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Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment – Cure with Laser Treatment and Alternative Medicine – LIESH Therapy

26th December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Leith Holt lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She recently got her breast cancer cured at a clinic in Jacksonville, Arkansas, a small town near Little Rock. It cost her $6,250 for five days of treatment with a laser system. I’ll quote part of Leith’s message on it. Feel free to contact her if you have questions. She is truly committed to helping other cancer patients.

Update 6/6/2010: Leith Holt has passed away in late December 2009. Please read this total post and following comments for more complete overview of this treatment.

Reprinted with permission from Bill Henderson and Leith Holt

“Hi Bill,

I joined your site on August 2, 2007. You gave me much food for thought. I would like to share with you my encounter with breast cancer and the results.

I realized after talking to you today, and reviewing all the information I had obtained on-line, that it was your book ‘Cancer-Free – 2nd Edition’ (which I obtained by e-mail), and your newsletters that put me in pursuit of alternative therapies, and eventually led me to the treatment I received. Without your book and the optimism contained in it, I seriously doubt I would be in a position today to say that my breast cancer is dead and gone.

My family doctor was informed by me during a visit on June 19, 2007 that I had discovered a lump in my right breast. He sent me for a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on June 22, 2007. I am a 62 year old female who was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast on June 28, 2007. The result was breast cancer with lymph node involvement (1 node). It was deemed to be Stage II-Stage III invasive ductal carcinoma (estrogen positive). On June 29th, my family doctor moved to another province, so I was without anyone to help me through the quagmire that was to come.

At first, I went through the normal channels of conventional medicine. I was given an appointment with a surgeon on July 4, 2007. However, after my first meeting with the surgeon and being informed that I had the choice of a total mastectomy or lumpectomy with radiation, I decided to do some investigation of my own. Something kept gnawing at me…to a point where I did not feel that conventional therapy was for me. I then decided to have another appointment with the surgeon on July 24, 2007 to ask questions about things such as survival, recurrence , and other methods used by other institutions.

This was the turning point for me. The surgeon was outraged that I would dare question his determination to do surgery. When I left, I told my husband that I refused to have conventional therapy and would find the answer elsewhere. I cancelled my surgery on July 26th, 2007.

A Naturopathic Doctor started me on some medications, such as triple potassium compound, Host Defense, Tumeric Force, Estrosense etc. On August 27th he ordered a blood test to see what the CA-15-3 marker was. It came back 32, just slightly above normal.

By now I was aware of my treatment alternatives, such as the Budwig Diet, Essiac, Dr. Simoncini, B-17 etc. In early September I ran across a site that intrigued me. The treatment seemed so logical. I investigated further, including listening to radio interviews with this individual. I began daily treatment (about 90 minutes each) on October 15th and finished on October 19th. I had the procedure for 4 days, and an INDEPENDENT ULTRASOUND done the morning of the last treatment on October 19th (the fifth and final treatment was in the afternoon to insure that if there were any stray cancer cells they would be destroyed).

The ultrasound showed that the tumor along with two involved lymph nodes were dead. Both my husband and I were present when the ultrasound was done and the technician allowed us both to view the screen and explained each pass she did. The diagnostic clinic also provided us with a CD of the ultrasound. The tumor which was not overly large in the first place (about the size of a cherry) has reduced about 1/2 in size. It will take my body time to absorb and eliminate the remaining dead tissue (I take special enzymes to assist in that procedure).

I do not wish to see others suffer the results of conventional medicine of cut (surgery) burn (radiation) and poison (chemotherapy). This is a very simple procedure. The site for the clinic at which I was a patient is

My e-mail address is:

Thank you.

Leith Holt

P.S. As a result of your site, (Bill Henderson’s )I started using MMS about a week ago to build up my immune system and rid it of all things that should not be there, and have passed the information on to many others with health problems.”


Videos of the Laser treatment in action:

Video 1:

video 2:

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65 Responses to “Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment – Cure with Laser Treatment and Alternative Medicine – LIESH Therapy”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This acronym stands for:
    Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia

    which in itself pretty much summarizes all the characteristics of this new therapy. Although defined as a therapy, this new approach to cancer treatment is better identified as a new surgical procedure, which, in spite of this appropriate label, turns out to be in fact a non-invasive method of tumor de-bulking and destruction, at least for cutaneous and subcutaneous ones.

    In other words, the procedure in itself is non-invasive, as contradictory as this might seem when describing surgery; still the access to the affected site might involve invasive methods, as in the case of internal organs.

    This new procedure relies on the use of a proprietary LASER System, of a wavelength not significantly absorbed by human tissue and emitting a low power broad beam, which cannot produce damage on tissue under normal conditions.

    Actually the L.I.E.S.H. approach to cancer treatment is a form of Photo-dynamic Therapy, but much improved from its original form, combined with some of the pinciples utilized in Radio-fractionated Hyperthermia.

    Both Photo-dynamic Therapy and Radio-fractionated Hyperthermia are FDA approved; however, due to limitations in the available delivery equipment, they cannot be utilized to treat larger tumors.

    The LAILT System I, proprietary of LASE MED, Inc. and utilized in the delivery of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, is designed to handle any size of tumor.

    The methodology component of the LMI’s therapy involves a simple way of altering the human tissue absorption characteristics, only within the neoplastic growth, so that strictly the malignant tissue will fully absorb the energy from the LASER beam and exclusively the cells constituting the unwanted growth will reach a deadly temperature level, be subject to irreversible damage and therefore die, either immediately or within 48 hours.

    In order to practically implement this approach, the LMI’s therapy relies also on the use of something similar to a surgical stain, which is directly injected into the malignant growth and can almost instantly spread uniformly within the entire mass of the unwanted growth.

    This product is identified as “the enhancer” because it enhances the cells’ sensitivity to the particular LASER light utilized in this treatment; several different compounds could be used for this purpose, but with less effective results. For this reason it is important to rely on LMI’s proprietary stain, called OxyM, which is water soluble and completely innocuous, in other words with the same side-effects of a saline solution. In lay terms, during an application of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, what happens at the cellular level could be described by the following practical example:

    Imagine a parking lot full of either white or black cars and completely illuminated by sun light, during a summer afternoon; the white cars will become warm, but the black ones will overheat to a point that it is not possible to simply step into them, before the air conditioning has had a chance to do its job.

    This scenario practically describes what happens during a session of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, if the white cars are assumed to represent the healthy cells and the black ones to represent the enhanced cancer cells.

    The idea of destroying cancer with heat is certainly not new and has been widely accepted for a very long time, but has had very limited applications because it was finally concluded that, in order to ensure destruction of the cancerous growth, it is necessary to reach a temperature deadly to healthy cells as well.

    Many attempts have been made to bypass this problem and some methodologies have been developed like:
    localized hyperthermia, laserthermia, radio-fractionated hyperthermia and TTT.

    But they all have limitations and cannot complete the job, because they cannot achieve total necrosis and, unless the entire mass of neoplastic tissue is destroyed, the cancer will continue to grow.

    With the L.I.E.S.H. approach to fighting cancer, it is possible to eventually achieve total necrosis, independently from the original size of the malignant growth, because the therapy is delivered in multiple sessions and because its repeatability is unlimited, due to the absence of really negative side effects.

    The number of individuals treated with our L.I.E.S.H. Therapy is constantly increasing; all patients have been and are confirmed cancer cases, most of them already diagnosed as terminal .

    Additionally all of our patients, while undergoing and following this treatment, have experienced visible and drastic improvement to their condition, without negative side effects.

    Within three months, all patients who had undergone the full required cycle of our therapy, have experienced total recovery, verifiable by MRI in addition to ultrasonogram.

    Again, in order to achieve complete remission, it is necessary to destroy the entire neoplastic tissue mass and sometimes this is not possible because, at the sight of such unusually positive results, the patients assume to have been cured and fail to return for the full series of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy’s application.

    Once the entire malignant growth is dead, it may be left in place, while waiting for the immune system to remove all the dead cells and complete the normal healing process; this is a preferred method and it is particularly good for smaller growths.

    In extreme cases, when extremely large masses of dead cells are involved, it is possible to either aspirate out said cells, once they start to liquify, or alternatively surgically remove the entire necrotic mass.

    In cases where the tumor mass has started to extrude, the portion exposed to air will be the fastest healing one and, after being deactivated, it will eventually dry out and fall off, like a scab.

    To this date, not one patient has experienced any problem deriving from having undergone the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, except for a heating sensation and slight discomfort during treatment, if a local anesthetic is not utilized.

