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Iodine and Cardiac Conditions, Afib, Arrhythmias

15th June 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

By Bruce West, D.C.

[In Health Alert, June 2006, Volume 23, Issue 6. To order, call 831-372-2103, weekdays. Or write Health Alert, 100 Wilson Road, #110, Monterey Ca 93940.]

“As you have read over and over in Health Alert, there is an epidemic of cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation in this country. Expert Thyroidologists like Guy Abraham, MD, are convinced that the medical iodine phobia has a great deal to do with this phenomenon. Adequate stores of iodine are necessary for a smooth heartbeat.” — Health Alert, Vol. 22, No. 12

Too many years ago medical experts determined that high doses of iodine were dangerous, despite a hundred-year history of extremely high doses (in today’s terms) of iodine prescribed by doctors for just about everything—with great results. As is often the case, the flawed results of this study became medical dogma. And today, more than 50 years later, organized medicine still follows that dogma when it comes to iodine therapy.

This is particularly sad for those who do not have access to alternative medical care and are suffering from problems with thyroid and goiter, female reproductive diseases, menopause, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, polycystic ovaries, breast disease, heart disease, and most especially arrhythmia problems.
Missing Link
Iodine supplementation may be the missing link in a good percentage of heart arrhythmia cases, especially atrial fibrillation. The body needs adequate stores of iodine for the heart to beat smoothly. After close to a year now of using Iodine Fulfillment Therapy, I can attest to this fact. Most of the stubborn cases of cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation that we were unable to completely correct with our cardiac protocols have now been resolved with adequate supplies of iodine added to the protocol.

Even I was fooled for years—fooled away from using adequate doses of iodine. But thanks to bona fide experts like Dr. Abraham, I was able to see the decades-old medical iodine phobia for what it really was—a mistake. Carefully and slowly at first, I started having patients take sufficient doses of iodine. Much to my surprise, there were no problems, just many great results, especially with arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation.
Iodine Fulfillment
Iodine fulfillment means the entire body has adequate stores of iodine to function properly. Although iodine can be found in every organ and tissue in the body, some areas utilize more iodine than others. It is not only the thyroid gland that uses iodine but also the heart, breasts, ovaries, muscles, liver, and adrenal glands. We are also discovering that while it may take smaller doses to fulfill the thyroid’s needs, it often takes much larger doses to fulfill the rest of the body’s needs, including the needs of the heart.

These parts of the body are iodine sensitive—that is, if they are starving for iodine, they do not function properly. Since there are so many iodine-sensitive sites in the body, medical experts are finding that iodine therapy can be a “panacea” of sorts for all types of stubborn problems. Just as physicians noted 60 to 100 years ago, iodine therapy can help people with hypo- or hyperthyroid (with or without goiter), fibrocystic breasts, polycystic ovary syndrome, brain fog, constipation, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. In addition, it may prove essential treatment if you suffer from heart disease, arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation.

In the past, with just about every patient with heart problems, arrhythmias, and atrial fibrillation, I would always use a protocol from Standard Process that included Cataplex F. Cataplex F is a combination of liver extract, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine. But the typical dose of four to six Cataplex F tablets contains less than one milligram of iodine. While this dose was adequate for most people, some failed to respond, or only got partially better. Old-time physicians used to routinely prescribe up to 100 milligrams daily for all kinds of problems with excellent results. Now I know that they were on the right track.
How Much Iodine, and For How Long?
As I see people with stubborn arrhythmias getting better on 10, 20, 30, and even up to 50 mgs of iodine daily, I know that large doses are sometimes needed by the body. This is what Iodine Fulfillment Therapy is all about. Iodine fulfillment simply fulfills all of the body’s needs for iodine. For those deficient, this may require up to 50 mgs daily for three to four months.

If you have been unable to resolve your heart arrhythmia with one of my protocols, the simplest way to proceed with Iodine Fulfillment Therapy is to add Prolamine Iodine from Standard Process to your heart protocol. Begin with one Prolamine Iodine tablet daily. If there are no problems after a few days to a week, increase the dose to two daily. Continue this procedure, increasing the dose by one more daily until your heart begins to beat smoothly. At this point, you have reached iodine fulfillment. Stay at this dose for a full three months.

