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MMS Testimonial No. 17 – Using MMS with Animals

6th December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

A case of Ear Infection in a dog.

My dog is about 13 years old. He has some kind of tumor on his right side. Its not an open wound, but it looks like a golf ball under his fur, well maybe not quite that big.

He also has another tumor or growth of some kind on his front leg. It looks like a penis. Neither of these seem to bother the dog, however, a couple days ago I noticed he was tilting his head to one side quite often, so I took a flashlight and looked into his ear. It has some kind of infection, its all full of pus and smells bad as well. The other ear is fine.

I sprayed colloidal silver in his ear, and kind of worked it in there before he shook his head from side to side. I tried to give him a capsule of oil of oregano, but he kept spitting it out. I finally took an eye dropper, and opened his mouth enough to squirt some in. He didn’t care for the taste. That was all done yesterday. Then last night, I did the same with some activated MMS. He does not care for the taste of that either, but he took it.

Today I put a 00 capsule with 8 drops MMS with 35 drops of citric acid in a piece of banana, and gave it to him. That tricked him. I also mixed some colloidal silver with some oil of oregano in a small squirt bottle and sprayed some in his infected ear.

I know dogs make their own Vitamin C, so between that and the oil of oregano, and the MMS for back up, I’m hoping his infection gets cleared up.
Any other suggestions?
Gerry? Thanks in advance. PBD.

Right. Jim Humble also warns to wash off any topically applied MMS after a few minutes or even seconds.

I tend to think, though, that it’s the concentration. I still believe the end result of MMS is hypochlorite (bleach), but even bleach can be applied topically at the right concentration (Dakin’s solution, 1 part bleach to 10 parts water).

Hydrogen peroxide is really effective. But even this has hypochlorite as the end result. The bubbling observed is oxygen released which quickly binds with chlorine in our tissues.
So I suspect it might be a matter of concentration. Of course, better safe than sorry. So follow the recommendations for topical application provided by Humble.


I did put some activated MMS into his infected ear. However, I dilluted it so it would not burn his ear. I also put a couple ounces of colloidal silver in his water dish each day, and although its only been a few days, he is doing alot better. The pus is all gone, and so is the bad smell. He is back to his old regular self, so I will just keep an eye on him for awhile. I might use some 3% hydrogen peroxide as B suggests, if necessary.

Thanks for all the comments and helpful suggestions. He is an old mutt, but I love’m. I have a feeling that MMS may add some years to his life, and for that I thank Jim Humble. ….PBD

Can I collect up your testimonial on your dog for healthsalon?

Yes, he appears to be completely healed, and I gotta tell you, his ear was gross. It looked awfull and smelled even worse. After a couple doses of MMS, his ear is fine. I am using some 3% hydrogen peroxide as per your suggestion just to clean it out. PBD.



thought this might interest some of you folks. i have a friend that
bought a stud dog several months ago ( paid 7k for him ). he said that
he’s had him on antibiotics practically the whole time. he had to have
an operation for kidney stones, has had prostate problems and can’t
make puppies. he had lost alot of his hair and would barely get out of
his house. he said he was getting ready to have him put down and i
talked him in to trying the mms. this was about 6 wks ago. he lives in
ok. & i’m in tx so we really don’t talk alot. he called this afternoon
very excited! he says the dog is up running around acting like he
should :-) he’s grown back most of his hair already. the guy was so
happy he was slobbering all over the phone… he’s going to keep it up
for awhile before having his semen checked… i feel this is pretty
substantial as he’s been to umpteen vets and spend boocoodles of $$$
trying to get this dog well.

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73 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 17 – Using MMS with Animals”

  1. Debbi Says:


    I would like to know after you mix the MMS and citric acid, how much water you must put with it in order to give to animals and not make it harmful to their mouth/throat tissues? (if it even )is in that state

    I have a small dog that I have given 1 drop to and a large Bassetthound that I have given 3 drops to, but It is difficult to get them to take it with large amounts of water. Is one ounce or less added to the solution okay?

    Doesn’t it have to be given on an empty stomach to be effective?

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Linda Says:

    Mix 3 drops of lemon or lime juice (or diluted citric acid) for each drop of MMS – let it stand for 3 minutes to activate and then you can add it to your dog’s moist food. Just make sure you don’t give them anything that contains vitamin C for a few hours or it will deactivate the MMS.

    I’ve been giving my dogs about 2 drops each daily and I do see improvements in our older terrier.

  3. Sunny Says:

    What about small dogs or cats? One drop could be too much. Anyone doing this?

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Far as I can tell little is known on using MMS with animals so please come back and post your results.
    They have used similar products with cattle for a long time.

    With very small cats you might want to start with half a drop. Just prepare for one drop and give them half of the activated formula. I would not put it in their food. I would use a small syringe and stick it down their throat and then follow up with a syringe of plain water.

    Make sure your animal is contained in a box as vomiting or diarrhea may occur.

  5. Mayra Says:

    I have a 1 year old cat that has feline lukemia which is a virus. Would the MMS protocol kill the virus and therfore eliminate the feline lukemia?

    Is there a protocol for cats? how high do we need to go in number of drops for a small animal? How long do they need to be on the MMS? Do we use the drops 1 or 2 times a day?



  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I don’t know the answer to your questions. I would start with half a drop. Prepare by activation, one drop and give half of what you prepare. Twice a day is generally recommended. It may work and since your cat will likely die as it stands now it is worth the try.

    You may want to look at this site. It is a sodium chlorite product also but much weaker than mms. Lots of animal testimonials. You might want to talk to Linda at this site.

  7. roy Says:

    I have a blog at This blog covers my journey with MMS and giving it to my cats.

    I put the MMS in their food. I put a few drops in a sprayer and activate them with lemon juice.

    I spray that over the food. If a cat does not like the flavor, you can try putting shredded cheese on the top of the spray that is sprayed on top of the canned food. You can also mix it into the food.

    The spray works great.

  8. roy Says:

    With pets it is my understanding that giving it to them without activation will be easier for them to take the mms and that it will work, if to a lesser degree, but it will still work. Pets are a lot smaller than people and cats have very acid tummies.

    I know with cats that you really don’t want to overload their systems with treatments.
    Giving them doses of MMS on a lesser degree but more often will probably do better than one big dose.

    As far as feline luekemia, and any other diseases that MMS attacks, it will reduce the viral loading by killing the viruses that it can get to.

    I am going to be working on several of my cats with viral induced sniffles…some sort of viral infection I am sure.

    My plan is to use a drop 2 percent solution of MMS and some nasal solution…in a nasal sprayer.

    MMS is very strong and even at 2 percent, it is effective to some degree…the lower concentration is needed when applying it to the delicate nasal tissues.

    I have a kitten with ringworm and am going to try the low concentration mms on the skin, instead of the usual sulfur dip, and hopefully will see some positive results(it is supposed to kill fungus).

