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MMS Cured My Genital Herpes

22nd August 2008 by christo Posted in Uncategorized

About 6 months ago I was searching for some kind of relief/cure? for genital herpes for my wife and myself. I have been suffering from herpes outbreaks for 18 years and gave my wife the gift that keeps on giving last year and she has been miserable with almost non stop outbreaks:( It sure has taken its toll on our sex life. I stumbled across mms surfing the net and immediately bought the video, the book and the product. We both started with morning and night applications, starting with 1 drop and working our way up to 15 drops, each day adding another drop. When we go to 13-15 drops it was way to hard (diarrhea, abdominal cramping, loss of energy, and for me hot flashes, crazy sweating all the time). We backed down to 10 drops in the morning and 10 at night for a month straight. I admit we did miss a couple here and there but we we persistent. Honestly, we stopped after that because I got tired of the hot flashes and low energy. After stopping all our symptoms mentioned above returned to normal.

Now from the info I read on the net, it is recommended you take 15 drops twice a day for a month the herpes virus is close to the surface of the skin and you need to reach the point of saturation. Bottom line is I am cured, my wife still continues to get outbreaks and we are beginning another month and a half long treatment. It has been close to 5 months and I have not had one outbreak, which is a huge breakthrough. It is worth all the weird side effects to be free of that ugly beast called herpes.

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303 Responses to “MMS Cured My Genital Herpes”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Hello, Christo I, too had success with MMS. So have two of my friends. I am preparing flyers to spread the word here in Portland, Oregon. I know that many people would like to share your newfound freedom, and I would like to quote your success on the flyers. “I cured my Genital Herpes with MMS” – Christo(last initial) Would that be O.K? if so please provide email me with your last names’ initial. Thank You in Advance, Jesse.

  2. barbara Says:

    Have you actually had a blood test to determine if it is gone?

  3. Montana Says:

    Dear Jesse,
    You might be young and new to the scene of natural remedies so let me say this. Anyone who wants this information can do a search on the internet where the powers that be tend to dismiss most of what is talked about as false. If you pass out flyers all over a city to anybody and everybody then you are short sighted and not too smart due to the belief system in this country. Your efforts will have the oposite effect and you Jesse may be responsible for the boys shutting down availability over the internet along with information on how to make your own. There would be many sad people who might have this as their last hope of survival. When everyone wondered what happened, well, Jesse, they’d all say it was your fault. You really don’t want that to happen now Jesse, do you? Be cool and think before you do such a thing. Thanks Jess, I knew you’d understand.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hi Barbara. Just what sort of blood test are you suggesting? Blood tests normally detect antibodies and antibodies to the H virus (and many other pathogens) stay in your body for life. That’s what the immune system is all about – on exposure, it creates these specialised cells to fend off another attack. That’s why we have vaccinations and it’s how we create immunity. Is there another blood test that I don’t know about?

  5. Lisa Says:

    P.S. Note to christo – thanks for sharing your results. Good for you!!! :-)

  6. Amy Says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Your last name wouldn’t happen to start with a P would it? Instead of passing out flyers you should let ALL the people you slept with know they were exposed to the virus.

    Maybe you should ask a few you made aware of the situation if they contracted it and how they are doing. If you have a CONscience this might ease it more than passing around flyers.

    So glad you found a “cure” , there are never any consequences for Jesse Pollack!

  7. Brian Says:


    Yes the antibodies stay in you blood for life but if the level of antibodies detected is

  8. Brian Says:

    Sorry it cut off the rest of my post. What that is supposed to say is… if the level of antibodies detected is less than .90 then the HSV test is considered negative.

  9. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Brian. Doctors are really not all that good when it comes to this. I’m really glad to say that with a combination of MMS and homeopathic nosodes, the results are nothing short of brilliant!

  10. Lisa Says:

    Oh, and just to add to my last comment, I sincerely hope that others look to this as an option and benefit as much as I have. That’s really my only purpose to visiting this forum again.

  11. Nadya Says:

    Lisa, when you said you have benefited from MMS, how has it benefited you? Have you stopped your outbreaks? I am currently at 15 drops and hope to get rid of this nasty virus. I hope you got rid of yours!

  12. Lisa Says:

    Hi Nadya. MMS on its own made the outbreaks milder and less frequent. Because I am aware of the symptoms I recognise that they’re still ther under the surface but not properly breaking out. It was a combination of MMS, herbs, vitamins and most importantly the homeopathic nosodes that have virtually wiped out the virus (I had some extremely mild symptoms just before my period last month). I’m still continuing with all of the above and take MMS every evening before bed at a 15 drop dose so hope to wipe it out completely. It keeps on getting better and better so I can only hope that by saying this, others can follow the same path and have the same success. It was a lot of trial and error with various health professionals that allowed me to get to this point. It’s nasty and I hope we can all manage to wipe it out! I sincerely wish you the best and hope that you continue to post on this forum so that we can share any success.

  13. Lisa Says:

    By the way, 15 drop doses twice a day were really starting to wipe me out. I have studied chemistry and believe that they reduce the iodine levels in your body which messes up your thyroid function, makes you sluggish and feeling fat so an iodine supplement is also really useful. The herbs need to be prescribed by an expert who can judge which of your body systems need a boost. Olive leaf extract and Astragalus are good for anyone in this situation but there are others that are very individual based on your make up. That’s why one cure doesn’t work for everyone. There was an underlying virus in my system that was reducing my ability to fend off the herpes virus that was picked up by a practitioner who did vega testing and prescribed the right homeopathic nosode for it as well as the herpes virus. Mora therapy can produce similar results but I found that the practitioner was not able to prescribe the right herbs as they didn’t have a background in naturopathy.

  14. ANY2007 Says:

    Hey Guys I am glad to see your responses about mms use. I have Hsv1 and have been on mms and I was under the impression that I was beating this dreaded virus. I had built upmyself to 15 drops twice daily but then I caught a cold which put me down drastically and I got an outbreak. I am confused as to how I caught the cold to begin with I was under the impression that mms would beat the cold virus from going into full force and to top that I am lost as to why it(mms) didn’t stop the hsv1 virus? I can really use some help figuring this out. Before getting on mms I was also taking Lauricidin twice daily and it was helping but I wanted to wipe this damn thing out of my body. I have not taken my mms for 3 days ever since i came down with my cold and now am back on lauricidin and it had helped kill my fever. I am lost as to what my next step should be. I read somewhere recently that Florida State is still going ahead with their hammerhead research which is the most promising for herpes sufferers. Adny advice or insight is greatly appreciated. Anyone tried Dherbs Antiviral and Fullbody cleanse?

  15. Lisa Says:

    What’s lauricidin and what’s the hammerhead research that you refer to? Interested in knowing more …

  16. Blade Says:

    For those who have to tried MMS and have had a failure with it, I have a few suggestions why it possibly did not respond to your body. First off, when taking MMS, you MUST take it correctly at ALL times otherwise there is no point of trying this. Second under NO circumstance must you take any form of Vitamin C whatsoever. Whether its prescription Pills or Orange Juice or anything that contains Vitamin C, note that you must NOT take it with MMS because it Neutralizes it, which means it wont work with Vitamin C. Now if you are taking some form of prescription, take MMS first and Wait for at least 3 hours before taking your prescription. This goes for the morning and in the evening. You must also NOT drink any alcohol with MMS.
    You start off with 1 drop of MMS with 5 drops of citric acid. Then increase 1 drop of MMS and 5 drops of citric acid, EVERYday till you reach 15 drops of MMS and 75 drops of citric acid WITHOUT SIDE-EFFECTS for at least a month. Many People stop doing MMS because the side effects are too much for them. Side effects is good because your body is getting rid of the bad things in your body. Now there is no rush to MMS. So If you happen to be at 4 drops and the side effects are too strong, then decrease the drops for a few more days till you reach 4 drops WITHOUT side effects.

    So remember, your goal is to Reach 15 DROPS of MMS and 75 Drops of CITRIC ACID WITHOUT side effects.
    Hopefully this helps!

  17. Scotty Logan Says:

    But still no one can give a direct answer like ” . . . . I have had a blood test and after so many years with genital herpes and now after my 3rd blood test in 6 months the herpes virus is gone . . . . ”

    It is a struggle thats for sure but can anyone guarantee it is the real deal ?

  18. Genital herpesout break Says:

    Genital herpes symptoms he said were so terrible the last thing he wanted was pass them on to me.

  19. Jack Torrs Says:

    Scotty Logan, I agree, i can’t get a direct answer either.

    I would like at least one person in the world to say that they’ve had a blood test and tested negative for Herpes after properly using mms. It seems like alot of people are swearing by MMS, but when it comes down to actual scientific evidence or proof, there’s nothing.

    I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. I’m starting MMS next week, and after I work up to 15 drops w/o side affects, I will take another herpes blood test and I will scan my results, and post a link to the results on here, regardless of the results.
    Maybe this will help some of the skeptics.

  20. Nini Says:

    I was under the impression that there was no test to find out if you’ve gotten rid of herpes because every test they use today relies on finding herpes anti bodies in your blood. Once these anti bodies are in your blood they are there forever, so you cannot tell if the virus is gone or not.
    I have searched around all corners of the web and such and so far this is the most reliable seeming cure.

    I found many different types of cures and treatments on the internet and this one seems to hold elements of all of them, I’m going to try it next outbreak and I will also post my results here.

    I know there is a big hype about colloidal silver causing skin graying, before you condemn it completely i suggest you do some research into it yourself. I have scanned through loads of information on this stuff and have come to the conclusion that there is almost no chance of turning gray unless you abuse it horribly or use tainted product.

    this forum has a lot of info available.

  21. Tony Says:

    ANTIBODIES GO AWAY!!!!! with out getting into a whole thing about it….the body is very resourceful and it will NOT do something it doesnt need to do….antibodies are created by the immune system to combat SPECIFIC antigens(chemicals, allergies, viruses, bacteria ect)…and when that antigen is removed, the body will eventually stop making the anti-body…hence, with viruses, if the anti-body is still there, the virus is still there…example, CHICKEN POX….we forever have anti-body’s for this virus because we technically never naturally get rid of it…it remains dormant, and later in life comes out as SHINGLES!!! on the other hand, if someone is cured of say Lyme Disease or Hepatitis, their anti-bodies will slowly decline and eventually go away….if a person becomes reinfected with a antigen that they previously had, the body will REMEMBER how it fought it off the first time…it basically holds the genetic code for the anti-body, not the ACTUAL antibody…

    And by the way…people are testing NEGATIVE for RESOLVE and MMS!!!! In fact, a close advisor for Jim Humble tested negative for the Herpes Anti-Body…he had it on his foot…cant remember his name but hes on the web…if you search you can find him….

    K…HOPE THIS HELPS :-) …P.S….Im taking MMS right now for my HERPES and after I plan on also doing RESOLVE….

  22. pera Says:

    ton: please no do gt resolve it is fake, I am on another forum and tons of people hav used it..following directoions to the T and still havee herepes and you won gt your money back! so fa no one on tha forum was curd using resolve…i started using mms becasue a guy in th army usd it got sted when he came home and was negative… when he had an outbreak he started, h also usd medavir on his sores and put some on his lower back and back of neck for three months he used mms (15 drops 3x a day) tesed and was negative

  23. Hopeful Says:


    Do you by chance know which type of test your Army friend had done (just curious)? In the meantime i have not purchased Resolve b/c too many people test negative but then within the next 2 months test positive again. Do you know if your Army friend only had that one test or has he retested just to be truly sure?
    Please advise


  24. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  25. Rudy Says:

    Well, I wanted to comment on my experience in April and May with MMS. Overall, I have benefited greatly from doing the protocol and feel much improvement in many aspects of my health, including greater mental clarity.
    My problem has been general toxicity and M,V and F in my system. I must have had the milder Herpes in my Thirties, I’m 55 now and have not had an outbreak in years. But they were severe in the past. Maybe it was the mild Herp, because it was not very painful. But it is clear that my system has been weak in recent years with overweight and digestive problems and general energy fluctuations.
    The body is very complex there could be other mechanisms which influence the Herp. I point this out to give hope and to note that I have been very weak and sick in winters but no Herp in last ten years.

    After using the slow Protocol, increasing 1 drop a day, with a pause after 8 days from Nausea. I continued on up in dosage every day to 12 drops for two days and backed off to ten then 8 then 4 and 4.
    I was using the apple juice with high dosage but just could not take it, so I ended it. The diaherria towards end caused hemmoroids to flare up. I was willing to continue small dose, But I got to the point where I just could not do 4 or 6 drops twice a day.
    But I plan to start the protocol again soon.

  26. Rudy Says:

    The post by Mr. D. Nash is shocking and very sad. I know that everyone who reads it feels the same.
    Many people posting on this Blog have researched MMS carefully and taken large doses with good effect.
    There are also posters very close to death from cancer, others in desparate situations. There are warnings posted regarding cancer and other diseases.
    I cannot know how you feel, I can only imagine and what I say can not take away your pain.
    God Have Mercy on You and Your Wife.

  27. Rudy Says:

    Mr. D. Nash posts a Tragic outcome for MMS with his Wife.
    This Tragedy shows that people must approach the MMS Protocol with caution and understand the potential problems.
    This is a weak but possible explanation of what happened in the death described above. Humble states that once you add the activator, you should dilute it after three minutes. If not the amount of Sodium Chlorite continues to increase. It would double in another three minutes, for example.
    Diluting and drinking allows the substance to enter your system and be absorbed over 12 hours as it continues to transform in the bloodstream.
    It sounds extreme, but a two drop dose could become the equivalent of an eight drop, or more dose if left long enough. Or a large amount of activator increased the strength. This lead to a shock to the system out of proportion to the small amount.

  28. Bob Norton Says:

    Mrd D:

    You are full of shit and you now it.

  29. Bob Norton Says:

    know it

  30. D. Nash Says:

    My wife died from an apparent 18-mg dose of MMS.

    Here’s how that figure is derived: According to an MD’s discussion on page 2 of his scholarly article titled “On the Mechanisms of Toxicity of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites – An Overview” [published September 6, 2007 and accessible on the Internet at the website, there is a statement of drop size and equivalent milligram concentration of sodium chlorite per drop for the Humble-protocol administration of MMS. It states that a medium caliber dropper [which comes as a bottle cap device on the bottle of MMS liquid in the kit my wife purchased] produces 25 drops per cc. The article goes on to state: “In terms of milligrams of sodium chlorite(NaClO2), this calculates out to 9 mg per drop…”

    Thus the dose that led to my wife’s agonizing death just 12 hours after she ingested it appears to have been 18 mg.

    And of course we have a Death Certificate — in fact, two of them: The first, issued by the attending medical practitioner who pronounced her dead, states the cause of death was “Adverse Reaction To A Mineral Solution.” The second, by an examining physician who released her body to her family after the autopsy, states the cause of death was “Possible Poisoning, Possible Anaphylaxia.”

    We are awaiting an Australian forensic pathologist’s report on the post-mortem examination of her body and toxicology analysis of the MMS liquid she ingested that led to her death.

  31. Tina Says:

    Tony, have you gone for the tests?

    Re –> Tony Says: June 4th, 2009 at 12:09 pm ANTIBODIES GO AWAY!!!!!

  32. Janet Says:

    I have a natural doctor who wouldn’t recommend or prescribe anything with side effects. L-Lysine 1000 mg (Solgar is the best brand for this) once a day works (for me) 100% of the time to prevent outbreaks. According to my doctor, in case of an outbreak, I could take 1000 mg 3x/day. This, however, has not been necessary…

  33. Amanda Says:

    In 2007 i was infected with hsv2 i was shocked. I was a virgin and had caught this disease from my boyfriend of 2 years. I was unaware that he was infected and had unprotected sex. I was checked by my gyno and was told i had genital herpes. Looking upon the internet i came across this site. I immediately ordered the product and tried it. After 3 months of taking the medicine i visited my gyno again to get retested. She was shocked when the results came out that now i had hsv 1 which is the virus that causes cold sores and such. I am continuing to take the medicine and plan to visit her again to see if the medicine has completely got rid of this virus. I pray every night it will work.