Since each Prolamine Iodine tablet contains 3 mgs of iodine, your body may require from 1 to 15 tablets daily for three months. Most people achieve results after 3 to 10 tablets daily. After three full months at your iodine fulfillment dose, begin to cut the dose back by one to two tablets daily each week. If you begin to feel your heart act up again, you have gone past your maintenance dose. Add back one more tablet daily. You will generally end up with a dose of one to four daily—and this dose should be maintained for 12 months. Thereafter, you will probably need even less.
Don’t Take Prolamine Iodine and Amiodarone
Amazingly, while medicine shuns iodine therapy, their most popular anti-fibrillation drug, Amiodarone, actually is iodine in a toxic, sustained-release form. This drug can produce a smooth heartbeat when the body has accumulated about 1,500 mgs of iodine—the exact amount of iodine retained by your body when iodine fulfillment is achieved by natural supplementation with Prolamine Iodine.

Unfortunately, Amiodarone is an extremely toxic form of iodine used by the medical profession. The side effects are often too great (and even life threatening) for most people to endure long enough to achieve a normal heartbeat. In addition, once you stop this drug, your original problem returns. Iodine therapy, on the other hand, fulfills the body’s needs safely, then maintains the smooth heartbeat with a low-maintenance dose.

Because Amiodarone is iodine, you cannot use iodine fulfillment therapy while you are taking this drug. Rather, your doctor needs to wean you off this drug first, so you can then begin natural iodine treatment. In other words, iodine fulfillment therapy is done in place of Amiodarone, not together with it. Amiodarone and iodine at the same time can be dangerous.

If you are on a heart protocol that has been only partially effective, or your arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation problem is stubborn, you will need to test iodine fulfillment therapy. However, you will maintain your original heart protocol with one change. Once iodine therapy has started (even at one Prolamine Iodine tablet daily), you will no longer need to take Cataplex F. Everything else in your protocol remains the same.
The Iodine Test
In the past we held that if it took less than 24 hours for tincture of iodine to disappear from the skin then there was a need for iodine supplementation. Today, I am not so sure this is a good indicator of iodine need. There are just too many variables involved in how quickly the tincture disappears from the skin.

However, tincture of iodine, available in drug stores everywhere for pennies, cannot hurt. Common sense dictates that if the iodine first disappears in a few hours, but stays in place for more than 24 hours after iodine fulfillment therapy, it is a good test. I will leave it up to you if you want to challenge this test.

As far as I’m concerned, I am finding more and more people deficient in iodine—even those I would not have thought would have this problem. At this stage, unless you know you are allergic to iodine (a very rare condition), it would be best to fulfill your body’s needs for iodine if you have any of the problems mentioned in this article.

Simply proceed with caution, slowly and carefully. For anyone setting out on a course of iodine fulfillment therapy, please send us a self-addressed envelope with two stamps and say IODINE. We will send you our full article so you will know exactly how to proceed. The best course of action is to proceed with iodine therapy safely, as there have been some problems reported in certain individuals. I recommend that you proceed only when you have our Iodine flyer in your hands.
Problems and Allergy to Iodine
Few problems have been reported when iodine therapy is accomplished slowly and safely—as outlined in my flyer. Sensitive individuals may experience skin irritation; watery eyes, nose, and saliva; nervousness or headache. Some highly sensitive individuals may also experience a racing heart or irritation of the esophagus. These are extremely rare (I’ve seen very few of these potential problems), and they are easily resolved by either immediately reducing the dose or quitting the iodine.

The greatest problem arises when an individual with a known allergy to iodine tries iodine therapy. This therapy cannot be used by these folks unless their allergy to iodine is resolved.

Resolving an allergy to iodine may be possible with an acupuncture technique called NAET. To find out if your allergy to iodine (or other substances, for that matter) can be resolved, check out the acupuncture site of an old friend of Health Alert, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, at

The second greatest problem can occur if you try iodine therapy while taking an iodine drug like Amiodarone. This will cause problems that can require medical attention. Do not attempt to take large doses of iodine when you are taking Amiodarone, Pacerone, or Cardarone. If you want to try iodine therapy, your doctor will first have to wean you from these drugs.

In conclusion, if you suffer from heart arrhythmias or atrial fibrillation, or any of the problems listed in this article, keep iodine therapy in mind. If you use iodine therapy, please feel free to send me your results. As I’ve said, I have been nothing but pleasantly surprised with results coming back better and better. And I can finally reach some of those really stubborn arrhythmia and fibrillation cases that just would not respond completely to my protocol containing only a milligram or two of iodine.

It is now beyond a doubt that adequate iodine is necessary for a smooth heartbeat. This ongoing research is truly wonderful news.


