe. I still have a hard time believing it myself.
    It has been almost two years since I joined this forum trying to find answers.

    I was determined not to let this monster kill my family.
    Our family was able to come out of this MRSA crisis WITHOUT the use of antibiotics. We ran everything we did by our MD and IDD. We seriously considered their counsel and then we made decisions. We were very proactive in fighting MRSA.

    There has been some confusion regarding our recovery, what we used, how we used it, our motives in sharing our recovery etc.
    I hope to clarify any question.

    There has been a lot of confusion over Allicin supplements.
    Allisure is the only active and stable form of pure Allicin that was developed for MRSA etc.
    Some have mentioned other Allicin products such as Allibiotic.
    Allibiotic has Allisure in it, but not enough to deal with MRSA (please research files below to confirm).
    Allimed (with Allisure) is physician’s strength form of pure and stable Allicin.
    It is the most cost effect form of stable, concentrated Allicin, more than Allimax or Alliultra.
    I prefer to use Allimed liquid internally and not the caps.
    We found that it worked better for us and others that we have helped.

    Allimed liquid is more cost effective than Allimed caps.
    We did the math, calculated expenses and realized that Allimed liquid was the best way to go.
    Please do your own research and you will see that if you are going to use Allicin to help deal with MRSA, than it will have to be an Allisure product at high concentration.

    Allimed must be used properly to achieve desired results. We used Allimed topically and internally to break the cycle of MRSA.

    Please do NOT try a cheaper Garlic supplement and make the mistake of thinking that it will get the long term desired results of eliminating the symptoms of MRSA.

    Please educate yourself and everything that I have mentioned will be confirmed by reviewing these files.

    As for my motives in sharing about this nutraceutical, that is a decision you will have to make yourself. Many make wrong judgments about us however, this does not change our recovery and our desire to help others.
    I am a naturopathic researching consultant. I don’t not charge others for my help with Allimed. Others that we have helped usually become independent quickly and don’t need to use much of my time.
    If more of my time is needed then there may be a minimal charge.
    I will not answer derogatory emails.

    This is a good file to print out to run by your doctor:

    This file is good for you to review for point of reference:

    This link helps to confirm and validate information already communicated:

    These files will help to answer questions. Please review carefully. This will help build the confidence level in Allimed.
    Allimed does not treat, cure or mitigate MRSA. Allimed works with the immune system to fight off illness.
    Please run all natural methods/products that you decide to combine with antibiotics by your doctor.

    If you have more questions you are welcomed to email us.

    God bless, Cathy

  4. David Shugol Says:

    Please send me information on where to buy the Allimed product. I live in Florida, Sarasota area.

  5. Home Remedies For Boils Says:

    Get the Answers You’re Looking For. Home remedy for boils. Hot, Swollen, Painful Boils Fast And Effective Treatment.. Information on Home Remedies For Boils and how to treat boils

  6. Cathy Says:

    Update 4/09

    Hello everyone,
    I hope this note finds you well.
    It has been a while since I posted an update regarding our family’s recovery from flesh eating MRSA.
    We are still doing great with no signs of MRSA. It has been 3 yrs. now since the attack of MRSA that nearly wiped out my family.
    It is possible to recovery from MRSA without drugs and our family is living proof!
    Since our recovery we have be able to help hundreds of others worldwide to recover also.
    We help them with Allimed stabilized allicin.
    This is the first time in history that allicin, the antibiotic property of garlic has been stabilized.
    Here is the lastest abstract by Dr. Ronald Cutler, biochemists Norman Bennett and Peter Josling.

    For more MRSA info and
    our family’s recovery visit:

    A big THANK YOU to the owner of this website for
    helping so many by helping us to share our recovery.

    God bless, Cathy

  7. Carrie Says:

    Hi, I’m a client of Cathy’s ( I just want to thank her and reassure anyone who reads this that this is for REAL. Cathy is sincere and helpful and Allimed works. Other places sell Allimed for double and don’t even offer you help with dosing for MRSA. You must follow protocol and stay in touch with Cathy as her expertise and advice is PRICELESS. Me and my 4mo old baby (now 1yr) survived MRSA without using antibiotics thanks to Cathy and Allimed. My 4yr old avoided it completely because he is on Allimed as a preventative.
    Thank You, CATHY and ALLIMED!!!!


  8. Rover Says:

    What is the dosage & protocol for using Allimed?