  34. Belenus Says:


    I have been infected this year with hsv2. Amanda, keep praying, the power of prayer is so great and powerful, it will really help with your healing. I am Reiki trained and doing Reiki on myself everyday, also praying, I have started using MMS and have got this up to 10 drops in the morning. I’m taking the dose in the afternoon, early evening and before bed. Will be increasing by 1 drop until i’m at 15 drops 4 times a day, going to keep that up for a month. I have ordered size 00 capsules and mix the citric acid and mms and then syringe them into the capsule, then swallow the capsules with plenty of water, I feel that this is the best way to take the mms as this negates the horrible taste, which I found to be terrible and very off putting. I distill my own water. I’m also taking mineral supplements, lysine (500 mg, 8 a
    day), cayenne caps (one with each meal, Vitamin D3 at 5000 strength, garlic suppliment and I am using a zapper, which sends an electric current through the body killing the virus when it comes out of hiding. If you can kill it each time you feel it coming outm then it will not be able to replicate, this is what the mms and zapping does, the numbers will keep going down as it will not be replicating when it comes out, eventually completely killing it off.

    I truly believe that this will eventually kill the virus in my system. I will update in a month with my experience.

    It would be nice to hear from anyone who has competely eradicated this virus fropm their system, ie been tested for the virus (not the antibodies) and come back negative.

    Positive thought is so important with this. The power of manifestation. Believe!!!

  35. C. Brown Says:

    I am very intrigued by all of your posts..some inspiring and some disappointing. However why cant we just get a simple answer.All of you posters who say you will post your results in a month “Never Do!!”. It is as if you either have success with MMS and leave everyone else behind or MMS has failed you and you dont want to mention it…I myself have not tried MMS. I am desperately wishing for some one to really step up to the plate and be honest and help others. Alot of hearsay does not go a long way. I believe there are alternative cures out there, but it is so difficult when nobody cares enough to keep their word and inform us,enlighten us with accurate info…

    Who can we really trust?

  36. Fred Says:

    I have been following this so called ‘Mr Nash’ who claimed that his wife passed away because of the MMS.

    Whether that his real name or not, he is nothing more than an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work.

    Mr Nash’s comment have been posted on different forums.

    Nice try, Mr Nash.. whoever you are.

  37. HEALED Says:

    I reently found out i had genital Herpes. through a papsmear.. i went a month later to the gyno and was told i had it but not which type.. went a month later and after many prayers the third test said it was negative? I hope and continue to pray this is a miracale from god.. power of prayer works.. just wanted to share that..

  38. Lisa Says:

    12 months on, MMS really does mess up your thyroid function. I’m working with a naturopath to get my hormones back into gear! This has been a long process.

  39. jc Says:

    i also think d.nash is a disinfo agent w an agenda to get mms in trouble so that no one can use this.

    and if he isn’t, his wife did not use it correctly.

    how long can you use mms at 15drops continuously?

  40. jc Says:

    btw; they’re trying to shut jim humble down.

    beware of what you read by some posters!

    it’s great to hear of people having success. on an energetic level, if you get it in the genital area, it’s about the 2nd chakra, the seat of personal power. so it’s both physical and emotional/psychological.

    yes, would like to hear of someone having tested neg w a blood test after using mms.

  41. brother Says:

    I wish someone will confirm that this really works. I noticed this in august but the girl I sleep with says she does not have any disease. May be she is the asypmtomatic type or she is lying.

    I can do anything to get rid of it for good.

  42. ChuckR Says:

    Long Term Raging HERPES gone away over a 10 month period of time..
    Tried drops on and off for about three months worked almost,one outbreak with no blister or tingling just raised area of skin.
    Tried the overnight cure for cancer a 15 drop mms mixed with 1 teaspoon citric acid for three minutes. Then add 3/4 teaspoon of DMSO liquid for three minutes. Then rub on different areas of the body. I really liked the ability to dose myself with large doses without the nausea and shits.
    I wanted to rid myself of twenty-eight years of Raw weekly or monthly outbreaks. AND I DID. The DMSO was the easiest way to get the MMS into my system without illness. A slight rash and a little
    dizzyness was all I experienced. When gotten into groin area, Herpes went crazy and was active and a large open outbreak on genitals for about a week. After that I was a believer in care around the member. But NO tingling or feeling of itching in The only follow up was the two drops mms mixed with 10 drops citric acid and breath in and out every few breaths for about ten minutes. Alot of the virus are in the lungs and the treatment thru the body does not get to the virus inside the lungs. I read all I could on the net and am grateful to J.H. and all my fellow
    netters. Read all you can. Thanks for reading my success story

  43. Leslie Crawford Says:

    Hi, everyone. I’ve been taking a 28% sodium chlorite (mms) solution on and off for months now after testing postive for hsv2. I can’t say for sure if it has worked or not since I have never had an outbreak. I was diagnosed in the beginning of June 2009 and it is now Jan. 20, 2010. I have heard that alot of people suffer from side effects and I wanted to report that I have never had any nausea, vomiting or diahrea. I did have a point where I just couldn’t take the chlorine smell any more and had to stop for awhile. I believe at that point I was mixing with water. Really, really bad idea. Apple juice no VitC or citric acid is definitely prefered. Going back to Blake’s point, it is very important to take as directed. I started taking mms again a few days ago to try to clear up bronchitis or something that I’ve had for almost 2 months. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I started this last round at 10 drops with no ill effect. You would have thought that I would have tried it by now. I wish that there were a test available to know for sure if the hsv2 is gone. I’m hopeful that I never experience an outbreak. Good luck to all.

  44. just me Says:

    Hia alla,
    I have found out that l had hsv1&2 on the genital area on April 2009, what a sad moment that was for me. So l stumbled across JM MMS and started with it, working my way up to 15 drops in the morning and before bed. Then to be honest only did 15 drops at bed time with the help of cherry juice (no vit C) it made it taste better. At first l had a little side of effects of a little nausea and diarrhea but wasn’t that bad, l could handle it. I did this for about a month and yes l missed here and there. l can say that l had no out break for over 8 months but in January 2010 it came back. l will have to go back on this and try it in different method, he now has the MMS 2. You can search JM MMS 2 and read all about it. Apparently with MMS and MMS 2 together should do the trick. l will get ready on doing this method and see what results l will have. l will pray to yahweh while l do this.
    Peace to you all.

  45. Susan Says:

    I contracted HPV and herpes from an unfaithful fiance. I still have not fully recovered from the lies, deceipt, and manipulation of this horrible man. After taking nosode therapy, Beta Mannan, vitamins, and monolaurin, I must return to the gynecologist to see if any of this is working for the HPV. Prior to doing so, I am considering taking MMS.

    Can MMS help to get rid of HPV and genital herpes? I am so depressed and in despair. It was the first time that I was intimate with a man that this happened to me. I do not wish to be cursed with these terrible gifts for the rest of my life. Please advise.

  46. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Some people do say that mms has cured their herpes.
    You can’t know if you don’t try.

    L-lysine, while not curative can shorted an outbreak. You have to take 8 grams

  47. healingme Says:

    Just Me Hello and how are you? You said:
    “Apparently with MMS and MMS 2 together should do the trick. l will get ready on doing this method and see what results l will have.”

    I read a little about it and will start using MMS1 as well as MMS2. Did you understand the protocol?

  48. healingme Says:

    I have tried quite a few treatments to eradicate the herpes virus and as I am posting on this site it is obvious that those attempts (like most of our experiences) have been unsuccessful in getting that job done. I had become so desperate where I was like sure okay if you cant cure me just make them stop! But I tried a couple of products with that “stop out breaks forever” “never live in fear of having another outbreak” riiiiggghhht. So when that didnt work (LOL)! I have been research MMS for several weeks and I have decided that okay this makes since so lets go with it.

    One thing that I have learned through out this process is that most of us in here (if not all) have no earthly idea where we even contracted this disease from or when it even happened.

    I am going to be posting daily when I begin both MMS1 and MMS2 just to keep everyone informed. And I will post when I have another blood test after about the 4th week of using this product.

  49. healingme Says:

    Hello all,

    Okay I just took my first dose of just the MMS1. One drop to 5 drops lemon juice. I was really expecting the worse so I think I came out really good! Taste was different but at one dose it was not the worse thing I have tasted. Its been only 30 minutes but I was excited to get up here and post. I am not feeling any effects at this time. So I will post again tomorrow.

  50. healingme Says:

    Okay I slept just fine last night. Before I went to bed I went up to 2 drops. So this morning I went ahead and added 3 drops and another 3 drops 2 hours after that. So I will be taking 3 drops every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I do not feel sick or anything. The taste is not bad at all to me. But I am one that likes the taste of bitter things (weird I know) But I feel fine and I will probably be adding the MMS2 by this weekend. Dont want to rush things.

  51. healingme Says:

    Well, I put MMS2 in the mix and I am just fine! I am up to 8 drops I take them 4 to 5 times a day depending on how I am feeling. Hopefully this HSV2 thing will be over soon and I can have my life back without worrying about my “bum” breaking out… However taking the MMS2 requires a lot of water and sometimes that makes me sick on the stomach- being full of so much water at once. But it will all be worth it!

  52. healingme Says:

    Does anyone have any idea about Vitamin C and MMS? Does this exclude fruits and vegies?

  53. Scotty Logan Says:

    Susan – with the unfaithful husband !
    I got my Herpes from an unfaithful girlfriend too.
    Maybe we can try this MMS protocol together and talk about how we are
    going to beat this whole experience ?


    And anyone for that matter that wants to here more things aboutt MMS.
    i keep in touck with Jim’s offsider Mark a fir bit and he sends me updates and article …….

  54. Wolfe Says:

    Hi… just thought to post this for HPV sufferers. Ironically HPV doesn’t get as bad a rap as Herpes… but its has proven to me that this little bugger is somewhat more resilient and harder to rid of than herpes.

    Don’t know if it will work but sounds like it works along the same sort of principal as MMS.
    I found a website selling a cream that’s supposed to be specifically for HPV
    Negatively charged viruses – Positively charged cream to kill

    Also something called a zapper is supposed to help in treating HPV… once again. I don’t know if it works or not. I’m still doing the research myself
    Orgone Zapper Medical Benefits

    Also some good oral herbs to take are Turmeric, Echinacea, and especially Pau d’Arco.

    I’ve found Tea tree oil and castor oil help out a bit as well.

    I too am going to try MMS.

    Good luck to all.

  55. HPV Free Says:

    I just thought I would post this for HVP sufferers. A few years ago to my horror I had some lumps forming in my rectal/anus area.
    I was so embarrassed that I refused to go to the doctor for treatment thinking it would either go away on its own or that I could get some prescription meds from internet dealers that don’t require a prescription. Anyhow after 3 months I finally ordered condylox.
    By this point I had one huge mother wart and probably a cluster of 40-50 smaller ones it was really disgusting and looked like cauliflower.
    The condylox got rid of all but the big mother one and I treated it with condylox for over a 4 month period.

    Finally I read that Apple Cider Vinegar can be used to treat warts. I would saturate a cotton ball or tissue with it and rub it on the wart 2-4 times a day and with in 1 month it was gone. Every few months or so I can feel it itching in the area where they were as if they’re going to start forming again and I just apply the vinegar 2-4 times a day just as before for about a week. So far they have not returned.

  56. oregoncurious Says:

    wondering what happened with healingme! Any results? I am also desperate for anything to help me feel like I’m living outbreak free!

  57. healingme Says:

    Well I must say that I was going really hard at it and then I had a yeast infection that would not go away. MMS actually made the yeast infection worse so I decided to stop and treat the infection and have not picked back up on my schedule… But I did it 2 weeks and I did have a bump in with an outbreak today. But that was the longest for me since It started in July. But I will be doing Both MMS1 and MMS2 I started today.
    I really need some support so if anyone is willing to go on this journey with me I think it will be much easier for both of us. But I honestly believe that this works and I will truly go through with it this time.
    I am still a little confused as to how long I have to use this treatment… is it 2 weeks at 45 drops a day or 3 months at 45 drops a day?

  58. healingme Says:

    Hello all I made my way up to 15 drops and now I have myself good and sick. Vomiting on and off and feeling really sleepy. Now for the background info on why this has happened… I decided to go on this little diet so I did. So ultimately I didnt have enough food in my belly when I took the solution. SO…. after I get over this I will never ever again take this solution at that dosage without eating a sensible meal. And I strongly suggest no one else does either. The reason I thought I could stand it is because I have taken smaller amounts without having too much on my stomach. I am still feeling drained and out of it right now. Cant hold anything down not even water. I got a hold of some orange juice and I have been increasingly getting better but not out of the physical slump yet.

    On the mmsanswers portion of jimhumbles page it states 2 weeks as 15 drops 3 times a day….

  59. go for the kill Says:

    hey this is for “healingme”

    If you still need support give me an email
    Im just learning about mms and it seems amazing if done right. Turns out my mom had cancer and killed it using the process so im all ears on how it works. Im looking for more info on how to use it. would love input.

  60. oregoncurious Says:

    I started the MMS about 4 days ago and am at 4 drops 3x/day. I’m really hoping this helps. I have an appt with an infectious disease doctor in 10 days because nothing seems to be helping. I’m also taking Lauracidin which helps break down the virus envelope, hoping that makes the MMS able to attack it even better.

    I’m in this with you and hope that together we can find relief.

  61. GonnaKillH Says:

    I have been taking MMS 1 for about a week now. No side effects whatsoever, and Im at 9 drops twice a day. Since I have had the h I got real bad pains through my thighs for a few days and then I started to suffer little pinches throughout my body. the pinch nerve pain has lessened over time, but now that Im taking MMS 1, the pain is for a split second and then its gone. I plan to do plenty of exersize, healthy dieting and begin to date again by the end of the year one way or another (positive singles). I would like to be rid of this tormenting spirit from my body, and I know that this is the best possible solution. MMS is not a cure, but it does kill all viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus in your body. So it attacks what keeps the desease going. Now Im going to give the H a beat down. I plan to post my results in a way that explain what Im doing and any and all outbreaks that occur. I would like to get others involved to attack this thing and document it with me so we can eventually help others and they wont have a doubt about this working or not. There will be much research to do and good documentation needed to show others it can be done. If this only helps or actually cures the H, I want to have the smoking gun in hand. With others people helping we can become the first group to scientifically show the world that we have the protocol for getting rid of the h.

  62. ThaAceFactor Says:

    Hello All,

    This is my first time posting. I just want to say that I have been examinaing alot of the claims and information on this message board. I had never heard of The “Miracle Mineral Solution” nor of Jim Humble until 2 days ago. I have done tons of research on Ozone Therapy & The “Bloodelectrifer” by Bob Beck. These 2 therapies seem very promising. In fact I am advising my loved ones with serious diseases such as cancer, hsv 2 and lupus to see an Ozone doctor to help start treatments. I’m wondering if combining Ozone Therapy & MMS is effective and safe? Is it safe to always be under some type of alternative therapy to make sure one can rid themselves of these evil diseases? If anyone has tried this please inform me of the results and if this sounds like a good strategy.

  63. Christo Says:

    Well it has been more than a year and a half+ since I started this post ‘MMS Cured My Genital Herpes’ and I am happy to say that I have not had any outbreaks since I posted this August 22, 2008. For over 20 years I struggled with herpes and since doing MMS protocol … HERPES NO MORE!… BTW, I would always, always get an out break from shaving my genitals with a razor no matter what…. Never again! I can totally shave with no concerns anymore.

    I have not had any blood work to test if there is still herpes in my body… I DO NOT DO DOCTORS!… What is the quote…’HEAL THYSELF”? I don’t need a blood test to tell me… I NEVER had a blood test to tell me “I HAD HERPES” I just went to planned parenthood at the time and they said ‘you have herpes’… NO TEST REQUIRED… So why would I go get a blood test to tell me what I know already… NO MORE OUTBREAKS!… What more do I need to know about that… My body doesn’t lie… However, if any of you choose to go spend your time and resources to do that for yourself, go for it.

    My wife did not ever do any following MMS herpes treatments. She has had a vast improvement though, since her first protocol started her outbreaks were 1 to 2 times a month….. now is 1 to 3 a year! This is huge for us… and our sex life!

    Great job to everyone who has gotten the results for themselves… I would like to hear more about the LONG TERM results people have had from their MMS herpes protocol treament. And as for the gentlemen that said his wife died from using MMS… I would like to see the toxicology report on that one… I never heard back what was so about his wife’s passing. I myself have not heard of or read about any deaths due to MMS in the years of working with it and researching its benefits. Not to take anything from his loss, if it is true. I wish him well and am sorry for his loss.