    To this date, even patients with the severely damaged or compromised immune system, from previous treatments or disease (Kaposi’s Sarcoma), have not suffered from infection of the treated area; one of the reasons for this positive occurrence is attributed to the fact that the wave length, of the LASER light utilized in this therapy, has been proven by NASA to naturally induce healing.

    To the best of our knowledge, as theoretically proven and experimentally confirmed up to this point, all of the above listed information completely summarizes effects and consequences of undergoing our proprietary L.I.E.S.H. Therapy.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    More info on laser therapy for breast cancer:
    Dr Ansanelli
    accepts major insurances

  3. Reiki Says:

    I think that the treatments for cancer have become increasingly effective in recent years. Hopefully this is due to contributions and better funding to treat and understand cancer. This new procesure does seem more like surgery than an overall “treatment”, but I think that lives will be saved from it’s use for sure. That is a giant step forward in the fight against cancer. s

  4. Diana French Says:

    I am presently undergoing a course of treatment to kill a tumor in my breast with lymph node involvement at the LaseMed clinic in Little Rock Arkansas. i have much confidence in this bright and enthusiastic lady, Dr. Carpenter, who has a heart of gold and the mind of a scientist. i trust i will leave here without any living cancer in my body.I will be glad to hear from anyone who has questons about my experience here. Diana Lynn French

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I am very interested in any report you can give on this therapy. We need to know if this is for real. I had briefly communicated with the woman who wrote the above letter before she changed her email. She had me convinced.

    I am very interested to know what is in the injection oxy m that they use during the surgical procedure. Can you enlighten us about it? its function? what drug or chemical is in it?

    Hoping to hear from you again with get the most positive news possible.

  6. Diana French Says:

    Hi Rett,
    To the best of my understanding at this time , the injection is a form of stabilized and purified chlorophyll. This makes sense, because the tumor must be isolated as the target area for the laser light to penetrate and heat to a level that can kill a tumor mass; deprive it of bloodflow. i believe i am as committed to understanding the truth as anyone can be. My life hangs in the balance in more ways than are apparent.i promise i will keep in touch as i go through this.Tomorrow will be day four for my treatment with the laser. Let’s pray together for my healing and for the success of this amazing woman’s life work. blessings to you and yours, Diana

  7. BETTY CLARK Says:

    Hi Bill!

    I thank God for people like you who shares their knowledge to help people. My questions are: What is the assurance that after LEISH treatment, the tumor is really dead and would just need the body’s natural defense to eliminate the dead tissue, thus eliminating the chance of metastasis? How would an ultrasound tell you that the tumor is dead simply by it’s inactivity on the ultrasound? How can that treatment decrease the size of a tumor right after treatment when the heat would actually dilate the site, making it swell? Please help enlighten your readers about this. Thank you. Please publish my question on this website.


  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    You will have to contact the facility that does the work with these questions. Sorry I cannot help.

  9. Paige Cummins Says:

    Thank you so much for all your information. I was just diagonosed this week and really do not want invasive surgery or chemo. By any chance do you know if there are any clinics or docs in southern California who do this type of laser treatment you speak of? My doc is also surgery/knife happy, lol.

    Thanks for any info you can share with me.

    Paige C.

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Sorry, I cannot help you with LEISH therapy at this time. Seems that program has been having some difficulty that I cannot get to the bottom of.

    I suggest you look into Iodine therapy and MMS and DMSO used together. This may not be your choice for total therapy but to assist.

    You will find info on this blog about the above and get more detailed conversation at


  11. Bob Criscuolo Says:

    My wife has breast cancer that was at a treatable stage when she had researched for an alternative treatment so she wouldn’t have to go through chemotherapy. My wife is well educated and a very smart person. If it wasn’t for the side affects of chemotherapy she would have done it without seeking an alternative treatment. My wife found LASE MED’s website while researching her type of cancer, so she requested more information about L.I.E.S.H. My wife liked what she had read and what Dr. Carpenter had told her. I will support my wife in whatever her decision is for treatment, so the appointment was made for a consultation at LASE MED. Her tumor was very close to the skin and by the time my wife left for her appointment at LASE MED it started protruding the skin. Two weeks later the L.I.E.S.H. treatment was complete and Dr. Carpenter told my wife she was cancer free. The months that followed showed a reduction in the tumors size from what we can see with our eyes, but the sore grow larger. My wife kept in touch with Wendy Simmons (the office manager at LASE MED) and tried to get Dr. Carpenter to respond to questions on what is going on. My wife became very worried because there were no responses from Dr. Carpenter. My wife told me that Wendy kept telling her the reason that Dr. Carpenter was not responding is because Dr. Carpenter was sick. Nineteen days had past so I called LASE MED and to my surprise Dr. Carpenter answered the phone. I told her who I was and started to explain what was going on with my wife, but it was apparent that Dr. Carpenter knew what was going on because out of her own mouth she told me, “What is going on is not cancer, your wife is cancer free,” Dr. Carpenter got very hostile with me over the phone. My wife’s trust in L.I.E.S.H. treatment became less trustworthy so it was time to seek other treatments. It became a battle of time at this point because appointments for consultations were approximately 6 to 8 weeks to get in and another month for testing and another month to begin treatments. The reason for the long wait is because there are a lot of people with cancer. The day my wife went to the appointment for her tests she had a seizure. The cancer had metastasized and went to her liver and then her brain. She woke from the seizure a day later surprising the doctors and for most of that day she gave the family one last time together. She had told me she felt stupid for trusting in Dr. Carpenter and I told her she is far from being stupid. We try to trust in those that attempt to heal us because they are the ones with the educated guess. I don’t know if anybody has benefitted from LASE MED besides Dr. Carpenter. I’m telling everyone not to use LASE MED. If you have or you’re getting treatment from LASE MED do your self a favor and don’t listen to what Dr. Carpenter tells you about traditional treatments and what the doctors might say. Dr. Carpenter is a QUACK! Please don’t let time go by; get another professional opinion for additional support. There are many traditional treatments now with very good results and they should be advertised to help educate the patient on specific treatments for different cancer issues. For what my wife went through and what the results were from L.I.E.S.H treatments, I’m going to exercise my freedom of speech as an American. Dr. Carpenter claims she invented the machine to administer L.I.E.S.H Treatments. Dr. Carpenter also is the sole operator of this machine when L.I.E.S.H is being administered. If this was a true cure for killing cancer she would be big time rich on the sales of this miracle machine. Instead Dr. Carpenter is ripping people off from their hard earned money and their quality of life. Dr. Carpenter also has a body guard; she claims that it is to protect her from her ex-husband. I guess she never heard of a restraining order or there must be another reason for her protection. It takes a certain type of person to be deceitful and take advantage of vulnerable people for profit especially when it could hinder quality of life or even death. Dr. Carpenter how dare you come to our county with your deceitfulness by fooling vulnerable people out of their money and cheating them from an opportunity to get real professional help. Wendy Simmons this is a question for you to answer in your own thoughts, you have worked at LASE MED long enough to know the business, so how do you sleep at night. No matter what you answer, my own thoughts have an answer for you and Dr. Carpenter. The internet lets any body advertise whether it’s true or faults. The truth of what my wife’s experience at LASE MED is that Dr. Carpenter sounds believable to those who are seeking alternative treatments for cancer. Unfortunately I now know my wife was never cancer free and I will say with out slander to doctor quack, “You have stolen the time that my wife needed for any hope. So Dr. Carpenter said my wife was cancer free, this makes her a liar and Dr. Carpenter took money for her lying and she has stolen time from my wife, this makes her a thief. So Dr. Carpenter represents LASE MED INC and she is a liar and a thief. LASE MED INC SAYS, “NOW IT”S CANCERS TURN TO DIE!” BUT LASE MED INC CAN’T KILL CANCER, SO IT’S LASE MED INCs TURN TO DIE.

    The reasons the Little Rock Office is empty is because of malpractice lawsuits.

  12. Michelle Anderson Says:

    Diana Lynn French, how are you doing?

