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MMS Hepatitis C

20th March 2008 by seaturtle Posted in Uncategorized

I have Hepatitis C, Type 1b. My transaminases are elevated (double the normal ranges) and have extremely high virus load (Over 14 million IU/ml). Faced with the possibility of spending my next year on peg-interferon/rivabirin I decided to try MMS. I started taking the drops 3 days ago. If there is interest, I would be willing to post the results and perhaps provide more details.

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69 Responses to “MMS Hepatitis C”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Seaturtle,

    Please do post your results on this page you created.

  2. PSPam Says:

    Hi Seaturtle. I would like to hear your results too but I would also like to know what stage you are in now and how you feel. I am not interested in your alt, ast or viral load as those will fluctuate all the time with or without MMS but please do share how you FEEL as that would be most important to know that if you are now chronically fatigued and then suddenly you can get out of bed again I would find that very intriguing. Good luck! Remember though that nothing will kill the virus except interferon and ribavirin but if the MMS makes you feel better, doesn’t damage the liver and might slow the progression than I would be all for it! BTW I know people with viral loads at over 100 million. The number isn’t really important as it isn’t indicative of damage being done to the liver. It only becomes important before, during and after treatment to find out if you clear. Why have you decided not to try treatment?


  3. seaturtle Says:

    I thought that MMS can kill the HepC virus. For me, that is the whole point of taking it. I have seen several testimonies (albeit I find many of them suspect) that state having been cured of HepC. Jim Humble also claims the same.

    Regarding how I feel, before taking the MMS I felt fine. Had no symptoms whatsoever. Only found that I have the virus because my liver enzymes were elevated. Since taking MMS, I have had bad diarrhea and now I have a dull pain in my liver.

    I know that the viral load does not necessarily corresponds to liver damage and I also know that it fluctuates naturally. My doctor discussed this with me. However I would expect to have a significantly lower viral load after 3 weeks of MMS, at least 2 logs. If I don’t, then I can’t see the use of this therapy for HepC in my case. My doctor informed me that if I start the peg-interferon therapy, I would have a viral load test after 1 month and then 2 months later. If I did not have a viral load reduction by at least 2 logs after 3 months, he would recommend suspending the therapy because I would be unlikely to respond to the treatment.

    About your last point, I decided to try MMS because of the claims that it clears the virus in a very short time. If I can achieve a 2 log reduction or more I will be extraordinarily happy, will continue taking MMS in spite of its side effects and will not undergo the peg-interferon/rivabirin therapy.


  4. PSPam Says:

    *I thought that MMS can kill the HepC virus. For me, that is the whole point of taking it.*

    If MMS could really kill the Hep C virus we would ALL be taking it!

    Please do keep posting about it though SeaTurtle and thanks. I will be SHOCKED if you have a 2 log drop as nothing kills the Hep C virus except interferon and ribavirin but IF you do I would most definitely want to know as would the thousands of others who have Hep C and either treatment has failed them or they can’t take it. Your doc is quite right that he can tell at 4 weeks if you are going to be a responder or not and at 12 weeks it has to be at least a 2 log drop or you would either stop or consider changing to the *other* interferon or even daily Infergen.

    Again GOOD LUCK!


  5. seaturtle Says:

    Hello Pam, I hope you will be shocked soon :) . I expect my results some time this week. If the MMS has not done the job it is supposed to do, I guess I will start on the peg-interferon treatment. If that fails, I would consider another interferon depending how bad my side-effects could be. If these are bad…. then no idea. So far I have no symptoms and only mild fibrosis. Perhaps I could be one of the lucky ones where the disease does nor progress to cirrhosis or liver cancer.

  6. Seaturtle Says:

    A big disappointment. My doctor has just called with the results of my viral load test. It went down from 7.16 logs in January to 6.67 logs last week. This decrease is well within the normal range of load fluctuation.

  7. kim Says:

    Dear Seaturtle,
    Please dont stop taking the MMS no matter what anyone says and dont give up hope, keep it up, K:)

  8. viewfromhere Says:

    Hi Seaturtle and all.
    I have Hep C also (type 1A). I started the MMS about 3 weeks ago but haven’t reached the 15 drops twice a day yet… I had to back down to 12 drops due to nausea. I do know that the viral load fluctuates, however, it is used as the indicator to show if treatment is working or not. I have had the virus for about 26 years… I found out about 4 years ago after being so sick that I could hardly move. The past 4 years have been quite a struggle and I have been pretty fatigued. I have tried lots of herbs and supplements but nothing really worked. A little over a year ago I started the raw food diet and that really changed my life and I’ve started to feel somewhat “normal” again. I did want to say that I was able to get my viral load down from 32.5 mil to just over 1 mil with diet. A blood technician thought that that was amazing and that I should tell the Dr.s… but of course the dr.s weren’t interested or didn’t believe it.

    I am hoping that the MMS will help to eliminate the virus altogether.

    I hope to hear more from your experience Seaturtle.

    Peace, VFH

  9. Kathy Says:

    I have successfully destroyed the herpes viruses with MMS. I know this to be true. In the first two months of taking MMS, everytime I overdid it I would get first diarrhea, second a Herpes outbreak. I put activated MMS on every outbreak and the sores healed up in 2 days instead of taking 10 days. I envisioned the MMS I put on those sores following the path the virus took to the outbreak site, backwards back to headquarters, and wiping out the nest. After two months, when I would overdo the MMS, no Herpes. It’s been 4 months now, and no Herpes. The really big test was on the 13th of April, I burned my lip with a hot pan, trying to drink tea out of it while camping. Within two days, my lip went from sore to red to the skin blistering and then the skin dying where it got burnt the worst, and then a raw spot, and this in the past would have always caused a herpes outbreak, but it didn’t this time. So it took less than 2 months to kill Herpes.

    I also have Hep C and realize how difficult it will be to destroy it with MMS. Think about it. The MMS works in the bood stream. The virus replicates in liver cells, not in the blood stream. So while the ones in the blood stream may be destroyed, and my viral load went down 33% in just 5 weeks of taking MMS, that doesn’t count the ones in the liver cells, only the ones floating freely that happen to be in that tiny percentage of blood that is taken for testing.

    Plus there is the size of the virus, it is one of the tiniest viruses known. The small pox virus is huge compared to it. Stephen Buhner compares the two. In his book, Herbs for Hepatitis C and the Liver, he writes that if a person was to take 3,000,000 small pox viruses and lay them out one layer deep, they would about be the size of a period. Like that one. Of course it would depend on the font, say, 10 point. And the size of your screen, but you get the idea, small.

