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Where Are The MMS Testimonials?

30th March 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

There are now 19 separate testimonial documents on HealthSalon. Some documents will have testimonials in the comments section that visitors to this site have added regarding their own experience. To find the testimonials go to the tool bar above and click on MMS testimonials.

Keep MMS Out Of The Reach Of Children

Where to purchase MMS:

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21 Responses to “Where Are The MMS Testimonials?”

  1. Dale Selgrath Says:


    MMS availability is getting more difficult as suppliers cut back.
    Be sure and Tell your family and friends to stock up NOW ! The Best deals for MMS are found on eBay by 2004letttie a breast Cancer survivor. Check it out!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The best deal on MMS is the deal that puts it in your hand. Cost is really inconsequential for what you get.
    So does Lettie move Global Light’s MMS or does she have her own source?

  3. Randall Says:

    We have answers at click physical healing. People are Empowering themselves in our workshops. Our radio shows are archived and linking with sound advice. Adam Abraham interview,,,Understanding MMS. The most sophisticated Pharmacy in the Universe is within us all. It is in your mind.

    MMS is one of the newest protocols and we will be sharing testimonials…write us with yours.

  4. Rob Says:

    I heard a very interesting conference call with ‘Robert Von’ last weekend (on the ORMUS discussion lists) where he discussed both MMS and his ‘mini-beet’ protocol.

    What was perhaps the most interesting in relation to MMS is his discussions on how using apples and carrots (mainly) and/or cinnamon can alleviate the massive adverse detox symptoms of nausea of both his mini-beet protocol and MMS.

    Apples seem to do this really well as they somehow soak up all the toxins and and dead parasites etc that get dumped into the stomach during detox.

    A link i found to his ‘mini-beet’ protocol is here: or as HTML you can find it cached through google here:

    I’m just starting to experiment with MMS and intend to use apples and carrots as he directs to see if I can completely alleviate any potential nausea.

    Hope this helps others!

  5. jeanette furey Says:

    what in the world is mms? what chemical is it or what herbal is it or what is it??? i did not catch what the name is technically for mms. let me know what it is..

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    MMS is fully explained on this blog. Look in the categories column to the left and click on MMS information.
    Then in the top toolbar click on MMS testimonials. All your questions will be answered.

  7. Honesty Says:

    I was wondering if one has titanium implants, would the mms cause any problems to them? I know it tries to clear out metals and pathogens. Since I am having this done to replace teeth, I would want to make sure the mms is ok both before, during and after the implants. Know where can find out? thanks.

  8. jo Says:

    Aren’t Carrots are loaded with vitamin C?????? You are not supposed to take anything with Vitamin C when you take MMS or it will not work!!!!!! No wonder it will kill the nausea, it isn’t working………do some research on this one……

  9. BeachBody Says:

    I have only recently started, and I did have a slight case of nausea, but each day I increase dosage, I had no more than a bit of noisy stomach, no more nausea at all after first couple days.

    As a reference, I have always had a stong stomach, so I didn’t expect to be bothered by it, and it was mild case, not to degree of wanting to vomit as some mention happens. I had no other issues to date.

    As to first thing I noticed, I have had a problem with periodontis disease, first stages, and one tooth which has been sensitive in gum area for three years. Went to dentist first thinking it was time for root canal, but when they referred me to specialist, there was no signs of need to have root canal, so they discounted as a possible internal crack in tooth and infection, they wanted to subscribe antibiotic, but I have never taken any to insure my immune system was not compromised, and since I rarley get sick, it must be working.

    Well, amazingly, my sensitive gum issue is almost completely better in just the first few days. Again, I had pain of varying degrees daily for three years, so this was impressive results, and I was not taking it for this specific reason, I learned how it can help periodontal disease after I started taking MMS.

    As to vitamin C, yes, you must avoid it when taking MMS, but as I understand it, only the vitamin C used as a preservative, so I don’t know if carrots would negate the nausea issue, but eating in general does, so it is probably related to diluting MMS, thereby minimizing nausea, so I would not eat first, or take vitamin C foods just so I know what my body is telling me.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless

  10. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  11. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Mr Nash,
    I am very sorry for your loss. There are no words that ease your mind and soul for what you have gone through.
    Any medicine can have unexpected and rare results. Have you ever seen anyone die from one dose of prescribed antibiotics? I have.
    Unless you had an autopsy one will never know how your wife died. The human body is a mysterious machine and sometimes malfunctions lie hidden only exerting their force when under sufficient stress. I would be inclined to think that perhaps there was aneurysm or stroke or some other life threatening disease process involved that would be coincidental and causative.
    Since many many people use MMS on a daily basis and have used its predecessor product, stabilized oxygen, for over 30 years, with even some physicians administering it via IV infusion, I doubt MMS was the direct cause of your wife’s death.
Rett Anderson

  12. Jeremy White Says:

    I can attest to Sylvia’s apparent good health, having seen her shortly before her trip.