    My current blog, has to do with my journey using MMS and I will be moving into a more pet oriented discussion as I treat the pets for their nasal issues.

    So far MMs has killed a sore throat issue for me, cleared my lungs, killed a black tissue infection in my finger with associated blood poisoning, is positively affecting my cats(lower stress),has killed a tooth issue that I had, and kept me in the bathroom for a few days while my body eliminated various toxins.
    I would use caution when dosing animals with the 28 percent product, there may be intestinal kill issues that may need to be supplemented with some sort of intestinal bacteria(cats have problems if they have prolonged diarrhea due to dehydration). click the bottom link for some alternatives to bene-bac intestinal bacteria, which I understand is pretty much killed by the acidity in a cats stomach.

  9. roy Says:

    Low concentration MMS is like putting a drop of the strong stuff (28 percent) into 2 oz of water.
    For small animals or any animals for that matter, including people, when you give them MMS for the first time, Jim Humble suggests on his website(links on my blog at )
    to start with a low dose and work up from there. The reason being that the more infested an animal is with pathogens, the stronger the reaction as they are destroyed and toxins are released from their disintegration by the MMS.
    I have found that keeping the dose real low for small animals is the best approach and using that low dose for a week or so, will not upset the animals system as much as overdosing it will.
    I keep some 2 percent MMS in a bottle(1 drop in 2 oz.of water is a good start) and put that in the cat food as is.

    I have some in a sprayer bottle as well and use lemon juice in that sometimes to beef up the dose. Spritzing that on cat food doesnt usually bother them.

    Giving any small pet a strong dose of MMS is taking a chance on diarrhea issues etc. because pets can get large numbers of pathogens and dosing with large doses can kill a lot of them….with the resulting toxin release. I think that giving it to pets in small weak doses and raising the concentration slowly over time is the best approach.

  10. Dana Says:

    Does anyone have any experience using MMS on a dog while they are taking Doxicycline for Ehrlichia???

  11. roy Says:

    Hi Alicia,

    It is my understanding that dog Ehrlicia is the following:


    “Love and Pearson explained how to spot Ehrlicia and how to treat it and Lyme disease.

    Ehrlicia prevents the blood from making platelets if the blood disease goes undiagnosed or untreated, Pearson said. It can be treated with antibiotics. He said cats don’t get it because of their grooming habits.

    “Usually they get a tick and they will lick it off before it has a chance to attach. They can still get fleas though.”

    Love said observing the dog and his behavior is vitally important.

    “If you don’t do a good job of observing,” he said, “the dog could be in serious trouble.

    Their blood count slowly drops. The gums, instead of being a bright pink, will be white as a sheet. They will have nose bleeds. This means that they have already suffered heart, liver and kidney damage.”

    Jim Humble, on his mms advisor site:

    does not mention any problems taking antibiotics along with MMS for humans and I suspect the same holds true for dogs as well…he mentions 3-4 hours between dosing with an antibiotic(human) and dosing with MMS.

    That site is very informative about health situations and MMS it also covers dosing pets with MMS(amounts).

  12. roy Says:

    I have cats with various eye related issues at times and had some eye irritation recently so I tried following humbles recommendation for eye treatment on his site listed above.

    I always test MMS etc. on myself before trying any on a pet.

    Well I tried to use his suggested mix on my eye and it irritated it a lot. So I switched to just plain water and the drops…worked much better. Today my eye is ok, it had a lower lid infection of some sort but its fine today.

    I have tried nasal spray using MMS and have found that MMS and water is best.

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    For eye infections my first choice is always a rinse with colloidal silver once or twice a day until it is gone.
    But unactivated mms 1 drop in 1 cup of water should do it.

    this site has good info on how to use sodium chlorite on animals, ( and people) Remember, mms is much stronger that the product on this site.

  14. ptex Says:

    Dear friends,
    I’ve just started giving MMS to my mother’s cat, who has developed a large swelling in the cheek and has been diagnosed a tumor.
    Since the little cat is resisting taking the activated MMS through the mouth I’m considering alternatives, namely injecting it.
    Since I’m no expert in giving injections, I wonder if someone could help me: what kind of needle should I use? What is the procedure to inject: use the normal activated MMS in a bit of water and where do I inject it? What precautions should I take?
    Thanks for any help with this.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I would not inject MMS into tissues. MMS is known for burning when applied topically.

    Get a syringe and draw your 1 drop of acivated mms in about 5 cc of water and hold the cats mouth open and release the solution toward the back of the throat.

    Another way is to put unactivated mms in the cats water. Limit the amount of water in the bowel to what you think she will drink in one day. Put 2 to 4 drops of mms unactivated in the water. Unactivated mms has a long history of doing great things. MMS is generally 7 times stronger than the stabilized oxygen products on the market that are the same thing, sodium chlorite. Unactivated MMS should not cause the nausea and vomiting that may be seen if one gives too much too fast.

  16. zuni Says:

    hi…i have a sick cat. i think it´s a bladder infection….or some kind of blockage……all of her lymps are swallen…….does mms break up blockages…….???and what dosege should i give her to kill the infection ?? thanks

  17. Pat Says:

    My cat had 3 kittens about 1 month ago. All have been doing great but yesterday I noticed one of the kittens eyes were closed. I bathed them in a very weak solution of mms and put some down her throat with a dropper. Today I noticed puss around the eye so made 1 drop diluted with 5 citric acid. I then added water to dilute and gave it to her with the dropper.
    Now I have read this site and am reading about only using the mms.
    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

  18. Deborah Says:

    This may sound silly, but I have a chicken that has some sort of infection in the kidneys or possibly somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract. I have Baytril to give her, but I’d rather give her MMS.

    Does anyone have experience with this? She weighs only 3.5 pounds.


  19. Roy Says:

    Hello fellow MMS users.

    I want to announce a new discovery, low side effect MMS.

    This is a new discovery that I want to share with you folks, and I have been using it on myself to see if it helps with my own health issues.

    For the last couple of days I have been using this formula, that I dub Roy’s MMS-lite at the unheard of rate of 50 drops in water in 10 drop doses over a 15 hour period with little to no side effects.

    I know it is unbelievable for those of you that take MMS, but I am sitting here at this ridiculous hour— after two days of 50 drop doses of acidified MMS and I assure you that normally I would be “crazy sick” at this MMS level, and not up typing….no way.

    This -am- I have had 30 drops in ten drop doses, of 28% acidified MMS in water.

    I have had an ongoing problem with cat caused bartonella(aka cat scratch fever) from last year, and even though I have taken acidified MMS for a year,when I can(the stomach/bowel upsets have been unbearable), I have not seen many results(bartonella lesion on the skin has not changed along with ongoing fatigue and other varied symptoms).

    I think that it is mostly due to the fact that acidified MMS makes me sick at more than 7-9 drops(maybe twice) per day.

