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1st March 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I will call her Mary for lack of recall of her true name as it has been over two years now since I cared for her. Mary was dying of cancer. I don’t remember what kind or where for these are not the things I tend to recall when I witness a remarkable person. These details pale when witnessing a soul in progress.

Mary was at least in her 80’s and she was still quite beautiful, although the disease had wasted her body down and there wasn’t much left. In these last days there was not much pain and really little we could do for her except to keep the ice cold water coming her way and repositioning every two hours.

Mary had a devoted family and by this time most of them were long weary of her death walk. There had been treatments and failures, decisions and letting go. Now Mary was fully ready to die but the long awaited event just refused to happen and if you met her grandsons you would know why.

She had the absolutely most gorgeous grandsons, blonde and blue eyed, Just handsome, in their early 20’s. Everyday they would come to be with her and each would take a hand sitting to her right and left side. With them at her side her days were filled with comfort and joy and there seemed to be little reason to leave this earthy endeavor. Mostly, when you went into see her she would be smiling or dosing on one or the other’s shoulder. When Mary grew too weak to sit up they increased their visit time. At night the reclining Geri chairs would be taken into the room and one grandson on each side would sleep holding her hands. It was almost like you could see the channel of life energy charging through, a human circuit made from human batteries plugged in on each side of her!

This ritual seemed to go on forever as Mary lingered week after week. She had not eaten anything for a very long time. Just ice water.

One day one of the grandsons came to me and asked why she was taking so long to pass. He thought that surely with the cancer and the lack of food she would have been gone long ago. How long could one endure under such conditions?

“I can clearly see that you love her and that she loves the both of you very much. You give her great joy and a reason to live. Every day you are here and you hold her hands. It’s just my opinion. I don’t really know anything. But I think that you may be holding her to the earth plane.” He did not respond. He became deeply pensive, thanked me for my opinion and returned to her room.

Neither of the grandsons spent that night with Mary and they decreased their visit time in the day. Her room seemed so empty without them. Mary’s spirit, I could see, folded further inward. She seemed to grow so much smaller in her bed, as if she weren’t small enough already, she seemed to almost vanish under the bedcovers. She could still smile a little and pat your hand. You could see that she was OK. In just a short time she was gone.

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