  13. Sandra Diebel Says:

    My sister died of breast cancer in Sept. of 2009 after spending most of the past 25 years following doctor’s advice and undergoing traditional procedures repeatedly, each time destroying her body more and more. She was unwilling to consider alternative treatments. However, I have a friend I have known for nearly 30 years who underwent traditional therapies in the late 80s only to have her breast cancer return. In 2005-2006 she underwent a 5 day therapy with the laser treatment in Little Rock and came home healthy, happy, and cancer free. She completed the treatment (as was mentioned early on in this information) and had traditional testing done to confirm the breast cancer was no longer malignant or spreading and was disolving from her body. She referred others to this treatment, including those with cancers other than breast cancer and they also had success. In reading the above blog by the gentleman whose wife died I hear a sad, and heartbroken man who is blaming the world and anyone in it for his wife’s death. I do not hear anything about follow up or double checking with traditional ultrasound, or any of the things my friend told me were suggested and encouraged by those conducting the L.E.I.S.H. program. I have lost 13 friends in less than a year to various cancers and my sister too, and all of them pursued traditional treatments. I have never had any understanding of how destroying the body can help a person remove disease from the body. The western medical community has continued to see the body as individual parts and not as a whole and therefore they never prevent illness, mearly treat one thing at a time, irregardless of the damage it does to other parts of the body. My sister’s cancer, as well as that of many of my friends, went the route of this man’s wife, from tumor, to spreading,invasive brain tumors, to death. It is a slow, debilitating, and horrific way to die and destroys families both emotionally and financially, while taking away a person’s dignity and sense of self. L.E.I.S.H. is not alone in it’s concept and in fact nanobyte therapies have been being tested with success all over the world for years. I suggest that there is not likely to be anything wrong with the therapy or the L.E.I.S.H. process, but rather that the malpractice suits which are closing this (and other clinics world wide) are being fed by the medical profession who are unwilling to allow for the possiblity that their way may not be the only way and they are using poor, bereved persons like this gentleman to prevent doctors who have been willing to step out of the “norm” and look for a more practical and positive approach, from continueing their practice and actually healing people, rather than just putting death off. I do not know of anyone who has undergone traditional therapy for cancer who has not eventually died of cancer, whether it be the same cancer originally treated or some other cancer. As I said, the body is a whole and once cancer invades, and the bocy’s defenses are destroyed, cancer continues to move through other parts of the body and grow. I am not a doctor, nor do I have cancer, but both my parents died of cancer, my sister died of it, and I have lost many friends and relatives to it also, and I watch with horror as people I know continue to pursue therapies which have no record of success. The spead which this woman’s cancer spread indicates that she was misdiagnosed in the first place and that she did not complete the treatment process appropriately. It’s time to take a step back and be honest with ourselves about cancer and how we treat it. It’s time to allow people to live, and stop destroying lives with grief and anger over our own inability to understand what is happening to our bodies.

  14. L Gibbs Says:

    I was treated at Lase Med, 3 different times. PET scan proved her treatment did not work. She gives you a sheet of paper of people to call about her treatments when you go to her office. I contacted 2 of the 4. The third had died as I already knew her. The treatment did not work on either of the 2 I called. Please stay away from her treatments unless you plan on getting a lumpectomy. Her treatments may kill some of the cancer but not all.

  15. Bob Criscuolo Says:

    This comment is for you Sandra Diebel. I believe you are defending a treatment that doesn’t work the way Dr. Carpenter is selling it and may not work at all. If you believe I’m blaming the world for my wife’s cancer you have a serious problem. You sound just like the three amigos that run LASEMEDINC. Many years ago the research done by Carpenters X husband and colleges studied a possible host that liked to attach them self’s only to cancer cells. Nano tubes are still being studied with promising results using radio frequency to burn the nano after they attaches it self to the cancer cell.

    I know L.I.E.S.H. at LASEMEDINC didn’t work for my wife and many other that wrote to me and called me on the telephone. They all said they have experienced similar or the same thing my wife went through. They were all told by Carpenter that they were cancer free yet some died believing in what carpenter said and the others had to get conventional to help prolong their life. I have yet to hear of a positive testimony after a year has past after having L.I.E.S.H. at LASEMEDINC. NOT ONE.

    So what is your angle on this.

  16. BETTY CLARK Says:

    I agree with Bob Criscuolo that Carpenter is a quack! How can you interpret that a tumor is dead simply by ultrasound. Don’t we know that MD’s rely on CT’s to see tumor’s activity? She is not even a medical doctor. Currently, she has cases filed against her, so she moved out of state,but to those planning to seek help from Arkansas’ government agencies to get their money back, useless… they will just take in your complaints but not act on it. Sorry.
    And to those who really are just working for Carpenter, please stop posting as former patients and or friends or relatives who were successfully treated by Carpenter. PLease… stop posting. You have no idea what cancer patients go through.

  17. Marita Long Says:

    I had ISLM – Ipsilateral Supraclavicular Lymphnode Metastases – a breast cancer recurrence. I was originally diagnosed in 2002, when I had a mastectomy, axillary dissection and chemo. I was fine for 5 years, then the recurrence happened at the end of 2007. With the recurrence, I declined 40 radiation treatments to the neck and I declined chemo. I was told I would die from this disease.
    For 18 months I tried all sorts of alternatives, incl. a very strict vegan diet. Nothing helped, more tumors came up. There were also 4 small tumors at my side chest wall. I even tried hemp oil a la Rick Simpson, which admittedly reduced the largest neck lump by half.
    I went to Lasemed in Oct. 2009.
    Now, 7 months later, all my side chest wall tumors are gone, all my numerous neck tumors are gone except for 2 areas. One of these is the original (first) neck lump which is now down to about 15% of its size. The other area is a sort of collection point for the dead cell material. The total riddance process might take up to 2 years.
    I have also picked up 14 lbs since the treatment, I was down to 92 lbs at my lowest point.
    I have my life back. I am glad I fired the onc together with his poisons and his Femara.
    I feel absolutely fine and am on no prescription meds whatsoever.

  18. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you Marita, for your story. I hope things continue to go well for you.
    Will you be returning to Lasemed for further treatment?
    Do you feel that your follow up care has been good?

  19. Marita Long Says:

    At the moment I do not feel that I need further treatment. What would they be treating, a shrinking tumor? I will only have further treatment if new tumors will appear.
    That is, if I can afford it. I am unemployed and the likelihood of me finding a job is very low, because of my age.
    The follow up care and communication I received and am receiving from Lasemed has been nothing short of 10 star.

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thnak you for your quick reply. As you can see from the previous comments there are mixed reviews on this procedure.

    I am so glad that all is working out well for you. This surely indicates that there is some validity to this procedure.

    Cancer can be very difficult and many many treatments both alternative and conventional may succeed or fail for no one seems to truly know the correct and absolutely approach to treatment in all cases.

    Please keep us updated.

  21. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Mr. Durfee, I just wanted to bring attention to your original comment that you posted directly from Lase Med Inc. website.
    It is the one that talks about complications with the ” healing crisis” where it starts to ” come out of the skin, heal over and flake off”. This is NOT what happens. I saw it with my own eyes and a friend of mine now has the pictures of what I saw. I took the picture that she has put up on youtube. It is a picture not of a “healing crisis ” as Ms. Carpenter of Lase Med Inc. claims but a fungating cancer tumor/ sore/ ulcer. You will all be able to see that it is not drying up nor flaking off but actually getting larger. The redness is the area that is next to rise up and break open. This did not take 3 months as she claims in her site! It took 6 months of intense pain( which Ms. Carpenter tells patients to NOT TREAT) and swelling before it broke through her skin in Jan. of 2009. I saw it in May of 2009, which is when the photo on youtube was taken. That is 5 months of it getting BIGGER not smaller not healing. Here is a link to more information about Fungating Cancer ulcers:

  22. Michelle Wolven Says:

    L. Gibbs and others: please see my video about Lase Med INc.

  23. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Diana French, we need to hear from you . You visited Lase Med Inc. in June of 2008 not a word since your original post. How are you?

  24. Michelle Wolven Says:

    L. Gibbs , can you contact me via youtube or my email? I would like to speak to about helping us expose Lase Med Inc.

  25. Michelle Wolven Says:

    The above link is a picture of a fungating tumor much like the one my friend Cyndi Babecka had on her breast 6 months after her Lase Med Inc. treatment.
    People need to know the truth about what is really going on inside their bodies.

  26. Michelle Wolven Says:

    I just wanted to give everyone an update on Leith Holt. She is the lady that started this whole thread. I received an email today from her husband Wayne. Unfortunately like so many of Ms. Carpenters expatients Leith passed away from her cancer on Dec. 28th, 2009. Her husband told me about a wound that she developed 3 months after her treatment at Lase Med. Inc. it sounded remarkably similiar to Cyndi’s fungating ulcer that was cancer. Her husband told me that Leith died believing in Ms. Carpenters treatment and that her cancer that killed her which was in her liver and stomach was not related to the breast cancer. I just wanted everyone to know what happened to her.