    In the last week I have done tests on myself at higher doses than my body can normally stand(without the diarrhea and vomiting becoming an issue) and now I am up to –50 drops– per day, in ten drop doses. No diarrhea, no vomiting, minimized side effects, and the most mellow feeling. I call it MMS mellow. I use to feel so yukky from taking MMS and hanging onto the hope of feeling better…all last year…omg and part of this year…I am glad those days are past me now.

    I do not recommend this approach for anyone without the MMS-lite mixture(researched and safe for people and pets). But it is the greatest feeling to be able to take –effective— doses of MMS without the sickness and pain. The mellow feeling that MMS offers at higher doses is not achievable without the MMS-lite mixture.

    I believe in MMS, it has helped me deal with several skin infections and keep the flu/sore throats at bay. It is the interal side effect/sickness issues that have held back higher dosages for me.

    My own bartonella infection(cat scratch fever), that I feel has pretty much spread to my whole system(many tick caused lyme disease sufferers have this as a co-infection), is now fading(lesion shrinking and changing for the first time in a year), and am feeling my chronic fatigue, and other symptoms disappearing as well. It just takes time, but the waiting is over. At higher doses of non-sickening MMS aka Roy’s MMS-lite, things are finally changing for me!

    I tried much lower doses of the Roy’s mms-lite on my cats(in the food), both had diarrhea(very likely- giardia) and over a week period, the problems have almost completely stopped. I will continue their doses due to the fact that giardia based diarrhea is hard to cure even with antibiotics(giardia has several forms including a dormant spore stage that can erupt at any time).Coccidia based diarrhea is about the same toughie to cure…

    Keep the faith!

  20. Roy Says:

    I worked up the 28% sodium chlorite aka MMS to 60 drops(lite mix) the other day…that is in a 24 hour period. I do not recommend to anyone to try this level of MMS at home without a lite mix.

    The herx hit me the next day. It was pretty neat though. I did not have the usual pain that I normally experience from much smaller doses of MMS and water. Instead of curling up in the painful fetal position in the bed and pretty much being unable to move that day or for several more, this was retty much pain free…yes pain free.

    I did have it all day, but no pain. No sore tummy, nothing painful.

    I had some cake and ice cream(and kept it down no nausea etc.) later that day—not possible before the use of the mms-lite mix that minimizes side effects.

    I felt good that day, better the next, and life keeps getting better. Losing that bartonella is progressing. Bartonella can kill folks if they don’t get rid of it, apparently.

    I read a page online recently on bartonella where the doctor/writer(selling a book– he lives in arlington texas) compared having bartonella to playing with dynamite.

    He says that bartonella has been regarded as minor compared to lyme—but that has changed.

    Apparently his article cited a preacher that had a major personality change after being bitten by a tick…he was put on psycho drugs and finally someone did some tests on his crazy self(he was normally very calm and peaceful until bartonella took over in his body including his brain after time passed).

    So, needless to say, I am feeling great as this stuff leaves my body.

    Now back to more MMS-lite….bon appetit!

  21. Teresa Says:

    My 10 yr old cat has a cancer mass in his belly.
    He appears to be dying. He has become very thin and has
    other end of life symptoms.
    I would like to try mms. It is a long shot but I want to see if we can turn this around.
    What dose should I give him? How would it increase each day and for how long?
    thank you please ASAP

  22. jobie Says:

    I have a 13 year old dog. He is a large breed, about 65 lbs. He has been acting sluggish and I can tell that either arthritis is setting in, or he is having some kind of pain. He looks tired all the time now and has had trouble jumping up on the bed. I gave him 3 drops in his water dish. Before I gave it to him, I gave him about 1/2 cup of milk in his dish because that always seems to make him thirsty for water after he drinks it. The next morning I was cleaning up his messes in the yard and found a pile with worms. Some were very long, like maybe a foot long. I had never seen that before so I attribute it to the mms. Today, he is Mr. Happy-go-lucky-puppy.

  23. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please continue with the mms for a while with your dog. Worms may take dosages over a period of time to get all of them.

    As for the cat with cancer, I hope this is not too late. There is a new protocol out using DMSO and MMS for cancer. I don’t know if it will work but may be worth a try.

    You can read it here.

  24. Mary Anne M Says:

    What is MMS lite? How do I prepare it, and can I safely use it on my dog, who has treatment-resistant staph and yeast infections?

  25. sarah Says:

    We are dairy farmers. We believe that our herd of 40 cows have contacted B V D( bovine viral disease).We had started using hoemopathy at the beginning of January for this b v d and a friend of mine told me about mms.I don’t know if you know much about this condidtion…it drains the animal as they have a lowered immune system, low milk yield, difficulty in going in calf, while looking very down in themselves and is spread through body fluids. We started using mms last week. It is impossible to dose 40 cows individually so what i have been doing is a start dose of 2 drops of mms and 10 drops of activator ina glass, swishing that around, waiting 3 minutes, then adding a desert spoon of water and throughing this solution into a drinking through in their yard. I’ve been doing this, morning and evening, building it up and now at 18 drops mms / 80 drops activator. Yesterday morning one of them had passed a huge worm,4 cms thick and 20 cms long. There is definately an improvement in the cows.
    1.Do you think this dose is sufficient?
    2.How long would you give it for?.
    3.We were also thinking of giving a small dose to calves as they seem a little depleted, these we can dose individually.
    4.If i had asked your advice first would you have gone with a different dosage?
    The vets don’t have a cure for this ailment so mms is a such a wonderful find. We breed all our own replacement heifers and think it must have came into the herd with a stock bull we baught early 09. We farm organically and were so delighted to discover mms. Best wishes.

  26. Arrow Durfee Says:

    My understanding with some virus is that threatment needs to be persistant over several weeks, but I have seen some people completely recover from chronic Epstein Barr in less than a week..

    So there is really no way to know about BVD and MMS.

    I would keep building up in your dosage, since cows weigh 600 pounds and up. I would look for loose stools as an indicator to back down in dosage some or to skip a dose. Also look at the general attitude of your cow. Does she look like she is tolerating the dosage? Does she look happy, content. Your cows cant tell you if they are feeling nausea or dizzy, which is what tells people to back down on dosage.some people will vomit if the dosage is too high for them. Do cows even vomit at all?

    I suggest that you keep dosing and keep looking for worms. Worms in and of itself I think should be treated for at least a month. If you know what the worm is you may get a clue to its life cycle. You have to hit it at the points in its life cycle that it will be vulnerable to mms. We would like to think that it will kill worm eggs but we don’t know for sure.

    I think that all farm animals should be dosed with mms for 2 to 3 weeks biannually to keep them disease free and then again if they get sick. Parasites can be around for a while before they cause the animal to appear ill and of course they are highly transferable from cow to cow in maneur and soil.

    MMS as plain sodium chlorit was used for a long time in its unactivated form for animals and this site I believe has testimonials on the use of was was called oxy-e-zymes on horses.

