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Pin Point Radiation and Alternative Therapies for Metasic Adenocarcinoma of the head and neck

23rd December 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This is very graphic. Do not open if you are squeamish.

In a nutshell November 2004 I was diagnosed with metasic adenocarcinoma of the head and neck and told it was terminal and I had 3 months to get my affairs in order. My Oncologist said that they could try to operate but I would probably die on the operating table as it was around the Carotid Arteries being a group of Arteries that pass (unprotected) through the front of the Neck and enter the brain. Option 2 was chemotherapy, but was told that it might give me a bit more time (In which they may find a treatment for this type of cancer) but it would take my quality of life away. Obviously neither option appealed to me as I was extremely fit and healthy apart from this so called terminal cancer.

Thankfully I was already in the alternative health ministry, actually teaching others how to eliminate sickness including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure and all sorts of diseases, so thankfully this diagnosis did not scare me into panic as it would have normally had I not seen many people heal themselves from cancers by alternative means.

I was already on a health 85% raw vegan diet and decided to step up my vegetable juices and barleymax. The tumor started to shrink and then began to grow again. I had obviously been praying for wisdom and guidance and decided that something else was needed. I had been given a lot of suggestions from very well meaning people, most treatments of which were from MLM companies and very expensive. I was lead to cancerx or bloodroot paste and started to apply that. This I did for almost 12 months and it did remove a lot of the tumor but was unable to arrest it completely.

My next move was after trying many of the different juices, Noni, Mangostene, Frequency all of which are very good products if you are not on a healthy diet which I already was (having lots of live enzymes and essential amino acids from the raw foods and juices.

I was close to death and went to an alternative clinic in Melbourne Australia that gave me Vit C IV, IPT or Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Photo dynamic therapy, ozone saunas and ozone cupping over the tumor. From being wheeled out in a wheelchair the first day I rose 5 weeks latter, 20 pounds heavier and went Hangliding for the first time in 12 months or more. Quite a profound effect.

All of this kept me alive but did not arrest the cancer completely so it was suggested by others that I should go to the Philippines and have some Sutherlandia treatment. This I did on two trips to Manila but unfortunately it started to kill the cancer but not eradicate it altogether. In January 2007 which is close to where you saw the first picture the tumor was not only growing before our eyes but it began bleeding profusely. We were led by 4 independent well respected people to go to the USA and have Pinpoint Radiation or Thomotherapy(this was a major step for me being so opposed to chemo or radiation, but the fact that it was focused radiation on the tumor allowed me to say yes). The results were quite astounding, even the Oncology Doctor at the clinic was amazed at the progress we made. I honestly believe it was because of the healthy diet and strong immune system at the time that it was so good.

Came home and it continued to shrink away to how it is today. We had a PET scan and I had a defined spot on the left lung which I had surgically removed. Two months later had a chest xray which showed the left looked wonderful but 2 spots on the right lung. Since they could not offer me anything but chemo or radiation I decided to simply use a protocol called MMS ( and some Indian Herb, have sodium bicarbonate baths and take sodium bicarb orally. I believe I will be cancer free completely by Christmas 2007. My live blood analysis is showing to be greatly improved since going on the MMS and my energy levels are way up.

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