    Blessings to everyone…

  64. Henry Says:

    I got anal herpes about a year ago from a woman. I was wearing a condom, so yes you can still get herpes even when wearing a condom. The herpes is only is my anus and hasn’t spread. I tried everything. Lysine works, but it always came back. Alchohol burns like hell and it still doesn’t go away. Hydrogen peroxide seems to work, but again it always came back. I also tried apple cider which didn’t seem to work. Another thing I did was use hemorrhoid ointment on my anus which really helped alot with the pain and swelling. So, I tried the MMS. which is really hard to do when you work all day. Make sure there is a bathroom close by. Do Not Take MMS on an empty stomach or you will be sick all day with nausea and stomach pain. I found that out the hard way. Anyway I got all the way up to 12 drops two times a day. The herpes actually got a lot worse before it got better. I finally stoped it after taking it for about three weeks after working myself up to 12 drops a day two times a day. I couldn’t take anymore than that becuase I would be constantly be in the bathroom with diarrhea. This wasn’t regular diarrhea, it was pretty much just pure liquid coming out. So since I stopped taking the MMS two weeks ago. The herpes has pretty much has not come back like it was. I still am a little sore sometimes, so I know the herpes is still in my system, but compared to what it was like. Its improved I would say 70%. From having constant pain and itching to almost none at all. I stopped taking the MMS because I was worried that it might be doing damage to my body. I was getting pains in my heart, Not sure if it was hearburn or something else. I was just worried I was doing damage to my body so I stopped. I was also tired of the constant diarrhea. I might try it again in the future, but right now I feel pretty good. Another thing that happened to me was all the pain in my back went away when using MMS. I have osteoarthritis. I was also able to breath better. So I am happy about that.

  65. ThaAceFactor Says:

    Hey Mr. Chris

    I was wondering what schedule did you follow during taking the MMS? I see that you claim you are free from the hsv2. What did you do different from everyone else to eliminate this terrible disease? I’m very curious, I would greatfully appreciate any feed back?



  66. UcanDoIT Says:

    Ok so what do we know about HSV? We know that it hides and in nerve endings and we know that it can quickly replicate itself. THis makes the virus extremely difficult to beat. The issue I have when reading these forums is that their seems to be a very limited understanding on how the virus works but I do believe that MMS and natural nutritional remedies can work to eradicate the virus. I believe that it would be hard though and would take a lot of work and lifestyle changes.

    Do we have anyone out there that has a thorough understanding of both the science behind the treatments being used and the virus that has tried to eradicate themselves of HSV?

    I think that too many people will complete this method wrong or will be discouraged by an outbreak. If I understand correctly, trying to rid the disease will actually make it more active in the body because you get an outbreak when the body is ridding itself of the virus. THis means you should technically be getting outbreaks during and long after you complete MMS or something else that will kill the virus.

    If I was to do this (and i intend on doing so) I would start off by using MMS for only a short time Maybe a month tops, then I would try something like resolve which helps your immune system become a lot stronger and to eliminate the virus. During this time I would stay totally clear of any sexual contact to not be reinfected.

    My biggest concern with this plan is that I dont entirely trust that MMS will not harm me in other ways. How do we know that this stuff is not creating increased oxidative stress on the body?? It appears to have affected peoples Thyroid also. Maybe their are nutritional supplements to reverse these affects while taking it?

  67. oregoncurious Says:

    I’m up to 10 drops 2x/day, but read on the Humble site that lower doses through out the day may be better for erradicating viruses., so i may change my protocol and start taking smaller doses through out the day.

    I’ve had constant prodrome symptoms since starting MMS, no outbreaks and am hopeful that MMS and Lauracidin together are kiciking the $%!## out of this virus :)

  68. oregoncurious Says:

    Well I wasn’t strong enough to continue with the MMS protocol. I did email Jim Humble and for those curious he did say that doing the 3 drops every hour is the current recommended dosing. 15 drops 2-3x/day is old news.

    Good luck and I’d certainly be curious what peoples experience is

  69. Jennifer Says:

    One of my patient also take MMS. He is taking this for last 4 months. And he is almost cured. This works for sure.

    std symptoms

  70. Jennifer Says:

    Good one I guess you should continue taking this.

  71. ACDCwithH Says:

    I am new to this. I just found out that I have Herpes. And now my husband has it too. Apprently I had had it for years with no outbreaks and then got a terrible one a couple of months ago. My husbands friend turned us onto this MMS thing. I was wondering if anyone has any advice. We have taken it in the past for colds and such and the taste is just aweful. We read the article about using DMSO. I like it, much better than drinking it, but my husband hates the smell. ANy adviced would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know if MMS has any long term side affects? We want to have children in the future. Probaly in a couple of years. Is MMS going to cause any damage that we may need to be aware of?

  72. Aarti Says:

    We have taken it in the past for colds and such and the taste is just aweful. We read the article about using DMSO. I like it, much better than drinking it, but my husband hates the smell. ANy adviced would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know if MMS has any long term side affects?

  73. Max Jaeger Says:

    I have taken MMS for lyme disease for four months now. I do three 15 drop dosages a day, with Cherry juice. It hides the taste of MMS very well. Also, I mix the stuff by a window and turn on a fan behind me, so the odor wafts outside and away from me. I think most people who try MMS don’t do enough research on it. If you don’t take it properly FOR YOUR PARTICULAR CONDITION, it won’t work. Most of you are taking the stuff only twice a day. For a virus such as herpes, small frequent doses are much better. Please do your research. Lyme disease takes a long time to cure. I’m figuring on a year, at least. Jim Humble is aware that most people do not use the MMS properly. That’s why he is starting training sessions for people who will then show others the correct way to take it FOR THEIR CONDITION. There are many different protocols. You must be consistent. Absolutely no ascorbic acid, no food one hour before and one hour after, no antioxidants of any kind for four hours before and after. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can be taken like the other antioxidants, four hours away from MMS before and after. Drink lots of water throughout the day. I usually lie down for ten minutes after I take a dose. It helps me avoid the nausea. Many of the detox symptoms will peak and then completely disappear. As long as I stay on my regime, I’m keeping the lyme in check. My severe back pains and joint pains are gone. My digestion has improved, so have my allergies. I sleep very well. My skin is renewing itself all over my body. No more headaches, either. Now that I’ve made up my mind to do this for a year (I’m including lyme nosode and teasel in my regime, and also iodine and a good multi–all of it away from the MMS) I’m feeling so much better. More energy. Less brainfog. Great stamina.

  74. Max Jaeger Says:

    One more thing–the cherry juice. I put two cups side by side. Into cup number 1, I pour a swallow (about a quarter cup) of cherry juice. In the cup number two, I mix the MMS with the citric acid (the new solution is 1:1 instead of the former 1:5), wait 17 seconds (the old way, it was three minutes) pour in a generous swallow o cherry juice, mix it a bit with a plastic spoon (never metal!) drink it straight down, and without taking a breath, chase it with the pure cherry juice I’ve kept waiting in cup number one. No bad taste. No nausea. This was one of Jim Humble’s suggestions. Another one was to put the mixed drops in gelatin capsules. I tried it, and the protocol worked for a while, but then a couple of the capsules got stuck somewhere in my esophagus and burst open. What a disgusting taste!!!! Believe me, cherry juice, or pineapple juice, or apple juice that has NOT had any ascorbic acid added by the manufacturer,are a much, much better idea.

  75. shae Says:

    Thanks christo for your success story. Be the way, how many months did you do mms before cured and do you still take mms on regular basis or stop takin it?

  76. Carla Says:

    Hey everyone :)

    I was diagnosed with genital hsv-1 a few weeks ago, and what a flippen shocker that was. My favourite part was the complete lack of interest and support from doctors. Thumbs up to the cold-hearted medical system… Anyways, I came upon MMS and immediately began investigating the treatment. There’s so much out there! A very interesting blog pointed me to a doctor’s detailed explanation of chlorine dioxide, what it does in your system and the proper ways of taking it (including the importance of dropper sizes and your diet). It’s the first place to start, check it out here:

    I think the most important part to take away is that you should not eat 4 hours prior or 2 hours post intake (unless it is poor nutrient food such as grits, white rice, white bread, saltines- its all on the website) BECAUSE virtually every other food contains elements that will counter-act chlorine dioxide, making it basically useless in your body for killing pathogens (unless its coming in huge doses, which is probably how Humble go to the 15 drops 3x/Day). So my theory is that if you follow the proper directions, you can take less drops and it will have the effect its supposed, also without all the funky side effects people list on here (minus nausea, that’s standard, but I’ll address that too). So point here being -> I am currently taking MMS without any food in my stomach and waiting for it to get through before eating again.

    My experience: I started with 1 drop and worked my way up to 8 (morning and night) before I hit “the wall” aka super nauseous, gross overall feeling that lasted the whole day- at which point I backed down to 7 and started doing same number twice a day and building from there, so that my body had time to adjust before another increase, and therefore prevent nausea. The second obstacle to beating nausea was the smell and taste of this crap. Solution: 100% cranberry juice which contains ZERO vitamins (key word, zero). I’m pretty sure cherry and apple juice contain at least some small percentage of vitamins since i was at the organic store for an hour analyzing every single juice (check the labels), so I don’t know why people insist on taking them. Maybe when the antioxidants mix with the oxidants it can create some of those additional side-effects many have mentioned? Who knows. Anyway, 100% cranberry juice (although expensive) is awesome and the only one I found with zero vitamins actually. So, I add it, wait a few seconds for it to really mix with the mms, and then the whole stench goes away all together. Ta-da, it is now drinkable. There is slight disgust/nausea that arises for about 5-10 seconds post drinking the mixture and mentally realizing what I’ve just ingested *shiver*, but it soon passes. Eating saltines directly after the juice helps A LOT. Anyway, overall these steps have helped to pretty much eliminate the nausea. In the few hours (5 or 6) that I get in the day where I can eat normally, I try to feed my body super healthy stuff to keep it going :)
    Like I mentioned, I am now at 14 drops 2x/Day and would like to make it to 15 drops 2x/Day for 2 weeks. Oh and I’ll try to remember to come back and let you know how it goes!

    Conclusions: I am optimistic. However, a lot of online, medically-focused herpes research has led me to believe that the virus can only be cured if attacked when active, and that taking MMS (and maybe other cures) while the virus is in its dormant stage will do little good, other than maybe preventing outbreaks. I have a feeling I will have to continue my search post MMS. But alas, I’m determined to eliminate it and be normal again.


  77. stillsmiling Says:

    Hello, caught hsv2 two months ago. I went to my regular ob/gyn when there was no outbreak asking for a blood test. He refused to give me the blood test, because herpes blood test are no good, he said he will only test an outbreak. He says tht the blood test don’t tell him if the herpes virus is active, it only let’s him no that it was once in the body. So I wnt to anthr ob/gyn and had a blood test done, it came back positive and I was given Valtrex, but I’m seeking a cure, not a treatment.
    I’ve been on mms1 and mms2 for about 2 weeks now. I’ve thrown up twice, I’m sure that is because I had been eating junk food both days. All has gone with with the mms. No outbreak, some vaginal spotting tho (not sure what that was about) and the inside of my vagina seems to be really really pink. I’ve had no discomfort.

  78. stillsmiling Says:

    All has gone well with mms. I plan to have anthr blood test done hoping for negative results or a big difference in the blood level. I saw in the net that if the level is .08 or .09 or below, the virus is gone/ not active. I know we all are seeking negative results, but sometimes dnt get them. I read on the Herpes-Resolve website that AFTER taking ur detox if u nolonger have ur regular outbreak or any sign that herpes is still active n the body, IT IS NOLONGER THERE! I’m sure the same goes for mms. I think this is why my doctor refused the blood test and was set on seeing and testing an outbreak. I’m happy I came across mms and I’m praying to be cure.

  79. Doug Says:

    I used it 2 years ago, in combination with DMSO. The outbreaks are gone, but I still test positive, because I will never get rid of the antibody.

  80. Sal Says:

    I have both HSV1 and HSV2 but I get very mild outbreaks (like only 1 pimple on my bum). I only had a severe one when I got infected which was back in Feb 2010. I took Acyclovir for 2 months at that time. Now when I get a pimple which I have gotten every 2 months till now I take Acyclovir for 5 days and it takes care of it. Hopefully it will get better over time. I had been researching about this MMS thing and I dont think its a good idea. You can have serious health damage. most of the posts online are from fake patients who are actually working for MMS people. I strongly advice not to go for this MMS BS and wait for the cure which shall be here within next 10 years according to experts. Scientists are working really hard on this and we should have full faith in them. here is an informative link to clear the misconceptions about MMS

  81. Sal Says:

    and Nash Story is true

  82. Keiffer Says:

    Hi, my name is Keiffer, and i have been diagnosed with HSV1 and HSV2, I am only 15 years old and this news is very depressing to me. ive been searching on the internet for any kind of permanent cure for this condition. and MMS seems to be my only hope. Ive been reading these testimonials and i have yet to read about where i can actually purchase or order MMS. somone please respond, i am very desperate for an answer, Herpes has screwed over my life at such a young age and ive only had sex three times.. its bullshit, i just really need to find out where to get this product. and “Sal” be quiet, you havnt tried this product, and for alot of people out there like me this the only hope of getting rid of this condition, posting something like that makes people more stressed out and depressed, and you only get one pimple on your butt, so this is why you think its bullshit because you dont need it because you cant transmitt it to other people.. but anyways like i said somone pleas reply and tell me where i can get this product. thank you.

  83. stillsmiling Says: is one site u can purchase from….there r several. I’m 26yo, my God I hate u had to get this at 15yo. I will pray for u, I hate something this serious has affected the life of a 15yo

  84. Carlos Says:

    Hi Keiffer, my name is Carlos I write from Mexico, I have HSV2. I have three weeks taking MMS and I feel a good results. In Mexico you can make contact to any distribuitor, you can found in the website You can write them and they can help you to find someone in US. I understand your desperation please try with MMS.

  85. stillsmiling Says:

    Doug thanks for the feedback..all is still well on my end, this stuff is working wonders. I’ve also added dmso to mms1 and mms2, I love it. Did u compare ur first blood test levels to the 2nd? Do u consider urself herpes free since the signs are gone? How long did u have herpes before u started using mms? No outbreaks for me and the inter tingles are going away.

  86. stillsmiling Says:

    U can order mms1 and mms2 from I paid 54 dollars for both products. Order on a Thursday it was here by saturday

  87. Melissa Says:

    I just got diagnosed yesterday, and i am freaking out and very depress crying all day and night. I have not had any systems to this day. I had just gone to to do the blood test for STD screening and thats how I found out I was positive for HSV 1 and 2.

    Still smiling…………

    Can you keep me posted after you test results, when you do them again?

    Or anyone else for this matter, after taking MMS have been tested with blood test came out negative?

    Even Though I never had a an outbreak, should I try taking MMS?
    Or would this make me have a an outbreak?

    Please help…………. I dont know what to do, I am lost………..

  88. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Melissa…I will give u all the info I can….yes I thnk u should still take mms (it is up to u tho). I say yes, because the mms will flush the herpes out of ur system, if not all dern near most of this. Get a copy of ur blood work and take note of the level of herpes n ur body. After two months of mms, get anthr blood test, then compare the levels. If u do have an outbreak, don’t fret, the herpes is simply coming to the surface. (From what I heard). Any blood level .80 and below is considered negative, if u look at ur lab documents from ur blood draw it will state that. If I were u purchase mms1, mms2 and dmso gel. Altogether this will gost no more than 75 dollars. I started with the dmso gel about 2 wks ago, I love it. I mix the dmso gel w/ mms1 and rub it on my lower back/spine and butt. If u can take 4 mms2 pills a day. Fyi, whn I took 4 mms2 pills a day, I experienced an inter itch n my lower back/ butt, tht just let me knw it was working.