Iodine Facts and Results
By Bruce West
[from Health Alert, October 2006, Volume 23, Issue 10]

Iodine therapy continues to be highly beneficial to iodine-deficient people. It is now proven that 50 mgs of iodine daily detoxifies the body of toxic halide compounds such as bromine and fluorine—as well as the heavy metals lead and mercury. It is proven that there is a built-in safety mechanism for iodine overload. With iodine deficiency, the amount of iodine retained in the body is related to the amount of the deficiency. At full sufficiency (when there is no longer any iodine deficiency), the excess iodine is excreted via the urine as iodide. It is proven that the amount of iodine needed and retained in the body for total iodine sufficiency is 1,500 mgs. This is 50 times higher than the amount reported in medical textbooks.

Our environment is now loaded with the toxic halides bromine and fluorine. Up until now we have had no way to detoxify the body of these thyroid poisons. Iodine Therapy now provides a protocol to accomplish what we have desired for years. And as an added bonus, there is additional detoxification of mercury and lead.

Iodine is needed for a smooth heartbeat. Yet the medical establishment continues to have a penchant for the toxic, iodine-containing drug Amiodarone. This drug is extremely toxic to the thyroid and can induce severe thyroid abnormalities. Yet rather than switch to the nontoxic form of iodine, cardiologists and thyroidologists would kill the thyroid gland with ablation of the thyroid (surgical or drug destruction of the gland) in order to continue the use of the toxic drug Amiodarone.

As a result, rather than switch to the nontoxic form of iodine to smooth out a severe cardiac arrhythmia, medical doctors would sacrifice the thyroid gland altogether. This radical procedure is performed so that the drug, which is rarely a successful, long-term treatment for cardiac arrhythmias, can be used. Seem a little drastic? Once something becomes the gold standard in medicine, almost nothing will stand in the way of physicians continuing to prescribe it.

Nontoxic and Effective Treatment
So if you suffer from atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, or any other cardiac arrhythmia, you will probably be prescribed the toxic drug Amiodarone along with the rat poison warfarin (Coumadin). All the while you probably need Iodine Therapy. But take note…you cannot proceed with Iodine Therapy while you are taking Amiodarone. The combination of safe iodine with the drug’s toxic iodine would overwhelm the body.

Instead, you need to start a heart protocol available from us, and then have your doctor wean you from Amiodarone as you prepare for Iodine Therapy. After three weeks off Amiodarone, you can begin Iodine Therapy….

The Body’s Many Needs for Iodine
It seems hard to believe that many, many people need large doses of iodine. But when you consider that toxic halide molecules and heavy metals are in direct competition for the iodine sensitive sites in the body, it makes sense. These toxins are now everywhere in our environment. They are displacing iodine from your body every day. And iodine fulfillment can only be reached when these toxins are released from the body. This happens only with Iodine Therapy.

Aside from the thyroid gland, your heart, muscles, skin, brain, breasts, ovaries, and other glands and tissues are dependent on iodine. People who are just depleted, chronically cold, depressed, obese, forgetful, chronically fatigued, and old before their time probably need Iodine Therapy.

People with heart arrhythmias, heart disease, ovary disease, breast disease, menopausal problems and hot flashes, muscle wasting, hypo- and hyperthyroid disease, “brain fog,” dementia and Alzheimer’s osteoporosis, premenstrual tension, and just about everyone on thyroid hormone medication probably need Iodine Therapy. And just about everyone poisoned with bromine, fluorine, mercury, lead, and the drug Amiodarone probably needs Iodine Therapy.

The Body’s Safety Mechanism
Given what we now know about the built-in safety mechanism for iodine overload, Iodine Therapy is relatively safe. You could be tested for the amount of iodine you need and then checked again to see if you’ve reached fulfillment, but since excess iodine is harmlessly excreted as iodide in the urine, this is often not necessary. Most people reach Iodine Fulfillment on a dosage of between 37 and 50 mgs daily for 3 to 6 months.

The iodine dosage is increased slowly, and after 3 to 6 months on the full dose it is tapered back down to a low dose. The responses to this therapy are often extremely dramatic. Patients with stubborn heart arrhythmia that partially responded to my heart protocol, which contained small amounts of iodine, are now routinely cured with their protocol combined with Iodine Therapy.

A Fountain of Youth?
As a result of Iodine Therapy, women enjoy relief from chronic cystic breasts. Thyroid function is improved. Skin tone is improved. Indeed, in some patients, years seem to roll back. The mind functions better, and the “brain fog” is often lifted. Ovary syndromes are often permanently resolved. And the need for life-long thyroid medication is often diminished or eliminated altogether.

