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Treating Lyme with MMS – Rosemary’s Story 6/07/08

8th June 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

June 6 2008

Hi Gang,
I’ve had slow, but steady improvement on salt & C which took me from
mostly housebound, on a walking frame & dying, to traveling overseas
last year & not well, but actually having a life.
Throughout my 29 year Lyme battle I’ve had flickery vision with
flashing lights and blind patches. Kind of like a permanent
migraine. It has been torturous, very disabling & stopped me driving
my car. I could not cope with glare or sudden changes in light &
dark. I had to wear sunglasses a lot and also sleep with a small
night light on. On waking, the flickering would be very bad and I
presumed it was due to poor circulation. Eye docs and neurologists
could not explain it, other than a rare form of permanent migraine or
spasms in the tiny veins in the eyes. Magnesium did not help the
I have been on 5 drops of MMS morning & night for 7 months, still
taking 2 doses salt & C during day.
I have to tell you, the 29 year spasms are nearly gone!!!!!!!!! I
have slept without a night light for 2 weeks with no problem!!!!!! I
am driving again the last few months and finally without
sunglasses!!!!!!!! I wake in the morning and can cope if a light is
turned on suddenly!!!!!!!
I think the MMS is killing a virus or something that salt & C was not
killing. I am also walking miles every day, my cheeks are pink and
my circulation is so much better. People everywhere are noticing how
much better I look. I am even feeling well enough to look for a part-
time job soon.
Persevere. It is worth it.
Lyme & co, glandular fever, fibro, CFS, etc 29 years of hell.


Hi E,
I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I read Shoemaker’s book and
took anti-biotics together with cholestyramine as per his protocol
for 6 months. It did not help me, but I know others who have been
helped by him & I do think he is brilliant. However, I don’t like
abx and think salt & C & MMS are a better way to go for chronic Lyme.

I am in Australia and our docs believe there is no Lyme here, so I
didn’t even get a diagnosis for 22 years! So, you can imagine how
sick I was. I had severe neurological Lyme. I have been in a
wheelcahir at times and used a walking frame for years. By 2005 I
believe I was dying and prayed it would be soon. I was having
trouble eating, speaking, swallowing and lived on pureed food for a
year. I was falling over as I had no balance. I was housebound as I
couldn’t cope with chemicals in the air and I was too fragile to go
very far.

My doc had run out of ideas. I was scared to try salt & C, but I had
nothing to lose. My doc decided it just might work.
I began with a small dose in Feb 2005. With the very first dose I
got biting, prickling & itching all over my skin which felt like
being bitten by fleas, from the inside! To Understand this read I KNEW it was working. With every dose the biting
sensations increased until I actually had visible bites on my skin
after a few days! This eventually settled down but I knew it was a
good sign.
The first 18 months on salt & C were slow, gruelling and tough, but I
had evidence of healing, so I persevered through the herxes. I had
bad headaches most days, which were only relieved by coffee enemas.
(this sounds awful, but brings instant relief.)
Last year I tried Chlorella and this also relieved the headaches
quickly. I take 1000mg 1/2 an hout before meals. I rarely do enemas
now. For much of the 3 years on salt & C I tried to take between 9-
12 doses per day, according to body weight and herxes. This can
vary. Some days I did not take any, but resumed ASAP when I could
Then I intoduced MMS 7 months ago. I began with 1 drop morning and
night and worked my way up slowly. The beauty of these treatments is
that you can adjust the doses according to how you are coping. Do
not take vitamin C within 2 hours of MMS as the C will neutralise MMS.
I am not a doctor but if I was you I would begin salt & C and just
ramp up slowly. Sny decent doc can oversee your blood pressure,
liver & kidney functions, etc.
The promoters of salt & C had been sick for years and are now symptom-
free & working. I was about as low as you can get without dying &
now I have a good life.

Do not give up as nothing is impossible. We have some wonderful
tools to kill these “critters.” Just put one foot in front of the
other and you will probably find, like many of us, that you will
slowly walk out of the woods and into the sunshine again.
Love & best wishes,


Subject: Re: Your Testimonial?
Hi Arrow,
Yes, you may post this on your website. I am still not well, but I am just soooo much better. I do believe MMS is killing something which nothing else had killed.

Best wishes,

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Arrow wrote:
May I post your testimonial on

Please let me know. These are just great results and I am so glad you have found something that works!


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2 Responses to “Treating Lyme with MMS – Rosemary’s Story 6/07/08”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here’s an interesting link on a product similar to MMS.

  2. quick cash Says:

    Great blog and I love to hear about everyone’s experience with lyme. I was treating myself with the 72 hour Salt/Vit C regimen before I had lab tests done. So no doctor diagnosis of Lyme yet. The first test was negative, I will be tested again in a few weeks and am hoping for a negative result again because of the treatment. The first day of the treatment I felt bad – perhaps expected – but it is not an unusual amount of Vitamin C for me, I take quite bit normally, so I knew it wasn’t the treatment causing the ill feelings. But after the first of the 3 days, I felt MUCH better. Joint pain and muscle soreness began to go away, sore throat stopped recurring, and rash (general, no bulls eye) disappeared. Headaches came and went for a week, but are now gone. I don’t think I had been bitten by a tick, but I did get several mosquito bites while on Fire Island, Long Island approximately 18 days before the symptoms showed up.