    Remember, it is plain sodium chlorite that Jim first used to kill malaria. The activation process was developed to make it more effective. I would go to this site and look around and see if you can figure out how to care for large animals with just unactivated sodium chlorite and then if an animal gets sick focus on them individually with MMS. Remember, MMS is 6 times more concentrated in sodium chlorite than oxy-e-zymes is so consider that with your dosages if you decide to use it in an unactived form.

    I can certainly understand the difficulties of treating 40 cows! I commend you for your dedication and persistance to avoid other drugs.
    Did you see the CBS report by Katie Couric on all the MRSA infected animals in our country? and all the farm workers who are getting MRSA from them? Its just terrible.

  27. Mary Anne M Says:

    Rhett, and Roy, if you are still on this website, can you please clarify what you mean by
    “mms-lite” or a 2% solution of MMS? Does that mean 98 drops of citric acid and 2 drops of MMS? I am going to use MMS for my small (16 lb) dog, and because she has had so many medical
    problems, and so much medication, and because, of course, she cannot describe her symptoms,
    I don’t want her to be vomiting and having diarrhea on top of everything else.

    Or should I just use the MMS unactivated, in water or food, to prevent these side effects?

  28. Arrow Durfee Says:

    If it were my dog I would start with mms 1 drop in water. Make sure she drinks it all.

    If that goes well increase the dose daily. When you get to about 4 drops tolerated well I would
    then start again with 1 drop of activated MMS, or half drop if its a real small dog. (mix for one drop activated and only give half of the preparation) Then daily work up as tolerated

  29. Mary Anne M Says:

    I gave my dog Ginger 1 drop unactivated MMS in her food on Friday, and she was fine.
    Slept more last night. No vomiting, no diarrhea. So I gave her two drops, accidentally,
    (Was trying to do one but two came out)in chicken broth, followed by her am food.
    She was vomiting within 5 minutes. Do I go back to 1 drop for a few days, then try two again?
    She only weighs 16 lbs.

  30. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, reduce the dosage. Give her a break for one day first.
    If one drop is too much put one drop in one cup of water and give her half a cup. Only give what can be tolerated.

  31. Andrea Lyter Says:

    I read the MMS Lite ebook but, how much water has to be mixed if you are giving to a 54 lb dog? Can I use DMSO instead of MSM and if so, how much? Do you give once a day or twice? What if your pet does not drink lots of water before or after? Will it still be effective? Can the MMS lite be given in their food? I want to get this treatment started but do not know enough. Thank you.

  32. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Andrea,
    You have a lot of questions that could better be answered at the sister forum to this blog

  33. Neal Says:

    Hi all,
    My cat has Cystitis an would like to try her on mms to see if this helps before the dreaded visit to the vets (she gets very stressed going to the vets)
    She doesnt like being handled very much and so squirting a does into her mouth is not going to work.
    I have tried a few drops in her water but i think its so diluted by the time she drinks it that it wont have much affect.
    My thoughts are to activate a 1 drop does and then dilute with 5 drops of water then put a couple of drops of this solution onto her skin???
    Any thoughts or help would be appreciated :)

  34. luix Says:

    It is a shame that Teresa (post 21) has not replied. I would like to know what happened to her cat. My cat is 16 y.old now. More than a year ago she had some cancer lumps in the chest and abdomen. In February 2009 she went through surgery and the lumps were removed. She recovered well, but the lumps came back, the bastards, and have kept growing (I guess they use most of the food we give to her). Some months ago one of the lumps, located at the chest, by the lymph glands, had grown a lot and started dripping. Infection with pus followed. The vet had said that when dripping started she should be sacrificed (read: killed) but we medicated her with antibiotics and kept the lumps covered with sanitary napkins so that she could stay inside the house without making a mess. It worked fine and the infection healed, but the lumps got there, defiant and still growing. Next, a small lamp near the rear leg (next to the tit) started growing and growing and then started dripping. I covered with s.towels (stick to a piece of fabric) and cleaned it 2x a day. By this time my son discovered MMS and ordered a bottle. A few weeks ago I started cleaning the lump with MMS and also giving it to her. I mix 1 drop MMS to 1 drop citric acid and after 3 min. I dilute it in 100 cc water. Because of the recommendation to not give MMS after ingestion of protein, there are not many moments left to give her the MMS, so I never managed to give the 100 cc. I increased the number of drops up to 3 for the 100 cc water, but then she started refusing to have it. So I missed one day and then reduced the concentration. Yesterday I have managed to give 2x 20cc (of water with MMS in it), which means 40% of 1 drop MMS. Today she was not eating so I gave MMS just once. The lumps are quite big and the rear one leaks a lot. Maybe I started the MMS too late… Still I hope that they leak and die.

    By the way, to give the solution the best way I found is to put in a 5cc syringe, put the syringe on the side of her mouth and squeeze slowly. She drinks eat nicely. The breaks to refill the syringe disrupt a bit, though. It seems that after a while she thinks: ok, I have had enough of this drink….

    I’ll try to keep in touch.

  35. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I really have on info on the effectiveness of mms given topically to effect a cure for an internatl disease like cystitis.

    On the other hand mms applied topically to wounds, cancers and other types of lesions has been effective for some people

  36. Arrow Durfee Says:

    What I meant to say was “no” info

  37. Darrell Says:

    To those individuals dealing with parasites, I had read that parasites reproduce more during the full moon. So experimenting with doses beginning a few days before the full moon, during, and a couple days after the full moon might hit parasites the hardest during their reproductive cycle. Perhaps they are more susceptible at that time. Use this suggestion as you see fit. I have only just begun using MMS and up to 2 drops so far.

  38. Linda Kelly Says:

    I wonder why there are no recent blogs on MMS, I can’t seem to find any recent success stories.

  39. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Success stories continue to keep happening. I have redirected my focus in other directions at this time. Have you checked the front page of the blog? There is big story about parasites and I have updated some in the Testimonials area. Click on the button in the top tool bar that says mms testimonials.

  40. Dawn Says:

    I just found this site. I have a 19+ yr old cat with a UTI (e coli and enterococcus) with chronic renal failure (numbers not too high) with mild dehydration. I took him to two holistic vets, and between them got 3 different recommendations for antibiotics. The last one recommended Baytril, which is known for causing blindness in cats, especially at the dose he recommended and is insisting is safe. While waiting for the antibiotic, my cat started to get worse, so I panicked and put him on MMS. I already tried ionic silver 100ppm (didn’t see results) and North American Herb & Spice Co’s Oil of Oregano (not a good response). I saw a difference in his behavior within a few hours with the MMS; he didn’t sleep as much, wanted to go out to play, slept with me in my bed instead of in his room, didn’t seem as sick. I have only been using it for 24 hours so don’t know too much yet. I do know the infection still exists because I can see him licking places he normally does not lick and chewing himself raw in his private area. I didn’t expect an immediate miracle but I did see quick and obvious improvement. The antibiotic came today but I am too afraid to use it unless the MMS fails me. I am using 2 drops (started with 1) sodium chlorite 22.4% solution to 10 drops fresh organic lemon juice with 3 minute activation then diluted in 4oz water. I mix it then give 1/2 dropper syringe. I can smell the solution but can hardly taste it. I have given it to him 1x every hour or two while awake. I know he is still sick but I also know he feels better. I don’t know if the chlorine in the pool is the same chemical composition but I do know he favors the pool water to regular water, I don’t know why. I asked the poolman today what kind of chlorine he adds to the pool but it didn’t show details on the bottle. Maybe animals know something we don’t? Anyway, I would LOVE to have support from anyone to experiment with this, or I will weaken and give in to harmful antibiotics.

