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Adam Abraham on MMS – No Miracle – Just wonderful Chemistry

3rd March 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Keep MMS Out Of The Reach Of Children

MMS De-Mystified

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been learning about, and experiencing something wonderful; that has implications for every one of us. It is a procedure that involves precipitating a chemical solvent, chlorine dioxide, in quantities small enough to be safely ingested, and large enough to kill pathogens that are presently living in our body, robbing it of energy, and poisoning it with waste material, and making it more vulnerable to disease. If this is not your situation, it is certainly the situation of someone you know and love.
The product is called, “MMS,” which stands for miracle mineral supplement. Caution flags rise immediately when the term “miracle” is used to describe anything that amazes us, or when we don’t understand how it does what it does. In this case, it is indeed amazing. However, an explanation of why MMS is so effective as a pathogen destroyer is possible. It’s not the MMS that destroys pathogens; the chlorine dioxide does that. But when you understand the chemistry, you’ll see that it’s not a miracle… it just seems like one.

Humble Origins

The MMS protocol was developed by Jim Humble, a gold miner and metallurgist, on an expedition into the jungles of Central America, looking for gold. It was a response to a need to help a member of his expedition who came down with malaria, more than two days away, through heavy jungle, from the next mine. After many years of experience, Humble always carried stabilized oxygen with him on such expeditions, to make local water potable. Facing the possibility of a quick loss of life, he gave it to the stricken man. To everyone’s amazement, he was well within a few hours. That sure seemed like a miracle, but Humble wanted to better understand what had just happened.
Over the course of several years, Jim Humble figured out that what made stabilized oxygen so effective in some malaria cases, was not the oxygen at all, but the trace amounts of chlorine dioxide. Further research led him to come up with a way to produce hundreds, if not thousands more units of chlorine dioxide than what is found in stabilized oxygen. This is through using a higher concentrate of sodium chlorite (28% vs. 3% for stabilized oxygen), in conjunction with the activator. The proof of the efficacy of this simple protocol was in successfully helping over 75,000 people in several African nations – including Uganda and Malawi – rid themselves, primarily of malaria, but also hepatitis, cancer, and AIDS.

Jim Humble chronicled his experiences in two downloadable ebooks that are available at his web site: The book is titled, Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Part one, which is a free download, tells how it began. Part two, which costs $9.95, continues the story, discusses the chemistry involved, and gives clear instructions on how to prepare MMS yourself. (A hard copy edition is also available.) This is important, because once you understand the chemistry, and the absolute absence of downside effects, outside of feeling nauseous and “expelling” when toxins and pathogens are dislodged, it becomes an option that anyone who may be on toxin overload must try out for one’s self.

Anyone can be on toxin overload. Some are but won’t admit it. Others would prefer to think they’re not. If your health is not perfect… you’re habitually low on energy, have trouble keeping your weight down, or blood pressure in the normal range, or constantly dealing with inflammation or pain, then there’s likely a toxin, heavy metal, virus, bacteria, or parasite issue in play. Traditional medicine will typically respond by loading you up with additional pollutants, many of which indiscriminately kill healthy tissue while going after “the bad guys.” Not so with chlorine dioxide. It only acts on harmful presences. Miracle or not, the effects are wonderful. I’d vote for Wonderful Mineral Supplement in a heartbeat!
Over the next few pages, I’m going to describe the MMS protocol. When followed, it will produce and distribute chlorine dioxide to your red blood cells, which is the most effective and intelligent pathogen killer known to Nature.

But first, a little background on the chemistry.

Chlorine dioxide and chlorine are not the same. Chlorine is a chemical element. In ion form, chlorine is part of common salt and other compounds, and necessary to most forms of life, including human. A powerful oxidizing agent, it is the most abundant dissolved ion in ocean water, and readily combines with nearly every other element, including sodium to form salt crystals, and magnesium, as magnesium chloride.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that consists of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen.
Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens are electron donors.
Chlorine dioxide is extremely volatile. You might call it “hot tempered,” but in a very beneficial way. This volatility is a key factor in chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness as a pathogen destroyer.