If you fit into any of these categories, you may wish to consider a proper protocol combined with Iodine Therapy. This type of treatment is now very well tested, proven, and safe. Remember to proceed only after you’ve read my Iodine Therapy flyer. Patients routinely use Iodoral (which can be procured from physicians), or Prolamine Iodine from Standard Process.

The clinical evidence of significant health benefits continues to gather from physicians who use this type of treatment. The results we get with our patients show the same kinds of benefits.

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41 Responses to “Iodine and Cardiac Conditions, Afib, Arrhythmias”

  1. Mary Cochran Says:

    Thank you Dr. West for your amazing article on Iodine and Cardiovascular Disease. For many years I have wondered why my mother and father died 3 months apart of sudden cardiac death in 1978. My mother had a long history of severe thyroid and cardiovascular disease, treated at one of the top medical centers in the US. My father was treated at the same facility with cardiac by-pass in ’74. Both of my parents were in New Mexico during WWII and my father particularly is believed to have had significant exposure to radiation from nuclear activity but clearly my mother must have had significiant exposure as well thus depleting their iodine levels.

    As a nurse, I was well aware of the impact of low levels of magnesium on a myriad of health challenges. Since my parents owned a dairy farm and drank raw milk daily with a low green intake, it was easy to understand that magnesium deficiency may have been implicated but iodine never surfaced in the case of my father. I felt poor thyroid function was central to my mother’s poor health.

    Not long ago, my 28 yo daughter who is a nuclear engineer asked me about my history of intraductal breast cancer. Cancer has not been in our large extended family so she was interested in determining if there was anything she might do to prevent breast cancer.

    This request prompted me to begin inquiry into the subject. It did not take me long to do a google search and retrieve articles by Dr Donald Miller on the health implications of iodine deficiency as well as the work of Drs. Brownstein and Flechas and others on thyroid, cystic breast disease and intraductal/prostate/ovarian cancer. I began to have aha moments when the topics of heavy metal chelation, natural antibiotic function as well as hormonal responsibilities were attributed to IODINE.

    My health challenges immediately began to make sense – very poor dental health (low magnesium) and filling after filling as young as 3 years as well as pyorrhea and gum boils. My ability to learn diminished and particularly short-term memory.
    I understood the material but found retention expecially difficult. My mother would agree that hyperactivity was part of my MO as well but no endurance. Dental problems plagued me as a child and at 10 when pre-pubescent deveopment began, I experienced tender breasts immediately and culminated in a right mastectomy at age 50 with the onset of menopause. In addition, I was plagued with every childhood disease, measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. In 1985, came a hospitalization for chest pain and cardiac arrhythmia along with a diagnosis of lyme disease with neurologic dysfunction and long-term antibiotic treatment. As a nurse, I had been brainwashed into believing that things like bagels and flour products were “complex carbs” and good for you. Now I understand that in 1980 bromine became the bleaching agent in flour and thus a further displacement of the little amount of iodine I had in my body. Fortunately for me, I have had a spring water source so didn’t drink fluoridated water but used fluoridated toothpaste.

    I have used a myriad of nutritionals to heal since 1994 but it was not until September of ’07 when I connected the iodine with breast cancer did I get the “big picture”. Using muscle testing and the patch test, it was clear that I needed alot of iodine. I now test for 1200 mg of the 1500 mg required for fulfillment.

    I want to thank you from my heart for your article and helping me to put the puzzle together so that the pieces are in the right places.

    I now understand the untimely death of my parents, the why of my health and how to pass on a legacy of health to my daughters, nieces and nephews.

    I’m no longer experiencing an irregular heart beat for the first time in many years. My pusle is full and regular at 60! I can exercise without fatigue.

    In Gratitude,
    Mary Cochran RN BSN

  2. Dale Selgrath, MS Says:

    Hello Gang,

    What an eye opening article ! After doing more research I have immediately started an Iodine therapy program to treat my symptoms. Good source for Lugol’s solution is eBay. 2004lettie

    Check this out !
    To Your Super Health !

  3. Jeanne Patton Says:

    Please send me your full report on iodine versus Amiodarone. I want help in weaning off Amio, but may not be able to get it from my cardiologist. I am shopping for a replacement cardiologist, but they may be all alike in Missouri (mindless). I am also considering an endocrinologist. At least thew rest of my body will be evaluated. My eyes are affected, but the blurb doesn’t give a damn.

  4. Jeanne Patton Says:

    Mail is published

  5. Michael Baynes Says:

    I read your article with interest and took some (3) Kelp tablets that have 400mcg per tab. I have had 2 heart ablations that have not stopped my arrhythmia so i have continued to take metoprolol and propafenone which keeps me stable most of the time. Typically it is only alcohol that will set my heart off. However, wihtin 6 hours of taking the 3 Kelp tabs I started to feel out of sorts, with nausea, dizziness and a bit of a head ache. I then fell into arrhythmia. Any thoughts?