    The reason that real medicine has to go through thorough testing is to find these ‘rare results.’ In science speak, we call that objective analysis. Also, these ‘rare results’ we like to call those side effects and put them in all that fine print you get with real medicine.

  13. mms_causes_kidney_failure Says:

    Please consider the following three references if you are thinking about trying MMS:

    The first is a video interview by Jim Humble. It can be viewed here:

    In the video, Mr. Humble relates the story of a man who “chug-a-lugged” a glass of MMS because he had mistaken it for a glass of water. Mr. Humble says that the man became very ill. His kidneys stopped working and he had to go on dialysis. He was hospitalized for several weeks. Mr. Humble says that people should know that, if they get extremely sick after taking MMS, “they need to go to the hospital because the kidneys will quit working”.

    The second reference is an article entitled “Acute Sodium Chlorite Poisoning Associated with Renal Failure”, by Ja-Liang Lin. It was published in a journal called “Renal Failure” (Ren Fail, 1993; 15(5); 645-8). The website says that Miracle Mineral Solution is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. The term “renal failure” means that the kidneys stop working. The abstract says that the patient ingested 10g of sodium chlorite. The patient suffered an acute hemolytic crisis and acute renal failure. He was on dialysis for 4 weeks.

    The third reference is a Letter to the Editor that was published in the September 2009 edition of the Journal of Medical Toxicology. It’s entitled “Chlorine Dioxide-induced Acute Hemolysis” by Hari Kishan, M.D. (J Med Toxicol 2009 Sep; 5(3):177). The website says that chlorine dioxide is produced when Miracle Mineral Solution is activated. Dr. Kishan’s article relates the story of two patients “with alleged accidental consumption of approximately 100 ml each of 2% (20 g/L) Cl02″. Cl02 is chlorine dioxide. Dr. Kishan says that investigations on both patients revealed significant anemia with features of intravascular hemolysis. The patients were treated with blood transfusions and aggressive hydration to prevent hemoglobinuria-associated renal failure.

  14. Fred Says:

    Does it ever occur to you guys that Mr Nash may just be nothing more than just an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work?

    I have witnessed Mr Nash’s comment all over the web.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    To: Mms_causes_kidney_failure

    Just what are you trying to do loading this blog with your BS?

    I would like your opinion on what would happen to someone who decides to take a whole bottle of tylenol instead of the 2 tabs recommended not to exceed 2,000 mg per day?

    Nevermind. I will tell you. They will end up in liver failure.
    And if they were so stupid to take the whole bottle or half a bottle or a quarter bottle of tylenol to reflect your
    report of what happens to people who do such with MMS, those who did that with tylenol would not just have liver failure, they would be dead.

    So according to your report those who take a whole bottle or a half bottle of mms will go into kidney failure…but from what you say it sounds like they get past it. Kidney failure is smetimes a limited disease that does reverse… so then, taking a whole bottle of tylenol is much more dangerous that taking a whole bottle of MMS. If one accidently ingested 100ml of clorox that resides in most households they would be dead too.

    Of course I would not recommend either. Use MMS judiciously, and precisely according to Jim Humble’s instructions. This is what is required.

    We do not sacrifice the pain releiving benefits of the use of tylenol to the masses because a few idiots misuse it. Nor should we sacrifice the benefits of MMS because a few idiots misuse it.

  16. maria Says:

    i have breast implants. will mms have a neg. effect on that? I just bought a 5 pk. to share w/loved ones.

  17. andi vanderschuit Says:

    I just got breast implants and have started getting capsular contracture. Would MMS help with scar tissue? And will it have a negative affect on my implants?

  18. Elizabeth Says:

    DId you try serrapeptase for your capsular contracture? Is it working?

  19. mmsdebunked Says:

    If MMS was really curing people of serious diseases like HIV and hepatitis, after 14 years it should be trivial to find someone who actually had test results proving they’ve been cured.

    The fact that Jim CLAIMS thousands of people have been cured but he hasn’t shown nor can you find a SINGLE VERIFIED CASE after 14 years is absolutely irreconcilable! It’s the age of the internet, how come we can find so much info and videos but NOT ONE actual test result?

    Google MMS Debunked for more info.

  20. ken Says:

    Fred, I agree with you, I believe this nash guy is a shill for what I call the big bad wolf.

    We know what the big bad wolf did to Jim in south america after hearing about him successfully treating people!

    They use every trick in the book to fool or scare people away from treating them selves!

    We can clearly add mmsdebunked to the list of liars.

  21. ken Says:


    mms_causes_kidney_failure Says:
    September 30th, 2009 at 2:23 am

    Anyone who has done their due diligence, and read all the warnings
    as a responsible people should do, knows that drinking/chugging 100ml
    of calcium dioxide is too ridiculous and ignorant for words!

    Posting obvious lies a child could see through!
    All you liars are paper thin, we can see right thru you!