The compound is literally explosive; so explosive, it’s not safe to transport in any quantity. Therefore, it is common practice to generate chlorine dioxide “on site” at the point of use. Most chlorine dioxide production is done on a scale that would prove deadly for individuals, for example, in municipal water treatment systems, where it is beginning to replace chlorine because it produces no carcinogenic byproducts. Chlorine dioxide is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in safely removing pathogens and contaminates like anthrax. So you know it must be effective. However, the concentrations used in such applications can vary from 500 to over 6,000 parts per million (ppm), which would clearly be deadly to an individual. Using the MMS protocol you will produce chlorine dioxide in the range of 1 ppm.

You will use the MMS solution, which is safe to transport, to make nature’s harmless pathogen remover.
The MMS solution is 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. You can produce chlorine dioxide with a single drop, when an “activator” of vinegar, lemon juice, or a 10% solution of citric acid is added. The latter two activators are recommended for people with Lyme disease.
“Applications” of chlorine dioxide range from 1 drop to a maximum of 15, except in life critical situations, where the maximum may be doubled. A “maintenance application” is six drops, with ¼ teaspoon of activator added. After adding the activator, the chemical reaction that turns sodium chlorite into chlorine dioxide takes only about three minutes.
The activating ingredient in vinegar that makes the change possible is acetic acid. It also sets the stage for what happens when the chlorine dioxide ions enter the bloodstream. This weak acid acts like a blasting cap by lowering the pH of the chlorine dioxide, without setting it off.
The natural pH of sodium chlorite is 13. Adding vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid) creates about 3 mg of unstable but still harmless chlorine dioxide.

The Process

Let’s talk a bit more about how and why chlorine dioxide works for giving the immune system a new lease on life.
Volatility is what makes chlorine dioxide so effective when it contacts pathogens. As we’ve mentioned, chlorine dioxide is a safe and effective disinfectant in many municipal water delivery systems, hospitals, and even in bioterrorism response. It stands to reason that chlorine dioxide would be just as effective working in the waters of the human body.
Chlorine dioxide’s extreme volatility prevents pathogens from developing a resistance. Mainly because when they “clash,” the pathogens no longer exist. Yet, healthy cells and beneficial bacteria are unaffected.
While normal levels of oxygen in the blood cannot destroy all of the pathogens present under disease conditions, delivery of chlorine dioxide changes everything.

“Halt! Surrender Your Electrons, Now!”

When a chlorine dioxide ion contacts a harmful pathogen, it instantly rips up to five electrons from the pathogen, in what can be likened to a microscopic explosion… harmless to us, but terminal for pathogens.
The pathogen – an electron donor – is rendered harmless due to the involuntary surrendering of its electrons to the chlorine dioxide – an electron acceptor – and the resulting release of energy. Oxidized by the chlorine ion, the former pathogen becomes a harmless salt.
This process benefits a body that has become toxic.
Throughout the body, anywhere chlorine dioxide ions – transported via red blood cells – come in contact with pathogens, the pathogens give up their electrons and cease to exist. The chlorine dioxide armed cells only “detonate” on contact with pathogens, which include harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, heavy metals, and parasites. All of these will have pH values that are out of the body’s range of good health. They will also have a positive ionic charge. The chlorine dioxide equipped cells do not oxidize beneficial bacteria, or healthy cells, as their pH levels are 7 or above, and hold a negative ion charge.
Chlorine dioxide ions will oxidize – meaning vaporize – diseased cells… anything that is acidic, with a positive ion charge.
If the chlorine dioxide ions encounter no pathogens or other poisons, it deteriorates into table salt and in some instances, hypochlorous acid, which the body can also use.