    Now imagine that the small pox virus is the size of a brick, the regular ones they build houses with. Put a blue berry on top of it and that blueberry is the size of a cold virus. The HCV virus is 1/3 of that size, the size of a wild bluberry. 30-35 nanometers, (one thousandth of a millionth of a meter).

    Meanwhile, the big pharma is alive and well in America and regulating any cure that won’t make them money, that will cut into that $1000 a week treatment plan for this epidemic. In China and in other countries they have been curing Hep C for decades with herbs, diet and other natural therapies. But you won’t find them here in mainstream medicine. Our pharma companies are a huge lobby, too, and are behind bills to prevent the sale of herbs and alternative medicine. And they know they can make a lot of money by being downstream from disease. Doctors prescribe a drug, then the person will need another drug for the side effects, then another for those side effects, etc.

    My sister’s doctor told her what drugs are. Chemical copies of the therapeutic substances in herbs. Chemical, so they can be patented. Synthetic, and they all cause side effects that most herbs don’t cause. Why? Ask God. I think herbs have protectants in them that prevent the side effects. A drug is like refined sugar or flour. Both are hard on the body, as the balancing qualities have been removed. Flour without the bran is constipating, and sugar without the nutrients, the minerals that make it naturally brown, is way too hard on the liver and the pancreas. Drugs are worse, actually.

    So I’m not spending my money (no insurance) on a treatment that causes more side effects and long term problems than the virus itself does. And lucky for me, I guess, when I found out I had it, I already had many of the side effects of treatment, such as low platelets, lethargy, and others. I’ve talked to people who finished treatment, who had to stop treatment, who wonder when the side effects will end, who had to quit treatment and now have long term side effects and want to sue Roche. Friends have lost their teeth, their hair went white or fell out or both, their livers were destroyed by the drugs, or their kidneys, or they have died, or or or. I’m not doing chemotherapy!

    I’m going to keep taking what I’m taking and that is my choice. And to those who choose to do Chemo, I send my best and support their choice. And to those who don’t, I also send my best and support their choice. We all know that for type 1, which is 70% of infected folks, Chemo only works half the time, and the chances of the virus coming back in 6 months is a whopping 70%, which means that only 30% of 50% will have an SVR. So when someone says that “nothing will kill the virus except Peg and Rib” well, we all know that isn’t true. Some people’s own immune systems have killed it without any help. And only 15% of those with type 1 have been cured. 50% x 30% = 15%. The other 85% are still sick or dead.

    “We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.” Anais Nin

    I am continuing to seek alternative therapies to Peg and Rib. I am not going to poison my body with those toxic chemicals. Right now, I’m taking Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultimate Probiotic Formula. It restores the damage done to the intestines by Hep C. Already I can see the positive results. All organs and systems rely on the health of the digestive tract. Proper digestion is essential for the body to absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs. In addition, 75% of the cells necessary for the immune system to function effectively are connected to the gastrointestinal tract.

    Check it out at iHerb, great prices! If you haven’t shopped there before they are a really good company. Use this code to get $5 off your first order. KAT800

  10. Nasser Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I admire your determination. Thats the way to go. You should educate yourself and find solutions which have minimum side effects to your body. Have you looked on Virgin Coconut oil and its health benefits? There is a lot of studies showing that it is anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial. As a side benefit will boost your metabolism and help you burn excess fat.
    Best luck to all of you.

  11. Chris M Says:


    I also have hep-c as well as CMV, EBV, HHV-1&2, zoster and HHV-6. Also have a low level mycoplasm. I am now on my 2nd day of 15 drops taken 3 times a day.

    I’ve been taking it slow – starting 2 weeks ago with 1/2 a drop. I’d just had a minor shingles outbreak at the base of my spine (where all herpes viruses lay dormant) and the night following my first dose, I soaked my bedsheets. I had a backache for a few days but I continued to gradually increase the dose. I haven’t had any noticeable problems – no nausea or vomiting. (yet…)

    I also chose not to undertake the current hep-c treatment. I’m genotype 1b and had very little damage on my 2003 biopsy – I’ve probably had the virus for 35 years. I take a huge amount of supplements, primarily milk thistle, ALA, NAC and a host of others.

    I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for the last 5 months and it was a great help! No more IBD or stomach bloating and my fibromyalgia/chemical sensitivy is much reduced. I also eat lots of veggies and fruits, though I’ve eliminated any vitamin c while I’m taking mms at 3 times a day.

    My liver function tests are pretty good but my ALT/AST are slightly elevated. My viral load is fairly low. (at last test anyway..) However, my herpes viruses are going wild – despite Valtrex, Lysine, and Olive leaf extract.

    So, my great new doctor suggested MMS and here I am. I had my mercury amalgams removed earlier this year and have been on chlorella and chelaco for chelation – my doc thinks that it will be easier on my liver to do it the oral chelation way.

    I told her that I’d be a willing guinea pig for mms, lol, so I will update here again on my progress.

    Good luck to all,

    Nola Chris

  12. Sydney Says:

    Hi. My name is Sydney and last August I found out that I had acute hepatitis C. I treated immediately and I’m happy to say that I was cured. I’m fortunate because acutes don’t have to treat quite as long, although I did treat for almost seven months when apparently I only needed to treat for three months as an acute. MMS will not cure your hepatitis c and I hate that there are snake oil salesmen who make money off of people who are sick and delay them from getting the treatment that can actually cure them. Believe it or not, the pharmaceutical companies frequently provide free treatment meds to people who can’t afford the medication to treat their hepatitis c. I was shocked about that too but it’s true. There is an entire community of people with hepatitis c at You just have to go to the hepatitis c forum when you get there. I have to say that we aren’t very nice to people who come there and try to sell bogus cures like mms, but we support anyone with hepatitis c, or anyone who has a relative with hepatitis c, and I would never have made it through treatment without the wisdom and support of the members there. I found that many of my doctors knew a lot less than the members at medhelp. I was really surprised at the ignorance of many in the medical community. They don’t keep up with the latest research and studies much of the time. I wish everyone well and good luck with your medical issues.

  13. Sydney Says:

    and Kathy, its not true that type 1′s only have a 30% lasting success rate. The SVR rate without relapse for first time treaters is 45 to 50 percent.

    And frequently people who don’t make it the first time treat again with more medication or for a longer time and find that their second treatment is effective. 99% of the people who remain free of hep for a year after their treatment ends remain cured of the disease.

    Also, the studies involving the protease inhibitors (used with interferon) are looking good. A man on our forum who had treated unsuccessfully seven times before on other treatment protocols was in that study and was finally successful with the teleprevir (sp?)