  41. Dawn Says:

    Okay, today is Saturday and I started MMS on my cat late Thursday night. My cat is definitely better, but still sick. The neighbor saw him and immediately saw a difference in his behavior. His mouth sore is almost gone, much quicker than with antibiotics, but he still has a sore near his private area and he is still chewing and licking. He is alert, active, not sleeping nearly as much, is responsive, attentive, eats, drinks, and goes out to play and on walks. I am unclear as to the dosage and length of time so got a chiropractor I use for applied kinesiology (A.K.) for myself (yes, it really does work) to come to the home to do it for the cat on Thursday. She already said MMS is better than the Baytril using A.K., and seems to think dosing for 6 hours is enough, though that isn’t even close to the actual one or two drops when diluted in 4oz of water. She did say I could up the dosage to 3 diluted drops but he’s only between 12-14lbs. I will try to keep this post informed in the event someone else needs inspiration.

  42. Dawn Says:

    Okay, it’s Sunday and I’m starting to worry. My cat played and lounged in the sun and went for a walk but slept for a LONG time after he took the MMS. I think I gave him too much. I put 3 activated drops in 2 oz of water, and gave 1/2 dropperful. I took some of it myself. I got extremely hungry afterwards and ate anything and everything in site. I notice my cat is starving while taking MMS (but not today), which might be good but he eats too fast (I’ve never seen him eat that fast before). Now here’s the bad news: he had a discharge from his nose that was tinged with blood. I’ve NEVER seen that on any cat before, let alone mine. At first I thought it was food, but after wiping it saw more come out. I stopped giving MMS to him after that, so today he only got 2-3 doses, the first 1-2 at a lower dose. I will resume tomorrow but will go back to 1/2 dropperful of one diluted drop every hour while I’m awake. The problem with that is the cat sleeps and needs to sleep to heal, and I’m giving D-Mannose, Standard Process supplements, probiotics, Green Mush, fish oil, and food so the timing gets complicated. I guess the goal will be 6-8 doses, which is somewhere around what I did the first time with success. I hope MMS works. The hardest thing about this is not knowing whether or not this will work, not knowing the correct dosage (I will follow Humble’s protocol), and not knowing the length of time to administer MMS.

  43. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I really do think that bloody nose is unrelated. I would not worry about that.

    Now I do know that cat physiology is a bit different than people, more different than a dog or a pig… but if he is showing signs of getting better what is there to say?

    With people have read three testimonials that mms reversed chronic kidney failure…

    I would continue with the mms for as long as you can, as long as the cat will allow you or until he seems perfectly well.

    The hardest thing with any illness is that we never know for sure what will work or not. You make your choices and then You just have to try.

    I wish I could give your more advice specifically for cats but I am just not familiar with using mms with them.

  44. Dawn Says:

    You are not going to believe this because I don’t and I was here. I stopped giving my cat the MMS yesterday after I observed the blood-tinged nasal discharge. He seemed to not feel well last night. He woke me up early to eat, then again to go outside, but he refused his walk. That’s a bad sign. I contemplated the antibiotic briefly, and thought that maybe this is what the dying process looks like. I don’t know. Then I regained my spirit and gave a 3 drop activated in lemon dose with 4 oz water (1/2 dropperful). Now I don’t believe it because I left him outside in his muffin position(tail and arms/legs hidden beneath his body and head down). I came back to put some MMS topically on his mouth sore. I left and returned to put some topically near his chewed area. He was bothered and jumped off the chair. Okay, that’s a good sign. Then I left to clean the syringe. I came back just a minute later, so maybe three minutes after I gave the MMS dose, and he was ready for his walk. Now I don’t believe it because I didn’t actually see the transformation before my eyes. I left. What happened when I left? He went to eat some grass. Then he was fine. He walked a short walk, then remained outside alert, grooming, and didn’t hide out in his room to sleep. UNBELIEVABLE. I don’t know what happened or why, if there is science behind this or not, or if it’s killing the bacteria/toxins (I will get another urine culture in a few weeks). I’m looking for a cure, yes, but quality of life works in the meantime. I don’t care how or why it works, but something is making his life better taking this. I’m going to give it to him every hour-two hours today.

  45. Dawn Says:

    Today is Thursday, one week after starting MMS for my cat. I have experimented with using it in many ways. The best way that I’ve found is the way Humble describes (for animals), diluted in 4oz water and every hour to two while awake (1/2 dropperful of diluted solution). I tried the full dose drop, cat went to sleep. When I dilute it, he is usually wide awake and active, though sometimes sleeps. It only takes one or two doses to perk him up. It is definitely working, but I will have concrete evidence when I get his urine re-tested. I am up to 6 diluted drops, no vomiting, no diarhhea, no observable ill effects; I see only positive. I won’t post every day but I will post when I get back the results. If, for some reason, there is no post, it’s probably because I didn’t find success. Provided there is success, I will want everyone to know so perhaps you can save your animal as well. I also added Transfer Factor Plus for humans, Bucco, Solidago, and ordered pet digestive enzymes and better probiotics for animals. None of the supps I’m giving attack bad bacteria except maybe the probiotics, so MMS is the ONLY thing I’m using for his over 100,000 CFU/ML count of E Coli and Enterococcus Species. His mouth sore is pretty much gone and he has stopped chewing his private area, which is now healing nicely after applying diluted MMS (I didn’t wipe it off ’cause I figured he would if it bothered him but it didn’t seem to). So far so good (knock on wood). Please wish us luck!