  89. stillsmiling Says:

    @ melissa, I’ve learned a lot from visiting diff blogs. If u have already, read all the previous post, I’ve learned a lot from these folks. :-) I’ve postone my doctor appt once again…to the 29th…I wanted to use a lot of the dmso gel before I went back…I’ve only had the dmso gel mixed with mms1 going for 2wks. Mixing the dmso gel with mms1 is better thn taking mms1 by mouth to me, but I do a combonationf od both. I was given herpes june of 2010, it wasn’t confirmed until august. I did valtrex for about 1wk until the mms came n. I’ve been on mms since the end of august and I’m still alive and well. I honestly believe mms has made a difference concerning my herpes. I will not use mms beyond December (so I say). If needed, I may use resolve herpes next, somethng is telling me I won’t have to tho. **** something that stood out after I first started using the dmso gel, the constant tingle I use to get (everyday and often) NOLONGER HAPPENS**** I noticed this after my 2nd use of the dmso gel :-) THERE IS HOPE!!!!

  90. stillsmiling Says:

    @ melissa….did u only have 1 blood test? If so have anthr at a diff doctor. I dnt knw if u have read on earlier post, but my regular obgyn feels tht herpes blood test are BS. That is y it took me so long to confirm, I had to find a doctor that was willing to do a blood test. My regular obgyn says if there is no sign of it, don’t worry with it. I heard 1 male story on a blog on….he had no signs of herpes but a blood test came back positive…3yrs later he had anthr blood test and it came back negative…then entire time no signs of herpes…to me that person never had it….I’ve heard tht a lot..the diff test results. My regular obgyn wanted to see an outbreak so tht he could do a culture test, but at the time I had no outbreak, and he refused a blood test. A femal doctor did the blood test for me.

  91. Moni Says:

    I heard about MMS the first time last year on a German-Dating site, where I was taking part in a forum discussing spirituality.
    One MMS-user shared her experience with us and soon others admitted to be using it as well. I never heard of it before!
    At that time I had asthma for years and was using a pump about 2 times a day. I than ordered some MMS online from Germany and 2 days after using it, I could do away with my pump. I did not need my pump ever since.
    I bath in it and it improved my athletes-feet as well as some vaginal discharge.
    Every time I have a cold coming up I take 6:6 drops ratio and the symptoms disappear in a few hours!
    I told a friend of mine. He uses it since and gives it also to his cat, with good results. Later I told a friend in SA about it. She had to have her teeth extracted, but after using MMS her gum’s became firm and her infections in her mouth also disappeared.
    I started taking MMS slowly, increasing each day. It was only when I toke 10:10 drops ratio the first time I got diarrhea, so I cut down again. I have not had diarrhea since. Nausea I only got when I smelled it. I tried to breath throw my mouth when drinking it to limit this feeling and mixed it with apple-juice.
    I may add that as soon as I feel better I stop using it. Now and than I use a maintenance dose of 6:6 drops ratio.
    I made a video, showing how to fill capsules with liquid MMS to combat the bad taste.
    I posted in on YouTube: MMS-byebye bad taste!
    However, I’m very shocked, disappointed and disgusted in the witch-hunt online after Jim Humble and MMS and the FDA & anti-alternative-medicine-fanatics trying to take MMS away from happy users.
    No death has been “proven” with the use of MMS, unlike with many FDA approved drugs.
    MMS users are terrorized online and our experiences are either been made a mockery of, called fake or simply ignored.
    I have no problem with other people different opinion or believes, but I will not stand still in the face of adversity and allow none-using, unknowing-anti-MMS fanatics to tell me what I’m allowed to take, believe or pass on to others.
    Jim Humble is ‘INNOCENT until proven guilty’ and NOT ‘guilty until proven innocent’.

  92. Jesse Says:

    I am the Jesse who originally responded to Christo, the Original Poster. I have used MMS many times now, and so have many people I know; and all of our experiences have been positive. I am sure MMS alone does not help every person’s body heal itself from every ailment, every time; But I have only heard of a few ailments that were not improved with MMS alone. In response to ‘Montana’ about your concerns about the powers that be shutting down MMS due to my actions in furthering exposure to MMS: You state “Anyone who wants this information can do a search on the internet where the powers that be tend to dismiss most of what is talked about as false.” This is exactly why I did help get the word out here in Portland, because as you yourself state – the powers that be tend to dismiss most of what is talked about as false. – Only by getting involved with each other in truth can we ever hope to dispel the lies that “they” attempt to persuade us to believe. Have Heart everyone, together, we will create our destiny. And in response to ‘Amy”: I am not the Jesse you express displeasure for, and I wish you well in healing from any physical ailment you may have. – With open mind, loving heart, and pure intent, – Jesse

  93. Optimistic Individual Says:

    I was diagnosed with herpes about 2 weeks ago at my city’s health department but I’m not sure if it was HSV-1 or HSV-2. I vaguely remember the nurse reading me the results on the other line when I called in but after she said positive my mind kind of went numb. I will be visiting a doctor as soon as my medical benefits kick in at my new job just to be clear on that though. I am very interested in trying the MMS1, MMS2, what I understand to be DMSO gel, resolve, and other supplements I heard of. I’d like anyone with information to e-mail me on what they are currently taking. I’d really like to start a blog which I’d updated with what I’m using, my regime, my diet, exercising etc. as well as a video log. So please, any info would be good. This way people who find themselves in this situation would have something a little more believable. Thanks in advance.


  94. stillsmiling Says:

    Well I’ve been using mms1 and mms2 for a little over 2months. I started using dmso about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I LOVE DMSO GEL. I mix the mms1, then pour it in with a small amount of dmso gel. I mix the 2 then rubb it on my lower back and butt cheeks. I love this gel, it is a big help. Someone mentioned above that when u put the dmso gel on ur spine where the virus hides, you will have an outbreak. That statement is true. I guess the dmso is bring the virus out of hiding and to the surface to be wiped out, however, the outbreaks are really small. I have anthr doc apt on the 29th of nov, I won’t chicken out. I haven’t gone to the doctor since august when I was first told I had herpes. Oh, and I started taking vitamin D about a week ago.

  95. Linda Says:


    Please tell me how much mms1 do you mix with the dmso gel. And how much dmso gel do you use each time.
    How often do you do you apply it each day.

    Please, if you would be so kind, email my with any other info you might have.

    thank you so much for your time,


  96. stillsmiling Says:

    @Linda…..most of the time I just take a little bit of the dmso gel and place it on the inside lid of the dmso from dmso jar….in a different cup I mix the mms….it is up to u how much mss u want to use…I sometime use 6 drop or 15….just depends on what I feel like doing…after 3 minutes, I pour the mms into the lid where the dmso is waiting. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE A LOT OF DMSO GEL… spreads well, you only need a little. I lef the two sit for about 1 minute….sometimes, the mms makes the dmso warm (don’t ask me why, because I don’t know). I rub the gel on my lower back and butt cheeks… I use the dmso after I get out of the shower, MAKE SURE YOUR BODY IS CLEAN BEFORE APPLYING THE GEL. When I get out of the shower I do the mixing while allowing my pores to close from the shower…. it takes 15minutes for the dmso gel and mms to enter your system…it stays in for 24hours….try to use it at the same time every day…once a day..take at least a two day break a week….over time after u start using it..u may have an outbreak…u may feel tingles in ur private area…there maybe discharge..cramping…this is what I experience…THE SIDE EFFECTS AREN’T BAD…NOTHING U CAN’T HANDLE :-) oh, after u apply…stay naked for a while…the gel will make ur clothes stick to you..allow it to dry before putting on clothes

  97. stillsmiling Says:

    Oh another folks…I’m 26 and plan to get the hpv vacine when I visit the doctor this week. PLEASE LOOK INTO IT. HPV is another std without a cure :-)

  98. Linda Says:

    @Stillsmiling — Thank you so much for the information. I hope we can keep in contact regarding our similar problem. I do have three questions for you at this time. 1. Prior to adding the MMS to the DMSO, do you activate the MMS by putting 5 drops of citric acid to 1 drop MMS?

    2. I notice you apply this to lower back and butt cheeks, are you purposely trying to draw out the virus so you can attack it or is that simply where your outbreaks appear on your body. My outbreaks are in the genital (ulcers/lesions) and anus (itching only here). Should I apply the MMS/DMSO directly to those areas?

    3. If you are purposely trying to bring the virus to the surface by applying to the spine where I believe it hides, how do you then attack it when you trigger the outbreak?

    Also can you please tell me where you buy the DMSO gel, as I’m having trouble finding it.

    Thank you

  99. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Lisa
    1. Yes I still use the 5 to 1 ratio….altho nowadays people are doing 1 to 1 ratio

    2. I put it on my lower back/butt area to draw it out. Then I take about 4 mms2 pills a day and take small doses of mms1 thru out the day. 1 pill every 2hours for a 8 hour span…I usually take the mms2 pills at work since I’m there for 8 hours and stationary. I have never put the dmso on my gential area. I believe u can tho. I have put mms1 on a towel before and cleaned my genital area, I hate no bad side affects

    3. I order my dmso gel online. I just did a search and it came up, I paid no more than 30 dollars. The gel I have is in a white plastic jar, with red paper around it with a gold tree on the front. It is 99.9% pure dmso. 70% gel and 30% disstilled water. BE SURE TO GET THE GEL, THERE IS A LIQUID FORM. I believe it is the liquid form people use on their genitals.

  100. stillsmiling Says:

    @ lisa under question #2….I meant “I had no bad side affects”


  101. joyous1 Says:

    I am about to start this process myself, however before I found out about this I used DMSO along with another program but it was sold in a cream base which is less irritating to the skin with aloe vera added. At one point i thought you could only get it online @ but I saw the cream based DMSO @ an organic store in the state where I live so I bought some from there. I am goin to do the mms1 and2 but I’m going to try to do it with the cream base instead of the gel. I’ve tried the gel and I can tell a difference. There’s like this alkaline burn with the gel upon skin contact and it’s like an itchy burn but the cream didn’t leave this effect.

  102. stillsmiling Says:

    Ur right about the gel, it doesn’t bother me much tho, that is why I use it when I get out of the shower to make sure my skin is clean. I’m on my 2nd bottle of mms2, and I’m almost dne with it. I’m not gonna order a 3rd bottle, ill just finish up the protocl with mms1 and dmso gel.

  103. Karl Says:

    Hello Stillsmiling, you mentioned that you are using DMSO with MMS1. How often do you use DMSO?

    I have Herpes Genital. In 2009 I was infected. I know, that I have Herpes II because I have three blood test the results are positive.
    I never had had SORES (outbrakes).
    I have others symptoms. I have a terrible pain in legs, buttocks, genital, urethra and bladder, also in the perianal area and groin.
    I have also irritated the skin of the scrotum and the skin is red. In addition, the scrotal skin is very hot.
    Someone can help me to know what is hapening with me?
    Someone can help me in order to do something in order to heal unless these symptoms?
    I have being taking MMS1 from 2 months and I can see a relevant results.

  104. Karl Says:

    Hello again,
    I have a mistake I would like to say : “I CAN NOT SEE RELEVANT RESULTS UNTIL NOW”.

    Someone can help me??

  105. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Karl….I can’t believe you don’t see result. WOW, make sure ur mixing the mms correctly. The only symtom you mentioned that is known to me is the shooting pain in the leg. You could use the dmso gel and mms1 mixed together every other day, take a two day break a week. (Hope u understand). If I were u, id put mms1 w/ water on that red area you mention, put the mms1 on a clean towel and wipe the area down. LET ME REMIND EVERYONE, I’VE ONLY HAD HERPES 5MONS, I DON’T KNOW IF IT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE WITH THIS TREATMENT. When I take mms1 and mm2, I know when it has hit my system. I always feel an internal itch in my lower back and or butt. I also notice when I take mms2 I have spotting, somewhat of a bloody discharge. It isn’t an issue, it let’s me know the mms2 is doing something. I’ve been on mms1 and mms2 almost 3months, and I haven’t drop dead yet nor have I experienced anything life threatening.

  106. stillsmiling Says:


  107. Karl Says:

    @Stillsmiling, I guess the mix I make is correct. I am taking 7 drops each one a half hour of course I activat with 35 citric acid drops. I will insist to drink MMS. Yesterday night, I started with DMSO in my lower back.Thanks for your suggest.
    I would like write here my achievements.
    My life is very dificult. It is very rare my kind of Herpes 2, my girl mate has not any symtomp like me. In her blood test the result was negative.
    I dont have the same performance in my job, I am desesperate. But I have to continue in the fight.

  108. stillsmiling Says:

    Ok…well I guess she doesn’t have herpes. Good. Did u mix the dmso with mms1? It will get better, I’m sure, be hopeful.

  109. questionit Says:

    I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. I learned about MMS a few months back and am now researching to find the right regime for myself. I want to do this once and get it done. I strongly advise AGAINST the HPV vaccine, and any for that matter.
    Here’s some reasons why:

    and most but not least

    Positive thinking, praying and the likes do wonders for people. Never underestimate the power of the mind and God.
    Also I’m sad to say that many of the links posted have been shut down so be very careful. Unfortunately we live in world that promotes death instead of life. Always keep an eye open and do as much research as you can. Peace and luck to all.

  110. joyous1 Says:

    Question, How do you mix the citric acid solution?? Do I just put the whole package in the bottle and add water or is it more complicated than that? Just received my shipment and didn’t know I had to mix the acid too.

  111. hopeful Says:

    Hey u guys i ve been following this blog forever people say they try it and never tell us what happens. I wish there would be someone who says I tested and I was negative. Is it just a treatment or a cure?

  112. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Joyous….I learned to mix from videos off youtubr…1 tablespoon of crystals to 9 tablespoons of distilled water.
    @Hopeful….I plan to go back to the doctor…the copays are a lot for me..I keep putting it off bc I’m getting the hpv vaccine soon…I’m trying to space out the appts. Above there was one person that said he still tested positive after doing mms.
    I’m loving the mms and dmso because I’ve had no outbreaks and whn I started using the dmso the shooting nerve pain has gone away

  113. Lacika Says:

    Here is my story, so far:
    I have started with MMS1 in 04/2010 after I have learned about J.H. on the web. I have been a genital herpes sufferer since 1978. Long time. My outbreaks are not frequent, only 2-4 times a year. However, the number increases due to higher stress level, improper diet, lack of rest, ‘ bad marriage ‘ ( hmmm…), etc.
    I have followed the MMS1 protocol by using the 1:5 ratio. I started low and increased it to 15 drops x 2/day. I had severe diarrea soon after starting but it faded away after few days. Intensive cleansing happened through my body but I followed the protocol. A week after I started the MMS1, I have experienced a severe outbreak, which was more painful and more spread. Previously, I only had outbreaks at the top my penis, but at this time it also appeared on the lower section, as well. I have continued with the MMS1 and the outbreak went away as normally it used to, after 2 weeks.
    When I reached the 3×15 drops I could not take it very long. After few days, I stopped and went back to the maintenance level 6 drops x 1/day using the 1:5 ratio.
    In August 2010, I had another outbreak, but I have not changed the daily portion taking. The outbreak was gone again after 2 weeks.
    In September 2010, I have learned about the new ratio by using 1:1 mix with 50% citric acid solution (5 tablespoon citric acid + 5 tablespoon distilled water). This was a good news for me because I had difficulties taking the high dosage. I have also changed the water to carrots juice, which has no vitamin C and it makes it easier for me to drink the mix. Previously, I have only used filtered water and held my nose closed.
    All, was good until October 2010 when I had another outbreak. I continued with the 8 x 3 x 3 per day protocol and I also applied the mix with DMSO gel to my penis directly to kill the virus there. The result was very severe pain and inflammation and it took me a week to get healed just from that irritated skin. The outbreak lasted for 10 days, at this time. I was very discouraged, at this time, and I went back to the maintenance level.
    I started searching and reading again and I have learned about MMS2. I have immediately ordered two bottles and started again with the 8x3x3 per day MMS1 and 4×1 per day with MMS2. I had new hopes and I was hopeful that this combination will result something more positive.
    Unfortunately, a week ago in December 2010, I got another outbreak and it is still with me. I have not stopped the MMS1 and MMS2, yet. But I am planning to finish MMS2 this weekend and go back to maintenance mode with MMS1. MMS2 is recommended only for 3 weeks, which will end this Sunday.
    As you can see, I am not very successful. I have not lost my faith in MMS and I still think it can do the job. However, something must not work well for me. I live alone, so intensive sexual activity is not in the picture. I eat healthy as much as possible, although, I am a carnivore and I love meat. I try to compensate this with a huge bowl of salad everyday. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t have my stressing marriage anymore. So the picture is not that bad and I should have some success by now. My only sin is an Americano everything morning. Only one, no more.
    So, any advice will be appreciated from you. Tell me where am I going wrong ?
    I have not tried the MMS + DMSO topical solution and I would like to try it out. What I don’t know is: how many times a day can you do this ? what is the daily limit ? ( I have done the Stabilized Oxigen method from ‘ Never an outbreak again ‘ but it has irritated my lower spinal area very much. )
    Do I still want to take MMS2 ? I hate it and it makes me feel terrible. Ever since I am doing the MMS1 + MMS2 I have dizziness. It is not serious but it bothers me.
    I am still hopeful, even after 32 years, that a cure is possible. I don’t give up easily, but I need solid advice or source to go to the right direction.