    The virus also affects the whole body, not just the liver. There is particular danger to the kidneys, and this has been little focused on in the medical community, but the studies are there, all you have to do is google it. So those who say the treatment is worse than the disease may be kidding themselves. Interferon is not good for you, and it has every likelihood of causing you to have some type of issue later with ra or some other auto immune issue. On the other hand, we watched a young man of nineteen die a couple of weeks ago because they couldn’t find him a liver on time, so for me, dealing with arthritis is a small price to pay to save my liver.

    I would encourage anyone with hep c to see a hepetologist at a teaching hospital as most physicians, even gastroenterologists, know very little about the disease. Shockingly little in some cases.

  14. Deva Rupa Says:

    No one is making a fortune out of MMS – you can make it yourself. You are assuming it is a bogus cure – you do not know that

  15. Ariel Says:

    I would NOT take Sydneys advice.

    If some benefit from interferon recombinant treatment good for them. Many have severe side effects that destroy thier quality of life, stating the cure was worse than the disease.

    I was on the recombinant treatment for 4 months and felt it damages part of your brain and nervous system. You just dont seem to feel the same as you did before you took it.

    I have not tried MMS, however, I am going to give it a go. I was giving myself ozone injections which was working well until my veins collapsed. Interestingly enough, what worked the BEST was when a whole church came and prayed for me…all my liver enzymes dropped the most…

    I am taking ‘threelac’ to get rid of candida first, with Pau d’arco and coconut oil. I am also taking maple syrup and pure (aluminium free) bicarb of soda, (follow protocol recipe) which kills cancer cells, …. first….Threelac targets only candida like ‘pac-men’ according to reports….

    …then, I am going to take MMS to see how things go…all in stages…Threelac is giving ‘die-off’ symptoms…

    the bob beck protocol is also an interesting method which has worked for hep C apparantly quite well…

    take care, and may God guide you

  16. sandy Says:

    Well, I have hcv 1a and am taking MMS. I am up to 15 drops 2 times per day & have just read that I should go up to 15 drops THREE times per day.

    The blood tests are a fortune so I am waiting a bit. I still get more tired than normal folks.

    Any suggestions or ideas are very much appreciated. Thank you.

    P. S. I also do well eating more ‘raw foods’.

  17. Gloria Says:

    Hi there,

    I have hep C since 1995, I’ve been treated with interferon about ten years ago. It didn’t help. My genotype is 1a. I don’t like my doctor’s approach.He almost killed me doing the biopsy.I know it was an accident, but I completely lost trust in him. So I stay away as much as possible, only go to hospital for blood tests.
    I’ve been doing alternative treatment for years. Homeopathy, milk thistle, healthy food, spirituality….and now, MMS. I was sceptical when I first heard about it but after reading a whole lot about it and testimonies from people, I started to trust it and wanted to do the treatment.
    I’ve been on MMS for almost a month now, got to 15 drops, but I could not do it for more than a few days, I was too sick. No vomiting, no diarhea, just sick somehow, headaches, lower energy, some outbursts on skin, some liver pain here and there for a moment. I changed my protocol to less drops more times a day, I get about 30 drops a day into my body at the moment. I finally got nauseous, but I’m not sure if it’s the mms treatment or I just cought a cold. My lip herpes also bursted out.
    Well, I’m not feeling any better, I can tell you that, but I believe in MMS and will continue to take it and go get my blood&liver tests soon.
    Thank you for all your posts. It’s great to keep each other informed like that.
    all best, G.

  18. Austrian Says:

    hello folks! i also have hep. c/genotype 1b, and i think about to try MMS, so i am very interested if MMS can heal my body from the hep. virus. thank you for your postings! kind regards from europe

  19. Matt Says:

    There has been a different protocol advised for taking MMS for Hep C.
    It involves taking smaller doses more frequently. Am not sure of the exact protocol but it is displayed on official MMs websites and in one of their recent newsletters.

  20. longlife Says:


    Can you post links to the Hep C protocol you have found on the MMS sites. I haven’t seen this. I would appreciate it. I am up to about 12 drops twice a day.

    If ANYONE would be brave and kind enough to post Hep C lab results with name/ss# and private info blacked out that would be absolutely great. Some of us could really use solid data rather than posts that are really ads for health food stores etc.

    I have a friend who strongly advocates Dr. Hitt’s Ozone therapy for Hep C in Tijuana. Has anyone tried that or had any experience with that?

    Thank you for your postst!!!

    best, longlife in the Bay Area

  21. Jose Garcia Says:

    I just want to say a few words regarding what I have read in some of these messages above.
    First of all the statement that ” nothing can kill the virus except Interferon and Ribavirin” is not correct. Neither one kills the virus.
    One, Ribavirin, interferes with its replication and the other, Interferon, just mediates immune system changing it to a more efficient mode. What realy kills the virus, folks, is our immune system that have evolved over millions of years doing this job not only with Hep C but to any other type of invader.Failing to recognize that point is just blunt ignorance.
    By the same token it is not antibiotics that kills germs. They merely interfere with germs reproduction, respiration, you name it but its ultimately our immune system that destroys the germs.
    I have bad news for those who have used interferon and are declaring themselves as “cured”. You still will have to wait for a few years before you can really say that.
    Also the numbers game is played by the pharma companies in thier favour and being a retired scientist I know how to make a clinical study looks beter than it really is by simply declaring non responders as non complaiants and removing them from the study but the real truth is that we all know that 1a and 1b are the most hard genotypes to treat. I know Medical Professors that have had dozens of patients and had never beeen able to cure any 1a and 1b. This is real life . This is not the numbers game played by those interested in selling drugs protected by the law.
    We really don’t know how MMS works. See, Jim Humble, has very little knowledge and he only guesses what is happening based on his experiences in Africa. Whoever reads his book will see that the man doesn’t not have the ability to carry on a task so complicated as to find out how the compound works inside the human body. There are only guesses and sometimes not even educated guesses.
    We don’t know how it works inside the human body. Period.
    As far as long term issues are concerned this compound has been registered from treating food and for treating water and therefore I assume that all toxicological work has already being done prior to its aproval as a desinfectant for food stuff and also for water treatment, right ?

  22. tom Says:

    @Jose: ok, but what’s the point?