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have little experience with the use of iodine in cardiac conditions. I would suggest that if you think iodine could be helpful to you that you find a qualified naturopathic doctor to assist you. I do know that some cardiac meds are based around an iodine molecule.

    I wonder if the kelp tablets stimulated a detox for you? Iodine with stimulate the dumping of other toxic halogens.

    Please seek more advanced advice on the use of iodine in your situation.

  7. Margaret Sweeney Says:

    I suffer from arrhythmia and am slated for heart ablation , which I would certainly like to avoid if possible.I have been doing much internet research and came across this site – I have ordered Propalomine and am waiting for the shipment to arrive.In the meantime i have been taking “sea vegetables”– capsules containing several types of seaweed.Took them for a week faithfully(3 caps./day) but started to get “srange” feelings in my heart.Have cut back to one per day,but still getting an irregular heart rythme. Was taking propafenone and atenalol but ceased taking these before i started to take the seaweed supplements. Could you offer any suggestions
    Margaret Sweeney Canada

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I could not offer any advice except to start a comprehensive cardiac nutritional supplementation program. You will find all the info you need in the Cardiovascular section of this blog.
    Iodine will certainly not be enough to get you out of trouble. You probably need 10 to 15 different supplements and a diet revision. Maintain contact with a good cardiologist who understands supplementation and diet.

  9. Margaret Sweeney Says:

    When taking Prolamine iodine tablets are they taken once / day or are they taken at intervals during the day

  10. christy destiny Says:

    I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease about 2 years ago, I am in my 30′s, and now am experiencing a sort of shortness of breath with exertion. I am a healthy weight, do not smoke, etc. and used to be very active, runner, etc. I am wondering what is known about the connection between Lyme’s and cardiac arrhythmias. I am under the impression that I am suffering some deliterious effects, like Afib or something, at the moment. I am very tired and have difficulty concentrating. I am not on any other medication and eat very well. This is perplexing to me and I will take all the advice I can get. Iodine sounds like it has potential, I do know about Amiodarone as I have administered it in the field. Please let me know what you know about the latest.
    Thank you,

  11. Daniel Sutherland Says:

    My life is divided into two parts: Before Lyme, After Lyme (1996). My atrial fibrillation began immediately upon contracting Lyme and/or babesiosis. At first, I controlled it successfully with Cataplex-B. It became an intermittent problem triggered by the usual: Nicotine, alcohol, salt. Please note that I am informed about nutrition via the writings of Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman and was way ahead of the curve regarding the use of beneficial oils: fish, borage, flax-seed. A second/third bout with Lyme (2003)re-activated the a-fib which led to an (cryo) ablation procedure at MGH (2005). 18 months later the a-fib returned. Subsequent Google mining led me to where a protocol of taurine (magnesium taurate) and L-arginine is described that resolves arrhythmia. This worked beautifully for me until I began a program of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (I’m 49). Certain supplements in the program provoked my a-fib (I suspect DHEA and/or pegnenalone). It has also been postulated that iodine depletion can hinder hormone replacement programs. After suspending the program my a-fib continued. More Google mining led me to this and other pages that connect iodine depletion and cardiac issues. I immediately began to increase the dosage with the iodine I had been taking (nascent iodine liquid) until my Prolamine Iodine supplements arrived. In one week I am seeing results. My debilitating fatigue is lifting and my nightly bouts of a-fib are quickly subsiding. A note to Lyme sufferers. There is much internet chatter about “chronic Lyme”. I live in Lyme central; Nantucket Island, with a very good Lyme doctor. There is no clinical evidence for successful anti-biotic protocols beyond 3-6 weeks for Lyme. My chronic symptoms could easily fall into the so-called “chronic Lyme” category. My experience has led me to the fact that my recurring symptoms are cardiac related. A-fib produces many symptoms that are similar to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme. I would encourage Lyme suffers to consider this and other alternatives before finding a doctor willing to prescribe highly toxic anti-biotic protocols for extended periods (some up to 18 months!!!) Hopefully this helps. Best, Daniel

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks for your informative post Dan.

    MMS is bringing success for many lyme people. It is not an antibiotic. It is an antiseptic.
    I have lots of info stored here on mms and an active
    thread at where regular mms users gather.

