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MMS Testimonial

18th June 2008 by liegeman Posted in Uncategorized

MMS has been a godsend for my husband and I, things that we thought we had to live with are disappearing. I guess we just got used to feeling mediocre, and never thought we could feel good, or even great. MMS has forever changed our lives, and has a permanent place in our family.

Here are some of the things that MMS has helped us with, I will start with his list first. The swelling in his legs is gone, the knee pain is diminishing, the tendonitis in his elbow is gone, his sinuses (although not great) are better than they ever have been, his restless leg syndrome is gone, his snoring is nearly gone, and he is sleeping through the night (for the firs time in years), he wakes feeling good, his energy level is up and he says he feels great. My list isn’t quite as impressive, but still worthy of mention. I have lost 14 lbs probably due to the fact that my junk food cravings are gone, bronchitis cleared up in just a few days, urinary tract infection was gone in a couple days, sinus infection was gone within a week, I sleep through the night, I wake up feeling great, all wheezing in my chest stopped (I am a smoker), my headaches are gone, I haven’t taken an OTC pain killer in 2 months, and my shoulder/Neck pain was gone in about a day (I have had that for 2 years).

I know people are skeptical, or scared like I was, but you really don’t know how good you can feel if you don’t take steps to feel better. We have only been taking the supplement for 2 months, and we already notice many positive changes. I now have my mother taking it, and she is on day two. I will try to keep you posted on her progress as well, her husband will begin the regimen in a week or two, and hopefully I will have more positive things to report. You can also read my blog and get all the details



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25 Responses to “MMS Testimonial”

  1. bibmo Says:

    People very often say that after a few days of the MMS treatment chronic fatigue syndrome is gone. The problem is that they talk about it like it’s some kind of miracle! This will give you very logical explanation:

    It is the very same reason why it cures malaria!!!

    God bless Jim Humble!!!

  2. Tempur Pillows Says:

    Thats a nice post, good to hear MMS has helped you out so well. Keep up the great work with your blog, i really enjoy reading it.

  3. Tony P Says:

    I am looking for some clear guidance on how to take the MMS. After a recent alteration to the fundamentals page ( it seems that one can increase the dosage every 2 hours until one is taking 15 drops 3x a day. On another site ( it states that 3-4 drops every 1-2 hours is sufficient and there is no need to increase at all (this would be preferable following the nausea/diarrhea that i experienced on the final day increasing to 15 drops and consequently did not finish the course). The MMSnews web page refers to the fundamentals page on but they are saying different things and neither is completely clear. If anyone could advise or tell me where to look for the latest and most correct method for taking the MMS as a ‘clean out’ this would be most appreciated.
    Thank you. TP

  4. Doug Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  5. Dr. Aluka Says:

    I Am really sorry,( if it is true) But i need proof .As it was your wife you should have a certificate of death. Prove…( it sound’s me to as the Vanatu story…a fake tooo….2 drops is scientificly a far too low dose. I am working in Water treatment so i know what i say. What are you pretending?
    killing people making them fear with lies, what kind of human does that? 20 drops is 1 mg! The lethat dose is ( scientifically tested) at least 7 times higher (140 drops!)

    So your wife died from a 0,1mg dose?
    sorry, unbeleavable.

  6. Ron Paul Says:

    Funny, recendly i red several 2 drop death`s…..what is going on here? I share aluks opineon.

  7. D. Nash Says:

    My wife died from an apparent 18-mg dose of MMS.

    Here’s how that figure is derived: According to an MD’s discussion on page 2 of his scholarly article titled “On the Mechanisms of Toxicity of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites – An Overview” [published September 6, 2007 and accessible on the Internet at the website, there is a statement of drop size and equivalent milligram concentration of sodium chlorite per drop for the Humble-protocol administration of MMS. It states that a medium caliber dropper [which comes as a bottle cap device on the bottle of MMS liquid in the kit my wife purchased] produces 25 drops per cc. The article goes on to state: “In terms of milligrams of sodium chlorite(NaClO2), this calculates out to 9 mg per drop…”

    Thus the dose that led to my wife’s agonizing death just 12 hours after she ingested it appears to have been 18 mg.

    And of course we have a Death Certificate — in fact, two of them: The first, issued by the attending medical practitioner who pronounced her dead, states the cause of death was “Adverse Reaction To A Mineral Solution.” The second, by an examining physician who released her body to her family after the autopsy, states the cause of death was “Possible Poisoning, Possible Anaphylaxia.”

    We are awaiting an Australian forensic pathologist’s report on the post-mortem examination of her body and toxicology analysis of the MMS liquid she ingested that led to her death.

  8. maxx Says:

    im with dr aluka,”dr nash” is a fake,a shill working for big pharma.
    big pharma is owned by the international bankers,who are lucifarians,and want to kill 95Z% of the “useless eaters” of the world,so they can have a controllable amount of slaves to be used for ritual sacrafice,sex and labor.(no joke-7 years of research)
    mms1 and mms2 interfer with this plan so now it will be targeted.

  9. Charles Says:

    Strange. I was just reading testimonials on MMS at and read about a Doug Nash having a wife die but the story is very different from the post above:

    1.0 out of 5 stars DO YOUR RESEARCH!, October 12, 2009
    By Nautiknitter (CA) – See all my reviews
    Please research ANY ‘remedy’ carefully before ingesting it – don’t just rely on the opinions of the people selling the product! Here is the tragic story of one woman who believed what she was told about MMS (as seen in the pages of Latitude 38):


    The following is an excerpt from a group email sent to me by Doug Nash of the Dana Point-based Spindrift 43 Windcastle, who is a veteran of the ’04 Baja Ha-Ha. It’s about the tragic death of his wife Silvie Fink at Epi Island, Vanuatu. She died 12 hours after taking MMS, a so-called alternative medicine prophylactic and remedy for malaria and many other diseases. It was sold to her by another cruising couple. The 76-year-old Nash and his wife Silvie, who was from Mexico, had been cruising the South Pacific for several years.

    “My life during the past five weeks has been a nightmare, but I’ve been supported by many people in the cruising community here and abroad, plus all Silvie’s friends and relatives back home in Mexico and in the States. The outpouring of grief has been overwhelming. But no one else can answer all the questions people have asked about what happened to her, so I must do that. Here is a summary:

    “While in Port Vila, Silvie decided to purchase some MMS that she’d heard about from a cruising couple. The guy is from Belgium and his wife is from California. I was not happy about her wanting to try the stuff, but I didn’t interfere because I knew nothing about it at the time. Besides, she was a grown and savvy woman with lots of experience with all kinds of good and bad medicines. She’d even done a little internet research on MMS over several weeks before trying it. Neither of us thought she would be in any danger from taking it. How dreadfully wrong we were!

    “We left Port Vila on August 4, and sailed 90 miles north to Epi, which is another island in the Vanuatu group. We anchored at Lamen Bay the day after their annual canoe race festival. Having decided to stay an extra day at the nice anchorage, Sylvie decided to try MMS. Its proponents had told her that it would prevent malaria, which is prevalent in this part of the world.

    “From almost the moment Silvie drank the mixture of MMS and lime juice — which she’d brewed up according to the instructions of Jim Humble, the principal proponent of the stuff — things went wrong. She became nauseated, and was soon both vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. But since the MMS literature emphasized that this was a normal reaction, she assumed it would pass. It didn’t.

    “It turned into a day of torture, with Silvie gradually getting worse, to the point of having severe abdominal pains, then urinary pains. I helped her all day, bathing her, comforting her and trying to get liquids into her. But she couldn’t keep anything down. About the time it started to get dark, she began to feel faint. That’s when I became fully alarmed. She fell into a coma while I was on the VHF calling for assistance.

    “With her unresponsive, I put out another radio call, this time for immediate emergency care. Fellow cruisers rushed to our boat within minutes. For over an hour we administered CPR and oxygen. But neither they, nor an adrenalin shot administered by a physician from the village, were able to revive her. Sylvie died aboard Windcastle around 9 p.m., just 12 hours after she’d taken that fatal drink of MMS. Her body was flown back to Port Vila the next day and put in the hospital morgue. I brought Windcastle to Port Vila the next day.

    “Since then, there has been — because Sylvie hadn’t died a natural death — a three-week-long police investigation involving Vanuatu criminal investigators. For one thing, it’s illegal for anyone to promote or sell MMS as a medical remedy in Vanuatu. Australian joint command investigators, who aid in law enforcement in Vanuatu, also became involved. That led to a court order and, eventually, a senior pathologist’s being flown from Melbourne to conduct a post mortem autopsy. That was two weeks ago. Then Silvie’s son and daughter agreed that her body should be flown to New Zealand for cremation.

    “Last week, I accompanied Sylvie’s body to Auckland by plane. I was present for the cremation and arranged to have her ashes sent to her daughter Aretha in Mexico City. I’m now back on Windcastle in Port Vila, where I await the results of the autopsy from Australia’s Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Melbourne. I’m also dealing with the need to secure our boat against the approaching cyclone season, which may mean having to sail her to another country.

    “My heart has been absolutely crushed by the sudden loss of my dear wife Silvie. It’s so shocking I can hardly believe it. I miss her immensely, and Windcastle is empty without her presence. But with all of her relatives and friends, Silvie, who brought so much joy and happiness into the world and to us, will live on forever in our hearts and minds. I’ve been told that the villagers at Epi, who had been so entertained by Sylvie’s dancing the night before she died, have built a shrine to honor her.

    “As for MMS, I wish I’d done a better job of preventing Sylvie, who had become the love of my life, from messing with it. I know now that it’s a dangerous, toxic chemical which, if ingested, can be lethal. MMS killed my wife, Silvie.”

    So ends Doug’s letter.

    John Nelson
    Crew on Tres Estrellas, 35-ft Horstman tri
    Cat Harbor

    Link to post:

  10. fred Says:

    can anyone smell rothschild?

  11. Fred Says:

    I have been following this so called ‘Mr Nash’ who claimed that his wife passed away because of the MMS.

    Whether that his real name or not, he is nothing more than an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work.

    Mr Nash’s comment have been posted on different forums.

    Nice try, Mr Nash.. whoever you are.

  12. Ron Paul Says:

    Nash is a fake, our 1 year old baby took 2 drops an gets cured!

  13. Judith L Ressallat, RN, MSN Says:

    I cannot sit by and see a friend maligned as some of the respondents are doing. Doug B Nash is a fine person and a reputable scientist with a doctoral degree whom I have known for over 10 years. At one time I sailed with him on his boat, Windcastle, out of Dana Point California. Doug’s area of expertise is in Planetary Geology and he was one of the original geologists to be selected to examine the first moon specimens brought back to earth.

    After a long and successful professional life in geology Dr. Nash
    created, developed, and administered a unique research facility in San Juan Capistrano, California. In addition he served terms as Mayor of that city. He and his wife, Sylvie, began their circumnavigation aboard Windcastle. He has nothing to do with “Pharma, FDA, et al”. Dr. Nash and his wife share their sailing adventures on a web site, ” Cruising on Windcastle” complete with lovely pictures which can be accessed per Google. The loss of his dear wife’s life thru ingestion of MMS should be viewed as a sad and very needless tragedy.

    Get your facts correct before you add to a person’s grief..where is your heart??

  14. Rai Hffbauer Says:

    From a previous post:
    We are awaiting an Australian forensic pathologist’s report on the post-mortem examination of her body and toxicology analysis of the MMS liquid she ingested that led to her death.

    Has anyone heard anything more about this? The report should be available by now shouldn’t it? I’m a little suspicious.

    ….That a 2 drop dose of MMS could be lethal seems pretty incredible to me. Maybe there was a hypersensitive reaction to something we’re not being told…

  15. Joaquin Says:

    I am the son of Sylvie (the woman that died after ingesting MMS) and me and the whole family are the first ones to be shocked with the fact that two drops could have such a fatal effect.

    If no more information has been shared its because is the day that we are still waiting for the results that hopefully will provide some answers.

    I wish this was all made up, but sadly, it is not.

  16. Daniel Says:

    Mr Nash, How DARE you ilfiltrate this board with your bullshit stories about your wife dying from MMS!!

    I’m not American but if I was, I would feel cheated as a taxpayer to know that FDA employees spend public money on writing bullshit fake stories on message boards.

    The FDA spends most of its time trying to keep people sick. It is part of a larger network of corrupt institutions who want to wipe out 80% of the population anyway!

    The PROOF of MMS’s effectiveness is that FDA opposes it so strongly. We’re awake to you and people like you Mr Nash.

    Why don’t you contribute something useful to society instead of being the parasitic leech that you are?!

  17. Wayne Crawford Says:


    This whole FDA line is crap. I don’t know how Daniel is associated with the product, but he clearly is interested in blocking any negative information if he calls someone a parasitic leech with absolutely no information. I have been living in Vanuatu for the past 2 years, met and worked with Douglas several times, and yes he was here, yes his wife died and no he had nothing to do with the FDA. I have no idea if MMS killed his wife, but your strident, paranoid and off-target attacks on someone who is genuinely bereaved is enough to warn anyone off of MMS.

  18. Sarah Says:

    This whole issue of Mr. Nash’s wife is really a moot point. While two drops seems a very small dose and has shown to be save even for small babies… we also don’t know if Mrs Nash might have had some medical condition that was exacerbated by taking MMS. Some people are overly sensitive to things, it could have triggered an electrolyte imbalance, … who knows?

    People have died from things that many other people have not.

    The point that people should take away is that MMS has been taken safely by thousands and thousands of people. One questionable death is statistically irrelevant however, everyone that tried this the first time should follow directions and, since Vitamin C, reverses the effects of MMS, it might be a good idea to have OJ on hand just in case one does get overly sick.