  23. Flick Says:

    I have hep c and some kind of chronic flu for 7 months. I took MMS a few months ago and after a few days, it felt like the flu was rapidly leaving and I was getting my energy back. but I had to stop because I got bad diarrhea and cramping and then it turned to alternating constipation like IBS for a couple of weeks. so the flu came right back and is now chronic. I did get up to 15 drops twice a day in less than a week. perhaps I will start back at 1 drop twice a day and work my way up.

    to say that hep c is only killed by interferon and ribavarin certainly shows a sort of brainwashing by the media and pharm industry., And the side effects are real and tremendous,. I know many who did the treatments and got very sick and only one cleared the virus supposedly and came down with liver cancer two years later. My old GI doc was against it unless you were pretty far advanced . he was a mainstream doc and still said it is too toxic for the body. I wonder if MMS is toxic too since it is mostly chlorine and tastes like bleach. Still it did seem to be rapidly eliminating my flu. I think I will go at it again more judiciously and have patience. what is some diarrhea and IBS compared to a year of side effects from the chemo? no comparison. especially since the chemo side effects often precipitate horrible diseases and permanet nervous system damage. Flick

  24. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS and hep c get a variety of results. Be sure to get your liver enzymes and all tested. Some people with hep c have not done well on MMS.

  25. Leslie Says:

    I’m beginning MMS for Hep C and for the lovely side affect of Hep C, oral lichen planus (psoriasis of the mouth). If this works, I will know right away because the lichen planus will diminish or disappear. I am at the stage in lichen planus where I have blisters throughout my mouth and on my lips and must eat soft foods and drink out of a straw. So trust me, I will let you guys know how this goes!

  26. don Says:

    all these people who have tried mms on hep c, what is the results? i have not seen any clear answers.

  27. Roberto Says:

    About hepatitis C !!!!! Information read states that an actual *cure* really is possible. Info relating to that (but different) was read in the super paperback “The Alpha Lipioc Acid Breakthrough” by Bert Berkson, MD, Ph.D. Some of the info in that book was amazing! Later it was read that this same Dr. Berkson (who may still be practicing in Las Cruces, NM) had found a way to actually *cure* hepatitis C! He used (approx.) 600 mg per day of ALA (lipoic acid) and 900 mg per day of Milk Thistle along with an unspecified amount of “branched chain” amino acids (whatever that is). Those supplements were to be taken in about three separate divided doses. One would also take 400 mcg (micrograms) daily of selenium. Also the patient is not allowed to consume more that four (4) ounces of meat per day. At a symposium near his part of the U.S. a big meeting was held of people interested in curing hepatitis, including some physicians. I’d once got a paper off the internet that was put there by a former patient who had been treated in Germany and was cured of hepatitis by using this Dr. Berkson’s terrific method. By this time that paper has been lost and I CAN’T find ANY mention of it oneline – could not find it a year ago. Methinks that it’s possible the U.S. medical establishment AIN’T interested in having this important therapy of Dr. Berkson’s be generally known. In fact, in Dr. Berson’s book he states he was rather strongly disliked because “he was not a team player”. Berkson has a Ph.D. in a branch of biology, I feel sure. Maybe in fungi. In fact, it was read that Berkon’s SO brainy that he was a visiting professor at Max Plank Institute in Heidleberg, Germany in 1978. It that “good enough” do you suppose?

  28. elayne Says:

    I am considering MMS…have had Hep C for 35 years…just got brave and did the Fibersure test and thankfully negative…also fine liver results…5 Million VL….I do mostly raw foods and am a little afraid to do MMS since I’m doing really well…but would love to clear the virus…any suggestions?

  29. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  30. dreaminglygrounded Says:

    Dear Mr. Nash,
    I am really, really sorry to hear of your wife passing away, it must have been a huge shock. It’s just incredible that your wife had these symptons after only two drops of MMS. As you know thousands and thousands of people have taken MMS, myself included. Maybe people need to listen to their own bodies and intuition (not others with good ideas or their doctors) regarding what to ingest or what treatments to take. A little still quiet time and asking God, Angels, Universe, Source, whatever name you call it for direction….if you are patient you will get guided….

  31. Nick Says:

    Im very sorry to hear that D. Nash. Maybe you could produce an article or mortuary about your wife. I’ve never heard of anyone going into a coma because of the MMS induced nausea and vomiting, and I’d like to know more. As you may understand, there are many people trying to muddy the waters surrounding MMS. Heck there are many people trying to muddy the waters about medicine and health in general. Yes, I am in way insinuating that you may have fabricated your story, but please understand my skepticism.

  32. John Says:

    Think of trying the Bob Beck Protocol.

    The Blood Purfier kills all pathogens in the blood and the Magnetic Pulser Kills the pathogens in your lymph nodes, teeth and tissues where blood doesn’t flow very much.
    I have Hep C and Herpes. After a month on the Beck Protocol I had a very massive outbreak of Herpes. I haven’t had any outbreaks or indications for over 3 months now. I even eat foods high in L-Arginine which helps cause Herpes outbreaks. I plan to stay on the protocol for 6 months, take a break then use it again for 2 to 6 months.
    Reason for this is I don’t believe in any 2 or 3 week cure because it took a month using the protocol to get the herpes to come out. I hope it was Herpes last ditch effort to fight back and was eradicated.
    As far as Hep C goes I don’t have a clue as I will wait for 1 year before I test my viral load again. Before starting the Beck Protocol my viral load was 1,000,000. I was on the Lloyd Wright herbal plan for 4 years. All my blood work is absolutely normal and had no symptoms but I still had the virus. So I switched to the Beck Protocol.
    I started the MMS protocol 1 week ago and will build up until I’m at 15 drops 2 or 3 times a day and hold it there for a month. I use the Beck Protocol in the morning and then in the afternoon and evening I use MMS.
    May seem like overkill but frankly I’m tired of Hep C and really, really tired of Herpes messing up my life.

    Last week I started using MMS and slo

  33. Tom Says:

    I am trying to get funding for Transfer Factor as a Russian study showed it eliminated Hep C better than Interferon and Ribaviron.

    I have that study stored somewhere if people want it.

    I am finding 4 mins of Bioptron Light colour therapy brilliant for brain fog too.

  34. Tom Says:

    I also use a thick pulpy Aloe Vera that also gives me great psychological well being really quickly, especially when I haven’t had it for a while, so hoping to do 2 bottles of that a week plus Transfer Factor plus blood electrification.

    Oh and the overnite liver flush is awesome.

    For more detail, I have just created a group specifically for viable Hep C remedies based on the end-user eg your and my experiences of alternatives.

    I also like the idea of a Skype support group where we can actually talk to each other.

  35. Fred Says:

    I’ve been reading MMS on many different forums on the web and Mr Nash’s comment have showed up.

    I believe Mr Nash is nothing more than just an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work.

    I personally know that MMS works very well IF it is use properly.

