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Testimonial No. 20 – Ulcerative Colitis Treatment and Cure With MMS

20th March 2008 by GeorgiosK Posted in Uncategorized

Ulcerative Colitis Cured (no joke)

Hello all,

I post here my testimony due to Barbara having asked me to do so and I feel that I own it to other sufferers since I also have been helped by others.

Excuse me for any possible linguistic mistake, but I’m from Greece and English is a foreign language for me.

I was diagnosed with having Ulcerative Colitis in 2005 although suffered the symptoms since the beginning of 2004 after a course of 2 antibiotics.

First I went to some doctors of the western medicine with no results. In reality one of them made my condition worse.

Later on I tried Homeopathy with no results again. After that I tried some Chinese supplements in conjunction with restricted diet based on the blood type. Some minor only results were noticed and abandoned this method 5 months later.

This period was when I heard about a naturopath that has cured many here from Colitis (all kinds). I did whatever he told me. Basically it was a combination of proper diet, nutritional healing and some other things. He helped me overcome almost all my symptoms that were intestinal bleeding, anemia, weakness, loss of weight and anorexia, and to some point some food allergies.

In the meantime I have tried some other methods/supplements to increase the healing rate but to no avail.(such as vit E enema, Human probiotic infusion, Ayurvedic products and many many others with more or less relieve of the symptoms).

But at the end of May of the previous year my bleeding begun again, increasing successively my food allergies. I said “ oh no again the same”. I was very depressed all those year about that and especially in that later period that the symptoms have returned.

My doctor was abroad for months, so I tried to do something on my own I traveled to Germany for a QXCI/SCIO test and it revealed Mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings(I knew it and replaced them 1 year ago with composites), some parasites from pets, some kinds of amoebas and some viri as well as other things.

I searched hard and found that a Zapper may help me solve this out killing all those critters inside me.. Although I knew about that device 2 yrs earlier I discredited it, considering it couldn’t do anything for my condition. How foolish of me! I then ordered a Zapper from e-bay for $65 and starting using it. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark Says it takes 3 weeks at least for the frequencies to reach deeply in the intestines. She is so right about that. In the 3rd day on the Zapper some intestinal fluids mixed with serum stopped from pouring out of my colon. It was the first miracle. For the first 5 days I had diarrhea since the bad bacteria, protozoa, viri and fungi were killed. When the time was passing the bleeding was also disappearing. In 3 weeks the waterfalls of my bleeding stopped. But there was just a tiny drop of blood every time I had a bowel movement. My bleeding had almost stopped , but the pain was still there, as were the food allergies too.

So I decided to try something different to see if I can cure this condition once and forever. In they were discussing lately much about a substance that is called Sodium Chlorite and its potential to kill even the most stubborn infections. I again ordered 2 bottles from e-bay and started this protocol (please read about the activation of this product before considering trying it). In the first couple of days I had once again diarrhea and this tiny drop of blood stopped totally from coming out on the stools. Today it’s March 20th 2008 and since December 10th of 2007 there is no bleeding, not even that tiny drop. Later on while on MMS I noticed that when I was tired my large intestine didn’t hurt. Also I felt no discomfort in that area when it was cold outside. But the last miracle about that was that I now can eat everything again with no allergic reaction. I no longer cook specific foods for me, I drink alcohol, I eat out with no limits. The only thing that I still haven’t tried is cayenne that used to increase my bleeding extremely when my colon was inflamed.

I haven’t done any colonoscopy now to see how my intestine looks, but I can surely feel the difference and why not speak about a cure in some time from now if all things go as they are now.

My main point is that most digestive issues are mainly due to parasitic infections. In some cases heavy metal accumulation, mineral deficiencies or bad lifestyle may contribute also to that problem.

I thank the God that sent me that naturopath which helped me so much and introduced me to that world of alternative medicine and CUREZONE which helped me find my way towards healing.

If anybody can ask something I’m willing to answer. You can find me at


my nickname is amato

best health to all

(to follow amato’s healing journey on curezone simply type his name in the search bar and posts that he is associated with will come up)

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16 Responses to “Testimonial No. 20 – Ulcerative Colitis Treatment and Cure With MMS”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank You Amato, for coming here with your testimonial. It is impressive! If you can, would you please come back and update us on your condition in about 4 or 5 months?