  9. Carie Says:

    The protocol is usually 4 months long minimum for most adults battling MRSA. The dosage depends on your individual circumstances like length of infection, diet, if you have a current outbreak and the severity (so call an Allimed Therapist). Diet plays a big role… see my non-profit website for more info. There are ways for us to solve this thing on our own or, at the very least, to not rely soley on antibiotics since we know where that usually leads. Read this article:
    A not-so-ironic twist is that Allimed is a best seller in Norway, Denmark, etc… they have found so many common sense ways to beat this. It is a shame when our regulations that are supposed to protect us get in the way of our health. Take care everyone!

  10. Carie Says:

    opps… here the website, too!

  11. Kcnh Says:

    Your post is Great! I learn more and back soon for your future post. Thanks a lot
    Naturopathy is one of the major forms of alternative medicine that focuses on an individual’s natural healing capacities. It is one of its own kinds of treatment procedure that includes the comprehensive approach towards treating different types of illness and improving health. courses for naturopathy offer a wide variety of degree programs. Please follow the program links below to find out more about each program including course titles and credit hours.

  12. paul kelly snr Says:

    Hi and thankyou for this knowledge so honestly shared.
    I am from CHRISTCHURCH, NZ where we are still having RENO style Quakes
    After a cut Leg and Dosctors Dressing I caught MRSA. After Four Different attempts with 4 known Antibiotics, i privately went onto 2x Daily Doses of internal TUMERIC and reduced swelling but as yet not stopped blisters on nnow Both Lower Legs. Dr thinks I now have either CELLULITOUS or Scalded Leg Syndrome, Both offsprings of STAPH AUREAS. Will ALLICIN be better than now locally reccomended TEA TREE or NZ MANUKA HONEY, now both NZ Produced. Love to hear from you and will share more with you later. REGARDS PAUL KELLY

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    hi Paul

    The local applications will be of help but I would do the allicin ALSO. You need a systemic approach. It may take 3 to 6 months of treatment. Bagging with ozone is also known to help.
    There may be ozone practitioners in NZ. You will have to look hard.Cathy in the above article can advise you on dosage.. I have not done it. Call or email her though her website.


  14. paul kelly snr Says:

    Hi to ARROW
    Thankyou for your comments and details of success of others. Very reassuring. NZ as you will be aware is the main home of the MANUKA HONEY, itself a known antibiotic.
    I have an associatiobn with a Specialised Packaging Manufacture with world patents on his presentation that has been successfull to deliver to users , 3 to 15grams of Manuka Honey, plain or with additives such as Ginger to give the perfect sweetener cum Healer for Tea or Coffee or Milk Items and is packed in a Credit Card sized Plastic Bag that splits open when the card is folded to sqirt the Jelly, Cream or Liquid (Honey or Jam or Sauses etc and could hold yor Garlic sourced Product premixed with Manuka Honey to afford a better applicator with measured quantities to suit. Question is, can your Product be premixed with Honey and in these sterile circumstances, be sold in say packs of 10 or 20 Applicators or SNAP-PAKS[C]) and exported to you and elswhere under your or my instructions, either direct to Users or Retail Stockists of your selection and choice, as a Food additive, either as a Jam or Sauce with this alternative values for the application to cure Staph Aureo
    No trouble for Children to take this daily both topically and/or by mouth internally.
    I can represent the Manufacture as I have had a 12 year association but on the ffringe. Japanese are taking large amounts with ordinary Honey, as specific Plant Honeys in their season or with the Ginger Additive I mentioned, also sold in UK by a Kiwi who orders from the same Patented Product Manufacturers. I could send you some samples to tease you as to its aptitude in all sorts of Naturpathic applications in that duel internal or extenal uses. We must keep talking of this as I already have spoken of this in USA and Australia as well as the orient that has easy access.
    Manwhile how can I get 3 months (optomist) supply and start. As we grow the best Garlic ever grown as well as access to Asian Apple Garlics, we could also heelp you to exploit this in NZ, Australai and Pacific bordering Countries as a NZ Product, well received without a grumble within all these areas. But keep all this confidential between our two groups so as to not create a compettor in your Dream Items. I am associated with importing bulk Probitics to pack or tablet in NZ for that same market Regards PAUL KELLY Snr. My Home Phone is 00-643-420-1044 {24/7}

  15. Stephen Plouck Says:

    I have been fighting MRSA for the past two years. I go on antibiotics and antibiotic creams and it disappears for a while, but keeps coming back. I have been surfing the WWW for a year and a half looking for alternatives. I want to get rid of this stuff for good. My doctor is of no help what soever. He acts like I am a leaper when the MRSA is active (maybe I am in a way). Anyway, I would love more information on Allimed and how to obtain it. Any information and assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Go to this website and contact Cathy. She has lots of experience with Allimed. She charges a minimal consult fee.. it use to be $25… and well worth it.