  36. steve Says:

    I’m not taking mms, but am using milkthistle,r-alpha lipoic acid, TMG, NAC, several other herbs, pink grapefruit bioflavinoids, and anything else that looks like it will aid my immune system and limit fibrosis. My intent is to try and limit liver damage as much as possible until peginterferon and ribavirin are no longer relevant, and that time may not be that far away. It seems that the pharmeceutical companies are desperate to keep their ******* poison in the treatment regimen at all costs. They are even fighting experimentation with Protease/Polymerase inhibitors without Peginterferon/ribivirin, because…and get this…it isn’t “ethical to withhold SOC”, the only “proven” way to kill the virus. As a result, this SOC-free experimental treatment can only be conducted outside the USA!! SOC…”proven” cure??? Are they kidding? The REAL cure rate for Genotype 1′s who want to treat is more like 25% if the patients aren’t cherry-picked, and if the patients who quit early in the treatment because of horrible side effects ARE COUNTED in the final results. I’m sick of all the afficiando’s claiming 50% or more svr’s for gen 1′s, when major clinics in the real world are only showing 35-40% at best. Research it if you don’t believe me! That kind of real-world cure rate combined with nearly unbearable side effects “most” of which disappear upon completion of treatment. MOST??? That means that an undetermined number of them will stay with you. By the way, how do you like the last sentence of the Ribavirin warning. “Ribavirin is a powerful mutagen, and should be considered a potential carcinogen”. Nice huh. How many years down the road before we find out the truth on just this issue. Chances of actually progressing to HCC for untreated chronic Hcv is actually quite low. Check for yourself. Other side effects that never go away, and produce a low quality of life for some ammount to an overall poor gamble in my opinion. Especially for folks with minimal symptoms from their hcv infection. For your information, I have had gen 1-b for nearly 40 yrs., and as of the last BX a grade 3, stage 2 to 3…”Early bridging fibrosis” infection. I am waiting and hoping.

  37. Robert in Ajijic Says:

    Thanks all for the information. I have Hep C genotype 2b at least since the test became available 1989. I live in Ajijic, Mexico a place where alternative treatment is available. A day after I arrived I walked past a Doctors Office and noticed he did Ozone therapy. As an aside my girlfriend is from Germany where Ozone is an accepted treatment protocol with many studies available. So I started treatment. For two months. When I started my Viral Load was 2,500,000. As I am now trying IV Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Basically the same idea that the virus can not survive in an oxygen rich environment. But before I wanted to get a baseline on my viral load. It dropped to 700,000. I have been taking Milk Thistle, Alpha Lapoic Acid and Selenium for years as I have seen incredible reports..I am starting MMS and MMS2 tomorrow. The first line of treatment in Japan is H09 It is still available in the States. But not here due to customs issues…It is also under Clinical Trial at Sloan Kettering in New York. BTW I would not believe a thing published by Big Pharma in the states. I will continue to post my results. And yes I believe the immune system with a bit of common sense will clear my virus.
    Blessings and Good Health

  38. Aloha Says:

    Ozone therapy, available in Hilo Hawaii, California and only a few other states is well worth researching further. It has drastically improved my friends hep c condition.
    Home units for rectal treatments using ozone are relatively inexpensive, about a grand.
    The medical grade units are preferred…


  39. anne Says:

    Wow – stumbled on this page while looking up MMS for a friend ….. and feel moved to relate my experience re: hep C .
    My husband is one of the ” success ” stories big pharma refers to , and I wait with baited breathe for sign of cancer or relapse – it has been 8 years now. We researched milk thistle and alternative therapies , the Dr. told us it could affect the effectiveness of the Rebetron(ribavirin/interferon ). My husband based his decision on 3 factors : advancing age (52) , good liver condition , healthy lifestyle ; we were told we needed to make a quick decision . We went to an ” informative ” workshop that was so incredibly depressing we never went back ; most health professionals were hesitant to get too involved , thus the feeling of isolation and the term “heper leper” . His first biopsy was a miserable failure ( technician failed to locate his liver … ), a second biopsy was performed and he started treatment . A full year of HELL ensued . Due to our remote location , with no medical training , I gave my husband injections of Rebetron 3x / week for a year . He was a real trooper despite the nausea and near suicidal depression ; towards the end he was like a pincushion . We did this alone , only the involvement of the Dr. , periodic blood samples , etc. My husband turned into an unrecognisable monster ; anyone who has gone through this treatment with a loved one knows exactly what I’m talking about . Divorce is the biggest casualty of Rebetron treatment . We made our way through it but we have since met others who have done the treatment ( unsuccessfully ) and divorced . We also have a friend who was treated (successfully)and then had to battle cancer . My advice to any couple involved with this chemical combo is : expect the worst qualities to appear and know that it is the toxins taking over . Websites like this would have been a blessing . Hep C treatment should NOT be endured alone , reach out and stay strong.

  40. Lynne Says:

    The liver is the organ that stores our passions and emotions. After interferon treatment, I have not felt like the same person. That was nine yrs ago. My husband left me as he was afraid he would contract hep c. After an eleven month regimen of interferon, the virus showed up again after 3 monthes. Where did this virus come from? A labratory?
    Is this one of the ‘slow-kill’ techniques in global population reduction? I contracted mine in the hospital during
    an outpatient procedure. Does this virus have an alien origin? One thing to remember, is that the creators of this
    virus, will not create w.o. an antidote, in case they themselves need the cure. God bless us all.

  41. child63 Says:

    MMS seems to create a liitle of side effect but it is bearable, with some herbs like blueberry leaf, grapefruit peel, I felt ok.
    keep going. blessing to all.

  42. Me714 Says:

    still looking for someone – anyone to say that they have taken the MMS and cured Hep C or at least helped with it. i also have no symptoms and take milk thistle, NAC, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, on a regular basis for liver support. i get a small pinchy feeling sometimes in that area.. but not sure what that is. i also feel like the medicine the doctor’s want to give is poison and i’m goin with my gut instinct. hope and pray everyday for a cure and have a lot of fear about mortality. have almost normal liver levels and did the fibrosure test which came out as a 1 on a scale of 0-4. so if anyone has anymore info to share on results from MMS or anything else, besides the interferon/etc. way would love to hear! i’ll be checking back on this site for sure.. i just went for bloodwork today with a doctor that believes in natural medicine and even has a chelation room for IV vitamins, etc.. he is checking viral load and titer levels, and we will talk. curious to see what he recommends, but i did see his vitamin regimin which included what i take, plus some other vits. including C and E. I live my life. try to eat healthy but still enjoy greasy food, a good steak, alcohol – in moderation.. will check in next week after my f/u visit re bloodwork.

  43. marilyn Says:

    Would like updated or recent blogs statements regarding what actually cures hep C. I tried mms 1 for 4 months now, and so far my alt & ast are still elevated. I am going to try the Japanese HO9 as well as the mms1. Any replys will be appreciated.