    It is important to know how you progress and whether or not you continue with MMS. Perhaps your story will help others get past this debilitating condition.

  2. GeorgiosK Says:

    Hi Rett,

    Thanks for your e-mails.I initially thought my post wouldn’t be posted.

    Another thing also: In the title the “with MMS” may be no correct.It should be “with MMS also” or without that. I sure felt completely different with it and it had the most drastic change on my health, but Zapper did a ton of work earlier, before I took MMS. Yes, MMS may have done the work by itself, but I followed another route myself.

    Currently I don’t take any other MMS.I may take some later just for prediction, as Jim Humble says.Oh BTW, Humble must be announced as a hero.He literally saved me from more suffering.He is an earthy angel.

    I’m gonna post again in the future.

  3. suzi Says:

    I suggest trying MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, for healing colitis. I know from other people that it can help. MSM is organic sulphur and has a very healing effect on many areas of the body. I suggest starting with 1/4 tsp in water+ vit C. Take it after food. You can increase up to 3tsp a day. Best to take it in the morning as it can increase energy.

    Good luck, Suzi

  4. GeorgiosK Says:

    Thanks Susi for your concern. I already have been cured with Zapping and MMS.I have tried MSM in the past but the sulphur in it used to give me extreme flatulence with bad odors, you know.So I stopped taking it after some time.It didn’t help me at all. No difference while on it. Right now I’m Colitis free.I don’t need to take anything else exept of MMS once weekly just for prevention. I lead a normal life again.

    Thank you

  5. Aggie Says:

    WOW!!! That’s about all I have to say. I “caught” Ulcerative Colitis back in college around the year 1999. I thought about getting surgery a number of times because this stuff (UC) was killing me. I have had it for about 10 years (give or take).

    Either way, I have kept a log of my MMS usage / food intake for the last (coming up on) 2 months. It doesn’t have every little detail, but it should be sufficient for most users. It’s at: Aggie’s MMS / UC Log

    I am happy to say that I can pretty much (only because I haven’t tried absolutely EVERYTHING) eat anything (especially junk food ;-) ). I know that it will take a while to get used to this new lifestyle (details at the link), but I am so genuinely happy!!!!

    Please do contact me if you have any questions, I’m definitely willing to help a “fellow-UC-sufferer”.

  6. roy Says:

    Aggie I fell out of the chair laughing at your posts on your blog at aggiesoft….
    Why did I laugh? Because I know what you mean, and have been working my way down from my initial attempts at higher doses of MMS.
    Right now when I go into a 10 drop drink…..I get the diarrhea and if I haven’t eaten first…I get the nausea(almost a puke).
    I have a blog on my MMS journey at .
    Yesterday I did a 10 drop in some soda and went to the store shopping….big mistake.
    The nausea hit me at Petsmart and I was in the car…so I focussed and breathed for a bit with a small barf bag handy..and it passed. So I kept going on in. The smell from the watery(shooting out)stool was like something had died….The smell passed but the stool kept on flowing…all day while shopping. Luckily this was not my first time going through this….the first time this major herx hit me, I was unable to walk much that day because of shaky legs….but I am able to take it pretty much now on the lower doses.

    I might recommend, if you want to continue taking the MMS(yeah I have the same sickening feeling every time I smell the activated stuff)…that you try putting the drops in a coke(or any soda) or some coffee…I just have a swig and hold my breath while swallowing…it REALLY helps.

  7. steve Says:
    gives info on how to use the mms topically to avoid the GI problems. Take a look

  8. GeorgiosK Says:

    Ok.I’m fine.Everything is just like before catching UC.I’m enjoying myself to the fullest again

    be well

  9. hgh Says:

    Simply Incredible!

  10. Andy Says:

    I suggest trying MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, for healing colitis. I know from other people that it can help. MSM is organic sulphur and has a very healing effect on many areas of the body. I suggest starting with 1/4 tsp in water+ vit C. Take it after food. You can increase up to 3tsp a day. Best to take it in the morning as it can increase energy.
    if you use this method your problem get solved very quickly.

  11. Alex Says:

    Hi everyone,

    It is really great to see this site where people with a common problem can come to discuss it. I have had colitis for about 10years now – 5 years since diagnosis though.

