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Universal Healthcare? Will Obama or Clinton Deliver what I want?

25th February 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

So the democratic candidates are for universal coverage. Thats great. Next time I break a leg or have an auto accident I may need it. I will be the first to want to go to the hospital.

Countless people need health insurance but what about those who do not believe that conventional medicine is safe and useful for many conditions?

Apparently many people think that conventional medicine is not for them. Just look at the billions spent on alternative therapies. Look at the growing number of Naturopathic Doctors, now licensed, starting to fill our cities.

I only have to point to the war on cancer’s dismal failure and the rise of the MRSA epidemic caused by dangerous antibiotics to state my case. The current medical system has been poisoning us for a long time. MRSA and similar resistant infections are the proof of the antibiotic pudding. And after a 30 year war on cancer we have barely made much improvement in cure rates for most types of cancers.

Will Obama’s plan allow for me to seek out and get healthcare that I support, find useful and true and ultimately safer and better for my health and that of my family? Or will I continue to be bound to the drug culture that the pharmacutical companies have created in cohorts with physicians that they have brainwashed, for my medical care. Will I be forced to pay double still, for conventional healthcare coverage that I don’t use and then cash out of pocket for what I need and want.

WILL I BE GIVEN CHOICE? Will I be given the freedom to choose the KIND of healthcare I want under this universal coverage?

Will I be able to choose an nautropathic physician, a licensed N.D. or a chiropractor for my health care? Or will I continue to be forced into the hands of those who believe that drugs and surgery are the only way.

Also, will I be given, under this coverage the ability to seek treatment outside of the United States? Many effective treatments are not allowed in the US due to pharmaceutical and AMA lobby. Will Obama silence this lobby so that reason can rule? Will I be able to seek out cancer treatment in a nation that has higher rates of cancer cure than the US? and at 90% percent of the time at a fraction of the cost?

I can think of no better way to force the AMA and the culture of medicine in our country into the cutting edge therapies available around the world than through equitable market forces. Let the consumer make the decision on the kind of medical care they want under a universal health care program buy being able to shop internationally.

This will promote cost reduction for the universal care and increase the quality and selection of care options not currently available in the US.

I do hope that Obama does not suck up to pharmaceutical, FDA and AMA power. I am hoping he will throw this lobby out of our once hallowed halls and make government again, sacred, truth filled, and reflective of individual freedom.

Rett Anderson

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2 Responses to “Universal Healthcare? Will Obama or Clinton Deliver what I want?”

  1. Sue in AZ Says:

    Ther Cartels are too powerful still. It will take millions of us before they take notice.

    I am on SSDI – I am forced to pay almost 10% of my SSDI income on Medicare. They do not and have not helped me.
    Emergency room, accidents, you bet they are great but for man-made incapacitating illnesses, no. That is run by the Big Pharma Cartels. Man made diseases such as Lyme were made to maim and not kill – you just wish you were.

    Alternative therapies do help me. But I can’t afford them. So I remain… ill.

    If I could take that $100 a month I pay for Medicare, I could get better treatments for my conditions, or at minimum, be able to afford to eat every week of the month instead of just three weeks of every month.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:


    It does seem that the masses will get no hope from Obama.
    We elected him to do a job but his wishy washy ways and insistentece on by-partaisan support has annhilated any hope for health care for the masses, never mind assistence for those who might wish to choose alternative health options.

    This will force us to continue to be resourseful and to keep up talking to each other and to help one another when we can.