  44. abinco Says:

    Go here for info on natural remedies ……….cure for Hepatitis C

  45. Don Says:

    Robert in Ajijic:
    I also live in Ajijic. I have just read One-Minute-Cure by Madison Cavanaugh. I would like to try the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Do you know where I can buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that is what is really supposed to be?

  46. Linda Kelly Says:

    I have HEP C I am trying MMS, on 15 drops 2x a day. my ALT did drop by 40 pts, but still high. I too would like to know if MMS actually did eliminate the Hep C virus in others. I’d hate to promote if it does not work as indicated, but I shall persevere for now. I did the Interferon ribavarin program, but it did not lower my blood count by the required 3 zeros, so after 13 weeks of severe illness from this drug, it did nothing but make my hair fall out, and I cannot read a book cover to cover any more. I read Jim Humble’s book, and i believe he has the best of intents. If anyone knows different let me know.

  47. SeekingAnswers Says:

    Hi all,
    Just to make a few comments…

    Point 1. I tested positive for the “antibodies” of HCV a few years ago. I’ve probably had it for 30+ years. Total shock… I did not take the Viral Load test due to 1) expense 2) not approved, as is really a level of viral fragments — meaning, if you’re on a protocol which creates cellular fragments, the test will be a false high level….

    But since 85% of those with antibody positive have viral load positive, I probably have it. Plus I get the low-grade fever with high protein and/or vitamins. Otherwise I’m pretty much okay, with liver levels “slightly” elevated for 30+ years, but not tested for some time now. (Side note: My 4 brothers and sisters died prematurely with cancer, so now at 54, I’m not going to so much worry about “what” I’ll die from…. gives me a live-for-the-day attitude.)

    Point 2. The westeran allopathic protocol for HCV is actually an HBV protocol. When I did extensive research several years ago, there was no HCV protocol. Since they had to do something, they adopted the plan to use HBV, which is not the same virus. Hence (in my mind) the low 25% success rate at the 5-year post review…. Another reason why I don’t plan that route along with all the negative side effects.

    Point 3. About MMS 1&2, basically, we swim in pools with this. It kills the bad stuff in the old-stale water. Our skin is the largest organ which absorbs all. I’ve just run across this, but it all makes sense to my math/science slanted mind. I.e., yes, it will kill pathogens in our bodies, and yes, it’s proven our bodies can be exposes to this.

    From Jim Humble’s MMS material, MMS is only activated for approx. one hour in the body; therefore, one must take MMS around the clock. A MMS protocol suggested for virus’ in general is one drop every three hours during waking hours (18drops/day). (This seems like a level to work up to; use side-effects as guide to back off as suggested by Jim Humble)… Another one shown effective is 8 drops/day diluted in 32oz of water, creating 4oz dosage per hour (equals 8 doses per day); once tolerance achieve (i.e., no side effects) next day double the dose. This is conducted for a month or so until success is achieved.

    Any of us successfully using herbs to kill off the flu knows we must take in mega doses and AROUND the clock; (for flu I use combo herbs 3x normal dose every 2 hours AROUND THE CLOCK). Most non-oil based supplements pass thru the body within 1 to 2 hours. A virus continues to live and replicate even while we sleep… think about it.

    My point here is KNOW THE PROTOCOL FOR THE REMEDY YOU’VE CHOOSEN. It sounds like some here on this blog have not even read Jim Humble’s website…. There’s another MMS protocol (for a different remedy) which is a tub bath with the solution; which might be easier to tolerate and build up to the oral dosage. The concept is the skin is the largest organ of absorption. But again there is a protocol and procedure for this. PLEASE do your research.

    Point 4. I believe there are several alternative medicine protcols that can be combined to achieve the desired and or better effect for HCV erratication. I believe MMS shows promise. Stay tuned on this as I’ve just found out about and ordered some MMS. “I” will be the guinea pig on my theory here. (As a side note, I’ve cured some female issues herbally that my doctor was dumb founded with, and I do have before/after medical testing to prove). My issue here is no medical insurance, not under doctor care, and can’t afford the Viral before/after testing — so not sure how to track.

    In closing, hope this helps others who read this treat of all the different responses.

  48. SeekingAnswers Says:

    Of course, I forgot another point.

    Point 2 part 2. HCV is actually a BLOOD virus which attacks the liver. They are now “finding” that there are other ramifications to other parts of the body. Therefore, it’s not solely a Liver Disease — that’s just where it happens to evidence first.

    … Again, my points are in summary from some of the false / uninformed comments that I’ve read here.

    Hope this helps.

  49. vicky Says:

    yo llevo desde el día 2 de noviembre con este tratamiento de mms. Tengo HVC. Tome la primera vez una gota, tres veces al día, la fui subiendo paulatinamente, y todavía no he pasado de 7. Cuando me acerco a 7 gotas tengo malestar en el estómago. Un dolor sordo en la boca del estómago que me asusta un poco. No he llegado a tener diarrea. pero sí he tenido nauseas ligeras.
    Me gustaria saber si alguien puede indicarme cuanto tiempo es el tratamiento de esta enfermedad. Yo había leído que al mes hay que descansar, pero por otra parte también he leído que pueden ser necesarios varios meses para sanar.
    ¿alguien tiene una información más concreta?
    Muchas gracias. Os deseo lo mejor.

  50. frenchpinguin Says:

    Hello, I’m living in France and I’m health-therapist in Germany. I have HbC type 1a since 1978. I discovered the disease by giving my blood 20 years ago. the ast, alt and ggt were at that time still ok, but I must say that I ate from 1987 only raw food, absolutely nothing cooked and nothing mixed with oil or vinegar or salt or whatever. I practiced this during 17 years and during all this period I was NEVER ill. I also did’nt drink any other beverage than water or herbal tee. No alcohol.
    From 2003 I began to eat cooked food (family with children…you know: “why doesn’t eat Dady like we?”) and also drink some alcohol.
    From 2005 – 2006 I began to drink more alcool (psychic problems…) and in April 2010 I had gamma gt like 1066, ast 118 and alt 148…!
    I stopped immediately to drink any alcohol. I took mms1 during 3 month, (up to 15 drops 2 times a day)then stopped. I also tried to take MMS i.v. For me this product is absolutely not risky. You just have to use it correctly to avoid little problems. I also use it with my children when they are cold or whatever.
    I’m fastening since 3 weeks and I did blood test last week. Ast and Alt climbed up to the double but gamma gt are a little bit lower. The virus level is also higher but the post from SeekingAnswers (thanks a lot!!!) about that give me a very good explanation.
    I will try from next week to take MMS 1 AND MMS2 as for the cancer protocol and I will probably also begin Oxyven-therapy or Ozon-therapy.
    I will let you know the results from time to time.
    This is the advantage here in Europe: the analysis don’t cost us anything!
    Thank you very much for all your posts.
    A bientot

