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Purchasing Lugol’s Iodine

14th April 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Please do not use iodine if you are allergic to iodine. That being said not all rashes that may occur from the use of iodine are an allergic reaction. Iodine will detox bromide from the body and sometimes bromide likes to come out of the skin causeing a red rash. You and only you are responsible for your healthcare. If you think you are having an allergic reaction stop using iodine and consult a physician.
You can get a large bottle here but you need a prescription to get it or you must be a licensed physician, possibly an N.D. with a prescription pad, or an nurse practitioner, also.

You can order a 5% solution here.  about $20 with shipping

Following is my prefered source for Lugols Iodine.  this store is located in Ecudador and it sells the 15% lugols. You can take this one bottle and turn it into 3 bottles of lugols 5% iodine if you want to. Have one or two extra one ounce dropper bottles on hand. Take 10ml of the 15% solution and place in one bottle and fill with water. I prefer distilled water if possible. Use as directed for a 5% solution. This is by far and away the most cost effective purchase.  the above site used to be  here is the link for the 15%. I simply use it in the 15% solution. One drop equals about mg.

about $15 with nominal shipping from Ecuador… a very good deal. Each drop is 7.3mg.

Hey take a look at that! they also sell the original Hoxey forumula with the lugols iodine in it.  Hoxey formula will not work so well without the lugols in it and it is the missing ingredient in many Hoxey products  out there so watch out for that! Make sure you are using a product identical to the original.

And then marine supply stores have sold Lugol’s for a long time. I don’t know what the percent is and you will have to look into these products for purity:


A note of interest here. Iodine does stain clothing but I have a cure. Vitamin C in the ascorbic acid form is a strong antioxidant, iodine is an oxidant.  Open a capsule of vitamin C and make a thick slurry by adding a little water. Rub it into the stain and in just moments the stain will be gone! I saved my beautiful light gray carpet  and a snow white t-shirt. Its like a miracle!………..Arrow

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3 Responses to “Purchasing Lugol’s Iodine”

  1. Custom Aquatic Says:;jsessionid=F940EA16C1857AF58783C94364EA1E29.jvm1

    You also get it here

  2. jeremiyah Says:

    You can order quarts and gallons from Clarkson Labs and get a 25% discount when you buy a case.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This Clarkson Labs product is a 2% solution. Most iodine advice is based on a 5% solution so you will have to do the math.

    Calculating Number of milligrams of Iodine per Drop of Lugol’s Solution: LUGOL’S 5%: Each VERTICAL drop is about 6.25 mg of iodine. (The correct way to make a drop is to hold the dropper vertical and squeeze the rubber topper) HORIZONTAL drops – when the dropper is held side to side there is twice as much iodine per drop. Approximately 12.5 mg

    LUGOL’S 2%: Approximately 1/2 half the above measurements