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MMS Testimonial No. 19 – Hepatitis C

5th January 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

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Jan. 4 2008

Well, I don’t have hepatitis C myself, but my brother does. The first week he got right up to the 15 drops. I bought the MMS for him. After the first couple of days, he brought the drops up to 15 and he has been at 15 twice a day ever since. The reason he got up to 15 so fast was because he had one week before seeing the doctor. I bought him the MMS and told him that the doctor had handed him a death sentence and he wasn’t doing a thing about it. He started then faithfully taking the drops. So, upon seeing the doctor only ONE week later, he had gained 10 pounds and his bilirubin was completely normal. So, trying to get more information out of my brother is very difficult, but he just yesterday saw his liver doctor and the doctor had originally wanted to put him on chemotherapy the first of December, but after seeing his results, he said, “Come back in three months.” So, I ask my brother if that means he no longer has hepatitis C, and he’s not sure. But, I am continuing to encourage him to keep taking the MMS and to have several days in which he takes larger doses, or even taking it three times a day instead of two, etc. I believe it is and will work on anyone who works at it. Each person will be different. With my brother, he also has celiac sprue, so he has a lot more to overcome. Within that one week of taking the MMS, he gained 10 pounds, as I mentioned, but that is amazing for someone who had tried and tried to gain weight. Without a shirt he looked like he lived in a concentration camp. So, the progress is substantial. Each one is a little different, but I have NO doubt that this is and will save his life.


Unknown Date
I have been made aware by doctors that I need a new liver due to having Hepatitis C 30 years ago. I have been through ten years of treatments with specialists. I have been taking MMS for a month now. Last week, I went to the clinic. They took their usual tests, but this time, the doctor told me that my liver is now in a stable condition and that he did not have to see me for a year.
Separate from that, my energy level is through the roof and I have noticed that the “spider nevai” or red spots that used to be sprinkled across my chest are gone. A seeming chronic skin infection on my leg which I have suffered with for 7 years is almost completely cleared up. I can’t believe it.
Richard Mariscott, Vancouver Island, BC

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10 Responses to “MMS Testimonial No. 19 – Hepatitis C”

  1. Dale Selgrath Says:


    Truely MMS is a Miracle breakthrough and has helped thousands so far. We get our MMS from 2004lettie on eBay (99%) rating because she has the best deals on Immune System supplements. Check it out! Also the new Breakthrough product Flaxseed Hull Lignans that helps with HIV, Cancer, Diabetes other immune system problems. The new Cancer/Immune disease protocol is out on Grouppe Kurosawa. See this is already an exciting year for alternative breakthroughs. Check these out! Thanks to Health Salon for your info! Blessings!

  2. PJ Says:

    Hello, i think i may have an STD and i want to know if MMS will help it. i went to a doc and they tested and it came back negative and i went to a urologist and got a scope surgery type thing, and there was no cancer and he said i was fine. But i still have burning and itching..i need help with this i am desperate. do u think MMS will help?

  3. Hepatitis Experts Says:

    Hello, MMS might be helpful with STD, but no doctor could tell if it’s worth doing for you personally before you go all needed procedures.

  4. jim Says:

    does anybody have any reports about their liver alt and ast #s and
    viral loads from doing the mms full rountine treatment please
    i want to try it but not before somebody can tell what their #s
    were before and after the treatment ,how sick you got and what
    geno type of hep c you have thank-you very much

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please note that the above testimonials are very positive regarding mms and hep c.
    I have read other testimonials that were not so hot so proceed with caution.
    Get your enzymes checked.
    I do know that in the treatment of HIV sometimes the lab work looks worse before it gets better
    especially regarding T cells. The T cell count can go down because damaged T cells are getting wiped out.
    Later the T cells go up as the viral load goes down. So I wonder if there is some similar action for a shifting blood
    work picture though the course of MMS treatment … I just don’t know.

  6. Robert in Ajijic Says:


    If your still out there. Be patient I have have hep C Genotype 2b and all my blood work including viral load. I will start the MMS & MMS2 protocol ( revised ) for HIV which is 2 drops hourly for 8 hours a day along with capsules of MMS2 for at least two weeks. My intention is to knock the virus out.

    Keep you posted

  7. rettamderson Says:

    Hey Jim,

    Please do keep us posted on how you do. If you are having a doctor follow your care I know that many people are interested in the changing lab values. If you can keep record and report during your treatment I know that many will be interested here. This site gets many hundreds of hits a day on people looking for MMS information and treatment outcomes.

    What also is important in a good testimonial is how you are doing both 3 months, 6 months and one year after treatment.


  8. Shade Says:

    I have hepatitis B
    I bought mms on 27 of december
    after 1 month of taking mms I get to the doctor and I made the viremy or whatever is called
    my viremy arrived 2 weeks ago
    and guess what
    before I took mms my viremy was 657 millions of viruses
    and now after taking mms for 1 month my viremy is 533 milions of viruses
    I think this is a true miracle
    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  9. Linda Kelly Says:

    hi – I have Hep C and after 2 weeks my ALT dropped by 40, my AST dropped by 10. I’ll have another test in a couple months. I’m up to 15 drops, twice a day (can’t remember to take more often), but I’m not sure how many days to stay at 15 drops. I will let the world know if it gets rid of it, but I am feeling infinetely better. It also seems to be helping with some nerve damage.

  10. kathy Says:

    Linda Kelly,
    How did you go with MMS treatment? I too have Hep C and have begun taking the drops. I have read that taking it more often is better for viruses so I’ve been taking it every hour. I started with one drop and worked my way up to 8 drops on the first day. I made the mistake of taking 8 drops the next morning on an empty stomach and then eating a banana an hour later. I ended up throwing up and damaging my stomach lining. i recovered after a day or so but have since read that it’s better to eat a couple of hours before taking it. After only one day of treatment i found my head cleared, almost all my aches and pains were gone and the fatigue i had constantly was gone! I went to my chiropractor who was amazed that my hips were aligned for the first time. My theory is that the one day of treatment got rid of toxins from my body. The chiropractor said that toxins can cause the problems i was having. I don’t think the Hep C is gone yet but I’m sure I’ve given my liver some reprieve by the removal of toxins the liver couldn’t handle. I’m now proceeding with caution. I’ve just taken my 3rd dose with no problems today