  51. jillene Says:

    Hi All

    There is a book called Hepatitus Free or something like that, its a whole regimen of stuff which should put this virus far down—

  52. Tractorist Says:

    Hep C
    A succes formula
    - 1 liter Colloidal siver
    - 120 MMS2
    _ 8 oz DMSO

    Worked !!!!!
    takes 10 weeks . Don’t tave any test immediatelly. After one month is ok. You have bad readings.
    MMS Inhalation ( be careful !has to be in a rigt way ), oral, Bathtubs from 40 to 100 drops, transdermal with DMSO.
    YESSSSSSS ! Worked !
    ( I didn’t have HCV; somebody else had).;-)

  53. matthew Says:

    ok, i’ve had about enough of this. i bought MMS. i bought the books. i took the MMS, as a relatively healthy person, and it made me gradually sick and irregular. if you can’t use basic logic to figure this out, then use the science, or the lack of science… this stuff probably DOES cure most pathogenic illnesses, BUT, and that’s a BIG but, it has not been studied long-term. it very well may cure your hep-c or herpes, but at what cost? we all know anti-oxidants keep the immune system strong. have any of you considered that this may have degenerative and long-term negative health effects?

    it may not be ‘clorox bleach’ but it should be considered a ‘bleach’. you shouldn’t be consuming it in your drinking water, your food, or as medicine.

    oxidation has been proven to eliminate the AIDS virus and many other serious illnesses, but jim humble is NOT a scientist, and every accredited source of raw study and information that i’ve found has shown MMS to be harmful, as well as beneficial.

    this stuff has become a religion, of sorts. all negative side-effects have been, and still are, by the incessant users and promoters of the ‘mineral solution’, attributable to mere ‘detoxification’. there have been NO follow-ups with any of those ‘cured’ of malaria and AIDS in africa, or here in the states.

    of course, you already knew that… or did you? jesus christ people, it’s time to start examining what you’re putting in your body BEFORE you decide to put it in your body.

    again, it probably DOES cure AIDS and cancer because of its’ oxidative properties, but the long-term health effects have not only been ignored. i’ve noticed on several forums that negative comments about the stuff are deleted and never see the light of day.

    the best thing you can do for yourself is get educated. find out what makes an immune system function properly (ANTI-oxidants, healthy diet, supplements, ect…) and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. there are MANY products out there that have many many years of study to back them up (DMSO, co-q-10, magnesium, ect). jim humble is NOT a doctor, and he is NOT a scientist.

    and by the way, the reason people keep posting that they’re going to use MMS to treat their hep-C and never return with results is obvious. they are either ashamed of the results they got or they are dead/dying from what i would consider a lack of true skepticism and education.

    it’s time to grow up, people, and whatever you do, DON’T GIVE THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN.

  54. ImReady Says:

    I have found people claiming great results with MMS. I’ve been studying the web for many months searching for help with my Hep C.
    I am probably like a lot of the people that use MMS, and other means of health improvement, by the fact that I have no health insurance, no way to get any.
    So, sir, put yourself in our shoes, what would you do? I just pray for guidance from above, and study everything I can find about the disease, and try to make decisions as to what to do to try to get some more healthy years out of my short life. I am a regular person with grandchildren, a big family, and I don’t want to give this up any earlier than I have to. So, my only option is the web, studying, trying to figure out what to believe in. Now, if you have ever been into natural health studying, you’ll find LOTS of things that are surely just a scam, trying to make a lot of money.
    After I started studying Jim Humble, I found that he seems to spend most of his time in the Dominion Republic, helping people with the MMS. It is surely more accepted there than in this part of the world. Now, if he wasn’t helping people, don’t you think they would run him out? Sure they would. Nobody would allow him to practice if he wasn’t helping people.
    As for your statement that Jim Humble isn’t a ….I think you said Doctor, scientist, maybe….well, I’m sure that there are people in his organization that are qualified to do the proper testing, he doesn’t need to be one himself. But, the main thing that makes me trust this whole thing is the fact that he teaches you to make your own MMS, teaches you how to use it, FREE OF CHARGE……Sure, you have to buy some chemicals, but, he doesn’t profit from any of those sales.
    I, too, am like you, hard to convince, and maybe I’m not 100% convinced, but, like I said, “no insurance, no choice”
    So, before you come on here trying to make the good people on this forum look like we are stupid for considering MMS, you need to consider your words. You have helped in no way, by your post. We are just trying to survive, and we have as much right to do what we choose as you have the right to do what you choose.
    I hope and pray you don’t have to suffer the affliction of any of these diseases, as we are.

  55. tractor Says:

    well, well ,well !
    Chemotherapy suppose to be scientific and It’s not ! Matthew !

    If you don’t like it , don’s use it ! Jim gives you a tool and u can use it or not !
    His job isn’t to indoctrinate anybody. FDA is doing that . bringing “science”. Where the science in cancer, Bozo ? There is any person who benefits from chemo ? And Killed over on Billion ! and counting !

    For Fep B or C , disregard medical tests. medicals are for oranges !
    All tests shows worse and that ‘s ok !
    You get more bad stuff into your blood.
    Tests are for medical doctors and they don’t know to kill viruses. Bozo !
    Later you get good results in medical tests , also .
    Patience !
    MMS is safe and great results . Not good for any smart @$$.
    I’m sure. more aducated than you can think , bozo ! Tell you mom and that to go for an education, maybe your brother get some sense.
    Don’t like it ? Don’t use it ! Don’t be smart with me !
    Capisci ?

  56. matthew Says:

    it’s not a matter of the right to put this stuff in your body. i would never take that right away from anyone, but i would highly encourage that everyone in this forum do a bit more research before using, and promoting MMS.

    believe it or not, i’m actually trying to help with information, and i’ve just told all of you that this stuff can be harmful, based on evidence.

    rather that inquiring, and trying to get to the bottom of the issue, you’ve decided to get defensive. you should be asking me what information i’m basing my rash comments on, but instead again blindly defending it.

    there is no miracle cure for anything. the only true miracle is life, itself.

    a few short weeks ago, i was on the ‘boat’ with MMS. negative side-effects led me to do more research, rather than attribute them to ‘detoxification’.

    i have no doubt that jim humble is a good man, and has done some amazing things with MMS, but there have been no long-term studies AT ALL, and for all we know most of the people in africa that were ‘cured’ have already gotten sick again. these are the kinds of questions you should be asking, instead of trying to demean me with baseless logic

    and i mean what i said, DONT EXPERIMENT ON YOUR CHILDREN WITH THIS STUFF. until there HAS been some hardcore testing, you are merely experimenting on yourself. don’t risk your children’s lives in the process. if they have some terminal disease, the case may be different.

    oh, and if any of you have some long-term(longer than 10 years or so) or follow-up information on patients that were treated, legitimate information, NOT contained in jim humbles’ books, i am desperately searching for it so i can excuse myself into using MMS again.