    I have tried almost everything under the sun – anti allergy diet (no effect – except more weight loss), human probiotic infusion, meselazine tablets. The HPI had the most lasting effect but as always the symptoms would return after a few months.

    Recently I have sought the services of a medical intuitive who wanted me on a carbohydrate only diet and she got me to take DRONTAL, which is a worming medicine for dogs. She would also do energy healing to help support. I am still confused about whether this works because I did get positive effects (formed, normal stool without being on any medication). However I was maintaining this effect with the diet. Gradually I introduced meat and eggs and the firm stool remained. However I was not happy with the fact that I had to manage it with diet becasue it meant that the process was not complete.

    So I tried MMS. I followed the directions and it took me about two weeks to get up to 15 drops three times daily. I did dthat for about 5 or 6 days before i couldn’t stand it anymore. During this time i was getting watery shoot-out-of-the-arse type stools. The nausea was pretty bad but i got through it by eating something before hand.

    I saw my profesor recently and he says that you might be able to supress the effects temporarily with DRONTAL and MMS but that the underlying infection is still there. Incidentally my Professor is a gastroenterologist who did the HPI for me. He also says that special diets can produce firm stools in colitis and IBD sufferers because it produces “gut hormones” – in his words.

    This is interesting to me for two reasons that dont add up:
    1) My professor is convinced that the colitis is caused by a bacteria – possible Clostridium difficile. But they can not isolate it. They can not identify what the bug is that is causing the colitits.
    2) If hormones can help (an if immuno suppressants help) then is not colitis ultimately an auto-immuned disease? And does this not mean that ultimately the body can be reconditioned to produce the right hormones to stop the inflamation. My professor does not think so.

    Anyway I think my body is on the edge of producing those symptoms again. I feel the niggling sensations in the abdomen coming and the flatulance is coming back too.

    THe professor thinks I should go on immunosupressants for a while and then do weekly HPIs to attack the infection. He says that C-difficile and other bacteria produce dormant spores that do not die when they are dormant. It is only when a bacteria has a metabolism that the HPI will kill it. I guess this also applies to MMS and other agents. I also have lost faith in the whole process. Why do I also have athsma, which is an auto immune disease? could the HPI have a chemical agent that is getting rid of some toxin that is causing the inflamation? There are so many unanswered questions that no doctor can seem to answer. I am at my wits end on this disease.

    I am considering doing the MMS topically. Does anyonw have any experience with this? I am also considering doing a combination of anti-biotics and MMS orally and topically along with a juice diet to keep the bowel clear.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  12. Tom T Says:

    hello fellow uc sufferers. i am 20 years old at college, and was diagnosed my senior year of high school. this disease is absolutely terrible and humiliating when i try to go on dates and have a social life. yesterday I ordered one of clark’s zappers. Can anyone with positive results give me feedback on how to use it/ how often/ or if it worked for you? any feedback you can give me will be helpful. thank you for your time and i hope that we can all be healed of this terrible bug soon.

  13. Daniel Says:

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have never seen such a bunch of blatent viral sales posts in my life. Sad and shameful.

  14. Rich Says:

    It only took ten minutes of general research to come to the following conclusion: PLACEBO. Both the zapper and the MSM.
    A zapper? Come on, people, there are no easy answers hiding out there like this. Consult with a physician, get a second opinion if necessary, and don’t look for a quick cure.

  15. Aggie Says:

    Quoting myself from August 12th, 2008 at 4:40 pm (above). It turns out the MMS did NOT really do the trick for me. I’m still ailing, but I’ve further found that most of the time the changes are due to stress. It may be different for many others, but for me that seems to be it.

  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Its been a long time since I visited this thread.

    Over the past couple of years I have been focusing more on stomach issue protocols.

    MMS is great but it does not cure everything. If your condition is bacterial in origin or parasitic in origin it can be greatly helpful. Some cases of tape worm do not cure with mms. Other parasites are eliminated more easily. Remember many parasites are invisible, or microscopic you you may not see them.

    If you have UC or irritable bowel or crohn’s I still higly recommend MMS. But you may need something more.. I think that for some people (but not all) these conditions are caused by some sort of immune function imbalance. For this aspect of the disease Low Dose Naltrexon (LDN) is proving to be highly effective.

    To find out more about LDN do a google search and the main website should come up for you. There are also several very good videos on Youtube with physicians addressing its use.