  27. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Here is a copy of her obituary in case anyone doesn’t believe me:
    Holt, Allison View/Sign Guest Book

    HOLT , Allison Leith Allison Leith Holt passed away peacefully on December 28, 2009 after a long battle with cancer, fought courageously and always with dignity and optimism. Leith leaves to mourn her loss her husband Wayne and daughter Amanda, both of Calgary, and son Allan, of Toronto. Leith was a deeply spiritual person. Now her spirit being has gone home, leaving a void in the lives of those who loved her. Her fearless courage facing her illness set a standard those who loved her can only strive to attain. Her enduring love and her forthright adherence to what she believed will comfort and guide us who remain throughout the rest of our lives. In keeping with Leith’s wishes, there will be no Funeral Service, and Cremation has taken place. In lieu of flowers, if friends wish to do so, Leith would appreciate contributions to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. The family would like to thank especially the doctors and nurses of Home Care Services of the Calgary Health Region for their kindness and medical expertise, which enabled Leith to remain at home throughout most of her illness.
    Published in the Calgary Herald from 12/30/2009 – 1/1/2010
    Notice • Guest Book
    Share photos, videos and more with Legacy Memorial Websites. Find out more.

  28. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Fungating tumors are the result of a fungal infection in the tumor. Some people now believe that fungus is the cause of many cancers. I have personally seen fungating tumors and the choice of treatment is not an antibiotic unless a co-bacterial infection has also developed. Flagyl is generally applied topically as a palliative care to repress the symtpoms of odor and itch. Fagly is an antifungal medication and people really need to discriminate between the two types of treatments. It will not, of course, cure the tumor.

    I am permitting this discussion on the blog to continue for I feel that it is very important that information be shared about cancer therapies.

    In my opinion there is no absolute treatment for breast cancer. Women still die every day after AMA condoned conventional therapies of chemo, radiation, surgery and hormonals treatments. I do support the right for every woman to choose their own path as no government or agency should have the right to dictate what an individual does or does not do with their bodies.
    With that being said each woman needs to take responsibility for the decisions she makes and to do as much research as possible to base her own decision.

    Cancer is rarely discussed in the terms of cure. Survial rate is what is discussed as no doctor or therapy has been able to tout an absolute cure. Testimonals are only as good as the survial rate that they can report. This is why I always encourage people who post their testimonials on cancer to return and update us on their experience.

    I am sorry to hear of Lilith Holt’s passing. She had a lot of courage and she wanted to help change the face of cancer treatment so that all women might fare better. For this dedication we can honor her.

    Some people do get more than one cancer in a lifetime and sometimes those cancers run concurrently. In Lilith Holt’s case it would be interesting to know if the breast wound she developed ever resolved. Since she passed away at the end of December 2009 and her treatment with Lasemed started sometime before December 2007, (does anyone know the date of her treatment?) I would really like to know if that wound she developed 3 months after her treatment, more than a year and a half previously ever resloved or not. This point was not clarified.

    I would also like to know if the liver and stomach cancer she had tested out as breast cancer, indicating that it was a metastasis from her primary breast tumor. Without this information we can not get a clear idea of what may or may not have happened.

    What really needs to be addressed is that cancer is not a local disease for most people. It is a state of degeneration or incapacity of the total system of immune response brought on by factors that are still, in conventional medicine any way, unknown.

    If a tumor is removed the capacity for cancer still exists in my way of viewing the disease. Therefore cancer patients would do well to work diligently to boost their immune capabilities, destroy pathogens, parasites, eliminate heavy metals and especially fungus that resides in far too many people these days and is what I believe to be the root cause of cancer. I have many other posts on HealthSalon addressing these issues.
    Those who do best with alternative modalities take a whole body approach though diet change and incorporating a number of modalites to inhance general health. In light of this perspective Lasemed may not be much better than conventional surgery which rarely brings forth a breast cancer cure.

  29. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Thank you for your important and thought provoking comments. I agree with you about Chemo and radiation. I can’t honestly say that I would choose them if it were I diagnosed with a terminal stage 3 type of cancer. It is sad that once one gets aggressive cancers there isn’t much that alternatives have to offer as it takes an aggressive treatment to stop the cancer from killing you at a certain point, it is at this point that many supplements herbs etc, in my opinion can’t hold the cancer off any longer.
    This is why it is so important to not get to this point.

    Please Arrow, contact Ms. Holts husband. His email is in this tread. Those are the same questions that I asked her husband when he answered me a few days ago about her progress. He did tell me that the stomach and liver cancer was confirmed in tests to not be related to her breast cancer. I asked about the wound as well since I think this is very important.

    My main issue that I have with Ms. Carpenter of Lase Med Inc. is that she WARNS patients to not go to another doctor and she scares them with her fear. In my friends case this caused her to not only NOT TAKE anything to increase and highten her immune system, but to also lose valuable time 10 FULL MONTHS, believing as Ms. Carpenter kept telling her that she was cancer free. In the meantime cancer was spreading to her uterus and lungs. Even when Ms. Carpenter saw the photos of her breast through email she insisted that it was fine! She told her to mask the odor with a special honey, this is the same kind of honey that they use on fungating cancer tumors. She finally started Chemo as a last result one year (July of 2009)after going to Lase Med Inc.because the doctors wanted to give her body some time to heal after the Masectomy. At this point the cancer was growing very aggressively and the doctors didn’t give her a good prognosis. The chemo did to her what she knew it would do which is why she choose in the first place to avoid it, it weakened her body tremendously and did not work. After not quite 6 months of treatment one every 3 weeks, ( she had to miss several ) she found out the cancer #’s doubled. One month after she stopped the Chemo (Feb. 2010)she had severe headaches which were confirmed to be caused by tiny seedlike brain tumors. They tried radiation to get rid of the brain tumors for 12 days and this did nothing. She just passed away on May 11, 2010 not quite 2 years after her treatment as Lase Med Inc. She leaves behind her husband Bob and 6 young children. She is greatly missed and mourned.

  30. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Now that I am hearing your story more clearly Michelle, I do think that there may be an issue of neglect here on how your friend was treated by this clinic. Upon seeing those photos it seems to me that any reasonable doctor should have taken more action than just advising honey for wound healing. That she could not know or understand about fungating tumors would be hard to believe. Any doctor in their right mind knows that this is a very serious issue, and usually fatal, in which case other approaches should have been taken to alleviate her pain and suffering. Palliative care, while not curing this disease may have extended her life and with greater comfort. When a tumor gets to such a state the possiblity that there are no mets is just about 0. Your friend should have been advised of this.

    Of course this is just my opinion based on the information that has been presented to me and there may be other perspectives I am not aware of.

    I think I am seeing follow up issues. Patients who have such procedures seem to be traveling from far parts of the country, receive treatment then go home. Any patient who has such serious procedures should not be relying on sending a photograph for follow up care opinions and guidance. They should be having direct contact with the physician. They should also be getting blood tests for tumor markers periodically, at very minimum. I have known cance patients who get tumor markers done every few weeks and moniter the effectiveness of their therapies, but of course this is not always possible with all cancers. Only some cancers provide tumor markers that have some reliability, but breast cancer is one of them.

    I have also noted another issue with cancer patients over the years and I found this particularly distressing when a friend of mine tried to manage her cancer care and eventually died. She got into a mind state that patience and persistance would kill the tumor with the selected therapies even when it was clearly obvious that the cancer was spreading. She refused to seek out new therapies and persisted with treatments that were failing her and even repeated therapies that had demonstated to significantly weaken her as the cancer progressed. (chemo) I have seen this occur a number of times in different cancer patients and I just have no explaination for it.

    Unfortunatley, the mindset of many physicians is to instill fear into their patients for seeking other counsel. It is rampant in our medical culture even to the point of advising patients not to take vitamins while under cancer care which is absolutely rediculous. There are now some clinics in the US that use standard treatments combined with herbal and vitamin supplementations as well as some alternative cancer treatment modalities. It is starting to look to me that they may be having higher success rates.

  31. Marita Long Says:

    I had also contacted Leith’s (not Lilith) husband. He answered me saying that her breast wound was
    still being treated (and slowly healing)until Dec. 28, 2009 when Leith died of liver and stomach cancer. That cancer had been diagnosed in April, 2009, and assessed then as terminal. Subsequently a committee of oncology pathologists at the cancer hospital here determined it not to be metastasized breast cancer, but to be a known though rare strain of cancer that specifically attacks the liver and digestive system and is not related to her prior breast cancer. No living breast cancer cells were found in an examination of the breast wound.