A Pathogen Terminator

Research has proven chlorine dioxide to be much safer than chlorine, as it is selective for pathogens when used in water. Furthermore, it does not create harmful compounds from other constituents in the water as chlorine does.
Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that chlorine – part of the halogen family of elements – creates as least three carcinogenic compounds when it enters the body, principally trihalomethanes (THMs). There has been no such evidence of harmful compounds being produced from chlorine dioxide.
This is why, in 1999, the American Society of Analytical Chemists proclaimed chlorine dioxide to be the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. It has even been used to clean up after anthrax attacks.
A Journey into Chemical Alchemy
Once it is introduced into the bloodstream, chlorine dioxide performs a highly energetic acceptance of four electrons when it comes across any cell that is below a pH value of 7. This means that diseased cells are essentially vaporized (i.e., “oxidized”) while healthy cells are unaffected.

Here is how it happens.

Red blood cells that are normal carriers of oxygen throughout the body do not differentiate between chlorine dioxide and oxygen. Therefore, after ingesting the MMS/chlorine dioxide-rich solution, red blood cells pick up chlorine dioxide ions that are deposited on the stomach wall where it normally gathers nutrients of various kinds before journeying through the body.

Then, when the red blood cells armed with chlorine dioxide encounter parasites, fungi, or diseased cells that all have low pH and a positive ionic charge, the “aliens” are destroyed along with the chlorine dioxide ion. If no such encounters occur, the chlorine dioxide will be carried to a point in the body where oxygen normally oxidizes poisons and other harmful agents.

If the chlorine dioxide doesn’t hit anything that can set it off, it will deteriorate, and thus lose an electron or two. This may allow it to combine with a very important substance that the immune system uses to make hypochlorous acid. This compound kills pathogens, killer cells, and even cancerous cells. Hypochlorous acid is so important, its diminished presence in the body is described medically by the term myeloperoxidase deficiency.
Many people are afflicted by this condition. The immune system needs a great deal more hypochlorous acid when disease is present. Facilitated by the MMS solution, chlorine dioxide delivers it in spades, as does magnesium chloride, but that’s another part of the health discussion.
The most salient point to know, is that chlorine dioxide has 100 times more energy to do what oxygen normally does, and yet, will not harm healthy cells.
By the way, if you are totally healthy, and have nothing in your body that is at an acidic level below 7, there are no ill-effects from taking chlorine dioxide. However, your stores of hypochlorous acid will be increased.
MMS works best to destroy pathogens that may be present in the body, when 2 or 3 mg of free chlorine dioxide are in the solution at the time it is swallowed. However, the body is supplied with chlorine dioxide in a “timed release” manner lasting about 12 hours. Be aware, that before you feel better, it is likely you will feel ill.

“Why Must I Feel Sick?”

The nauseating feeling that you may experience would be the result of chlorine dioxide encountering, dislodging – hence the “sick” feeling – and then destroying pathogens encountered.
We are generally oblivious of the pathogens that are introduced to our body, especially after they have been stored in the tissue of various organs. Since they build up over time, they generally affect our health slowly, and cumulatively.
However, chlorine dioxide takes them out suddenly, which may result in a dramatic reaction. However, it passes in much less time than it took for the toxins and pathogens to accumulate.
When the chlorine dioxide “goes off,” the electron stripped pathogens cease to exist.
As an example, one will almost always feel ill in hepatitis cases because the liver is induced to expel stored poisons, which are then destroyed by an army of red blood cells containing chlorine dioxide. It’s really no contest. But it doesn’t have to be something as acute as hepatitis.

Years of “leeching” of from dental amalgams can “innocently” deposit enough mercury to one’s system to steal innocence, rob vitality, and erase precious memories. Dislodging and vaporizing it will feel uncomfortable for a very short time compared to the time it took to accumulate.
If you feel sick when you take this protocol, know that your health and vitality awaits to rejoin you on “the other side” of the ill feeling.

