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The Govenor

1st March 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Governor Cal Rampton

Nurses often note trends in the patient population that they care for. In August and September of 2007 our staff had noted an extradonary residence population. We had some very gifted folks in our hospice. Artist of both fame and or skill in painting, sculpture and dance. We had amongst us also a gifted photographer and a beloved governor of Utah. All on the same unit. It was a significantly special time to work in hospice for me . Although all patients are special in their way and in their own personal story, most days did not encompass the care of such notable people.

Calvin Rampton was such a notable person, not just because he had been governor of Utah for 3 terms and was beloved by the people but because even till his dying breath he maintained dignity and a great deal of respect for the people who surround him. Specifically, I am referring to his caregivers. He never waivered regardless of the challenges his physical care provided. He was always thankful and kind. He received many people into his room with attention and graciousness. He also showed great stamina in emotion, balance and integrity. He never quivered or feared nor did he seem to have regrets, at least from my point of view. He seemed to be fully integrated with his own humanity, as surely an enlightened and powerful soul would be and he seemed to take great pleasure and curosity in the people and events that surrounded him. I am glad he got to spend his final days in comfort, fulfilling his seemingly unending desire for simple pleasures, especially root beer floats.

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