    In the end, it is clear that Leith did not die of breast cancer or metastasized breast cancer. She died of a separately arising and rare form of cancer specific to the liver and digestive tract that was not discovered by anyone until it had progressed to Stage 4. She was doubly unlucky to have had two kinds of cancer.

  32. Marita Long Says:

    The problem here is also that no Doctor or Oncologist will monitor a cancer patient or his tumor after the patient has delved into any alternative treatment. Instead they will immediately want to convince you that you need chemo and/or radiation for your tumor. To them, this is the only “tried, tested and effective” method.
    I say that from my own experience.

  33. Roscoe Says:

    In light of so much controversy surrounding Lase Med, some may be unaware that in the past few weeks, a YouTube user account named “lasemedinc” has uploaded about twenty new videos, featuring ex patients, and most recently a grieving widowed husband of a former LMI patient who was intentionally misdiagnosed with live cancer, and then sacrificed with hydromorphone.

  34. Arrow Durfee Says:

    There are quite a few videos on lasermed and some are from family members of patients who have died. So if you want to watch videos you will get a broad perspective. First I am going to list links dirctly from Lasermed

  35. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here is an interview with Marita, who I think has posted in the comments area here on HealthSalon.

  36. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This is Sylvia’s story with Lasemed

  37. Arrow Durfee Says:

    this is one of the worst cases of cancer I have ever seen at least visually so be prepared. I would ask Dr Carpenter to report on the patients status at this time. Although improvement seems to be noted at the end of the second film I certainly could not say that it looked cured. Melanoma at this level is very difficult to cure due to mets. I would be greatly surprised if there were no mets to the liver or other organs at this point.

  38. Roscoe Says:

    Hey Arrow, I asked them the same thing a year or so ago (I think that was one of their first YT videos, it has more hits than the others), and they told me cases like his (the “leg video”) take years to heal, and that this guy didn’t stay in touch like he said he would, left no forward info, so they don’t know. ?
    Don’t know if I can post links or not, but that first set isn’t the grieving husband, it’s a guy who works for LMI;
    but the “Oncologists Killed my Wife” videos are here:

    There’s also an interview set of a surgeon who was treated at LMI:

  39. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks for the links, Roscoe.
    That was the worst case of melanoma I’d ever seen and I suppose it would shock quite a few doctors too!
    I suspect the guy is dead by now. Once melanoma is that advanced it can move into the organs, the brain and probably already had before he ever got to Dr Carpenter’s clinic. I wonder if she had the good sense to advise him of such or to check to see where it may be going. No way for laser treatments for that. He really needed an internal treatment of some sort. If it were me I probably would have done the Cansema tonic and lots of Lugols iodine and if I had money I would have gone to the Oasis of Hope in Mexico.


  40. Dave@Alternative Cancer Treatments Says:

    This is a very informative blog post along with excellent commentary. My opinion is that no one should just rely on a single strategy to defeat cancer! There are plenty of good alternatives available that can be used concurrently. Also, the patient must be very perceptive and very cognizant of the effect of the treatments. If a particular treatment method is not working, new ones should be employed. It can be tough to figure out exactly which elements are effective if one is using a multiple therapy approach, but I also think that some personal intuition can also be employed. The important principle is that if one strategy is not working, another one must be used. It also helps to have someone knowledgeable to help out & consult. The patient and/or her family may not be the best people to do this if they are not familiar with alternative cancer treatments or health and nutrition.

  41. Ilya Says:

    This is my family story. If anyone is searching for and/or considering Lase Med Inc treatments, should know this:

  42. Pauline Says:

    I am not normally the type of person to reply to blogs and comment sections and things, but I feel they have helped my mother to avoid a disaster at Lase Med, so I would like to add my 2 cents in the hopes that someone else will avoid it as well.

    I will spare you all the background on my mom, but let me just say that she is VERY selective in what she has chosen to do as far as her cancer. I don’t think anything she has done thus far has worsened her cancer in any way; there are things that she has done that I don’t believe have helped, but they have not worsened it either. Her body has figured out to make cancer and noone can find the off-switch, THAT is the problem. If we could find the trigger or the off-switch, then that would be the real cure for cancer.

    Finding the Lase Med website online, my mother contacted Carpenter. According to my mother, Carpenter had ACCEPTED my mother as a patient without ever seeing her in person and our mom was making plans to come to Lase Med.. My sisters and I continued to research this place and came across some very unsettling blogs and comments about Carpenter and Lase Med..

    Finding out that Carpenter only held a degree in Physics, we were very worried. There are reasons why people attend medical school and get medical degrees – they need to know the inner workings of the human body, what complications may arise, how to combat those complications, and so much more. It terrified me to read over and over and over, that once the Lase Med.. treatment was done, Carpenter discouraged and forbade 2nd opinions and follow-up visits with anyone other than herself even when these people knew something horrible was going on.

    We sisters took it upon ourselves to start making contacts. One sister contacted Michelle Wolven, another continued pouring through the internet, and I drew the unlucky straw of contacting Carpenter. From reading these blogs and comments, I had heard that Carpenter could be easily angered, which resorted to her belittling, name calling, and bullying anyone who questioned anything she was doing or planned to do. I later experienced that first hand.

    I sent her an e-mail. I NEVER attacked her, never questioned the effectiveness of Lase Med, never even questioned her NOT having a medical degree. I simply asked a question as to HOW did she plan to help my mother. I cited refereneces to things on her own website that I needed answers for. Was I emotional? Sure. Was I skeptical? Yes, and I was very upfront and clear about both. After all, this is my mother’s life we are talking about. I want to know details. I needed answers and I wanted to make sure my mom was not going to sink money down a hole that would offer no results or end up worsening her condition or even killing her in the end.

    Sadly, her short, high school, bullying, unprofessional response offered no details and no answers to my questions. What it did offer was the reassurance that my sisters and I were searching for…this lady had no clue what she was doing and we would NEVER send our mother to someone like that.

    I replied to her e-mail. There are many, many things I would have liked to have said, but my response was kind (I am a Christian. I know I am not perfect, but I must try to be a good witness in all things, even those that are only seen by me, her, and God). I did apologize if I had offended her in any way as this was not my intention. My intention was to seek answers for my questions. I was also very clear to her that she behaved very unprofessionally not only to me, but in her comments about my mother. Her only response to me was a link to one of her medical conspiracy shows, the time the show aired, and to forward my mother and someone named Wendy all the private e-mails she and I had exchanged.

    I did not listen to her show right away. My husband had listened to a few segments previously and told me it would be a waste of my time. I did listen to that show later on. It was a waste of my time, but it also concreted in the fact that my mother had indeed made the right decision NOT to go to Carpenter and Lase Med.. The entire show was very Saturday Night Livish. It would have been funny except for the fact that my heart was saddened and broken for the people who had and would in the future seek out Carpenter’s help not knowing what lay in store ahead for them. I remember thinking out loud to myself on several occasions “People actually go to this woman to treat them?!”

    At the very end of that show, she had an awards segment of sorts and believe it or not, I was featured. Not only did she lie and say she did NOT accept my mother as a patient, she said I didn’t like them, she said that I attacked her, the scientists, and what they were trying to do at Lase Med.. She also went on the blame my mother’s worsening condition on the alternative treatments she had received in the past. I know for a FACT that the alternative treatments are the only things keeping her alive at this point. Traditional med doctors are amazed at how well she is doing given her advenced case. Many of them do not even question her anymore as to why she does alternative because they see the difference it is making in helping her deal with the pain, her energy levels, etc…

    On her show, Carpenter also said she ‘put me back in my place’ and then said I won the ‘shut up my face award’…just when I thought she couldn’t get any more unprofessional…If offering her a kinder response than what was offered to me is ‘putting me in my place’ in her eyes, then so be it. I accept the ‘shut up my face’ award with honor in hopes that others will not be put through the horrible things I have been reading about on all these blogs and comment sites.

    Who knows, perhaps I’ll be featured in more of her talk shows. One thing is for sure, I won’t be wasting my time by listening to them again.

    Thank you to all the people who have posted their comments on these sites and blogs. Thank you Michelle Wolven for being so kind to speak to my sister about everything. You all have helped to save our mother the pain and heartache from going to Lase Med and Carpenter.