If it has no “close encounters” with pathogens, chlorine dioxide deteriorates into constituents that are totally non-toxic. Nothing poisonous is left behind to build up, as is the case with many medical protocols. Medical treatments currently provide you NO way of removing the poisons when said poisons don’t work. You are left on your own in a strange land and diseased state, without a roadmap back to health.
Nature’s chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, lasts long enough to do its job, then that which does not furnish the immune system with needed ions becomes nothing more than micro amounts of salt and water.
The chlorine dioxide has just a few minutes to do its thing, and then it no longer exists, leaving nothing behind that can build up, or do additional harm.

The Procedure

So the procedure is simple. All you need is your bottle of MMS, a clean, empty, dry glass, an eyedropper, and the activator (vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid). The following procedure is taken directly from Jim Humble’s site (

What is the Normal MMS Protocol

Note: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.) Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

-1. All protocol for taking MMS in the Americas starts with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop. Activate the drops as given above.

-1. If you do OK and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous.Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

-1. Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.
Note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won’t have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won’t feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS.
The ‘Healtholution’ Will Not Be Televised!

Start modestly with as little as 1 drop of MMS on your first day, and then increase the number on each following day, up to the maximum of 15. ONLY THE MOST ACUTE TOXIC OVERLOAD SITUATIONS WILL WARRANT THIS AMOUNT OF APPLICATION. Your body WILL tell you when you’ve reached the optimum dosage for you.

Clearing will not be comfortable, but it need not be intolerable. You may feel like you’ve been through a battle, and in a sense, you have. It’s a battle for domain over your health, and hence, your life. Before you can be healthy again, you need to destroy toxins, pathogens, and parasites. In order to do so, they have to be uprooted and released from their “strongholds” in your body tissue. You will feel the effects, but is a good thing. You will also feel health, again.
The sick feeling will be TEMPORARY, a small price to pay for the longer term possibility of lasting restored health, no matter what stage of life you happen to be currently experiencing.

When the clearing is done, you won’t need to take the maximum dosages. You can go on a maintenance application (six (6) drops of MMS) to keep your insides pathogen free and immune system strong.

A few more words about fruit juices. They can be substituted for water as long as they are freshly made. Do not buy them off the shelf and use them, and DO NOT use orange juice. Orange juice prevents the production of chlorine dioxide, as well as anything that has vitamin C added as a preservative.

I hope you have found this information helpful. The product known as MMS is not really chlorine dioxide, it’s not even a miracle. However, it is a safe and effective way to create one, by introducing a sure fire way to bolster the immune system and eliminate a full range of harmful pathogens, by delivering Nature’s pathogen destroyer, chlorine dioxide, into your body.

When combined with the rapid toxin removal power of chlorine dioxide, mineral replenishment with magnesium chloride and detoxified iodine for the thyroid, can point those with even the most acute conditions in the direction of some seriously wonderful well being.

Hear It

Jim Humble, developer of the MMS protocol, is my guest on Talk for Food. You can listen to the podcast by following this link.

A second Jim Humble interview is titled, MMS Simplified, which you can listen to here. We discuss getting started, especially for people with acute disease challenges, “detox” vs. toxic nausea, comparative oxidation therapies, chelation, cancer treatment, and oral health.

The third is on cancer… click here.
NEW: From Bahia de Kino, Mexico. A face-to-face “on location,” “in studio” interview with Jim Humble. To listen, click here.
MMS Video Development Announcement
November 26, 2007 — I am planning to visit Jim Humble for some up close and personal dialogues. Click here to read, and learn how you can be involved.
December 9, 2007 — I’ve been to Hermosillo and follow the MMS Video Diary entries of early December 2007.
December 22, 2007 — I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico and interviewed Dr. John Humiston, who uses MMS both in his practice, and personally. Follow this link to read, and view an embedded video clip.
February 9, 2008 — Video production and editing is completed, DVD’s are being manufactured, and first orders will commence shipping by February 18, 2008. Click here to view the latest video and order.
Sources of MMS
Global Light Network

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16 Responses to “Adam Abraham on MMS – No Miracle – Just wonderful Chemistry”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I have just purchased MMS and was excited to use it. I have read just about everything out there about MMS now. I was given the link to purchase it by a friend who knows Jim Humble. Well, after I got it I used 5 drops to start. No effect so I used 8 drops the next day. Still no effect so I then used 15 drops that night. The next morning I still felt no effect so this afternoon I used 25 drops which is more than the maximum but I still have no nausea or diahhrea or any problem. Is something wrong with me or am I just healthy?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    You may be very healthy. Hard to tell from here. But I would ask this. When you activated it did you smell the smell of chlorine dioxide? Was your mixture yellow in color. If these things did not occur then you do not have the real product.