  46. Kerry Says:

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on how to get MMS into my Dog. He is 11 years and a medium large breed about 30kgs. He has an rare uncurable salivery gland cancer and due to its location and his age, we cannot get it removed and we will not consider chemo. MMS is our only solution. We get ours from here:

    We were told to start him on 5 drops of MMS and 5 drops activator twice a day in a glass of water. when he takes this amount he is fine, with no visable effects. But he refuses to drink the water due to its taste. I really dont think we will be able to syringe it down his throat, he was neglected in the past and does not tollerate anything like this. I was told that you cannot mix it with anything else other than water or low acid juice (which he wont drink either). The only thing that has worked is mixing it with springwater from tins of Tuna – but this is very costly and not always readily available and I am also concerned with mercury levels in Tuna. He has also been refusing this recently. I have also been told not to mix it with his food as its meant to be taken on an empty stomach. I have heard of people mixing it with chicken stock / broth. Is it ok to do this? Or will this diactivate the MMS? And is it ok to use an organic chicken stock cube as opposed to actual homemade stock? Is there anything else I can try. Due to his condition I am eager to get him to take the twice daily doses without fair. At the momemt, at best, we are getting one dose down him every 2 days due to his fusiness :)

  47. Dawn Says:

    Quick update:

    Today is Wednesday and I stopped the MMS on Sunday. Cat was A LOT better when I stopped giving it to him so I assumed he was healed or that he had had too much MMS. Tons more energy from Monday forward. I had the urine re-tested today (urinalysis) and the urine culture is half done but should be finished by tomorrow or Friday for sure. Results: Enterococcus gone, but the vet said sometimes it resolves on its own (?), urine ph is now normal (7 as opposed to 8), no more blood in the urine, BUT…there is still E Coli, though less. There was over 100,000 CFU, now 30,000-50,000. The holistic vet wants to give an antibiotic, as usual, but I’ll probably continue with the MMS and the D-Mannose along with probiotics. I won’t post again unless I have something amazing to report.

    Good luck to the post above with your dog; I know nothing about dogs but I would get it down him any way I could. Maybe when you use a syringe use a comforting tone, pet him, and explain what you are doing and why. I know it sounds funny but that’s what I did with my cat and he lets me put stuff down his throat all day long. He doesn’t like it but if you communicate it seems as if they understand that you are trying to help and not hurt. I have found that positive reinforcement works wonders. Praise him like never before for taking it. Good luck to everyone and your pets!

  48. Arrow Durfee Says:


    This certianly is a difficult situation. I would try the broth. I also recommend that you read all posts by Melyvn in the comments area on this page.

  49. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dawn, I stronly recommend that you continue with the mms until your urine culture is fully clear. Leaving some e-coli behind is asking for trouble and you may end up right where you were when all of this started.

    If you have given mms for one week then continue for one more week.
    Since things are half way cured you are cutting your treatment short half way.

    Please do keep us posted.

  50. Dawn Says:

    Thank you for your recommendation. I started the MMS again today, Friday, with 5 activated drops in 4oz water, but was very inconsistent with the dosage because I was not home all day today. He went to sleep every time I gave him the dose. He does soooo much better with 3 drops. Can I keep him at that for 10 days or do I need to go up to 15 drops? The A.K. lady told me to give him 7 diluted drops for one week then 8 diluted drops for 3 days then stop. I stopped sooner than that because I thought that he looked swollen, and I was worried that the MMS was converting to table salt and causing fluid retention (he was also urinating less). Also, I’ve read two approaches, newly activated drops each time or drops made in the morning and used throughout the day? Today I used the same batch made this morning throughout the day. I’ve read contradictory information on both.
    I got the urine culture back today and the results are even better: The E Coli range is 10,000-50,000 CFU/ML and his specific gravity went up from 1.014 (low) to 1.015 (normal range but obviously low end). ANY improvement is welcomed. He is no longer constipated, which is a miracle in itself, but I think it was the digestive enzymes and the probiotics that took care of that, but maybe the MMS helped, too. I have reduced the number of supplements for now. I was going to treat the E Coli with D-Mannose, but my cat doesn’t seem to do well on that so will focus on the MMS mostly. This is my last chance and I will re-test in 2-4 weeks. If it hasn’t cleared up by then I have been prescribed Clavamox for 7 days, which is better than the Baytril with the possible blindness side effect. If I don’t resolve the E coli I’m told it can lead to kidney failure. I will continue the probiotics, especially the B-Infantis which helps with E Coli. I hope this works and I hope these postings help someone with the same issue. There are so many cats with these exact issues.

  51. russ Says:


  52. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Russ, orally is the best way. Hard to say if the cancer spread or not. You just have to try. Move up in drops as she can tolerate. Stay just under nausea/vomiting.

    Dawn, if the e-coli keeps going down I would not change a thing. First look at your cat and see what improvement you can note. I would not go to the antibiotics unless e-coli stopped improving.

    I don’t know if cats can take lugols iodine.. I know dogs can. Lugols is known for curing bladder infections..find out from your vet if iodine is ok for cats. There is lots of info stored on this site about lugols. It must be lugols not anything from drugstore. search keyword: iodine

  53. Dawn Says:

    Just wanted to give a quick update: My cat appears to be doing well. I haven’t re-tested him but he seems better than he’s been for the past 2 years. I give a maintenance dose of 3 diluted MMS drops every few days (just 1/2 dropper one time). Interestingly, the twitching that is so common with Chronic Renal Failure is gone. He has his cold, wet nose back, which was gone for months, he appears to be hydrated, has gained weight back, and his fur is soft (fish/flax/coconut oil). He still drinks a lot of water and urinates quite a bit, common for his condition, but he doesn’t have those symptoms if given the MMS daily. When on the MMS I noticed constipation if too much was given and coarse fur even with the oil supplement. He might have retained some water, but I actually considered that a positive in his case. He never vomited or had diarrhea, but I never went above 7 drops in 4 oz water. 7 diluted drops caused lethargy so I assumed he may have been nauseated. I did notice that the lemon juice worked better for my cat than the MMS mixed with citric acid. I experimented quite a bit. If I re-test I will post the results. Thanks Arrow for your Lugol’s recommendation. I will take that into consideration if the E Coli is not resolved.

  54. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Dawn, thanks for keeping us updated. I have read a few other testimonials that mms reversed chronic kidney failure, so if your vet said he had that its another testimonial to the benefits for the kidneys.. Please do come back if you get him retested and lets us know what the lab says.. I bet your vet will be stumped!

  55. George Winter Says:

    I’ve been reading Dawn’s testimonial about her 19 year old cat paying close attention to his renal failure. I’ve been treating my 20 year old cat Mister (born in our garage December 13, 1989) for renal failure and diabetes. His symptoms of diabetes is what alerted & eventually brought in the second diagnosis of mild renal failure. My vet taught me what I should do with regards to testing, insulin doses, keeping records of all his activity(glucose reading, insulin dose, food(low carb)& qty, B12, Pepsid AC (1/4 tab each morning), stool, etc. With regard to his renal failure, my vet suggested I could start sub-Q fluid therapy (sodium chloride)every 2 or 3 days. I have done it many times in the past with 3 other cats. This all started 3 1/2 years ago. He still goes for walks with me around the house but neuropathy has taken its toll. I think his neuropathy would be much worse if it wasn’t for the B12 supplements. He has also limited vision because of his condition. I recently started taking MMS and noticed within the hour my vision became exceptionally clear and sharp. I was wondering if anyone has used MMS on a cat while at the same time treating with sub-Q fluid therapy? If yes, can the MMS be used under the skin like sub-Q fluids and/or with sub-Q fluids?

  56. Dawn Says:

    Hi, I’m back with an update. I cannot answer the above question so sorry about the lack of contribution. I never re-tested my cat. I really don’t trust the vet at all and a visit and subsequent recommendations always seem to make matters worse. I continue the MMS at 3 drops activated with organic lemon juice diluted in 4oz of water and give 1/2 dropperful per day every day. Without the MMS he has twitching. With it I don’t notice it or at least it’s very minimal. He still sunbathes outside and goes for several walks per day and grooms himself well. I give him probiotics, fish and/or flax oil, Bucco by Nestmann, Himilyan Crystal Sea Salt in his water for minerals, and Standard Process. He has maintained his weight. He is still somewhat dehydrated because I added back the dry food at night which I believe is a big no no. He maintains adequate hydration if I give him wet food only. Sometimes I add water to the dry and he drinks the liquid only so that seems okay. He is alert and I notice no other problems other than occasional tiredness and nausea (he eats grass) and irregular (not daily) bowel movements (lifelong). Sometimes I give him Health Force greens and Halo Vitamin Mineral mix (thinking that will take what MMS kills out of the body, as it is a clay). I think my cat would not be in the same condition without the MMS. I notice a huge difference in his behavior without it. I bought 3 extra bottles because I noticed the FDA is trying to ban it (threat to antibiotics?). I have not noticed side effects. No one knows he is sick and the only way they can tell his age is by his slow walk and elevated back. He can run when needed. I will re-test the blood and urine again for comparison but am waiting for a reason to subject him to a vet visit and he seems too well to take him in. I met someone at the pet store who owns an animal shelter who puts the MMS (not activated) into ALL the pet’s water.

  57. Rob Says:

    Hello all,
    Please could someone help as I am a little confused with administering MMS1 to my small 4-5kg dog that has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease.

    Whats the best way to give my dog the mixture? Jim says 1 drop every hour for 8 hours a day. Could someone explain this in simple terms what I need to do, how to prepare it and how I need to give this to my dog?

    Many thanks,

  58. Rob Says:

    Well….I’ve seemed to have lost faith here…. Jim Humble responded personally to my questions. I can imagine he must get flooded with 1000′s of emails a day. My small dog was diagnosed with Cushing Syndrome and has a few tumors on her teats. At at first I tried MMS2….

    I did not understand very well the way to properly administer MMS2 to a dog so I used 1 capsule mixed in water tactic. I later found out this is incorrect. As I understand MMS2 capsules need to be taken with lots of water. How do you force a dog to drink water? And to add to things Cushing Syndrome is a problem with hormones and calcium, this is not recommended. As the calcium levels are already skyrocketing So adding a calcium base substance is not good.

    I then purchased a MMS1 kit to avoid calcium. I started with 1 drop per hour for 8 hours a days then slowly increased to a protocol 3000 dosage.. I saw no symptoms of nausea in my dog and kept going for one month. Still no signs of a cure.

    I have to go the the vet this week and I will do a blood test to see if there is really any difference. With Cushing Syndrome the dog looses its hair and I have seen no difference in hair growt during the MMS1 phase. Also my dog has tumors on its teats. This may or may not be from the same problem. I’ve not done a biopsy yet so I’m not sure if it’s malignant or not. Personally it does not look good.

    All in all my dog has not suffered using the MMS1 treatment but I see no difference after one month. I’m not saying its a failure but the hype is not what it’s worked out to be.

    I don’t agree with the healing church charging to train people to heal. This breaks all the meaning they have to help people.

    I’m faced now with the standard medical systems recommendation for a cure for Cushing Syndrome. Pills that cost a fortune that will only “help” my dog but not cure it.

    arrhhgghhhh. I really feel incompetent here. As I’m an open minded person and totally against the system.

    Thoughts comments most welcome. Thanks for your time.


  59. max Says:

    hey i was told i have 3 incurables, 10 years the doctors made my life a living hell, 21 days of MMS, beat all effort by all doctors combined, by infinity.I tried and i tried to get any kind of well being back i could, endless painful suffering for 10 years,vomiting ever ymorning, headaches all day long, everyday, couldn,t eat couldn,t sleep, i was days from moving into a hospital, weeks,s from a wheelchair,it came down to taking a cab to the hospital, or to a place across town, i caught wind about, who sold MMS , quietly, you had to know about it ask about it to know about it , to get it, and not talk about where i got it.I took a gamble, bought the MMS,and i do so can not stand hospitals, and doctors, i have caught them committing much idiocy, in my multitude of problems.Tennis anyone, 10 mile run anyone, new lease on life, with a completely altered understanding about the entire structure we call medicine, and healing…..ANYONE?i HAD NOTHING TO LOOSE, AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN, I GAINED EVERYTHING, AND LOST NOTHING.

  60. Dawn Says:

    Update on the 20+-yr-old-cat: I stopped the MMS about one week after the last posting because he seemed to be doing well. My cat started to twitch again recently but not bad, so I didn’t restart the MMS. I had to take him back to the vet because he vomited a little blood and stopped eating for one day. The vet took blood tests and urine and guess what? The kidney disease is only “SLIGHTLY” worse and NO E COLI!!! The vet suspects a possible stomach ulcer from excessive stomach acid production. I started the MMS again just to see what would happen and the twitching (I think) is gone but now I worry that maybe the MMS caused the ulcer because it is so strong??? I doubt it but I just wish I could be sure there were no side effects. My cat has had long term gingivitis and the vet recommended antibiotics for life due to the bacteria entering the bloodstream. I told him I would apply the MMS to his teeth and gums to get rid of the bacteria. I will also give him a maintenance dose of MMS a few days per week. I hope it is helpful for someone for me to keep updating. It is experimental for me and I’m sure for everyone else. I don’t know if the MMS can cure the gingivitis or just stop the progression but I will start tomorrow. I have read that the MMS can cure the ulcer if there is one but I have to go back and research this. If anyone has the answer to the gingivitis and ulcer using the MMS to spare me the research please post.

  61. tricia Says:

    Max…WOW! Any side-effects at all?
    I’m starting the 21 days tomorrow :-)

  62. Kay Says:

    Dawn, thanks for all your posts. Very valuable to read, really appreciate your sharing your experience. THANKS!!!!!

  63. TRISH Says:

    I am looking for an MMS friend or someone using it and other alternative therpaies for their healing journey.
    It would be nice to compare notes and have that mutual support when needed. I have plenty of friends that are very healthy and don’t want to burden or worry anyone with my process. Currently I am on MMS, feeling much more energy, but the last two days have had shootong pains in my hands. Has anyone experienced this?
    I live in LA and am in my mid-thirties. You’d never guess I have any health challenges by looking at me (epstein barr, candida, heavy metals, recurrent fatigue) , yet it’s been a battle for a while now. Somewhow I’ve managed to get by and have a pretty normal life, until very recently I literally felt that I hit a wall. Thanks to Everyone for sharing their experiences!
    Love and Health~

  64. Hector Says:

    Hi. I´m from Spain and I can´t write english well. I have a cat that is 13 years old. My cat has a cyst in her kidney, but the veterinarian says that it is not a problem. The problem is that the infection is in her uterus but her external appearance is very good. I would like to start with MMS, but i think that Jim protocol (1 drop after 1 hour for 8 hours) is too aggressive. Can you help me with the protocol?? Thanks and Excuse me for the spelling mistakes.