    Pauline (PROUD recipient of Ms. Carpenter’s ‘shut up my face award’ Medical Conpiracy show, August 28th, 2010)

  43. Arrow Durfee Says:

    WOW, sounds like she may be cracking!

    There are varied opinions on the effectiveness of her treatments here on this blog. It seems to me that certainly some of her clients were quite ill advised and I certainly would not want anyone cutting into me who only had a PHD in physics.

    That being said, I certainly would not want any other cancer surgeon cutting into my breast either.

    I am glad that your mother is doing well and has chosed other alternative approaches. Much can be done with diet, juicing and detoxing..

    As time goes by my opinon is growing steadily towards the theory that cacner, and I mean almost all cancer is caused by a pathogen.. Now why the pathogen sets in may vary, it could be from poor immunity, it could be from radiation, it could be from heavy metals, it could be from mineral deficiency or other toxins that damage the terrain of the tissues..

    A comprehensive approach must be taken to boost the
    immunnity and attack the pathogens simultantously.

    Here are three things I strongly recommend that you search into.
    Lugol’s iodine therapy, Reishi mushrooms and sodium bicarbonate therapy. All are really cheap to do. All will assist your moms body to streghten. They have strong antimicrobal action.

    Most breast cancer is caused by lack of iodine. Japanese women do not get breast cancer until they start to eat our iodine deprived diet. The breasts need huge amounts of ioidne to be healthy. It will get rid of fibrocystic breast disease and various types of mastalgia. I would not say that iodine will cure all breast cancer but it has cured some cases and may help to prevent it from spreading into adjacent tissue. Learn how to take it orally and slather it on the breasts with DMSO is what I would do.

    I have a number of articles on iodine on this blog as well as one or two on sodium bicarbonate. Do a search. You should also look into MMS, one of the most powerful antimicrobials there is.

    I am a member of a forum that discusses these issues regularly

    you or your mom can join it at

  44. Damaris Says:

    Has anyone had any experience in removing a breast tumor or lump through laser surgery, before an actual biopsy of the tumor? Through my research, I read that getting a biopsy, no matter how small the needle, can spread the cancer outside of the tumor. I was told that I need to get a biopsy of the tumor that is in my breast, but because of the size of it, The doctor stated that it has to be removed regardless if it’s malignant or benign tumor. I believe that if I take out the tumor without a biopsy, I have a better chance of not spreading the cancer if it turns out to be malignant. Also, if it’s malignant, I would have to go through radiation and/or chemo. therapy, which I don’t want to do. I founnd: “ Ananelli”, through my own research and now in this blog and I would like to know if anyone has been treated there and by him? Or if someone knows of a similar treatment center in the state of Florida?

  45. Dr. Jim Roberts Says:

    I believe in the power of alternative treatments. I know it can either be primary or secondary ways to heal cancer

  46. Cheap offices to rent Ashton under Lyne Says:

    Added to my favorite list and added to my blogroll.

  47. David Haisten Says:

    I have a very close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer about 5 years ago. Against my advice (I used to educate physicians in alternative medicine)she had a needle biopsy which spread the cancer to her lymph glands within hours of the biopsy. I recommended the Gerson therapy to her and she went on the diet (and still does it although not as strictly) and we also investigated additional treatments that she could use as adjuncts to the Gerson.
    I found lasemed and suggested she take a look at it. She investigated it for about a year and then went for a week about a year ago. On the 4th day she woke up feeling much much better and on Friday, Ms. Carpenter said that the cancer was dead. Warning bells went off in my head, not necessarily that the cancer was dead, but that Ms. Carpenter said that my friend could eat whatever she wanted and did not need to watch her diet. Based on my experience, diet is critical both before and after. I feel that Ms. Carpenter does a great disservice to her clients by disparaging the importance of diet. Fortunately, my friend stayed on her diet and is doing pretty well. The tumor is not gone and has grown slightly (so not dead either); but, my friend’s weight is good, she looks good and is full of energy. She has recently upped her vitamin D3 intake to 20,000IU based on recent research on the effects of Vitamin D on breast cancer and maintains her body in an alkaline state.
    One of the most effective treatments I have investigated seems to be High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which is not available in the United States for the treatment of breast cancer. However, with any of these “mechanical” treatments, one has to be aware of secondary tumors that are suppressed by the main tumor. When the main tumor is killed, these tumors often grow and spread so it is important to promote immune system health to destroy those secondary tumors.
    And, at all costs, avoid radiation sources such as X-rays, airport scanners, mammograms, etc. Dr. John Goff, M.D., Ph.D. (nuclear physics), professor emeritus at U.C. Berkeley, discoverer of several Uranium isotopes and co-producer of plutonium, co-discoverer of HDL & LDL cholesterol, founder of the Bio-medicine Lab at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, among other accomplishments, conducted research on the effects of radiation and breast cancer and, based on his research, propounded that 80% of all breast cancer is caused by medical radiation. His research and biography are published online.
    Do your research and realize that there is no magic bullet for the treatment of cancer and there are no guarantees.

  48. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you for your informative post! I will look into Goff’s research. But intutitively I already knew this. Its been over 15 years since I have had a mamogram and I will never have another.

    May I make some suggestions for your friend. She would do well to research into Lugol’s iodine. My doctor has told me that she knows of cases of breast cancer cured with that alone. But all breast cancer is related to iodine deficiency to some degree.. I have articles stored here on HealthSalon about iodine and you especially want to view the Brownstien videos found at go there and search Lugols iodine

    She may also want to take a look at this thread from antoher forum where I have posted regarding the use of Bindweed for cancer.
    Go here and search bindweed in the forums search feature

    It is delusional to tell a person who has cancer that diet is of no concern. It is becasue of diet and our toxic world that people are getting cancer. Diet is the one thing we can do everyday to help us to nourish and heal our cells and to protect them from toxic damage.

    Although I am thinking that this LEISH treatment may have some merit to it I have become very disillusioned with this Carpenter woman. I would not want her near me nor guiding me though such a serious procedure… this opinion gleaned from the people who have written in here. I too have heard good things about the HIFU, especially regarding prostate cancer.

  49. Michelle Wolven Says:

    First I wanted to verify through your own website that you have a facebook account. I contacted you through it yesterday.

    I sent you some of the threads pertaining to the garbage they are saying online and on their radio show about you.

    I think you are being more than curtious by allowing links to their videos on your website. Those links can be used to watch the 3 episodes the Carpenter gang has dedicated to you. The only reason they posted those interviews was due to a youtube video and response I made concerning Ms.Carpenters treatment which I believe resulted in my friends death.
    Like you say in an earlier post I think neglect is certain in Cyndi’s case due to the size and growth of her fungating tumor/ wound with metastisis to other vital organs.

    To think now, the Carpenter / Simmons gang has moved onto accusing you of helping to kill Leith Holt is astonishing but no surprise as these folks will go to the end of this earth to continue to prey on desperate cancer patients.

    If anyone is seriously considering going to Lase Med. beware of her. If you have already gone to her, be on the look out for the cancer to break through the skin, for your breast or other boby part to swell immensely until it breaks through, all the while causing lots of PAIN!

    And please call me @ 770-445-5855 or email :

  50. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Just wanted to post the link to my youtube video which is warning to anyone considering going to Lase Med Inc. / Antonella Carpenter or to anyone that has gone there.

    I asked during my video where all the survivors were of her 10 year cancer cure, asked why the world hadn’t heard from any of them.

    Arrow, you’ve posted several interviews with some of her clamined patients that have survived but none have been treated at Lase Med INc. more than 3-4 years ago! So let the buyer beware!

  51. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So Ms Carpenter has decided to do a program all about me! How exciting!

    You would think that a professional who is busy curing cancer would have better things to do with her time, but obviously she is upset about all the comments on HealthSalon that are not very enthusiastic about her cancer treatments, in fact some of the comments are downright frightful for the care given though her practice. Her recourse is to attempt to discredit me for allowing patients to have a place to speak their mind.

    I certainly did not write those negative comments. They appear to be her patients who have come here to voice their concerns and disappointments.

    The interview, which I will post a link to after my writing is almost laughable and pointless. OK! So it is said. I have a blog and I wrote about Ms Carpenter’s work and I allowed her patients testimonials on my blog both appreciative and degrogratory.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    Now on to this Iodine thing… Originally when I first found out about Leish therapy I thought I saw a video with the injection into a tumor of Iodine. I was advised by Lasmed staff that this was incorrect so I removed it as soon as I was notified. Its that simple. Meanwhile that clip that I had seen that spurred my mention of iodine disappeared so I have no way to double check what I was really looking at and to evaluate what ever error I may have made.