  114. Lacika Says:

    Hmm. After reading this web site:
    it seems that I have the answers to my non-success. My diet. I need to follow incorporate the information on this web site and try it again.
    I will stay on maintenance dose for a while and when I have my next outbreak, I will try the topical DMSO method with MMS1.
    MMS2 just makes me very uncomfortable. I’ll keep you informed.

  115. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Lacika….do u use mms1 non-stop? When I readu ur story it seems like u only use it when u have an outbreak.
    I USED MMS1 AND MMS2 EVERYDAY FOR 3 MONTHS. I’ve been off for maybe 3 weeks now. Folks say it is routine for women to have outbreaks during their monthly period, NOT ME PRAISE GOD.

  116. Lacika Says:


    Yes, I was using MMS1 all the time. With or without outbreaks. Like I said. I stopped the 3x daily for a while and I was on 6 drops maintenance for about 2 weeks. After this, I started the 1×1 method and I did it until yesterday. I will be on maintenance for few days, to give rest to my body. I will resume MMS1 soon, but with the topical DMSO solution. I plan to go up to 15 drops x 1 at night with DMSO until I have another outbreak. Once that happens, I will increase the topical DMSO method to 3x per day and see what happens. If I can manage it, I will continue this for couple months. If, after that, another outbreak comes, I will incorporate MMS2.
    Yes, I know it can be a whole year program, but I need to go easy. MMS2 really made me uncomfortable. I admit, I was very disappointed, when I had this outbreak last week. I have put so much effort into this MMS1 and MMS2 method. But it is possible that my diet prevents the effectiveness of the MMS.
    I will regroup my diet and I will try to avoid food, which can reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of MMS. I think I can manage it , because I am planning to follow the 4 hours limit for the undesirable food items, before and after MMS.
    Are you suggesting that MMS1 and MMS2 should be taken, no matter what, for success ? Thanks.

  117. stillsmiling Says:

    I took both for 3months and it was easy. The dmso is so powerful, when u rub it on ur lower back u will get an outbreak. Outbreaks are needed to bring the virus to the surface and wipe it out. 1 year is a long time….this wasn’t hard for me at all and I’m glad I did it. Do what works for you.

  118. Lacika Says:

    Reading all your posts here, I came up with the following protocol:
    - Use DMSO gel mixed with MMS1 6-15 drops mixed with citric acid drops, after shower, once a day. ( take 2 days break each week )
    - Take MMS1 drops 1 per hour for 8 hours a day 2-3 drops per taking, 1×1 ratio mix with 50% citric acid ( using capsule method makes is very easy )
    - Take MMS2 pills 4 x day, every 2 hours between the MMS1 takings ( no break days )
    - change diet, no junk, no coffee, little protein, little dairy, lots of healthy bacteria, lots of water.

    Tell me what do you think ? Am I missing something ?

  119. Larissa Says:

    I’ve been searching for the herpes cure for a year now. That thing was making my life miserable! I found lot’s off different information on the internet, ordered books. Currently, I’m doing an Ozone Therapy.

    I purchased an ozone generator for $42.00 on Ebay and when I started drinking ozonated water (about 8 glasses a day, when I can. I don’t drink tap water, I go get water from a natural spring) I had a flue like symptoms and one long mild outbreak on the same place I had it previously. It meant that my body was clearing itself out of impurities and herpes virus, on top of that I started putting ozone on my back with funnel. The details you can find here: It kind of feels good at the beginning, weird… I also, turn on the generator for an hour when I go to bed at night.

    I haven’t gone to the doctor to do the test yet, I’m going to wait for one month more, but let me tell you, I feel so much better, and haven’t had an outbreak since I started drinking the water. I’ve been trying to do all the things that would used to give me an outbreak (wear very tight underwear, shave, etc.), just to see if I still have herpes, but it’s not coming out! Yay!

    If I come across this blog after I do my blood test, I’ll let you guys know how it went. I strongly suggest the ozone therapy – I don’t wake up anymore wondering if is it going to be an outbreak day today.

    Good luck!!

  120. stillsmiling Says:

    That sounds right…that is what I did :-)

  121. justme Says:

    Hi all and happy new year, Hang on for this year will be a wild ride.
    I think your right about the ozone therapy.
    I also came across another method that might help. It’s called the COW method
    C= chlorophyll
    O- oxygen
    W= water(ph water)
    According to Dr O young this method does allot of wonderful things that he had clammed.
    I can tell you ever since l have been drinking the PH water l feel great.
    I think if we try the COW method it would differently improve the state that we are in.
    I believe the alkaline sate for the body to be is the key factor here. Avoid the intake sugar for it will put you in Acid state,thing don’t work in the acid state. So l believe when we do the MMS1 (according to Dr O Young) The MMS1 is very strong, so he suggest to dilute the MMS1 to 1:5 1 drop of MMS1 to 5 drops of PH water. So l think the key factor to this is to be in a Alkalinity state eg: Think postive, it is Alkaline ,Drink plenty of PH water,Eat allot of greens. and Oxygen. You can find this all on he’s site.
    Positive to you all and bless with bliss.
    I’m not prefect. Going do what l can. let the alkalinity be with you.

  122. justme Says:

    Sorry Gang, I forgot the S in Cow so its like COWS
    C= chlorophyll
    0= oxygen
    w= water (ph water)
    S= pour salts ( Good Salts)

  123. justme Says:

    here is the site .

  124. Lacika Says:


    Can you update us ? Any outbreaks ?
    Also, have you followed some type of diet ?
    How long did it take to trigger the outbreak with the DMSO application ? Did you wait the MMS1/2 until the outbreak, or you have taken it even before the outbreak ?
    I had an outbreak in mid december and it is gone now. I started the DMSO yesterday, once a day after shower in the morning; and I need to know if I should start with MMS , as well, to trigger the new outbreak ? At this point, I am just taking the maintenance dose, each day. Once I’ll have the outbreak, I will hit it with the MMS1/2 protocol, but I need to know about your experience. Thanks.

  125. James Says:

    This is very informative

  126. justme Says:

    @ stillsmiling
    well it’s been very interesting on how things go in life, like l mean so many different approaches on how you can healing yourself. The mms1 and mms2 are wonderful , it just doing the 15 drops that hurt for some people ,we know that doing the 1 drop and working your way up to 15 drops can do the trick, but for some folks it’s hard on the body, According to Dr Young doing 15 drops is very hard on the body that’s why people get a little sick on it and we shy away from it. He suggested to a 1:5 ratio for eg: 1 drop of mms for every 5 drops of water dilute it. This seem to help out allot for sure , meaning not hard on the body. You can ask him for he will answer your question about it. l never had done the DMSO but not saying that l wouldn’t, I really think every little bit helps. l had a very very mild outbreak three months passed and that’s because l slipped into the life of ignorance (my Fault) the key thing is to be focus. So now that l see results that Dr O Young posted on a man living the ph miracle live style for three months, this man is now cancer free see for yourself!/photo.php?fbid=1827172321130&set=a.1123274444123.2021042.1294968067 or Let me tell you since l have been drinking the PH water l feel amazing, as well l am a vegan but must realize to avoid sugars at all cost. To keep on the alkalinity state of mind and body. l really believe by doing the alkaline diet you will succeed. I am doing the PH live style now for a month and so far it’s beautiful. The key is to stay away from sugars, l am going to follow this path for l feel a big difference already with drinking the water, upto 3 or 4 litres . You will pee allot lol but flush away the bad.If a man removed he’s cancer for the PH life style ,Then l believe this can be licked too. Slowly we will manifest what we want, Perfect health again.Blessed to you all hear and there. Follow the COWS method.P.S you can also go to this site for more info. this is really good. you can listen to the passed episodes.

  127. stillsmiling Says:

    @Lacika… outbreaks…all is well. I’ve been off everything maybe a little over a month after using it for 3mon. I mixed mms1 with dmso gel. When using the products you’ll feel things happening n ur body, at least I did, nothing bad tho. When using the mms1 and mms2 further along in the process I would feel an internal itch in my lower back and butt as if something back there was moving around.

  128. Brian Says:

    Just wondering were to buy mms?

  129. Brian Says:

    I Have what I believe is hsv 1 for about a year now I get lessios or red rings on my toung, my chin area gets redish from time to time and I feel hot, get headaches,and get muscle twitching from time to time, this iv read is rare but because the virus attacts the nervous system can sometimes cause twitching, just do not feel right. Been tested but negative, doctors are no help what so ever they more or less tell you your crazy and its not hsv, dosent mean that I do not have it these symptoms started about a week after being with a random girl I met at a bar, I felt great never had a health issue before this. Im interested in trying this mms with dmso and wasnt sure if people are just buying this stuff off ebay or an actual website? any help would be great thanks.

  130. Lacika Says:

    Several sites sell MMS. Just Google it.

  131. Lacika Says:

    My real question was: How long did it take you to trigger an OB, after starting the dmso+mms1 mix ? I have been applying it for a week now, but I don’t see any OB. Like I said; I normally get 2-3 OB per year and the last one was in December. So it is not due, but I hoped that the mix will bring it out, at will.

  132. mani Says:

    hey guyz
    i am a muslim suffering for herpes genital in Islam one night stand is not allowed and its a Sin if we do now look we all muslim,jewish,christan or other ethic are doing sex with there girl friends or the simple way have a call girl but being a muslim i feel i have done a sin and thats the result i got in shape of herpes genital .
    I live in karachi Pakistan and last night i visited practitioner (HAKEEM) who have a long history from his fore fathers it means his family is in this HIKMAT from last 120 years he is very known personality in Pakistan and its very diffcult to take appointment.
    story starts form herer
    i went in his clinic offer him Salam then he dint speaked to me and asked me to show my right wrist and then left wrist and then i asked him what happend to me he reply you have herpes genital i reply i am confused because i had never experince this viral before he replied you have herpes i was like oh GOD help me the dermotligst said i got herpes the gernal physician said you have herpes and now he also sayin ok i am finished just a thought in my mind .
    i asked him now what is the previntion for this viral he replied revention i have the cure. yahoooooo my heart says but i thought there is no treatment in the world for this viral how can you say that you have the internet is full of medicine but dnt have cure some one is taking mms or zovirex or voltrex,famvir etc etc and you how much the are costy they dont workon it how will your HERBS work he ask me take my medicine for 3 weeks you will feel change in you self just in first week and in another 2 weeks this viral will be gone from your body for ever in ending he add this herpes is like an ant in fornt of his practice by the grace of GOD.
    i am publishing this story to encourage every one please dnt be giulty became a muslim offer prayer do prayers and ask GOD to Forgive you and me after this SIN and Promise GOD we Will never do it again and make us able to do intercourse with our wifes/husbands do not take me as an extremist of islam just trying to tell the truth if were a extreemist i was not doing/playing this 10 minutes sex game might be i will not publish this story again and will not publish my progress report.
    If any one like or dislike or have comment please contact me on this number 92-300-9271593 or email address
    let seee if i can help you ,humanity creat brotherhood among our selves

  133. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Mani…your right this is our punishment for not following God rules.
    @ Lacika….it did take a while, when I did get one, if that’s what it really was, it was small and last for 3days. Most of all I felt an internal itch in my lower back, butt, and a sensation in my genital area. So it may have been shedding….when u use it, you will feel something, at least I did. Heck, I may start back taking mms, I’ve packed on some pounds since I’ve been off, guess I ate junk over the holidays. I need to clean out my body.

  134. Lacika Says:

    I still don’t have an OB, but I will continue with the dmso in the morning and maintenance dose in the evening. I’ll report back when I have an OB. I will start the MMS1/2 protocol then.
    Yes, I lost 8 kilos in 3 months with diet change and MMS. It is a good feeling being lighter.

  135. andy Says:

    Hello all, I’m new here. I find this discussion very interesting.

    But I also read online about MMS and some say it’s pretty much bleach, which is the reason many vomit so much and others have diarrhea; and why some people have both.

    Can someone please read this and get back to me? I’d like to believe MMS is real but I have a few doubts.

    And, to those of you who have had good results w/ MMS… have any of you gone to a doctor and received negative results (lower than 0.90) for either HSV1 or HSV2?

    Thanks a lot… look forward to your replies.

  136. mani Says:

    Hey Guyz
    i am back with a good news as i told you all that i am gona use that herbal products to cure my herpes for ever here is the progress report

    last night i visited the hakeem the herbalist he checked my nerves on both of my wrist told me i am going well and will have total cured from herpes in another 2 weeks by using his product he charged about 10 usd only for the herbal medicine of a week.

    result of using his herbal medicine for 1 weeks
    1)my penis have no marks left its very clear like herpes have never touched me .
    2)all previous out breaks marks have been vanished
    3)feeling good from inner
    4)having more powerful shaft and longer and harder then before

    He Tells me that herpes creat antibodies around our red blood cell and medical or science do not have 100% blood purification but herbal have. One product for blood purification is SAFI can check its website all Pakistan use it and it is very popular .

    girls and guyz clear your mind and visit this website from and contact Mr Abdul Gahfar Agha the herbalist for your cure the website is mentioned below

    let see if you get well and get rid of this nasty virus AMEEN.

    your Muslim friend


  137. stillsmiling Says:

    FYI: I had only had herpes 3mon before going on mms for 3mon…therefore we all may experience something different. All is well with me, no outbreaks for me. I only had two outbreaks during the 3mon when I had not started mms. Still no outbreaks for me not even during my priod. Still no shooting nerve pain threw my left leg like I use to get. I believe the dmso got rid of the shooting nerve pain. I’ve scheduled and cancelled so many doctor appt for more blood work and the hpv vaccine lately, the folks at the doctor office are anger. Lol YIKES!!! I’ve been so busy lately. But all is well with me guys. I advise u to use it for 3mon. Like I did and give it a break to see what happens

  138. Lacika Says:

    I don’t think you should focus on your skin surface cure. Viruses, like the herpes, do not live there. Except when you have an outbreak. So, unless your are promoting your herbalist products, you should not give advices like this. It can confuse some of the suffering individuals.
    However, if you can submit some evidence that this mixture has eliminated your herpes virus, backed up with blood tests and long term results, please, don’t hesitated to share it with us. False hopes are unfair and unethical.

  139. Yvonne Says:

    The MMS protocol seems too toxic to try without strong supporting evidence of a cure. I have found that if I use plain old epsom salt mixed with water a couple of times a day when I first feel the tingling it will not advance to a breakout stage and will be completely symptom free in just a couple of days. It does burn though. Overtime the outbreaks reduce in number but I believe this is just part of the behavior of the virus not the epsom salt.

  140. MANI Says:







  141. questionit Says:

    For those using MMS2:
    This is the only one I have been taking so I refer to that when I say MMS. For those looking where to buy it, you may want to search under water purifier because it is now against the law to sell or label MMS; Miracle Mineral Supplement. Purified water (from common house hold water filters) is ok to use to fill up the bottles for those who do not have access to distilled water.
    MMS is chlorine dioxide and works by oxidizing the atoms of the virus/bacteria. An abundance of chlorine dioxide is used in swimming pools. If you haven’t died from swimming in a swimming pool then you won’t die from MMS. Yes it smells like chlorine but it is not. Chlorine in it’s purest form is actually a gas. Only when it combines with other atoms does it become liquid. Therefore you are not drinking chlorine it is chlorine dioxide (two oxygen atoms one chlorine atom) It works by stripping the pathogen (virus/bacteria) of 2 electrons therefore altering it’s make-up and therefore changing it completely. This is why it works. It doesn’t kill it, it just alters what it is. The pathogen then becomes some salt thing (can’t remember exactly) that your body can break down naturally. The longer you have had the virus the harder it will be to get rid of it since it has made itself a nice home in your body. Avoid all foods that make your body acidic and unnatural substances. Don’t drink coffee, alcohol, and limit your meat intake as these all make your body more acidic which makes the herpes more comfy in your body. Try to substitute any beverage you drink with water or natural tea. If you must use sugar try organic cane sugar at least, or honey. Eat as many different veggies in your body that you can. Keep your diet colorful. Avoid intake of Vitamin C, because large dosages counteract the MMS. MMS can’t do all the work on it’s own. The reason your body got the herpes virus was because it’s environment was conducive for it. So using MMS to get rid of the virus and eating healthy to help your body keep it away. This also helps MMS to attack more of the herpes virus instead of all the crap in the unhealthy food someone is eating.
    If you use the 1:1 ratio what you will see is the mms turn more of a brown color where the 5:1 ratio gave it a yellowish tint. This means that there is actually more chlorine dioxide available. This is how I have been taking it. For those that are having a problem with the large dosages you might want to try what I have been advised to do. To take up to 3 drops per hour for 8 hours. If you start to feel nauseous go down a drop (per hour) until you feel ok again and then go back up to 3. Usually this works in about 3 weeks. However diet really plays a role in how long it will take. I’ve actually upped my own dose to 4 drops per hour for 8 hours. This is where I started to feel a difference. I would also feel a sort of tingle, which worried me and I wondered if I was doing this correctly. Once I started the 4 drops an hour I felt a bit better. I also do some positive visualization which I believe has stopped the tingling. Right before I drink the MMS I tell myself “MMS will cure my herpes”. It may sound weird but I really feel like it has helped.
    I never had severe outbreaks so it is difficult for me to tell if it is gone. However, I am going to try and make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible and post my results as soon as I can. I have found that using juice really helps cut the nausea for me. I found that the smell alone made me feel really sick but once I added a little juice that covered up the smell and taste I haven’t felt nauseous (unless I accidentally put more drops then I’m used to).

    Mani- I think you are doing a great job and I am happy you have found some help in Pakistan. Keep using the herbs that are being given to you. Nature is truly the way to heal and the way God intended for us to live.

    Good luck to all. I hope some of what I have posted helps.

  142. mani Says:

    @ questionit
    Thanks dear you encourage me last night i visited that herbalist he says this is the last week to take herbal medicine take 2 dose a day and the come to me after 3 weeks i will be herpes free Inshallah (Ameen)
    I will sugest you peopel he will going to visit his Lahore,Islamabad clinic and then he will visit his Dubai UAE clinic 1week/clinic so if feel easy can visit him at UAE let me know if i can help you
    i just doing this for mankind only.let see if he have the cure 100%

    if you all like can check his videos on youtube as well by searching his (hakeem abdul ghaffar agha)

    prayers for you all may all mighty Allah Vanish this herpes from this world and from every human keep them safe and happy ever after.

    your muslim Friend


  143. Lacika Says:

    Thanks for your post, but your description is confusing. You say that MMS = MMS2 for you. MMS2 is a powder and you take in pills. You must drink a lot of water with it and take maximum 4 times a day, in 2 hours intervals.
    The second part of your text describes MMS1, which is an activated liquid, and you can take it hourly for 8-10 hours a day.
    So, which one are you talking about ? Which one are you using and how ?

  144. Lacika Says:


    I have been doing the dmso+MMS1 over skin on the lower back for a month now, but I did not get any outbreak. In the last few days, I have increased the drops to 15 and it has really burned my skin. I have been taking 2 days off each week, but this latest dose really burned me, so I have reduced to 5 drops now.
    Has this happen to you when you used the dmso ?

  145. Kila Says:

    I am new here- I have been doing the MMS protocol for 3 weeks now @ 6 drops 2x daily, 7 drops made me puke and shit like mad. I still feel like I am cleansing at 6 drops, but not too much.
    I have had just had my monthly cycle w/out a break out in over one year! This is amazing for me- and I have to say, i think that MMS is doing something positive here. BTW:It is not bleach.
    I am very petite in size, so, I doubt I will have go up to 15 drops- Maybe 10. I do not see why keeping oneself at a comfortable cleansing level for a longer period will not work!
    I have given up all caffeine ( except a wee bit of high quality chocolate, I know- I just pop a lysine to balance the arginine levels- I mean damm if i cant have sex… give me chocolate!)
    I eat very good, lots of veggies. some fruit and really try keep my blood sugar balanced- because that is so important in immune function.
    I also do medicinal mushrooms and chlorella daily.
    I have used DMSO 99% diluted w/ aloe and 2 drops activated MMS on lesions- helps a lot- I can see how you could easily burn yoirslf. B careful.
    they sell DMSO gel at 60-80% that should work better. Keep the faith ya all!

  146. Hedged Says:

    There’s an easier way to cure herpes… but its gonna take work :)

    I’ve visited this page many times over the last two years. I’ve tried everything to cure HSV-2. Colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, ozonated water, the silver pulser, the magnetic pulser, and rife frequencies, not to mention mms 1 & 2 (with dmso), lysine, and herbs. I believe that all of these can work, but only with proper implementations not accessible to the average person.

    Of all these, rife has the most potential, but that the least amount of research going into it. The next in line is intravenous ozone, but must be performed with expensive medical-grade oxygen and equipment, and preferably the help of a physician. MMS intravenous has promise as it certainly brings the virus out of dormancy… but it takes a long time for MMS to permeate, especially if you have a severe case. Intravenous mms with another ingredient would be promising, but what that other ingredient is… I don’t know.

    Fortunately, I have good and inexpensive news.

    I was diagnosed almost two years ago, and have had symptoms every single day since. However, the past month or so things have gotten much, much better. I credit two programs: a daily dose of 500mg Chaparral (sometimes with lysine)… and methods I learned at the

    The best thing about is that you can actually get result without having to take anything, or undergo any pain. Its almost too good to be true. This method teaches you cure whatever, using the power of higher thought…. its actually working for me, but it is WORK. Though, no promises. It ain’t for everybody. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

  147. mani Says:

    guyz i think i am cured from i dnt have herpes now i am still confused

    last evening i was cleaning and shaving my genital area i got a cut on my penis from the blade exactly the same area where i got outbreaks but 3 days have been passed i dnt have any pimple acne or any thing and the cut is cured naturally i think if i was still carrying herpes virus surely ill see the outbreak

    what do you say about it am i cured ?

    your muslim firend

    mani from Pakistan

  148. Stillsmiling Says:

    When I put the dmso on my lower back/butt….it didnt burn me….i did feel a tingling sensation as if my pores were opening, but no burns. it just tingled and itched….NO BURNS

  149. Stillsmiling Says:

    Im going to pickup some “Lysine”…it has been mentioned a lot when talking about herpes

  150. trying to help Says:

    I don’t have this but I was looking things up would anyone think keymo like for cancer would help ??? I’m not sure how keymo works but doesn’t keymo kill cells in the body like all cells so the virus couldn’t survive and it wouldn’t be able to come back cause it would all be gone I’m not sure if it would work or not but if anyone tries and it works please post I’m talking to a girl that’s amazing and I want to help her so bad but I don’t want to give her false hope her lifes been harder then anyone should ever have to deal with(sorry for spelling)

  151. mani Says:

    guyz mani here

    as you all had read my older posts so here is a new one
    by using herbal medicine i am feeling good and i dnt have any out break since using these products and have no feeling of itching or tiggling my herbal medicine is restarted after a break of 19 days just to eleminate this virus i am thinking positive

    please guyz note again you all are taking this bleach kind of things to clear your blood or body i am using SAFI a Product of Hamdard it clears our body and blood by purification and they use all herbal products which never cause you dairia vomiting any thing u just have to use it 1 table spoon in morning before eating or drinking any thing and 1 table spoon at night while going to bed and nathing to eat after it its avialable every where please check this product its very cheap also

    Prayers and love for all

    your muslim friend
    From Pakistan

  152. flavin Says:

    Hi mani im flavin from india and your frindley neighbour you always say muslim friend well my father was born a muslim but converted to christiantiy during british rule so i knw a muslim woud not fool or cheat. The westerns cannot understant the powers of our yogis gurus hakims sadhus n swamys its the learning of hundreds n thousands of rich culture. Medication first started in india. I went through the same thing that you did a swamy in hyderbad just caught my wrists made me breathe heavy n told me every single health problem i had including what i knew herpes. Sadly i got it from my virgin finance who acquired it from her mother at birth in the birth canal when she was born. Even he told me he can treat me but was a little expensive so would defntly consider ur herbal doc. I know like a true muslim you are trying to do something good for humanity but its if no one takes u seriousley continue the good work.. God bless Amen n Ameen

  153. stillsmiling Says:

    It seems like some folks are having a hard time with mms. I wonder why. The process was simple for me, thank God. There where mild side affects, no biggie. There was another girl in a blog saying she did the 3 month process and she knew for a fact she was cured and that she only now to birth control. So I’m guessing she has unprotected sex. I also look at other bloggs when 1 female tested positive with a blood test and tested negative 8months later. This also happen with a male…1 test he test positive and 3 years later 2 diff blood test came back negative. But those folks didn’t use anythng special, I guess things just changed over time. I think we all should just keep trying, keep our bodies clean and healthy. I’m sure our bodies have a way of getting rid of junk or harmful things. Medicine hasn’t always been around

  154. stillsmiling Says:

    If u search different phrases regarding blood test I’m sure you will see some of the post I’ve mentioned. I personally don’t want to limit myself to dating folks with herpes. That is why I’m willing to try anythng that will possibly work.

  155. Umm Hmm Says:

    I wanted to say thanks to Stillsmiling and everyone else for the helpful information on here! You all are better than the d**m doctors! I’m sure with much prayer and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ….we can all beat this ugly bastard virus!! Much love to everyone and keep the research going! I bet if we all put our minds together then we will create a cure!!!
    My HSV 2 resume:
    Age:Early 30′s
    Caught: Jan 2011
    Prescibed: Valtrex 10 days
    Caught from: Boyfriend (EX BOYFRIEND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    What happened: Unprotected Sex due to him being to lazy to get a condom!
    Result: Wanted to beat his a** when I found out I had!!
    Conclusion: Should’ve stuck to my first mind and just stayed abstinate until I found my soulmate then this wouldn’t have happened!
    Final Conclustion: Will Purchase some lysine from a Health Store( GNC or Vitamin Shoppe) and call it a day!

  156. Umm Hmm Says:

    ALSO, Try to Stay away from Those TRIGGER FOODS! Go for foods that have more of the amino acid LYSINE! NOT ARGININE!!!!! Lysine is your new BFF if you have HSV1 or HSV2! Use your common sense and follow your gutt instinsts with this virus! Go to church, pray, and stay in faith because everything will work out! I was sooo so hurt when I found out I had it! I went to my OB/GYN and when she told me, I cried! I’m just gonna take Lysine and continue to pray and I will see in another year or year and a half it this virus is gone! I know that some of you all out there want to do more than Lysine and Prayer and if you do this MMS then thats wonderful! I will keep reading and gathering info and keep everyone posted!

    Shout Out to Stillsmilling!!!!….WHOOP WHOOOOOOOP!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!! :)

  157. mmsdebunked Says:

    Seriously read through my website before you drink this stuff!

    The ONLY proof you will ever find that MMS works is random people on the internet who are NOT experts in health.
    If people were really being cured by this stuff, why aren’t there ACTUAL reports about it? Jim Humble has 14 years and still not one real piece of evidence. And don’t believe the “conspiracy”, the internet if FREE, if people had REAL proof it would be on the internet! If REAL doctors were proving this stuff really works, NO ONE could stop them publishing their findings, why is it so easy to find “dodgy” proof that MMS works, but no REAL proof? MMS is a dangerous lie. Most people who are “cured by it” are either also on real medication, or innocently just experiencing placebo effect. You can tell people who blindly support MMS because they are SO certain it works, like there could be no other explanation, but certainty is very dangerous because that’s when you are the easiest to fool, ask any magician or con artist! Educate yourself, don’t believe what Jim Humble says.

    I’ll probably get labelled a dis-information agent or something, that’s the usual tactic, but read my website and see if it makes sense? I don’t make any claims you can’t verify for yourself. Go to a doctor and ask him some questions without even mentioning MMS and you will get the same information, are they all really “in on it”? I’m just a regular guy, a close relative of mine got sick every time taking MMS and I did a lot of research as a result, it took them a long year to stop drinking it so I do speak from experience. If you take it and don’t believe it is doing you any harm, think about how long it took to reveal that smoking was bad for you? Don’t kid yourself, Jim Humble HAS NOT done any tests about how safe MMS is, the only studies he cites is tests done on municipal water because it is treated with chlorine dioxide, but comparing MMS to tap water is completely disingenuous.

    Do the research for yourself and don’t trust random people on the internet, including me.
    Of course

  158. sufferingmother Says:

    I am a 21 yr old female and a few weeks ago i was told i have herpes. I do not know where i got it from and my fiance (who i don’t think have it, if so has had no out break) is pretty much in denial he do not believe tht is what i have. i’m really scared and depressed my first out break was agony i had dysuria and the sores made it worst. im going thro my 2nd outbreak already and its not as painful but very itchy. my fiance try to be supportive he say he love me no matter what and that if he gets it o well we’ll have it together, i keep telling him thats not a smart decision. although i don’t want him to leave me i’m scared for him… i want to believe mms wrks but im scared, scared it will be a waste of money and/or cause me harm(side effects)

    could someone out there help me

  159. Umm Hmm Says:

    Hello @ Sufferingmother, I just contracted HSV2 from my NOW EX-BOYFRIEND! I know its a difficult and emotional thing that has happened! The only thing that I can tell you is to stay in FAITH and take lysine! Lysine is an amino acid and is sold in PILL FORM at any GNC or Vitamin Shoppe Store!!! I’ve heard that the people who’ve taken it have less out-breaks! Example: 8-12 out-breaks a year, down to 0-3 out-breaks a year!! So but that and take a multi-vitamin!!!! Also STAY AWAY from ARGININE FILLED FOODS!!! THOSE Will make you itch like crazy! I learned the hard way about Blueberries!!! As far as MMS, I know very little about it but there are a few people who had good results and no out-breaks! Do your research and MMS will probably work for you!!!

    Go to this site and see which foods have more l-lysine content and eat those!!!

  160. Umm Hmm Says:

    Thanks QUESTIONIT and Mani!!

  161. sufferingmother Says:

    thanks so much umm hmm i’ll diff try that.

  162. sufferingmother Says:

    also i tried to click on tht website but it said not avaliable

  163. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Umm Hmm….I’m with u 100% with the Lysine. Please use it and get retested often. Do ur research, I’ve run across bloggs where people blood test come back negative after showing positive in the past. Keep trying everyone, I believe our bodies can heal it self over time. Lysine is $8 and worth a try.

  164. stillsmiling Says:

    Hey, I just purchased Lysine ($8). Ive read in another blog that your suppose to take it on a empty stomach. The recommended dosage is 1200 mg a day. However, I read a post from a female on a hubpage blog stating she takes 5000mg a day. WOW!!! (the pills are only 500mg each) She states the reason for the high dosage is to make the virus uncomfortable in your body. The only side affect ive read about is nausea, im sure we can all stand a little nausea.

    Someone in another blog said they were cured after 2months of taking “food grade hydrogen peroxide” mixed with “8oz of water” (im not sure how much peroxide is needed and how often). The person recommended you get more info from –i was not able to find any further info tho. It almost sounds like mms to me.

  165. stillsmiling Says:

    I will post the link to the blog where i got the Lysine dosage info. The bloggers name is Sunshine-Honey, she states she is cured. However, a lot of folks in this blog have used Resolve, but she also experimented with Lysine.

  166. Umm Hmm Says:

    Hey Stillsmilling, I discovered something else, but I guess the best way to battle this nasty beast is to stick with one thing. I will start off with Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! I heard/read that its a miracle in a jar! It battles everything from A-Z!!! A few people wrote exerts on another site who tried this method and it works! Take one tablespoon of the OEVCO and melt that, add it to water(8oz glass), then mix it and drink it! Take one tablespoon 3X a day!! The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains an ingredient called LAURIC ACID! Lauric Acid Kills the coating of the virus, then the virus eventually dies! The problem is The Presciption Meds that we are all taking PROTECT THE COATING of the virus and we of coarse have no outbreak! Then the outbreak comes back and then we take our prescription meds again, and again, and again!! Then the virus becomes immune to the daym prescription meds!! The Phramaceutical Company does this because they want to make $$$$$$$$$$$!! My suggestion is to turn to natural medicines that GOD put on this earth!

    1) Get off your Meds and take Lysine
    2) Buy Some Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    3) After taking the Coconut Oil for about 2-3 monthes, Test the virus by eating TRIGGER FOODS(Nut, Chocolate,Blueberries,ECT and see it you have an outbreak!!!
    4) Repeat this until you feel that the virus is gone because you know your body and how it reacts!!
    5) Take your Blood Test
    6) If you aren’t negative then go for MMS or stick to The Coconut OIL!
    THIS will work!!

    OBJECTIVE: The objective is to KILL the virus! Our Meds protect it! None of us want this in our bodies! I don’t want it inside of mine!! Go natural and you will be fine! When I feel tingles, I drink milk!
    Get off your Meds! Thats my suggestion!!

    Milk has Lauric Acid and L-Lysine! If you panic, Drink Milk! Trust me!
    Say a prayer and these things will work! I am going to buy my Coconut Oil Tomorrow! Its sold at Any Health Store like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe!

    I will keep you all posted!

    Oh yeah @Stillsmiling, I read about the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide!!!

  167. Umm Hmm Says:

    @Sufferingmother I apologize, I guess I didn’t type the site correctly!! Just go to the Nutrition Data website and you can find Lysine contents or just google searh Lysine Food List. :)

    I know you are down @Sufferingmother, but this will get better!!

    @Stillsmiling, I appreciate you giving all of this info because its difficult for us all to deal with this but this website was a GOD sent!

    Talk to you ladies soon, NO WORRIES Ladies!!!!! :)

  168. stillsmiling Says:

    I’ve already done 3 months of mms1 and mm2 and dmso, everything went well, no complaints.

  169. Umm Hmm Says:

    @Stillsmiling:How did the mms1 and mm2 make you feel when taking them?? I’m thinking about purchasing some, so I want to know if you had any odd side effects? I’m happy for you, when are you going to take your test to see that you are negative? Have you eaten any TRIGGER foods to test it…let me know! I’m gonna stick with the Coconut Oil for now and see how it takes to my body since I’ve had this for a month and a half now, then I might move to the MMS! Talk to you soon!!!

  170. Umm Hmm Says:

    @Stillsmiling, I read your earlier post about what you said mms has done for you, so nevermind my other post so that you don’t have to retype anything!

  171. Lacika Says:

    I have stopped the dmso+MMS1 topical method, a week ago. I still have not experienced OB since December, so I want to have one, to start the MMS1+2 protocol to hit the virus. I don’t know why the dmso+MMS1 did not trigger and OB ? I want to see, if your experience with the 3 months treatment of MMS1+2 can be demonstrated as a success. I have stopped the MMS maintenance dose, as well. I will report back, when I have my OB again. Normally I had only 2-3 a year, so it might take a while.

  172. stillsmiling Says:

    Dang…lysine makes u sleepy. I was taking 6 a day, 3 morn and 3 nite. I’m gonna have to settle for taking 3 at night b4 bed. Ill take more on the weekend when I dnt have to work

  173. Umm Hmm Says:

    I didn’t know the LYSINE makes you sleepy!! I’m sorry about that @Stillsmiling!! I was on the Jim Humble site and there was an English doctor who spoke on the site about MMS and its effectiveness since he has done studies and from what he said on the site about his findings on the study, he said that it only takes a few weeks to rid the HSV!! I read and downloaded the Jim Humble’s Book1 one from the studies he has done in Africa on Malaria and HIV and AIDS, and MMS did rid Malaria and the HIV and AIDS patients were significantly better, but two AIDS patients died due to its severity. So MMS does work!! Stillsmiling, test your MMS treatment and eat trigger foods and have your lysine and milk nearby!! Thats the only way you know if its gone out your system!! The Sodium Clorite is the kicker in MMS!! We will all be cured and don’t be scared! You should only be taking the MMS for about a month then eat the trigger foods to test it. If you have a sever HSV1 or HSV2 case and outbreak alot, take it for two mothes! The MMS is killing the outer lipid coating of the virus and then it dies! MMS gets it out of the bloodstream, so Stillsmiling, you should be cured of it by now! Take your blood test!!!

  174. Stillsmiling Says:

    @ Umm Hmm….I did the mms for 3 months last year (Aug-Nov, it worked wonders. Im sure ive eaten a trigger food since. Yes I will make an appt soon. I made several last year but kept postponing, all sorts of things were coming up. I promise I will go soon because I need to know for myself as well. Yes Lysine makes me sleepy. I usually take 3 at a time which is 1500mg, that is sort of a lot. When I started taking it, I notices I started discharging and had tingling as well in my buttock area. :-/ I dont know why, but that is what i felt. I read more on Lysine they state is repairs internal damage or something to that affect. Have u been taking Lysine, if so how many a day?

  175. Lacika Says:

    Just an idea for the coconut oil take.
    Since I have stopped drinking coffee temporarily, to see if my MMS1 treatment be more effective ( will start again at the next OB ), I think about coffee, often. At the local Whole Foods store, I have found a coffee substitute called INKA. It is pretty pure, without any harmful stuff or preservatives. I make ‘ this ‘ coffee with hot water, coconut sugar, and tons of coconut oil. At least, 4-5 tablespoon amount. The oil melts to the top, about 1/4 inch thick. I use raw milk to make it more tasty and I enjoy it. Actually, it tastes pretty good. I think, it also helps with my weight loss because I see the result on my belts. I agree, the oil must be Extra Virgin !
    I will continue to avoid real coffee, for now. If I get an OB, despite the coconut oil, I will start MMS1 and later MMS2. It is funny, but now, I kind of want an OB, so I can test this method. But I don’t want to stop drinking coconut oil. It is just too good for my body.

  176. Lacika Says:

    @Umm Hmm
    Have you found any specifics regarding to herpes treatment on J. Humble’s web site ? I have been searching for a solid treatment plan, but all I could find is to take it as long it is necessary. No timeline and report back from someone who was cured already. Of course, I would be happy to report back, if I knew that I was cured by using MMS, but I cannot tell, yet. I have taken MMS for several months before, but I still got an OB in October and December. I suspect, I was not doing the correct diet, which eliminated the effectiveness of the MMS. So, I am just eager to find some solid info.

  177. Umm Hmm Says:

    @Stillsmiling…I happened to go to the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased Coconut Oil instead of the Lysine and it works! The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has made me loose a few inches off my waist!!! I take 2-3 tablespoons a day by scooping it and melting it in a cup w/about 6oz of water and its working well! Thats all I take for now! My butt might tingle for about once a week! I’m gonna do both the oil and the capsule form of Coconut Oil! Stillsmiling, I drink so much milk that I don’t need the Lysine! Thats why I purchased the Coconut Oil instead! If you eat trigger foods like chocolate, pop a Lysine and then eat the trigger food! I’m sorry it made you sleepy!!

    @Lacika….there were two sites for Jim Humble. GO To THIS SITE! On the site, look to the right of the screen and you’ll see the title: STRAIGHT TALK on MMS, Guest: Andreas Kalcker! There is a nerdy looking guy that is iterviewing him and you’ll see that this man knows his stuff and its not a gimmic!! MMS works because I’ve been reading but you have to eat right and also, on the site, this guy shows how to correctly measure MMS!! For now, I’m gonna stick with my Organic Extra Virgin olive Oil. I get repeat to myself that I don;t have the virus. Many things in life have to deal with the power of spoken word! Don’t claim having this virus! Take your MMS, Olive Oil, or Lysine and Pray every night!! This will work! You have to have the faith that it will!! But The man Andreas Kalcker is the only specific person that I heard say that MMS does work besides Jim Humble!! To take this MMS you have to be careful about what you eat and drink! You’re not supposed to drink coffee or tea because they are anti-oxidants and MMS is an OXIDANT!! Listen to the video and you will be happy and relieved Lacika!!! :)

  178. Umm Hmm Says:

    OH YEAH….Lemon helps!! I drink sprite zero all the time and realised it doesn’t bother me!!! Get some lemon juice and add it to your water or drink!!

  179. Umm Hmm Says:

    LOL, sorry for the typos!! I typed on line 4 that, I repeat to myself that I don’t have the virus and that I don’t CLAIM it!! Don’t put claim to this virus and do what you are supossed to do to rid it out of your system!!!! Many of us with the HSV are between 21-35 yrs old and we are young and with that being said, it difficult to eat right! You have to do your part and eat correctly and let the MMS and other alternatives do the work!!


  180. Lacika Says:

    @Umm Hmm
    I watched the video, but it did not tell me more.
    I don’t drink coffee. The drink is hot water, barley and rye, milk, sugar, coconut oil. I am not taking MMS now, so, it does not interfere with anything. Once I have OB, I will change my diet and take MMS.

  181. Umm Hmm Says:

    @Lacika: Hey, ok I see what you mean, lol…I thought you were drinking coffee! That drink sounds good!! I’ll have to try that!

  182. Stillsmiling Says:

    ” I found these instructions”

    Pour 2 ounces of 35% hydrogen peroxide into your mixing container. This container may be the same as your storage container. It is important to remember to keep the solution out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Exposure to sun and heat will break the mix down into oxygen and water and render it useless.

    Mix in 22 oz of distilled water. You can use tap water, but it has impurities that may interfere with the preservation of the solution.

    Read more: How to Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Water |

    On the site below, these folks say they soak in Hydrogen peroxide

  183. victus Says:


    Can someone please tell me when using DSMO and MMS1 together if you are supposed to rub it on your lower back or ingest it? I am very confused on the protocol and would love for someone to explain to me the proper way to use it and mix it. Also when I purchase DSMO what kind should I be looking to buy… gel or liquid?

    My Protocol…
    Lysine 3 1000mg morning and 3 1000mg at night
    Monolaurin 3000mg morning and 3000mg night

  184. victus Says:

    also I am using

    MMS1 3-5 drops every hour for 8 hours

    MMS2 1 pill ever 2 hours for a total 4-5 pills a day for 30-60 days

  185. stillsmiling Says:

    @ Victus…..lower back and just above your butt cheeks after a shores…make sure your body is clean allow your pores to close a little after the shower. When u put the dmso on your skin the pores will open again. When you put the dmso on as soon as u get out of the shower it will almost feel like a benjay or icy hot sensation. Read some of my earlier post I have tips above.

  186. stillsmiling Says:

    Oh I read in a blog that some folks soak in 3% food grade hydro…it does the same thing as dmso…..fill the tub with water and place half the bottle inside and soak for 20mins….google it guys

  187. stillsmiling Says:

    @victus….buy gel dmso…u don’t need to use a lot, it spreads well when applying

  188. victus Says:

    Do you mix the DSMO and MMS together and rub it on our do you rub on the DSMO and drink the MMS. I thought I read that you can mix the two and put it on. I think the reason behind this was it would help the mms get to the problem area quicker and more effect.

    The protocol if I can remember was…

    For 3 months take :
    MMS 1 orally 3-5 per hour for 8-10 hours

    Take MMS 2- 4 pills spread out by 2 hours per pill

    Then take a 4 oz spray bottle and mix 40 MMS1 Drops with 40 -50% Citric Acid Drops. Add 1 tea spoon of DMSO. Fill the rest with distilled water. Use this 3 days on 4 days off. You are supposed to spray in the morning after you should and at night right before bed.

  189. stillsmiling Says:

    @ victus…mix a few drops of mms with the acid…wait 3-5 minutes and pour it on the dmso gel…wait another 2minutes and apply the gel to ur lower back on each side of the spine just above your butt

  190. stillsmiling Says:

    I don’t know what dmso gel u ordered but the one I have already has distilled water in it. I don’t know anything about spraying something in the morn and night. I used the gel form dmso and only applied it at night

  191. Chuckles Says:

    Works works works mms/dmso

  192. Lacika Says:

    J. Humble’s new book is out, get it, because it has important information about MMS protocols.

  193. Stillsmiling Says:

    @Lacika….can u give us an idea of what the new book talks about. has there been any change as far as dosage is concerned?

  194. Brett Bazant Says:

    For what it is worth, I believe the “D.Nash” information is at very best woefully incorrect. If indeed there was a 56 year old wife in robust health — and I’ve very very sorry if I am incorrect — it is *inconceivably unlikely* she died due to a dose of 2 drops of Cl02 solution. It is basically as impossible as dying from a couple drops of vinegar. In fact is it so preposterous a notion that — and I apologize if this is indelicate — either it is an absolute intentional lie from a pharma schill — or else we are dealing with extremely stupid people, including medical examiners.

    yes, there *is* a lethal dose of MMS. But it is probably hundreds if not thousands of drops.

  195. stillsmiling Says:

    Oh I never believed his story. I took mms 1 and 2 daily for 3 months and was never any where near death. Mms has never caused me any harm!!!! Lysine is good but makes me so sleepy…lol

  196. Trish Says:

    NEED ADVICE: I’m on day 20 of the mms1 and mms2 protocol and boy do I have major body pains in my muscles , feet and hands. STILLSMILING, did U get this? oh, And finally yesterday I got my first major outbreak which I hadnt had in over a year, so I am thinking that the mms has now gone deeper into the tissue and is chasing the virus out?!!! Does this sound right? hOPE SO….
    Thank you!!

  197. mani Says:

    i am back guyz and i want to tell you peopel i am very fine having no herpes in body any more thanks to that herbalist even i have done sex with out condoms and have no complains

  198. stillsmiling Says:

    I finally went for my 2nd herpes blood test after testing positive 8mon ago. I should have the results within a week.

  199. Lacika Says:


    The 3rd book describes the adjusted protocols 1000/2000/3000. I think it is important to read it because it does make a difference. The new protocols are less ‘ hurting ‘, so the taking of MMS is more manageable. The biggest change is in the drop count. The emphasis now is on the hourly, but less drops, taking. Also, instead of mixing with water before you take the active MMS, they suggest the 00 capsule solution, which works very well for me, because I hated the taste of it with just water. MMS2 has not changed. The MMS1 plus DMSO treatment for really sick people ( cancer, etc. ) is similar, but it is rotated over your body parts.

    By the way, I had my OB two days ago, so I started MMS/1000 with capsules. I’ll report back, how it goes.

  200. stillsmiling Says:

    Doctors office called….they asked me to come back Tuesday, they didn’t say why tho. Maybe a retest. When I do go back, whatever the results I’m still going to ask for a 3rd retest

  201. mani Says:

    hello guyz
    i am just here to say you all are trying well against this nasty viral but take a sugestion and try SAFI produce by Hamdard laboratories Pakistan it will clean your blood from other viral too please try once a bottel is enough to see the diffrence and result it have no side effects

  202. Lacika Says:

    OK, like I said, I had an OB on April 16. I started MMS 1000 protocol on the 17. I have also applied MMS + DMSO topically to the small blister I had and washed it off after 3-4 minutes. The blister has disappeared after 2 days. For 3 more days I could see a red spot on the same location but nothing hurt or was visible.
    This is the second week of the 1000 protocol and I will stop after the 3rd week of taking it.
    At few occasions I have felt some tingling or warmth on my p…s, but no OB so far. To have the blister disappear in 2 days is amazing. Normally, I had it for 7-15 days and in several locations, sometimes.
    I keep my fingers crossed.

  203. Stillsmiling Says:

    my doctor should call me tomorrow to tell me what she has to say. i didnt make the appointment, insurance was cancelled.