    I wonder if your a-fib has some microbe involved. A fib must have a cause. Most often docs do not know what causes it.
    I agree. there may be a hormone issue.
    If it does have a microbe involved MMS can help. Iodine is great.
    Iodine and MMS can cure most of what ails us.

  13. Diana Hopson Says:

    I am curious. I am 77 have no immediate health issues, except hypothyroidism. I have been taking thyroid medication since I was early 20s. Approximately 5 years ago I lost 40 pounds, by eating healthy and getting more exercise. I do not eat meat, fish, poultry or any product containing same (if I know it’s there). Because of all the hype out there about cutting back on salt, I have come to the point that I rarely add salt to anything, and I do not eat a lot of prepared, packaged foods.

    For quite a while now, year perhaps more, I have had an occasional heart “blip” and occassions when I think I may have a bit of afib.

    Could it be that by cutting back on salt, I have also been cutting back on iodine?

  14. Alix Landman Says:

    Can too much of Iodoral – 50 mgd.. been on it for 3 weeks, prior ws on 10 mg for two months.. cause or trigger joint pain? I all of a sudden in the last week developed joint alomst gouty like pain in my right thumb joint … and now spreading to my other right hand fingers.. Not so much in the left.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I sincerely doubt it. You can always stop and see what happens then restart again.

    If it is gout you should get tested for uric acid levels in blood. There are some excellent treatments for gout that are all natural.

    It could be some other kind of arthritis.
    Serrapeptase is a good choice for some kinds of arthritis. take it between meals, that is important.

  16. José Luis Albalá Says:

    Thank you for your article so instructive. You say:

    “Simply proceed with caution, slowly and carefully. For anyone setting out on a course of iodine fulfillment therapy, please send us a self-addressed envelope with two stamps and say IODINE. We will send you our full article so you will know exactly how to proceed. The best course of action is to proceed with iodine therapy safely, as there have been some problems reported in certain individuals. I recommend that you proceed only when you have our Iodine flyer in your hands”

    I live in Spain and here I can not get USA stamps. Could you send my the flyer by another form?

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    i’m sorry this flyer is not available. You can get some guidance by joining this forum and asking questions.

  18. Rita Gale Pettit Says:

    How is your iodine different from Lugol’s, Iodoral and Nascent Iodine?
    Love this site.

  19. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Lugols or nacient iodine or idoral are the only types of iodine I reccomend for supplementation…. so I don’t understand your question.

  20. Minda Says:

    Regarding question 14: I googled “iodine overload and joint pain” because I recently noticed left great toe joint pain and felt the only change in my protocol was that I have increased my intake of Nascent Iodine to 16 drops/day in the attempt to attain iodine sufficiency.

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have not heard of this issue and in all the readings I have not on iodine from the physicians who use it it has not been mentioned.

    I suspect that this is coincidental. I suspect that if you stop the iodine and it continues your answer will be there. I have never heard that iodine caused nor treated gout. You may have something else going on.

    See the arthritis link for ideas regarding gout, it that should turn our to be your issue.

  22. Spareribs Says:

    I had thyca in 2001 and after the removal of my thryoid and also discovered Hashimotos Disease.
    I have had high bp which is control with 25 mg of atenolol and 2 tekturn 150 mg. I am taking 5 mgs of Warfarin.
    I am waiting for cardo conversion but have been taking magnesium , fish oil along with 175 mcd of Synthroid.
    In the case of someone who is kept hyperthyroid to prevent a return of cancer, is there hope of controlling a fib with Iodine supplements?
    There are no doctors in this area who will even try to put me on anything natural. I have seen six doctors and all refuse to put me on natural thyroid supplement since they say it is impossible to follow thyca with natural supplements. I live in Illinois. There must be someone in Chicago who is forward thinking but I am not aware of them.I would prefer to try natural supplements to having my heart shocked . My mother had a fib and a brother also had a fib. Thanks for any imput and for such a fascinating article.

  23. Michael Says:

    Those of you with aFib please I implore you all to go to a chiropractor, or some one who knows how to push the stomach down from the solar plexus …