    Aside from that I am trying to educate people about Lugol’s type of iodine. Lugols iodine can remove fibrocystic disease in many women, which of course is an elevating risk factor for the development of breast cancer. It has many beneficial effects for the body. If I were to treat my own breast cancer I certainly would not limit my treatment protocol to Lugol’s iodine alone but it would be a part of supportive therapy.

    It is my opinion that almost all cancer patients should supplement with iodine, ideally with the assistance of an iodine literate physican, and especially if you have cancer not to try to do it alone. My own physician has told me that she knew of a couple of cases of cancer cured with iodine alone. I have no further details on this at this time. I do strongly recommend that you go though my site and read all the articles on Lugol’s Iodine. Dr Simoncini has posted a video of the cure of a melanoma on the ear with lugols iodine alone.

    I have no monetary interest in iodine as Ms Carpenter insinuated and she really had absolutely no grounds to make such a comment in the clip below. I never have had any monetary interest, unlike Ms Carpenter, who has a great monetary interest in Lasmed. Nor do I have any monetary interest in Oasis Hospital Like with Lasmed, Oasis has taken a beating on my blog by disappointed patients. At least Dr Contraras had the guts to come and write his own comment on my blog.

    Their comments on iodine bordered on the rediculous and it clearly demonstarated that neither the man in this discussion nor Ms. Carpenter bothered to read up on Lugol’s iodine research. Lugol’s Iodine is much more than a disinfectant.

    I will continue to allow all people who have had Lasmed experience to post their comments here, both good and bad. I was considering closing this thread too, but hey, things are now hot. Let the reports roll in! They will speak for themselves.

    It will be interesting to see just how long this following clip that tries to discredit me will be available to the public.

  52. Michelle Wolven Says:


    Interesting how you who have no monetary interest in cancer treatment will allow all opinions to be shared and yet, just try to post a comment on Ms. Carpenters video to defend yourself and it will promptly be DELETED! They will continue to make up conspiracies , attack you by claiming you have an interest in the advice you give , just like they are doing to me. Trying to claim I am a paid by the Pharmaceutical industry , is quite a laugh. It is sad to think too that some people have no monetary interest in helping others, you give advice on the internet about alternatives and I try to help women in crisis pregnancies not be forced into abortions or subjected to FILTHY back alley abortion conditions, as well as try my hardest to make sure the world knows prior to stepping foot in Ms. Carpenters office that she is practising medicine without a license as well as treating cancer of all things! I believe in alternative medicine so I very much appreciate your advice and suggestions, but I would not rely on 1 person and their claims of curing cancer. I would double check and triple check and more so , investigate on my own prior to trying alternatives, and would try to do so with the help of a medical doctor who is supportive of my decision. I know you and I probably don’t agree with a lot but we can agree I think that Ms. Carpenter and her gang of thugs are indeed “losing it” as you stated some months ago.

  53. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Arrow,( I wanted to clarify what I was trying to say about you and I )

    Interesting how you who have no monetary interest in cancer treatment will allow all opinions to be shared and yet, just try to post a comment on Ms. Carpenters video to defend yourself and it will promptly be DELETED! They will continue to make up conspiracies , attack you by claiming you have an interest in the advice you give , just like they are doing to me. Trying to claim I am a paid by the Pharmaceutical industry , is quite a laugh. It is sad to think too that some people have no monetary interest in helping others, like you and I are accused of being paid, as if people who do good somehow can not be real if so they must be PAID! So sad don’t you agree? You give advice on the internet on this site about alternatives and I try to help women in crisis pregnancies not be forced into abortions or subjected to FILTHY back alley abortion conditions, as well as try my hardest to make sure the world knows prior to stepping foot in Ms. Carpenters office that she is practising medicine without a license as well as treating cancer of all things! I believe in alternative medicine so I very much appreciate your advice and suggestions, but I would not rely on 1 person and their claims of curing cancer. I would double check and triple check and more so , investigate on my own prior to trying alternatives, and would try to do so with the help of a medical doctor who is supportive of my decision. I know you and I probably don’t agree with a lot but we can agree I think that Ms. Carpenter and her gang of thugs are indeed “losing it” as you stated some months ago.

  54. Arrow Durfee Says:

    That old biddy can attack me all she wants…like who the hell is listening to her radio program and really cares. I have nothing to loose and all to gain because her rants really put her in a poor light. I had to post the link to the radio program. It cracked me up…. I just wish I could post a photo of her too!

    And it is also laughable to claim that I caused Lilth to die. My only contact with her was through a breif email asking her permission to repost her Lasmed story here. In fact my posting of this article on Lasmed may have intially spurred the unthinking to go to her. Just because something is on the internet does not mean that it is true. You have to do your own research.. Unfortunately there is not much to find on lasmed anywhere…

    I did not post it to push people one way or another but to discover what the truth is.. are we discovering yet?

    There are many adjuncive therapies to support long term survival for cancer patients. Lugol’s Iodine is only one of them and it should not be considered the cure all. I invite people to look into it and into lots of different protocols. I always invite people to reaserch on different topcis. I am not responsibe for the decisions they make any more than my doctors are fully responsible for the decisions I make regarding the care I choose to implement under their guidance. Everyone carries self responsibility.. but people who administer treatments do have a responsibility not to lie.

    A good doctor will do detailed follow up work and will not slam a phone down on a patient. A good doctor will not conclude that a cancer is cured when a patient calls with concerns about it popping through their skin. A visual and face to face consult is ethically merited. But what can you expect from someone who has a PHD in physics? and that is most likely conducting business illegally? If her behavior is true according to posts here it is unconscionable! Way outside of any professional decorum. Before anyone goes to Lasmed I suggest that they find out the law, determine if this woman is for real, decide that they are making their own decision and be willing to accept the consequences because so far, in the state she is operating in, the Law is permitting her to do what she does, legally or illegaly, as it may be.

    Has anyone notified the FDA?

    She will be striking out like a viper. Her life and freedom is on the line… not to mention her pocketbook.

    BTW, any cancer that is presenting in separate tumors has already spread. In the case of your friend it has spread within the breast tissue itself and possibly was already spread to other body parts before Lasemed was implemented, even if symptoms were not visibly present.

    Cancer, as part of its cause is a pathogen in many cases, in my opinion. More and more alternative doctors are turning in that direction of thought. Time will tell. Do your own research. I have never heard Ms. Carpenter comment on the cause of cancer. I would think that cures are difficult to come by when the cause reamins a mystery and unaddressed … but that is the mindset of conventional medicine and to me Lasmed is a slash and burn procedure not too different from conventional medicine.. their search for the cure is stumped by their refusal to seek the true cause… not that Carpenter would be even capable. Most cancer has fungus or another pathogen associated with it. Do your own research on it. Some doctors are proving that if you address the fungus or pathogen you can cure the cancer. Again my opinion is that this will only be true in a percentage of cases. Radiation certainly causes cancer… but when the terrain is signficantly damaged pathogens set it and due their destructive work.

    I have recently been in contact with a woman who has cured her breast cancer ( well lets say conventional diagnositics told her that the tumor is now dead) though the Budwig diet protocol and the use of MMS. When she started the mms the tumor started reacting and at times was painful for her, causing her to have to reduce the dosage and put it on an every other day schedule. At the time of the implementation of MMS all her cancer blood markers fell dramatically. I do believe that she was taking Lugols iodine also but it was the MMS that made the blood cancer markers drop in her opinion. She was not doing any conventional treatment. Last report from her she was very pleased. I cannot say that this treatment works for everyone. The more I look at treatments I see that there is no guarantee that any treatment will work for everyone across the board.

    Most certainly Ms Carpenters claim that her procedure cures cancer 100% is an ABSOLUTE LIE based on testimonials here and on other sites.