  57. kinder Says:

    I was diagnosed with HepC 4 years ago. I started using MMS around 2009. I took it for 3 months and eventually getting up to 15 drops 3x a day. I went through the diarrhea and vomiting. after an intense bout with MMS I had my liver tested at Kaiser Permanente, my hospital in CA. Things had not changed and I was sure I must have done something after going through all that drinking MMS. Yuck. It does work for small things like insect bites , rashes , colds but I have been reading these posts a long time and have yet to see anyone return with proof of being healed from HepC,cancer or any major issue. I’m sticking to juicing herbs and exercise and I feel great. My tests seem stable so I’m in no hurry to try Chemo. I’ve heard horrible things and I really don’t trust modern drug companies or doctors pushing drugs for payback.
    I really would like to hear from someone who tried an MMS treatment and went back to get their liver tests done to find they are cured. Also I believe you have to stop taking any other drug while on MMS so if your on an HIV drug which I am. I am weary of quiting Atripla to try MMS again.Its all a bit scary an a bit of a crap shoot. positive attitudes and chin up.
    peace. Oh yeah did Niomi Judd or Pamela Anderson ever cure themselves of HepC yet?

  58. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Seems results for Hep c and MMS are not too good. I thank everyone who has posted their story here to move forward our search for the truth.

    I know someone who tried MMS for his hep c and it did not get better although he had some improvement, no cure over time

    He went on to use ozone therapy. He ozonated normal saline and infused it at home with the help of a friend. Over time his hep c has appeared to cure. His case was pretty serious and he is doing well as of last report.

    If you are going to look onto ozone and try it make sure you educate yourself fully on its intravenous application.

  59. ImReady Says:

    Yeh, I tried the MMS for about 7 months, it did me no good. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever taken. It really takes dedication to drink this crap two or three times a day!! I quit it after tests showed no difference. I tried BHT for 3 or 4 months, it did no good either. Nothing has helped my Hep C virus. I am currently seeing a specialist in this field, and he is helping me. I had some pretty serious “trembling” and “Shaking” and he has that under pretty good control.
    Best Wished to Everyone!!!

  60. matt Says:

    try milk thistle extract for starters. look up paul pantone and how he beat hep c. stop taking mms immediately. it is not proven safe or effective. noone that promotes it is willing to take it to “stay healthy”. humble even looks nervous demonstrating his “daily dose”. mms doesnt work for most. milk thistle alone shows more promise for liver related issues.

  61. ImReady Says:

    I searched Paul Pantone, and only got the man that invented the GEET water/gas for motors to run on. Nothing about Hep C.

  62. matt Says:

    the oil companies had him locked up and tortured. he caught hep c there. look thru him talking about being locked up at the nuthouse in utah. milk thistle has been shown to heal the liver.

  63. ImReady Says:

    Thanks for the info Matt. I need to get back on some milk thistle, it will help the liver. But, is will not cure Hepatitis C. If a person has first had contact with the hep c virus, their immune system will kill it off sometimes. So, I’ve read. But, someone like me will not be cured with milk thistle. I got my hep c when I received blood in 1990. Been WAY too long for a simple cure for me!!

  64. ImReady Says:

    OH, the point I was making about the immune system curing hep c, was that someone that had just been exposed to the virus, and knew it, and immediately began taking milk thistle, might assume that it was that that cured them, when it was actually their own healthy immune system.

  65. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Although some people have reported a cure of Hep c with MMS it has proven not to cure everyone, by any means.

    The best choice for this disease that I have found is intravenous ozone gas. There is a big learning curve to doing it at home but I have known of people who have done it and with success. There are also ozone practitioners who are scattered around the nation. Find links to them on my home page here in the right hand column. Its the route that I most likely would choose to go.

  66. ImReady Says:

    Yes, I investigated this option too. It’s a little expensive, and involved too. I really didn’t find any good instructions as how to do it.

  67. Arrow Durfee Says:

    You would need a medical grade ozone machine. You can purchase one on this site.
    Tell Paul at this site what you are wanting to do and he may be able to help you futher. There is a testimonial on by a member named Hobo who did the process and he offered many details. This page should take you to his posts:
    Steril normal saline is available on the net if you look around as well as needles and syringes.
    Another source is Peter Jovan at Ozone University. He can also advise you so search for that.
    It is somewhat expensive. Jovans ozonator is very expensive but I think the Longevity machine is does the job and it is what my local doctor uses for injection work. But please consider what this disease costs you in quality of life as well as longevity.
    The main concern in using ozone IV are three fold…
    Make sure you use the correct strength of ozone to imprenate the saline if you use the saline method.
    Make sure you never allow the ozone to fall out of the syringe by holding it upside down. Ozone is heavier than air and it will fall out of the syringe if you hold it upside down. Cap the syringe immediatley to your port or just cap it till ready.
    Make sure, if doing direct injections (without saline) that you inject it slowly into the vein. Over several minutes for a 10 or 20 cc syringe so the blood can absorb it and no large bubbles are put into the vein. Small bubbles will be readily absorbed by the red blood cells that love to pick up oxygen.

  68. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here is the exact thread where Hobo discusses his use of Ozone applications via Normal Saline
    Unfortuantaly it seems the Hobo can not be contacted through this forum anymore as there is no way to send him a private message or email.

  69. ImReady Says:

    Thanks, Yes, I remember HOBO. He was the first one that was very informative for me, when I first started searching for a cure for Hepc. I remember him saying he was going to be unavailable for a long time, maybe permanently. On his suggestion, I went through the BHT, it didn’t work, MMS, it didn’t work, finally got to shaking so bad I had to go to a doctor. He put me on LACUTOSE, a sweet liquid taken twice daily. It has about stopped the shaking. BUT, I’m sure it isn’t curing the problem; the real cause of the shaking. BUT, I haven’t discussed that with him yet. I have another appointment in just a few days. He wants to do a live biopsy. He said next year they were releasing a pill that would cure the virus. An easy cure. But, who knows. He said I couldn’t find anything about it yet, because they weren’t ready to release information about it. He also said the reason for the biopsy is to see if I can last long enough for the new drug. I told him, I didn’t want to make him mad, but, I fully intended to wait. I’ve no insurance, I’m even borrowing, simply money to see this doctor, and pay for tests. SO, the interferon is out of the question. I’m kinda between a rock and a hard place, and don’t know for sure which way to turn.