  24. Judy Fuller Says:

    where can I purchase the iodine you mention in your article. thank you

  25. Arrow Durfee Says:

    See this link for several options

  26. Randy Valenzuela Says:

    Hi, I’ve undergone two ablations to correct my sudden and abrupt bouts with A-fib. I suffered my first A-fib episode just as I turned 40. I underwent my first ablation which worked for me for about 9 months when I began to suffer A-fib continuously. I suffered a heart blip once every six months, then every three, then once a month. After about another year my heart would go into a rapid heart beat causing my body to heat-up, and forcing me into a panick. I began to experience claustophobia, and anxiety while my heart was racing. As my heart began to calm down it would flip into A-fib. I began to suffer weekly episodes of A-fib after a small bout with rapid heart beat. I then opted for a second ablation. My first heart blip occurred three days after the ablation while at home. Then a second heart blip about four months later. Followed by three months after that, and so far I have suffered two episodes of A-fib lasting more than eight hours. My heart goes into a rapid heart beat followed by A-fib for about eight to fifteen hours; I continue an easy daily routine of relaxation. Take my medications composed of Metropolo, and Flecanide twice a day. My heart will convert back to normal rythem on its own while relaxing and eating a light lunch. I’m at my wits end! I work in a high impact environment with US Customs as a federal agent. I’m constantly training, and engaged in a highly active work atmosphere daily. I fear suffering an episode of A-fib while at work. Many people tell me to quit the job, but that is not as easy as it sounds. I’ve been in law enforcement for the greater part of my adult life, have studied law enforcement, and know no other field of work. I love my work and don’t have plans to quit. I’m in desperate need of an answer. If iodine treatment is the answer someone please tell me how to go about acquiring the program so I can begin taking these pills. I have been alcohol free for six years, have never smoked, haven’t consumed caffienated drinks for six years, stay away from diet colas with the sweetner Aspertame, and now I will begin to refrain from using any salt in my meals. I have taken Omega 3 salmon softgels, and straight fish oils as supplements, I eat plenty of avocados, blue berries, red berries, walnuts, spinach leaves (in place of lettuce), and use flaxseed in almost anything and everything I eat. I do love red meat, chicken, pork, and fish. At one time I was advised by one of my cardiologist to eat red meat because I was close to becoming animec. Yet, I still have episodes of A-fib, or heart blips that scare the hec out of me and really worries my wife. I really need some advice and guidance in this iodine treatment. Can you help.

  27. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I can help by assisting you to find a doctor who is knowlegable. You have to get away from the conventional medical people before they kill you. There is much you can do if you are willing.
    I will contact you privately.

  28. Danny Says:

    I am going to start the iodine therapy for AFIB. I read that long term use of iodine may may increase the INR number causing the blood too thin. TO What address should I send the self address envelop?

  29. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I donot receive mail. Are you referring to Dr West? in the lead article on this page?

    I strongly suggest that you work with a naturopathic doctor if you have afib. I also recommend that you get 2 or 3 IV chelation therapies and then follow up with oral chelation. Also take Standard Process Cataplex B vitamin available on I know a Natuorpathic doctor who has pretty good success with chelation and Cataplex B

    Monitor your INR as you increase iodine dosage. If you are on coumadin you may seek to get off of it but do not do it without a Naturopaths help. You will need your fibrogen levels checked and I think you should check them before stopping coumadin and before starting nattokinase which will keep your blood from clotting without dangerous side effects. Pycogenol also helps to prevent clots too. Many studies done on it.

    I strongly suggest that you read the 3 page article found here:

  30. Lisa Says:

    After reading this article, I’m very curious if the Iodine is what I need. I discovered I had afib when I was in an emergency room with a heart rate of 231. I presently take Flecainide for it. A few years back a doctor treated me for fatigue with Synthroid. My prescription ran out and was seen by another doctor who said my thyroid level was fine but yet I suffer from depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, weight gain and just feel bleh. The doctor would not prescribe the Synthroid and instead put me on anti-depressants. This is great information for me, will research it, and possibly start an Iodine supplement.

  31. Dennis Says:

    I am currently taking Pradaxa to thin my blood because I have continued to have afib 2-3 time a month for the last 2 years. My Dr. wants me to take Fecinade but I am resistant. I would like to start your iodine program but would like your advise regarding the Pradaxa. Should I stop taking it before I start taking iodine?


  32. Elke Haggerty Says:

    May I be so bold as to make some suggestions regarding a few of the posts above? I have done a reasonable amount of reading into hypothyroidism, as I am hypothyroid. Iodine did wonders to clear my brain fog and I am looking forward to better health generally as I detoxify from bromide, flouride etc.

    re Post 5 – kelp is often full of toxins. Better sources of iodine (iodine & potassium iodide) are Lugol’s solution and Iodoral (tablet equivalent of Lugol’s).

    re Post 8 – supporting nutrients for detoxifying with iodine are indeed important (e.g. vitamin C, magnesium, selenium, Celtic sea salt). a great resource, besides Dr. Brownstein’s book on Iodine, is the Yahoo Iodine Group and supporting website:

    re Post 13 – Dr. David Brownstein and others suggest avoiding table salt as the refining process has removed valuable trace minerals and added toxins. Our bodies do need salt though. Dr. Brownstein recommends unrefined Celtic Sea Salt. He has tested its contents many times.

