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Methyl Jasmonate for Cancer Treatment

11th December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

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The Anti-Cancer Fragrance Methyl Jasmonate Can Be Effectively Introduced Into the Blood with a Simple Steam Inhaler
This essay is reprinted from our subscription blog in the public interest.

One of the members sent me this idea. Go to Amazon and purchase a Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. It only cost about $25. You put the methyl jasmonate in the distilled water and inhale the vapors from the mask. It is adjustable so you only get the amount of steam that you want. This way there is no loss of MJ into the air.

MJ is probably the most potent anti-cancer and anti-leukemia agent known to man. And it is completely non-toxic to normal cells. You can’t say that about chemotherapy or radiation therapies. But it is insoluble in water so the oral ingestion of MJ is out of the question. So… the crazy people here at Grouppe Kurosawa figured out that MJ could be introduced into the lungs (and blood) almost instantly if it was in an aerosol form. MJ is a fragrance and is, by definition, volatile. This inexpensive Vicks Inhaler is perfect for the job.

Not everything in life has to be complicated.

Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa. Medicine in the Public Interest

The Medicinal Use of Methyl Jasmonate
This essay is reposted from our subscription blog in the public interest.

One of the members found an inexpensive source of MJ. Unfortunately, it isn’t as inexpensive as it sounds. This company does not manufacture this product. They simply repackage it and sell to the general public. That’s fine…I have no complaints.

I do not believe that MJ needs to be taken daily nor should it. The effective dose of MJ, which cannot be taken orally, is 3mM. This “acute” dose will kill virtually every cancer or leukemia cell in the body. Of course, we will use MJ with other products that will further increase its effectiveness.

I believe we can use MJ in an aerosol form 5 times a month and that should be sufficient. Remember, we do not want to induce a massive necrosis in the body, but we need some cancer and leukemia cell necrosis in order to activate both the innate and adaptive immune responses. MJ, unlike virtually any other compound, serves two purposes. It directly induces apoptosis and necrosis in malignant cells, and it activates both innate and adpative immunity against the remaining cancer/leukemia cells. Realistically, you can’t ask for a better anti-cancer/leukemia agent.

$12.50 seems inexpensive for 250 mgs of MJ, but at 2 grams five times a month this equates to $500.00 a month. I can purchase it in bulk and sell it for $170.00 a month, a significant cost savings.

Nevertheless, 250 mgs of MJ could be quite beneficial if applied topically in DMSO to a specific cancer, such as breast cancer. A MJ/DMSO gel could also be applied up the nose for the treatment of brain cancer.

For systemic cancers, MJ, a water insoluble compound, could be added to the surface of very hot water. Since it is volatile, it will rapidly enter the air. Gently put the MJ on the surface of a bowl of hot water, put your face over it and wrap your head and the bowl in a towel. Breathe deeply with both your nose and mouth. Any compound that enters the lungs will rapidly be introduced into the blood. (see following blog essay on the use of a personal steamer as a tool to administer MJ).

MJ does not have to be taken for the rest of your life. A three month treatment “may” be enough. Once the innate and adaptive immune responses are activated, they should be able to control the cancer on their own. Never forget the story of the cancer resistant mice. They have super activated innate immune responses which makes them “immune” to any and all cancers.

I will sell ten grams of MJ for $170. This is a one month supply. If I receive orders for at least $2000 of MJ, I will order it. Otherwise, I will not. I cannot afford to order products that people do not want.

Orders should be sent via PayPal to Simply notate MJ and the cost, $170 per month. If I do not receive the appropriate orders for MJ within the next 30 days or so, I will refund your money.

Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

The Powerful Anti-Cancer and Anti-Leukemia Properties of Methyl Jasmonate
This essay is republished from our subscription blog in the public interest.

As discussed in a previous essay, one of the “wonders” of methyl jasmonate as a anti-cancer agent is its ability to rapidly induce necrosis. MJ accomplishes this goal by interfering the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane of cancer but not normal cells. This results in the release of cytochrome C and the initiation of the apoptosis death process. MJ also inhibits ATP synthesis resulting in necrosis. Although apoptosis can take 24 hours to promote death, it is inhibited by a host of different genetic defects, such as those in the p53 tumor suppressor gene. Necrosis can be initiated in seconds and is COMPLETELY independent of defects in apoptosis inducing genes.


Chemotherapy and radiation damage DNA in both cancer and normal cells. This damage activates the p53 pathway and apoptosis is initiated. Unfortunately, over half of all cancers and leukemias have inactivating mutations in the p53 gene. Under these circumstances, the cancer cells are resistant to both chemo drugs and radiation.


The following study, which can be read online, is an excellent example of how methyl jasmonate could potentially replace all forms of toxic chemotherapy and radiation. Further, MJ is completely non-toxic to normal cells.

In this study, two clones of a highly malignant B cell lymphoma were selected for their p53 status. One line harbored a normal p53 gene while the other expressed a mutated, inactive p53 protein. The cells were treated independently with MJ, a chemo drug or a drug that was a mimic of radiation. These treatments independently killed the lymphoma cells harboring the normal p53 protein by initiating apoptosis. However, the cells harboring the mutant p53 protein were NOT killed by the chemo drug or radiation mimic. However, MJ did kill these highly malignant, resistant cells by blocking oxidative phosphorylation thereby drastically reducing ATP levels. Within seconds of a severe ATP depletion, membrane pumps, which require ATP for activity, fail causing the cells to swell and literally explode.


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a very common, slow growing cancer which is resistant to apoptosis. However, a subpopulation of fast growing CLL cells is known to harbor the mutant p53 gene. This mutation is predictive of the clinical course of the disease.


MJ selectively kills CLL cells in the presence of normal lymphocytes. It does so by depolarizing the mitochondrial membranes of leukemic but not normal cells. Since the activity of MJ is independent of p53 status, it is an excellent treatment vehicle for p53 resistant leukemia cells.


This study of the effects of MJ on acute myeloid leukemia is very interesting. AML is one of the worst forms of leukemia, because it is largely resistant to chemo drugs and other forms of therapy.

AML blasts are immature myeloid cells. Experimentally, these cells can be induced to differentiate into completely normal, functional myeloid cells by a number of different chemicals. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are too toxic to be used clinically. MJ stopped the growth of these blast cells and promoted their differentiation to completely normal cells. And it did so at the incredibly low dose of 0.4mM.

MJ kills lymphoma and leukemia cells without harming normal immune functioning. Since MJ induces necrosis, an inflammatory process which activates both innate and adaptive immunity by the release of HMGB1, MJ acts as an indirect immune adjuvant as well.

And it turns highly malignant AML blasts into normal cells.


Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

The Anti-Cancer Properties of Methyl Jamonates. Part One
This essay is republished from our subscription blog in the public interest.

There is good news. I found a manufacturer of MJ that will sell to me in bulk. The price is expensive but affordable, but it must be imported. It is a pure product. There is only one manufacturer of this product in the US and they won’t sell to the public. Further, they won’t sell to me in bulk because we want to use the product for medicinal purposes. They can’t seem to grasp the concept that fragrances might have a therapeutic value against a host of different diseases. I get the impression that they are afraid of an FDA raid.

We will deal with these issues later. The following is a mini-review of some of the anti-cancer properties of methyl jasmonate. Additional essays will follow.

A scientific study published this month shows that MJ kills prostate cancer cells via the inactivation of the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme. This is a critical issue so we will review the biochemistry of 5-LOX activation and cancer cell growth in this essay.

Products of the 5-LOX gene are involved in the growth of all cancers.

As these studies suggest, the combination of Cox-2 and 5-LOX inhibitors powerfully inhibits the growth of many different cancer and leukemia cells. The combination of MJ and acetaminophen (Tylenol) can accomplish this therapeutic goal.

Prostate cancer cells appear to be EXTREMELY sensitive to the inhibition of the 5-LOX enzyme. As this study shows, 5-LOX inhibitors can induce apoptosis/necrosis in extremely malignant prostate cancer cells within hours.

5-LOX is also overexpressed in brain cancers. Since MJ must be applied either topically in DMSO or via an aerosol, this makes MJ a PERFECT treatment for brain cancers. There are no blood brain barrier problems associated with the use of this product.

There is MUCH more to discuss.

Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

How Tissue Necrosis Activates Both Innate and Adaptive Immunity
This essay was reposted from our subscription blog in the public interest.

In a previous essay, I cited evidence that chemotherapy and radiation activate, indirectly, an innate and adaptive immune response against cancers. Unfortunately, I left out three critical references in the essay. Please reread the following corrected essay before proceeding.


Apoptosis is a non-inflammatory method of cell death. The contents of the cancer cells are not released into the tissue spaces. Necrosis is the exact opposite. These cells explode, literally, and release their contents into the tissues spaces. This generates an inflammatory response and the activation of BOTH innate and adaptive immunity. The process of apoptosis does NOT activate the immune response against the tumor.

Therefore, necrosis, which can be initiated within seconds, directly kills cancer cells while activating the immune response against the tumor at the same time. Apoptosis is a complicated process which can be blocked at MANY different pathways, usually because of genetic defects, and it cannot activate the immune response because it is non-inflammatory.

For years, I have avoided necrosis like the plague because it can be quite dangerous if left unchecked. I was wrong, VERY VERY WRONG. A certain degree of necrosis is necessary for the elimination of cancers and leukemias. It doesn’t have to be excessive because it can be controlled.

Read the following abstract. It speaks for itself.

HMGB1 is released from necrotic cancer cells and immune macrophages. It strongly activates both Toll 2 and 4 receptors and the innate and adaptive immune systems. In addition to activating dendritic cells, which process tumor cell antigens, it also activates macrophages to release pro-inflammatory hormones such as TNF, tumor necrosis factor, the most potent anti-cancer immune hormone yet identified. HMGB1 is not released by apoptotic cells.

In addition, HMGB1 is involved in the migration of stem cells into areas of tissue damage. This makes HMGB1 a true multi-functional signal for both immune activation and the regeneration of normal tissues in areas of damage.

Let me tell you a story. When I first met the now famous Anna, she had a breast cancer lesion on her chest that was 10x10cm in diameter and 3 cm deep. This lesion developed slowly over time until it was not operable. She refused chemo and radiation. According to her oncologist, she had about two months before this lesion penetrated her chest wall and killed her.

This was well over 3 years ago. We used a variety of natural medicines, including the saturated fat palmitic acid, extracted in isopropyl alcohol, to “bomb” this chest lesion topically. And it worked. This slow growing, festering lesion began to die immediately as new cellular growth began to infiltrate the site and initiate new cellular growth. In short, the topical procedure induced necrosis, killed the cancer cells and filled in the “hole” with new cellular growth. In 3 months, 90% of this “hole” was filled in with normal, new tissues.

If we had used an oral, apoptosis based protocol, this would NEVER had happened.

Although excessive amounts of necrosis is bad, smaller, controlled “bursts” of necrosis can both kill any and all kinds of cancer and leukemia cells and activate the immune response against the tumor load.

Please recall the following studies which shows that specific mouse strains with activated NK (natural killer), macrophage and neutrophil innate immune cells, all of which possess Toll receptors, are completely resistant to all forms of cancer. This research is a profound observation that innate immunity, alone, can completely control the growth of even the most malignant of cancer cells.

Although this strain of mouse may possess a genetically activated form of innate immunity, normal cells can attain a similar innate immune activation in the presence of necrotic cellular debris.

I now believe that a single treatment protocol can both kill cancer and leukemia cells and activate an immune response against still intact malignant cells. The first step is to induce necrosis in the cancer mass. This can be accomplished by bloodroot, which I have, and methyl jasmonate, which I intend to acquire.

Stay tuned…

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

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7 Responses to “Methyl Jasmonate for Cancer Treatment”

  1. Paul Kobulnicky Says:

    I’ve ordered a month’s supply and am prepared to order another to help get over the $2,000.00 amount. I have advanced localized prostate cancer and would like to avoid hormone and radiation treatment. Methyl Jasmonate sounds very promising!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am not familiar with this therapy but thought this information should be more in the public eye. Please let us know how it goes for you.

  3. Dottie Says:

    I am looking for some feedback from people who have used the MJ treatment. I have the group site “Cesiumtherapy” on Yahoo and like to be able to keep all of our members informed on things that are beneficial.

    Thanking you in advance for any updates,

  4. Winston Shaer Says:

    I am a Plastic Surgeon with a wife and sister; both have Stage 4 NSCLC. Do you know if the methyl jasmonate can be used in a nebuliser as there is then the possibility of smaller particles and better distribution into the lung. If one reads the toxicity sheets that come with methyl jasmonate they warn against inhalation. Comment. How much would one put into say Normal saline 5ml. or 10ml. in a nebuliser?
    Thank you

  5. Dr. Jim Roberts Says:

    I know a child who died of cancer. Though there were many treatments given to her, she still died. I hope one day, people will find a cure and this will not happen again.

  6. Keith Says:

    Methyl Jasmonate cancer studies have been on the rise. I find it more promising then ever. “Methyl-Jasmonate.Com” seems to be offering MeJA made in the USA. Since the devastation in Japan, I am sorry to say I would not order anything manufactured in Japan in fear of radioactive isotopes. Seems everything from crops to cars are radioactive. GodBless Japan.

  7. CancerSurvior Says:

    I have found something that worked for me. Methyl Jasmonate! It has been around for sometime now, it seems FINALLY much more studies are being done. I took a chance and it WORKED!!! Two sites sell this product they seem to have almost the same domain names.. Check out this Website Methyl-Jasmonate.Com they are located in the USA and they have strict quality control. Forget the company in Australia they get Methy Jamonate from Japan. I would not buy anything from Japan from Crops to Cars seems to be contaminated. GOD BLESS JAPAN! GOD BLESS METHYL JASMONATE Check out Methyl-Jasmonate.Com