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UFO’s, Disclosure Project, Reverse Engineering for UFO’s, Stan Deyo, Anti-Gravity Scientists, How UFO’s will be Used to Control the People, UFO Technology, Magneto Hydrodynamic Plasma, Free Energy, Patterson Cell, Cold Fusion

4th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

“Basically they decided that mankind was not ready for it.”

Stan Deyo

Who is they and how dare they judge?

It has been no secret that many of the products we enjoy today have come from reverse engineering done with alien UFO’s as models for scientific unraveling. What they are not telling you is that most of the important technology is being held from us and being developed specifically for war technology, specifically anti-gravity technology that the alien spacecraft have used for inter-dimensional flight. The following film tells the beginning of the story and the interview that is most important is by Stan Deyo. He appears in the beginning of the film in the intro and he appears in the last 20 minutes, as a younger man who tells his story of work in scientific research on anti gravity projects, his work as an FBI informer and reveals his insider perspective on why we are in the energy predicament that we are in today.

Stan Deyo states that this technology, aside from the evil it can do through weapons development, can be used in medicine to potentially regrow limbs through developments in electro-field sciences as well in bioplasma research. He also states that these systems can transport power around the planet without wires. He also speaks of storing energy in the forum of motion, as in a small star or in a large atom – termed MHD Plasma – Magneto Hydrodynamic Plasma.


Don’t know if you guys have seen this old hoakie classic from 1977 that is hard to find, It has some reference to deep earth caverns and beings who live in them.It’s slow in the start but gets better after about 5 minutes. Actually there is quite a bit about people being in the caverns, mind control, etc. Mention of the Club of Rome and Illuminati also.
Did you know that US scientists have figured out anti-gravity machines?

“Free Energy and the Technology of the New Order”
“Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive “black project”, headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of “flying saucer technology”. Stan trained in computer programming at IBM. Stan’s main love is still advanced propulsion and “free” energy research which took him to Australia in ’71 to work on these systems. Currently Stan is working on a Tesla-based energy system, several propulsion projects and is a public lecturer on world events, including: The coming global economic collapse / Developing solar-related crises in the Earth’s climate / The “UFO Deception and its real intent / Suppression of badly needed technologies / The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion / High voltage physics of cheaper energy / The New World Order from the perspective of a former FBI ‘spy.”

Included in this discussion is the history of alternative energy breathroughs, Edward Teller’s covert technological development program, the mathematical equations used in the advanced physics as well as in-depth information and slides demonstrating ‘anti-gravity’, the effort used in the 50s to try to get scientists to think outside the box, as well as the multinationalist’s “N.W.O.” agenda utilizing “U.F.O.” technology and their reasons for doing so.”

Stan Deyo’s bio.

Free Energy another Inconvenient Truth

Tesla The Race to Zero Point (includes the Patterson Cell, Cold Fusion, Alchemy, Changing radioactive materials into non-radioactive materials)

Daniel Sheehan speaks at the UFO convention in 2001
I am having a difficult time with this guy. He sound great. a real Humanitarian, but as a Jesuit could it be that he is working to pave the way for the Club of Rome? I can’t seem to put all the pieces together. He has also worked or tutored under Henry Kissinger. Is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing? I welcome comments and insights on this character.

The Disclosure Project – a must see!

Anti-gravity/UFO Disclsoure David Sereda with Boyd Bushman
Area 51 secrets are being moved to Tooele, Utah, according to the scientist in this video.

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5 Responses to “UFO’s, Disclosure Project, Reverse Engineering for UFO’s, Stan Deyo, Anti-Gravity Scientists, How UFO’s will be Used to Control the People, UFO Technology, Magneto Hydrodynamic Plasma, Free Energy, Patterson Cell, Cold Fusion”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Anyone know how to contact Stan Deyo?

  2. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Contact Stan Deyo

    I’ve been following Deyo’s millennium-ark for years. He’s a professional doomsdayer. He makes a living by peddling survival books.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    From where I sit it is difficult to determine who is telling the truth. But after watching all the videos it seems clear that there is a significant effort to interfere with advancements in energy production and delivery.

    Tesla was a remarkable man and I was not aware that J P Morgan was the cause of his ruin. Seems this similar senario is repeated time and again, a senario that is not unfamiliar to those who have pioneered in alternative medicine such as Rife, John Holt of Australia, Dr. Koch, Jonathan Wright, the homeopathic profession as a whole, there really is a long list of those who have been intimidated by the law and laid to ruin if they were not strong enough. I have personally known several doctors who have been raided and their work confiscated with out search warrant, without trial. So why not in the field of energy also? If you watch all the videos you start to see an overwhelming opinion that efforts are made to hide, promote secrecy, destroy those who would speak, apply intimidation, to the point that people have to move out of the country or give up their work or hide their work for fear of the safety of themselves and their families.

    Adam Abraham has an interesting radio interview now concerning a man who has a developed a spark plug that will increase gas milage significantly and eliminate ALL auto pollution. He has yet to find any takers! Let’s see how far he gets.…ticles-2.shtml

  4. Crystal healing Says:

    I have also heard about things like aliens being responsible for creating odd shaped crystals to leave behind for humanity. Past civilizations had contact with outer space life forms, and used their tools. How true would that be?

  5. dimitar zdravkov Says:

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