    re Posts 22 & 30 – Iodine helps in several ways against cancer (e.g. cell apoptosis, prevention of cysts & nodules that lead to cancer). See, for instance, for the story of a survivor. Synthroid, by the way, does not work for everyone. It certainly did not for me. After 3 faithful years of using it and having a beautiful TSH, my symptoms were still all present and I actually had a number of additional symptoms, including terrible brain fog and memory issues. A good starting point on reading about that is patient advocate Janie Bowthorpe’s book, Stop The Thyroid Madness, Dr. Mark Starr’s book Hypothyroidism Type 2, or Dr. Brownstein’s book Overcoming Thyroid disorders (he also has a great DVD lecture by the same name). I am now on Natural Dessicated Thyroid (Erfa’s “Thyroid”) and saw immediate results – note: make sure your cortisol levels, iron panel and storage iron (tested via protein Ferritin) are in good order or you will not get the right results. Janie also has a website:

    Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. Kind regards, Elke

  33. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Im sorry I am not familiar with these medicaitons. I would not stop taking them until you are on a comprehensive alternative afib program than may include iodine but should also include vitamin K2 and especially nattokinase. I do not have an article on nattokinase, and I suggest that you do a comprehensive search on the topic. Nattokinse is relatively new to the USA and even your naturopath may require education on it. It is a very powerful clot distroyer. It will not allow clots to form. These need to be taken daily, diligently. Due to your condition I strongly recommend that you find a good Naturopathic Doctor that is comfortable with treating your kind of condition. You will need more skill and expertise than I can provoide for you.

  34. Bernadette McCarthy Says:


    Is it safe to take iodine while on 5 mg Zyprexa and also with mercury fillings.

    Thank you.

    Bernadette McCarthy

  35. rory Says:

    Will this protocal help an individual with pvc’s? They are different than AF’s.


  36. Joe Blocks Says:

    I was getting afib attacks a few times a month, sometimes weekly, then started taking prolamine iodine, just about 3 tabs a day and the result was just 2 known afib attacks in 6 mths. Then the afib started getting more frequent again. I thought that might have been because I was using a Potassium Iodide 32.5 mg tab every other day instead of the prolamine and that somehow the KI wasn’t being absorbed properly? Not sure, anyway I got back on the Prolamine and the attacks were less frequent.

    My problem is I don’t know how much I can safely take. I’ve noticed more articles in the press lately about the dangers of self medication with Iodine,
    very high TSH etc.

    Maybe I’m not getting enough? Maybe I should take 10 prolamine a day for 30mg but I’m scared as to the effect if I am already iodine sufficient

  37. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I suspect you are using a standard process product?
    You can read further about it here:

    I suggest that you use this forum’s search feature for iodine and read the articles for greater understanding.
    You can take up to 50mg of iodine a day generally, without problem, and it may be required with your conditon for a theraputic effect, but I cant guarantee this.
    I take about 25 mg a day but I do not have angina or any cardiac issues. Loading of iodine can go up to 200mg a day or more for several months.

    My naturopath really likes standard process products, but myself use Lugol’s iodine in liquid form.

    Any excess iodine will be readily eliminated by the urinary tract and it is good for many other body parts including the prostate, breasts, ovaries, brain, heart and many other systems.
    It will also detox the other halogens such as bromide, fluroide, chloride

    I would not rely solely on iodine for your angina issues. Keep researching. I have a serise of articles on this blog that deals with cardiac issues. Its 7 parts and starts here:

    I am assuming that your thyroid functions normally. If this is the case then If you take over 25 mg a day of iodine get your thyroid checked in 6 weeks. TSH may go up for a while but it usually goes back down. If there are abnormalities continue with treatment unchanged but recheck in another 6 weeks then readjust your dosage if need to.

  38. gail stewart Says:

    hello I have PAf and take flexainide 50mcgs bd
    Am healthy, organic jouces, barley grass spiruline, magnesium citrate, vit d etc. Still have af fora short time especially if blood sugar low or exercising…find i hyperventilate a lot, and all blood test for thyroid are normal. despite that i am wondering if the cause might be a low iodine> please can you give some help on this/
    Gail stewart..i am a nurse

  39. nad Says:

    Hello, I read that iodine should be taken with iodide. ??

    Thank you

  40. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, the best form is Lugol’s Iodine.

  41. nad Says: