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Why Hospice and Death and Dying Here?

30th April 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

So you came to this blog to find some alternative health viewpoints and this is what you find and now your are wondering why?

I am a hospice nurse and have been so over 4 years. In my work with the dying I have found that health is so much more than a good cholesterol level or a negative cardiogram. True health encompasses the spirit of life, the expression of life in full and unhindered interaction with all that is around you until your very last breath. I have known people who were dying that seem healthier and more alive than some others I know who reside in perfect physical health.

It is my opportunity to watch and assist people in the dying process. I counsel with them and their families. I intercede for them with the doctor. I teach the family and the patient about the death process, how it occurs and what they may expect. I help manage the pain and the emotional roller coaster. Within this arena I have watched people fall into total dispair and I watched people rise to the greatest expressions of love and compassion, as well as all the vast experiences that lie between these two. So I thought I might share some of my hospice experiences here.

Most of all I do want people to see through these writings that death is a part of life. It is the turning of the wheel. No matter how death may come to you or to your loved one it can be experienced with awe, reverence, love and even joy and yes all of this can be intermingled with great sorrow and pain and loss which weaves into one of the most profound and meaningful experiences that can be had, and savored and held dear and from which one can use to learn and grow into a more fully human being.

Without death there would be no renewal for the world, for the spirit, and for mankind. No matter what your personal beliefs on the matter are, death will come, and like all savored transitions, ceremonies, rituals, gatherings in life, perhaps it is best to spend some time reflecting and preparing for that which you will never be able to avoid. Perhaps you can learn to create a positive and nourishing human experience for yourself and your family and your friends, whether it be you or one of them that is dying.

So as time goes by I will write about death exeriences as I see them and as my patients tell me they see it.
I will also inform and educate on the practice of hospice and palliative care.

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