  65. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Your writing in English is just fine.

    This protocol may or may not be to aggressive for your cat. How much you give and how frequently will depend on how your cat reacts. If it is tolerated well give every hour. If not then slow down. If one drop seems to not be well tolerated mix for one drop then only give the cat half of what you mix

    Always with mms you must base the dosage on how well it is tolerated. It is possible that your cat could tolerate 2 drops every one or two hours.. If he tolerates one drop well for several dosages in one day, the next day I would try two drops, or at least one and a half.

  66. patti Says:

    Hey, you guys…You all talk too advanced for us beginners, like Arrow’s response to Hector: 2 drops every one or two hours. Two drops in what? Two drops activated or inactivated? Two drops in water? And what is a 50 drop solution?

    Now my real problem…my cat has stomatitis and a very inflamed mouth. Any suggestions? He seldom drinks water but I tried colloidal silver in it, nonetheless. I haven’t yet tried MMS. Anyway, I would appreciate all your advice so please, if you can help, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  67. nordine Says:

    hi my cat ‘s 10 year old, has a fibrosarcomes, can i use mms and dmso to cure this cancer ?

    please tell how to process


  68. Dawn Says:


    Just wanted to give an update on my approximately 22-yr-old cat. I stopped the MMS after the last posting because two people talked me out of giving it to my cat, stating it could kill him. I have given it to him only once since. He never had an ulcer and the blood in the vomit was only seen that one time (knock on wood). He has completely stopped the twitching and hasn’t seen a vet since the last time I posted, I guess a year or so ago. The vet wanted him to come back every two months, but why when I’m not going to follow his protocol anyway? The cat is doing well (again knock on wood) with the exception of a tooth that is loose and ready to fall out. I suspect it’s due to the gingivitis which I never took care of due to it stressing out the cat. So now I’m considering the MMS once again, internally and topically. I wonder if he’d be losing his front tooth if I had used the MMS on his teeth and gums? If he’ll let me in his mouth I will try tomorrow. I also want to try a maintenance dose of MMS to see if I can help clear up some toxins (he tried to drink the pool water today so if chlorine makes him feel better…). I believe the MMS works but I just don’t know what the consequences are of using it long term.

  69. Dawn Says:

    Mobile vet came today and pulled my cat’s tooth out. He recommended antibiotics. I said no, I would use the MMS. I’m going to try it diluted and without the citric acid this time. I already put some on his gum just minutes after the tooth was pulled (I think it burned ’cause he let me know he didn’t like it). The vet stated the cat looks like he is 16 years old and looks good for his age. He said the cat’s kidneys were a normal size (they weren’t last year) and he’s hydrated (he was suppose to be on sub-q’s for life but responded poorly so receives fresh, bottled water with probiotic drops instead). The cat has gingivitis. The vet had never heard of sodium chlorite/MMS. If there’s anything relevant to the MMS I will post again.

  70. Angela Says:

    Dear Dwan, thank you so much for all the updates you have posted. Hope you see this acknowlegement. I have a 15 or so year old cat that just started having an upper respiratory infection. I really don’t want to have to take her to the vet, so I am going to try the 1 drop MMS/4oz water/half dropper with her tomorrow and see how it goes. It will stress her to give the dropper, but much less than going to the vet. :)

  71. Dawn Says:

    Hi Angela,

    Make sure it’s not a not a food allergy (did you introduce a new food?) Also, do some research on Vitamin C (I found contradictory information but some holistic vets highly recommend it. If you try the C, do it hours away from the MMS or it will deactivate the MMS, or use it after your MMS therapy). You can also try to see if your cat will drink the water with the MMS in it. I would look at Standard Process Feline Immune and Multi (look on, and also Living Pet Probiotic which you can just drop in the water (I just use one drop every time I change the water and now my cat won’t drink the water without it). Humble originally proposed using MMS with this probiotic to kill anything but the owner of the probiotic didn’t want the controversy associated with the MMS linked to his product (according to the owner of the probiotic). Also, you can get a mobile vet to come to the home so it doesn’t stress out your cat. Seek out a holistic one if you can. Please keep me posted, and my thoughts are with you are your cat:)

    Side note: Coffee cat is fine, still jumping onto beds, going for walks, laying out in the sun.

  72. Angela Says:

    Hi Dawn,

    So glad you saw my post, and thanks for the reply. That’s a good question on the food. I started giving my cat diffrent dental treats and now she’s addicted to them. I’m thinking it’s wheat or corn she’s craving because they are made of mostly one of those ingredients. She is so piccky about food and eats so little that I was happy she liked them, now I know I created a problem. I tried to get her onto a holistic cat food but she was raised on commercial cat food and prefers that. The best thing she’ll eat is Trader Joes Cat Tuna – not too bad.

    Today was the first dose of MMS and I notice her head in now warm whrer is was cool before. I also just say her rub her butt on the table for the first time ever so maybe some parasites are being pushed out – I don’t know.

    Thanks for the suggestions on nutrients. She almost drank the MMS water but then walked away. She’s a cat that prefers running water so it’s difficult to get liquids into her other than by dropper. I suppose I might try one of those running water cat waterers and see if she’ll go for nutrient water in one of those. I’ll check out the probiotics. This cat can certainly get some better nutrition.

    So many thanks for the good wishes. I passed them along. :)

  73. Dawn Says:

    Hi Angela,

    Grain-Free is the way to go based on my research but I must admit I still give my cat Temptations cat treats filled with junk to get him to eat his Standard Process vitamin and renal support tablets.

    There are other probiotics but that is the only one I’ve found that is liquid that you can just drop in the water.

    Cat fountains can be fun for the cat but do your research. Some have strong-smelling rubber pieces, most are made from plastic from China, some are made from stainless steel and food grade ceramic, etc…and each has its drawbacks. Remember to wash it daily because the bacteria build-up will cause chin acne on cats (plastic). Watch to see how your cat drinks running water to determine which cat fountain she might use (e.g. if she drinks out of the sink does she drink the water from the spout, from the fall, or from the bottom of the sink. Sounds strange but it determines which fountain they will like best and use.

    Consider occasional raw, organic turkey or chicken liver from Whole Foods.

    The butt rubbing might be constipation.

    I realize this site is for MMS and not specifically for cats so I apologize to anyone suffering through this reading.

    If you have any questions I give permission for the person who runs this site to give you my direct email address if you’d like. Keep us all posted on your cat and your adventure with the MMS. Thanks and good luck!