  3. Wayne Says:

    I sure did! It smells like a swimming pool with too much chlorine. I mixed everything per protocol and used the kit with no fruit juice or anything else added. I didn’t mind the taste or smell. I have dealt with worse. I noticed the strong odor and the yellowish color forming as I added the citric acid. I then swirled it a few times and let it sit for 3 minutes then added some bottled water.
    Perhaps I should give some background on myslef. I am very healthy and lifted weights heavy for 25 years and took lots of vitamins also. I never smoked or drank. I am big on eating salads, fruits and vegatables and avoid fried foods. Perhaps all the vitamin C in my system has nullified some of the MMS potency?

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    My best guess is that you are not really having any significant microbe problems. Good for you!!

    If you are not taking vitamin c supplements there is no reason to think that just dietary vitamin c would knock out MMS.

    I have seen other young healthy people take rather large doses and have no reaction what so ever. I don’t think young is a key word here. The key word is healthy.

  5. Wayne Says:

    There is one more thing that I have just found out from a recent blood test. The second blood test in 25 years only. I am hypercalcemic. My level was 11.2 MG/DL. Everything else was fine. Maybe a high calcium level does something to the MMS?

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here is an interesting link on a product similar to MMS.

  7. Wayne Says:

    What a difference a couple of days makes. After I took the 25 drops I followed it up with 2 days of 15 drops 3 times a day. That did the trick. I had to find a bathroom every 30 minutes on the second day! The water was coming out as fast as I could drink it. I guess I over-dosed on it? Maybe it found something? Don’t know at this point?

  8. Maggie Says:

    I have been taking MMS for a few weeks now. Initially, in my eagerness for well being and because one drop was making me feel really ill anyway, I launched into the treatment with a fervour which rendered me totally out of action due to vomiting, diarrhoea, exhaustion and giddiness. I was taking 15 drops once a day @ night: I had been increasing them by 2 and three drops a day, latterly jumping from 10 drops to 15.

    For family reasons, I had to stop taking the drops as I couldn’t function.

    My usual gut problems did appear to have improved though.

    My sister, who introduced me to MMS, advised me to get the dose back to 1 drop, if I could tolerate that and start taking the drops again.

    After a few days I restarted the drops but 1 drop was still making me feel really ill, increasing the gastric, hyperacidic problems which I had experienced prior as part of 1 of my initial, health problems. I had to start with 1/4 drop, increasing to 1/2 after a few days then, similarly to 3/4 drops. The fractions I had to estimate by drinking 1 quarter the glass of drops,activator and water, then half next half then watered down another half of that.

    I am now taking 4 drops at night. I was, obviously, not clear on the twice daily routine. I intend taking the dosage up to twice daily and I will report on my reaction.

    However, my sister did draw my attention to soemthing she had read regarding heart problems. Both our parents and 3 of our grandparents died from hart attacks. Let me correct that. My father didn’t actually die from one, he had a number of very large myocardial infarctions between the ages of 60 and 80. However, in his 81st year, after admission to hospital for suspected gall stones, he was diagnosed as having a posterial, abdominal aortic aneurysm which was growing fairly rapidly.

    We were advised that, without surgery, we would be lucky to have our father for 18 months. howev er, he declined surgery on the basis that he felt that the NHS should be saving the cost of such an opreration to them, for a younger man who had a family yet to bring up.

    I think God smiled on his decision as he lived until the aneurysm finaly ruptured in his 89th year.

    The above was “point of interest”, back now to the point in hand.

    My sister had read that one should start taking high doses of Vit C as the taking of MMS without it could be hazzardous to anyone with a propensity to cardiac conditions/malfunctions etc. She advised me, however, that I should take the Vit C in the morning, and the MMS drops at night because the one would cancel out the effectiveness of the other but that the MMS could cause depletion of the cholesterol build up in viens which is deposited to offer protection for those lacking in Vit C for strengthening the bloodvessel walls.

    Now, one of the reasons, I may pick up incorrectly, on instructions, is dyslexia type problems so the above epxlanation, for the same reasons may be too garbled for readers to usderstand clearly. Please don’t hesitate to ask if this is the case. I will not be offended. I don’t regard my spelling as incorrect, merely artistically creative. :-)

    Can anyone advise me as to how far apart, time wise, the Vit C and drops must be taken? This way, I may be bale to take drops morning and night with the Vit C in between. however, the drops also make me very sleepy so, will they still work if I am takign them merely once a day?

    Thank you for your patience.

    Wishing you all good health,

  9. Maggie Says:

    I forgot to ask about a possible MMS effect on the sense of smell.

    Since taking MMS, I am constantly experiencing a strong metalic smell (like a burnt pot smell). I thought it was coming from me but when I smell my skin directly, it is not from there and friends family don’t smell it. The smell is particularly strong when I pass urine or faecal matter or pick up faecal matter from my dogs. This smell also strengthens in waves for no apparent reason.

    And another question: can anyone direct me, please, to a site or shop in the UK, in which I can purchase Molecula (not colloidal, nano or ionic) Silver?

    Your good health, again,
    Kind regards

  10. Scott Says:

    Thank you Adam for the post.
    I’m afraid I didn’t have an effect either, though smelled like a bad hot tub. I’m a 45 yr old hypercalcemic. Think that may be the reason?

  11. Ellen Cole Says:

    I am having a severe itching/burning reaction on my torso. I recently started the MMS drops and was wondering if someone could advise. Thanks.

  12. Monk Says:

    I am really worried for users of this ‘miracle cure’. Sodium Chlorite and the associated dioxides are basically bleaching agents, often used in the paper and cotton industry to get pure white results. When used externally to the body the chemical is a great anti-bacterial/fungal agent and is used for sanitizing air ducts in offices.

    MMS seems rather like a pyramid marketing scheme to me, sort of like Kleeneze. Like most of these schemes someone is at the top and getting rich, my guess the top of the pyramid is the DuPont chemical company who is the biggest supplier of Sodium Chlorite in the US. There are many suppliers of the chemical in China too, the suppliers often quote MMS ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ as a use for the chemical. Other buyers of this chemical are mainly users of Sodium Chlorite for cleaning and sanitation purposes along with the paper/pulp industry.

    I really think more clinical trials should be done, most users are complaining of nausea, diahorea and fatigue. Most of the MMS sales-people are telling the users to ignore this and continue taking the chemical. If this gets a positive trial the uses in Malaria recovery would be widespread.

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS is not a marketing scheme. You should do your research before you make comments on things you don’t know about.
    You obviously do not understand the process, nor the meaning of nausea, diarrhea in a detox process. Nor do we tell them to continue when they have these symptoms, but to reduce dosage. People who are very healthy do not get the detox symptoms.

  14. milo Says:

    Please,write me to how mms works for people who have their gall taken out.
    Thank you.

  15. Alanna Says:

    Does MMS work for multiple myeloma cancer? With high calcium and protein in the urine will this be harmful for the kidneys? Also, some say myeloma is caued by a virus. Will this kill the virus? My husband was bit by a tick about 4 years ago and someone suggested that there might be a link between myeloma and Lyme disease. Will this kill the parasite/virus caused by the bite?

    Please pass on any knowledge you may have on any of these subjects.

    Thanks so much,

  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I cannot say specifically for myeloma, if it will kill the virus. All I know is that MMS has been shown to kill virus in some people that use it. There is record of mms curing some cases of cancer most of which are caused by either a virus or fungus. No professional studies have been done. MMS has demonstrated to kill bacteria, parasites and virus.

    I doubt that MMS will have any negative effect on the kidneys under stated conditions. With any detox protocol, drink lots of water so toxins are not concentrated. No studies have been done with mms on the kidneys but I have heard reports of improvement with chronic kidney disesse while using mms. You will find this article interesting regarding protiens and cancer:

    Ticks can carry many different diseases aside from the spirochete Lyme, including bacteria and virus. Many Lyme sufferes do use MMS with some good results, that is, alleviating symptoms, but I have not heard of any actual cure. Some have become quite well and use the mms to to keep symptoms at bay.

    The difficulty with Lyme is that this spirochete can form a cyst. This cyst cannot be penetrated by either antibiotics or MMS. When the cyst eventually ruptures its like getting reinfected with Lyme all over again. This is why antibiotics have to be used for some people for over a year, most often given by IV, and then sometimes they still don’t cure because the cyst persists though out it all. This is chronic Lyme disease. It is suspected that these cysts are imbedded deep inside of joint and muscle tissue.

    There are a few Lyme specialist doctors who are now using and enzyme protocol to dissolve the cyst. This is a common digestive enzyme complex in a very strong dosage taken BETWEEN meals (2 hours after eating) and followed one hour later with the antibiotic of choice or the herb samenento along with colloidal silver or followed by MMS. This is done three times a day. When the cyst breaks open the spirochetes dump out to be attacked by the antibiotic (including the alternatives noted above) of choice. They never have a chance to form new cysts.

    As far as I know you would be the first to experiment with myeloma and MMS if you choose to do it. If you do decide to try please keep a record of what you do so others can know, if you feel inclined to serve in this way. There are some reports of MMS curing different cancers and then there are reports of failure. I do know that those who did succeded uses very diligent and persistant protocols over many weeks, some months. Improvement was generally noted in the first 2 to 3 weeks.

    Also, if there is any chance that your husband has Lyme I would strongly suggest that you get tested for Lyme or the co-infections. If you decide to do this I STRONGLY recommend that you find a Lyme literate doctor for this as the regular general practitioner does not know what they are doing when it comes to Lyme. Neither do most Infectious Disease Specialists. Lyme specialist doctors come from all corners of the medical profession, including Naturopathic Medicine, who specialize in the study of Lyme which isn’t found in medical school. They attend seminars around the world, communicate and study with other doctors and read constantly on research being done. These are called Lyme literate doctors. Most states have at least one. Some have many.

    The following is the protocol for using enzymes for Lyme. I guess I should do an article on Lyme here. I am sorry I do not know more about myeloma. I wish you well and hope you find the answers and treatments you are seeking.

    The Enzyme product is called Marcozyme from Marco Pharma Int.
    Roseburg, Oregon 97470

    I do not know the cost of this product. I think you could replicate these dosages with an over the counter product called Wobenzyme

    They are very high powered enzymes and one dose, 5 capsules/tablets equals:
    Amalayse 27,500 usp
    Protease 26,500 usp
    Lipase 5,700 usp

    These are very high dosages of enzymes and I think you may need physican assistance to purchase this product. But there is nothing to stop you from finding another similar product with a good reputation and taking enough to match the dosage.

    This enzyme is for dissolving the cyst and it is essential to come in exactly one hour after taking the enzymes with your antimicrobial or antibiotic to clean up all the pathogens that have been released.

    The protocol is no food for 2 hours.
    take 5 enzyme pills which delivers the above stated amount of enzymes.
    wait one hour
    take samento with colloidal silver or mms
    Do this twice a day. (but if using mms I would do it 3 times a day and if taking traditional antibiotics I would do it one hour before each scheduled antibiotic dose)
    Do not eat for two hours after the enzymes.
    You want these enzymes to be circulating in your blood not digesting your last meal or working on digested food ciruclating in the blood.