    But I have used MMS, as has thousands of others. If I had a severe health condition that MMS might help… knowing about one death would not make me hesitate to take it again.

  19. Ignace Says:

    The last weekend in my city and in a football match, died two people. There were 90,000 spectators in the estadio.Two of them died of a heart attack.89,998 people did not die.
    The question is: Watching football kills people or people die when the time comes you’re doing what you are doing?

  20. bzbenny Says:

    Wayne Crawford ,Judith L Ressallat are obviously names made up by Doug Nash. It is statistically impossible that two people who know him well would come across this post on the health salon website and post in his favor. The health salon site should check the ip addresses that they were sent from, it is most probably his own.

  21. benchy Says:

    I’ve just been reading through the posts above……Im currantly researching everything i can about mms on the net trying to get as much information as possible about it as im interested in having ago using it…..
    Ive read or heard on videos that the positve effects of this chemical on the human body have been known about for apparently 80 years…no wonder big pharma wants it kept quiet…ill people make em more money…

    These Nash posts do seem fake/false whatever you want to call it. From what ive found out so far your body naturally produces hypchlorus acid so to me taking mms would just boost whatever is already present, so its not really any different to taking vitamin tablets in my opinion so it cant really be harmfull unless you massively overdose on it, which i might add you can do with plain old water and were 70% made from it……another thing i thought of was if mms was harmfull if ingested then surely they wouldnt use the chemical its made of in swimming pools, they tip multiple sacks full at 75% strength in one pool.
    Have you noticed cuts, grazes, spots etc heal really fast when you,ve been swimming in a treated pool…
    Feel free to correct anything ive put that maybe inaccurate :0)

  22. Anonymous Says:

    On July 12, “the truth” posted a document that was compiled by the people who were involved in giving CPR to Sylvia Fink (the wife of Doug Nash)(see posts above). I was one of those people. This document was removed at our request because it was obtained and posted without the knowledge or consent of any of the few people who had original copies of it. It gave full names of all parties. This was an invasion of privacy.

    This document was compiled in case there were future legal proceedings. In fact, there is, from what we were told by an unofficial source, still an open investigation going on in this matter. We have not yet been asked for any statements, but this may still happen. So, not only was it wrong from the view of invading our personal privacy, but it is important that this Account not be open to the public until the investigation is finished. Yes, it has been a whole year and this is not yet finished. Supposedly the autopsy results cannot be made public until the investigation is closed. I know nothing more.

    If “the truth” returns here to see the reactions and comments, and sees that the document was removed, he/she will know why.

    We request that he/she go back to any other sites where this document was posted and ask that they be removed. If “the truth” ever again obtains documents clandestinely, we hope he reflects completely as to the implications of his actions before posting it.

    The best way to support the cause of MMS is to keep posting POSSITVE testimonials, and statements. Hate and name calling only hurts the cause.

  23. Matt Dalby Says:

    For those attacking Doug Nash I think a quote from Joseph N. Welsh is apposite:

    ‘Have you no sense of decency… At long last have you left no sense of decency?’

  24. Jonathan Campbell Says:

    I think it is UNBELIEVABLE what some people have said about Doug Nash. Without a shred of ordinary research, they say he is some sort of fake, an FDA agent planting fake stories about his wife dying. For goodness sakes all you needed to do is type his name to google and you find out who he is. How cruel.

    What I have discovered is this: the very foundations of safety of MMS are in fact fraudulent. I have detailed the problems in an article on my website:

    The article also discusses the many contradictions regarding Jim Humble’s biological explanation of how MMS works. It cannot work the way he describes because human physiology does not work the way he describes. His description is pure fiction.

    And there have been articles questioning Mr. Humble’s assertions of the malaria cures and his working with governments in Africa – there is no documentation confirming these achievements, and some evidence to the contrary (for instance people who have actually traveled in Africa and who have asked governmental officials about MMS).

    So, in short, I think the whole thing is a fraud.

  25. Roger Says:

    Interesting reading through these comments.
    My grandfather died after drinking a cup of tea. I’m sure it killed him, although the death certificate did not confirm it.

    D Nash claims his wife died after taking 2 drops of MMS; “In terms of milligrams of sodium chlorite (NaClO2), this calculates out to 9 mg per drop…
    Thus the dose that led to my wife’s agonizing death just 12 hours after she ingested it appears to have been 18 mg.”

    If Nash’s wife followed the MMS protocol correctly, she should’nt be consuming any sodium chlorite. When mixed with a suitable activator (like citric acid solution), chlorine dioxide is formed. Chlorine dioxide is what is consumed, not sodium chlorite.
    MMS (chlorine dioxide) has been proven safe for human consumption in clinical trials:
    “…the relative safety of oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide… was demonstrated”.