  55. Inna Says:

    My daughter was one of Ms.Carpenter victims. Everything negative that happened to other Ms.C’s victims, happened to her. When she came to this lady, she had breast carcinoma stage 0, and this evil woman told her, that she would cure her. After the “treatment” (5 days, $6,000), Ms.C told her to wait for about 6 months to see the results. In 6 months after the treatment, my daughter’s cancer became stage 3. She never had chemo or radiation, she never violated Ms.C’s instructions…
    As the wound on the breast was growing, my daughter started calling Ms.C asking her what to do, but Ms.C kept telling her not to worry and wait. She became very annoyed and extremely rude; finally she became inaccessible. My daughter lost a year. Horror…
    Ms.Carenter claims, that what she is doing is a kind of an improved Photo Dynamic Therapy, a new method which she/her former husband invented. Well, PDT is used in US and many countries around the world, in clinics/hospitals with different photosensitizers and lasers.
    Doctors who use this method never claim, that it is a cure for cancer. This is not a new method and it is not appropriate for all types of cancer. PDT is still under clinical studies and the results are not very reassuring, which is quite understandable, because cancer is a systemic disease.
    It is difficult to comprehend the arrogance and aplomb of this so-called doctor.
    She has no experience, no clinical studies, no statistics, nothing. She is experimenting on desperate cancer victims.
    My daughter talked to several people, who were Ms.C’s patients at the same time as she was.
    The condition of all of them worsened. By the way, we found info about LASE Med. on Bill Henderson’s site and, though we knew that some recommendations on his site were not quite accurate (for example, my daughter had AMAS test, which came negative, when according to biopsy, she had Breast Cancer, it was confirmed by two independent pathologists) we decided to investigate this treatment and LASE Med. I called a person from Bill Henderson’s site, who claimed that she was a patient of Dr. Carpenter (her name was Leith Holt and she was from Canada). She talked to me very nicely and sounded very reassuring. She said that her cancer was gone, later we found out that she died. Another victim…

    It is amazing, that it’s so difficult to stop this dangerous, miserable, greedy, poorly educated woman from killing people. It seems, that she simply is not able to comprehend what she is doing. Many brilliant researchers and scientists (Rife, Revici, etc.) were persecuted, jailed, deprived of their license, but not she. If not for the sake of other cancer sufferers, I would not waste my time fighting with her, but she is doing so much harm, that she must be stopped.

  56. Charmagne Loveless Says:

    Dr. Carpenter has killed at least three of my freinds, and almost me. Her laser could be effective on smaill tumors if people would have them removed after treatment – but she discorages that. She seems to partially kill it – and then with the combination of the die off of dead tissue
    and cancer coming back – people usually get worse in about 6 months to a year. If you question her – she belittles you – and I have emails with her rantings – what a nut job. She has a body guard because she has angry clients – I have talked to her ex husband – he is remarried and doesn’t care.
    It is the ultimate arrogance to say that people ar absolutely cured and not to even encourage good diet. Run – don’t walk away from this woman!

  57. Lyle Says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not use this treatment. Carpenter is not a medical Dr. and she has no idea what she is doing with your home made machine. No medical office has adopted her theory, because she has no proof that it works. I was a patient back in 2006…she gave me three treatments and the cancer grow from 3cm to 7cm in 1 1/2 and she said just to ignore it…it was died but it still grew. She doesn’t care about her patients, just the income she is making from desperate cancer victims looking for a cure.

  58. Michelle Wolven Says:

    6.Diana French Says:
    June 29th, 2008 at 9:12 pm
    Hi Rett,
    To the best of my understanding at this time , the injection is a form of stabilized and purified chlorophyll. This makes sense, because the tumor must be isolated as the target area for the laser light to penetrate and heat to a level that can kill a tumor mass; deprive it of bloodflow. i believe i am as committed to understanding the truth as anyone can be. My life hangs in the balance in more ways than are apparent.i promise i will keep in touch as i go through this.Tomorrow will be day four for my treatment with the laser. Let’s pray together for my healing and for the success of this amazing woman’s life work. blessings to you and yours, Diana

    Do you have any way of contacting this person Diana French. She promised to keep in touch with you in regards to her progress has she? It has been 2.5 years since she posted.
    Also Marita Long. It has now been a little over a year since she sent to lase med inc. for ” treatment”. I wonder if you have heard from her lately? Can you contact her to check on her?

    Thanks so much,

  59. Michelle Wolven Says:

    Oh and Arrow we also need to hear again from L. Gibbs.

    Everyone should also see this comment threat and post on it! It is a news forum from Tulsa. Maybe the folks in that area will rise up and shut her down/ demand she be shut down but they need to hear from your!

    Here is the link to post/ warn others about Lase Med Inc. and Antonella Carptenter:

    Please let the truth be heard!

  60. Diana French Says:

    Arrow, I promised a few years ago I would keep you informed about my experience with the LIESH treatments I went through in 2008. I am sorry I cannot report any good news about this treatment in my case. Within a few months of this treatemnt when I was sent home to “enjoy my life cancer free”, I noticed the tumor area “Dr.” Carpenter treated was still growing, very painful and swollen. I called her and she told me to do nothing, this was a “normal response and I was healing”. She told me this without ever even seeing me or seeing any photos. She never even asked for any pictures as she did in some cases I have read about here. After two more months and no change, I went to Duke University Cancer Clinic to undergo extensive testing. The tests came back positive for breast cancer. My tumor was still alive and growing, just as I thought based on my own observations of my body. I was told by my oncology team this treatment had left at least some portions of the tumor intact to grow and spread. At the same time it was also suggested this laser treatment likey had caused the cancer to spread due to the repeated needles and heat breaking open the tumor. The cancer had since gone to my bones and was all throughout my spine and hips. When I called Dr Carpenter to tell her about the tests she told me “they are wrong, the tests are all lies and the doctors at Duke all know her work and want to stop her, so they were going to tell me lies to discredit her work.” I was pretty confused but was beginning to think she was a crazy person. I did have a few more interactions with Dr Carpenter but her advice for me to “do nothing, just wait and let my body heal” did not make any sense to me. How could she know what my condition was without even seeing me? How could she discredit the testing done at one of the leading hospitals in the country without ever seeing them? She seemed to be more interested in proving her importance and that she is a victim of some medical conspiracy then whether what she was doing to people is helping or harming them. I have severed all contact with her at this point, having discovered recently she is not really a doctor at all and I had been the victim of fraud. This is all I have to say at this time. I only hope my former posts did not lead anyone to this horrific predatory person.

  61. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have decided to close this thread. It will close in the next day or so. If further comments show up after this one they will be deleted regardless of their stance on lasmed or Dr Carpenter.

    Here is my final conclusion on the Lasmed clinic as run by Dr

    I would not trust my life or health to this person. I would not permit invasive treatments to me by someone with only a PDH which is what she has, in physics, not an MD, as in medical doctor. I do not understand how her state has permitted her to conduct surgery with out a medical license. I would equally hold the state in which she practices illegally as negligent for not protecting its citizens.

    I would not fully rule out lasmed as a treatment option but I would find other sources for the procedure that are well trained in cancer care and surgical procedures and that operate legally, lead by qualified and trained surgeons with medical degrees. I do not know if there are other sources or not for this procedure. I would not select this option without weighing all options available and believing that it holds the best potential.

  62. Sandra Diebel Says:

    Bob asked what angle I had to comment on the fact that giving alternative options a chance, and being sure to follow through with the preventative follow up procedures was important. I have no angle. I am aware that not all alternative treatments, including LEISH work for everyone. But the point I am attempting to make was that the traditional treatments don’t work for anyone either, so if you can afford to do alternative treatments they have the same or better chance of succeeding as traditional ones. I am a person who does not believe that prolonging a life of misery and devastating a families’ finances is a positive way to die. I also think that people, Americans in particular, are too afraid of dying to recognize that they aren’t really living. If we refuse to seek other ways to die gracefully or to renew our bodies and live then why are we here at all? I’m just tired of loosing friends who are afraid of dying but pursue traditional methods of cancer treatment that are more destructive than the cancer itself. I am sorry for your loss.

  63. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, Sandra, I agree. I have had friends die from both conventional and alternative treatments, and others that have survivied because of them. It should always be a personal choice… but please, let our care givers be well trained.

  64. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I just don’t understand why this woman, Dr Carpenter, is not shut down. She is not a medical doctor nor a naturopathic doctor and she treats cancer with, although not sugery, an invasive procedure to treat cancer.

    I have absolutley no monetary interest in iodine nor in Oasis Hospital.

    Dr Jonathan Wright and many other alternative doctors use iodine for treatment of a wide variety of disease. It is higly effective if taken correctly for some conditions. There are some known cures of breast cancer with treatment of Lugol’s iodine alone. I would not use lugols iodine alone for a cancer treatment.

    Any dosages of iodine that have been posted on this blog come from medical doctors such as Dr Abrahams and Berstein, Wright and Fiskas.

    You can also read about Dr. Carpenter here:

  65. tasuk Says:

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