  204. mary Says:

    I am now 4 months without an outbreak of hsv2. I was getting one or two per month for about a year. Here is what I did:

    I followed Jim’s new protocol for viruses which is 3 activated drops of mms every hour for eight hours for three weeks. So, in my first week on the protocol, I had a bit of diarrhea. The second week is when things got interesting. All of a sudden I got a Huge, raging outbreak, MUCH bigger than normal and it was as if the virus was desperate to try and leave my body……. I know that sounds a little out there to some of you, but I swear that is what I think I witnessed! I kept on the drops every hour and after a few days it cleared. I continued the protocol. This was back in January. Since then, just to give you a sense of the stress in my life: My Mother died in Feb with MUCH family drama surrounding the event, I had my period during the funeral, and usually, my period alone was enough stress to trigger an outbreak, and guess what? No outbreak. Remember, I was getting one or two per month! Again, I have not had any herpes since then. And yes, I have been trying to “bait” the virus by eating a lot of foods high in arganine, chocolate, almonds, etc. which used to trigger it….I am as sure as I can be that I did kill this thing. I will go for a new blood test after 6 months has passed….very sincerely and gratefully, Mary

  205. Lacika Says:

    to the readers:

    I have just finished the MMS1 1000 protocol; 3 weeks, 3 drops in 00 capsule, 8 hours a day. As I wrote earlier, I started the protocol a day after I had my last OB. It disappeared in 2 days and never came back. I have regularly had diarrhea, but rarely was painful. It was just annoying. I had difficulties to drink all that water during the protocol. It made me go to pee every half an hour.
    I will be on standby-mode for now, at least 6 months. If I have an OB again, I will start another 3 weeks 1000 protocol ( MMS2 is just does not fit with me well ). I am crossing my fingers.
    I have avoided the food, which could interfere with MMS, such protein within 2 hours of taking MMS, coffee, whole grain in anything, fruits or juices with vit. C, chocolate, etc.
    I will report back, if something happens.

  206. J Says:

    Stillsmiling what happened with your results? I wish you all the best!

  207. katie Says:

    Still smiling……..what happened with your blood test???

  208. Rob Says:

    Lacika – where can I find out about what food & drinks to avoid? I know about Vit-C negating the MMS but have not heard about protein, coffee, grains, etc. I am taking MMS+MMS2 for HPV (into 2nd week) and don’t want it to be all for nothing if I my diet is interfering with MMS! thanks.

    “I have avoided the food, which could interfere with MMS, such protein within 2 hours of taking MMS, coffee, whole grain in anything, fruits or juices with vit. C, chocolate, etc.”

  209. Stillsmiling Says:

    LOng story…i went to the doctor april 15th bc i was changing jobs and knew i was going to be without insurance for a while. well the doctors office called me back and said the doctor wanted me to come in so that we could go over the results. i informed them that i nolonger had insurance and didnt want to pay for the appointment out of pocket. the staff told me the doctor will call me or mail the results. i havent received a call or anything in the mail. ive called several times and they said they will pass the insurance problem msgg along to the doctor, but still no phone call. they made it seem as if i was getting on their nervous, lol…so i havent called back. ummm, i hope im not on my death bed and dont know it. i will be getting another form of insurance soon, ill go for another test. the doctor i went to on april 15th doesnt accept the new insurance i will have. so please standby folks. i havent taken mms in a long time…i still have it here tho. i did 3 1/2 months of it and havent found another need for it.

  210. Stillsmiling Says:

    as far and diet and mms is concered, i dont know. i never changed my diet when i was on mms. i did avoid eating junk because mms will send junk back up.. :-/ other than that, i didnt eat any special foods and will still able to feel it working in my body. oh, with mms2 please drink clean water. with me that was a MUST

  211. Rob Says:

    @Stillsmiling – thanks for the feedback on the diet restrictions/recommendations and tips on using ‘clean’ water with MMS2. Agree that eating healthy and avoiding junk…can only help. Good luck with you next doctor appt and getting your clean bill of health!

  212. Stillsmiling Says:

    I’ll do MMS 1 everyday until the doctors appointment.

  213. Stillsmiling Says:

    I guess the other msgg did show. I wrote I’m planning the next doctors visit for June 7th. Im also planning to get my first HPV vaccine that day.

  214. Stillsmiling Says:

    *******ATTENTION EVERYONE******** PLEASE go to youtube and search for “THE OXYGEN THERAPY CURE PART 1″ (there is a part 2). The speaker is an African American male wearing a black sweater hat and yellow sweater, PLEASE LISTEN TO HIS MESSAGE.

  215. Andy Says:

    I have been taking MMS for the past 3 months. I had diarrhea for the next couple of weeks and then it stopped. I am getting itchy sores on my arms , back ,thighs… They are reddish and itchy . They go away after a weeks time , I have stopped taking MMS for the fear that it might not be suiting me .
    check this out- A portion on my fore arm became red and started to swell. The portion became very red and the temperature in this portion was much more than that of the surrounding skin on the arm. I could see the difference when I touched it. In a day or two I noticed that the portion became so hot that it BURNT THE EDGES OF MY HAIR ON THE ARM. The hair was burnt just like you bring a candle close to it ..not from the root but from the top end. I slowly started to cut down on my MMS from 4 drops to
    I am not sure what went on ..can someone tell me.

  216. Lacika Says:

    Go back here and look for a post #76 by Carla. She talks about the diet and there is a link, too, where you can get more scientific explanation, how to change your diet when you take MMS.

    Since I am writing, I just want to report that no OB so far and I am not taking any MMS, since my last session. I went back to my regular diet, which includes ‘ trigger foods ‘.

  217. Stillsmiling Says:

    Yall we may never get a negative result even after taking mms. (I recall someone mentioning this on a earlier post) The testing for herpes is so tricky. It is said the best testing is culture testing if your having outbreaks. Blood test arent all the reliable. I just did some reading on webmd. If your trying to flush your system of herpes I’d do the mms1 for 3-6 months daily and see if the herpes symtoms go away. Symtoms such as nerve pain, outbreaks, or any other indication that lets you know herpes is there. Ive yet to be retesting. I will tho the first week in June (if my insurance situation is taken care of) and I will get an HPV vaccine. I honestly nolonger have a sign of herpes in my body after doing the mms/dmso for almost 4months. Take the time to read the info on webmd

  218. Stillsmiling Says:

    @ Andy…wow, you must have had some pre-existing condition that you didnt know about and mms must have brought it to the surface(guessing). I did mms1, mms2 and dmso for several months and I “NEVER” experienced anything such as that or anything life threatening. If anyone is considering taking mms go for it. It is cheap and cant hurt you, therefore it wouldnt hurt to try. :-) are u doing the 1:1 drops or 1:5 ? Ive done both and never experienced anything like that.

  219. Stillsmiling Says:

    YYYAAYYYY……GOT MY 1ST HPV INJECTION TODAY………along with 3 other vaccines. Need 2 more and I don’t have to worry about getting HPV.

  220. Lacika Says:

    I have just read JH’s newsletter. In there, they altered the protocol somewhat, for difficult cases, such as genital herpes. They recommend the 1:1 ratio with 50% citric acid, but not to exceed the 3 drops per hour volume. It is recommended to extend the daily take to 10-12 or more hours, instead. They also suggest to add liquid DMSO drops to the mix. Same amount of drops as the MMS1. First to activate the MMS1 and citric acid for 20 seconds ( 50 % ! ) and add the DMSO and wait for 3 minutes before drinking it. It should be more effective. They say, it improves the taste of the mix, as well. I will try this out, when I have another OB. Hopefully never, but I am prepared to keep fighting this virus.

  221. Lacika Says:

    JH has posted some changes to the MMS1 protocol. Mix it with DMSO before you drink it. Another way to get it in, is the ‘ bag ‘ method, for those who cannot handle nausea. Look it up on his web site.

  222. MMSnewbie Says:


    How did you get on at the doctors? Really eager to know!!

    Hope everything went ok.

  223. trailingedge Says:

    stillsmiling hi. thanks for the link to over here, from over there at hub pages.
    I have just been reading your latest posts and see that you’ve had some great success. Im very happy for you!
    I too am interested in your latest Dr’s blood test report…

  224. Stillsmiling Says:

    The doctors appt I went to on april 15 I was never able to follow up with….they never called me back after I called daily for 2 weeks. I went to a county clinic for a free hpv vaccine, I get my 2nd injection july 6…..I also got free std testing at the same clinic….they did a pap smear but herpes test isn’t apart of the routine…..and the 80 doctor at the free clinic says u have to have an outbreak for herpes to properly be tested and detected. Sorry I don’t have outbreaks anyone….I haven’t had one n almost a year, if it was really an outbreak….the person tht infected me last year had 3 std at the time….so heaven only knws if it was an outbreak. Read my earlier post.

  225. Stillsmiling Says:


  226. smokyC Says:

    hey eveyone i’m gonna keep this brief. it appears to me that mms may or may not be a cure for hsv but there is still no solid evidence that i can find to support these claims.
    i personally ,like everyone else on this forum would love to eradicate this filthy little parasite once and for all. the thing is, i have found a much simpler way to stop ob peranently. i was suffering constantly with hsv2 until i decided to stop the one toxin we all indulge every single day of our lives. namely SUGAR!!!! DO NOT EAT SUGAR AND U WILL NEVER SUFFER AN OB AGAIN FACT!! this is your choice, i made it, i’m very healthy and happy and hsv is no longer a problem for me. if u can eat less than 5 grams of sugar per day then all you will be is healthy. which would u rather have sugar or hsv ?????? its up to u ;) good luck

  227. Desperate Says:

    As my nick suggests, I can’t wait for a cure to come out…
    But please trust me when I tell you this:

    Herpes has never been, and is currently NOT CURABLE.

    You are all desperate for a solution, which is completely understandable, but I mean, listen to yourselves!!! Drinking mixtures that make you throw up in the mornings and evenings??

    Herpes is a LATENT virus – It can NOT be identified and destroyed like bacteria can.

    The CDC is the only website that contains information that you can trust, even if the news is not what you want to see. Face the facts people, and stop throwing your money and your health away.

  228. Nightingale Says:

    Stillsmiling: I am really hopeful for your negative test result. I hope you can get the test that comes from a spinal tap; I heard that one is accurate. Like many, I’m not made of spare money for cures that won’t work, but I kinda feel this MMS thing could work.. but please let us all know if the MMS worked and you had a negative test result! If it worked for you, I may actually try it.. lol

    I will prolly come back to this site so for anyone who cares to know I got HSV2 from an abusive ex who thought he didn’t have it cause he tested negative after the army.. but he slept with someone before he met me and we figure she has just been asymptomatic, and of course he was as well till we started sleeping together.. later when we had broken up and he had attacked me in front of a bunch of people he told everyone ‘this bitch gave me herpes!’ I was rather pissed off to say the least. I did more for him in a year than his parents prolly did in his whole life and he’s outing me for something he gave me?!?! just one more insult to the good person I KNOW I AM…

    and he was only the second person I ever slept with.. haven’t slept with anyone since.. all I wanted was True Love and all that.. lol I don’t care if anyone thinks it a silly thing to want: it’s not silly to me and I’m entitled to decide my own priorities..

    but now thanks to a person drowned in his own evil and ego, finding that person is either going to be tons harder, or tons easier… harder cuz good guys who are ignorant may run in fear and not see me instead of a virus that’s like a scar left by an ungrateful, violent, broken ex, or easier because when I tell them and they don’t run away, I’ll know they aren’t shallow and can see me instead of my few foolish mistakes…

    Anyway, I’d still prefer a cure to living with something ignorant people think is worthy of harrassing and ostracising me, as if i shit myself in a farting contest or some such bullshit.. lol I mean, come on. Chicken Pox is herpes and virtually everyone has that, just like cold sores and mono… and quite a large percentage of men and women have genital herpes anyway, but it doesn’t make us ‘dirty’ or ‘sick’..

    Sorry for the rant.. I just wish I had a cure with a negative spinal fluid test for herpes, or that herpes wasn’t vilified and seriously affected your sex and love life in this country.. some friends who had it would be nice too.. lol *booty call* Kidding… :P nah just for someone who gets it.. it’s not so bad for me, I don’t have outbreaks more than 3x – 4x a year, if that.. and the outbreaks are only annoying and slightly painful, only as much as a razor cut down there, what with natural sweat and body fluids.. (girls I’m sure you can relate: It always seems to come around a freakin period.. oh joy, yippee…)

    Out of Curiosity: are there any differences in herpes experience for men who are circumsised as opposed to uncircumsised?

    Thanks and Ima keep mah eye on yoo stillsmiling.. ;)


  229. DKSTAR Says:

    Hey people, Oil of Oregano. Check it out.

    I used MMS in the past and cured colds & flu early symptoms, just started Protocol 1000 also for my first herpes OB. Do not use undiluted MMS 1 – 1 50% citric acid on sensitive skin, OB, it burns. I am cutting fresh aloe vera leaf & bandaging on teh OB to heal. 10 drops MMS to 10 citric acid dilution on OB stings but does not burn. I could feel it going into the nerves, as described with sulphur. This is my first symptom in my life. O of O has cured everything else before I got into MMS, which has kept me disease-free. Stopped taking MMS and had sex with a promiscuous woman. Oops! OB is where the condom didn’t cover.

    Tested at 2.24 HSV I & 0.91 HSV II. I WILL get tested in a couple months and WILL report results here.

  230. DKSTAR Says:

    Wait, “dilution” mentioned above means one ounce of water to 10 drops each of MMS and 50% citric acid for topical application on OB.

  231. DKSTAR Says:

    JH DOES NOT say to take DMSO orally as far as I can find. Rather as topical app. on skin. Read here:

  232. DKSTAR Says:

    I cannot believe the man’s wife died from MMS. It rings of disinfo from as one said an agent of FDA or Big Pharma. IMO, same same as the corrupt cowards in the FDA are bought off by these greedy murderers.

    My apologies otherwise. BUT, check this:

    “The annual death toll from synthetic prescription drugs, both from the correctly prescribed and the incorrectly prescribed, amounts to about 231,000 deaths every year. To put this into perspective, this is the equivalent of a world trade center disaster every week for over a year and a half or the crash of two fully loaded 747 aircraft every day of the year.

    No information was reported on the number of outpatient and doctor’s office deaths caused by these very same drugs when prescribed by these very same doctors. The reported figures alone, however, make drug deaths caused by physicians the third leading cause of death in the US. It is far ahead of accidents, drunk driving, homicides, airline accidents, as well as all other disease with the sole exceptions of cancer and heart disease.”


    …And: “In 1998 an extensive study published in the reputable Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that 106,000 people die each year in American hospitals from medication side effects (4).

    Let’s look at this statistic a different way: 106,000 deaths a year averages out to nearly 300 deaths per day, every day. Deaths from all major airline crashes in the U.S. average less than 300 annually, but 1 airplane crash gets more media attention and governmental scrutiny than the 300 medication-related deaths which occurred not only on the same day as the airline crash, but also every day before and after for decades.”


  233. DKSTAR Says:

    106,000 deaths in 1998 compared to 231,000 “every year” now? Is this planned genocide, sloppy medics, or just bad math?

  234. victus Says:

    Can someone please post the link to the DMSO/MMS Protocol? I was looking at it a few days back and can’t seem to find it.

  235. DKSTAR Says:

    DMSO is recommended -


    Jim Humble’s Technical Bulletin

    New Protocol 1000+

    & the Need for Affidavits

    These protocol improvements may be what you are waiting for. There are some diseases that appear on occasion to be especially resistant to MMS in certain people — for example, some people have had problems overcoming herpes and others have had problems with Candida. We keep finding new ways to improve the action of MMS or ways to improve the reaction time so that one gets well faster. In other words, the basics are known but fine tuning is ongoing.

    Three New Improvements

    Two are very important and one is minor, though it could be major for some people.

    1. Include DMSO

    Add a small amount of DMSO to each hourly dose. This can be done with both protocols 1000 and 2000.

    Protocol 1000: a maximum of 3 drops of MMS and 3 drops of citric acid each hour for 8 hours a day;

    Protocol 2000: as many drops of each (MMS and citric in equal amounts) every hour as you can take (without feeling sicker) for 10 hours a day. Both protocols call for reducing the drops if one begins to feel bad. Please see for more details.

    Use one drop of DMSO for each drop of MMS. Add the DMSO only after the reaction of the MMS and citric acid has completed (that’s 20 seconds when using 50% citric acid). Give the mixture 3 minutes to complete after adding the DMSO. Of course, always stir the mixture.

    2. Enjoy an Improved Taste

    The addition of DMSO drops improves the taste and makes it easier to take the MMS.

    3. Take More Hourly Doses

    Although I have encouraged people to increase the number of hours a day in which they take MMS, I should mention that Kerri Rivera was the first person to report actually doing so and she also reports better results from it. She is having her people do more than 8 or 10 hours a day — up to 12 or 15 hours and even longer.

    Many are reporting more results from the longer hours and also from adding DMSO. We first increased the number of hours, getting improvements, and then we added the DMSO and got more improvement.

    In all cases, if you begin to notice nausea or other negative reactions, reduce the amount of MMS you are taking in each hourly dose.

    Follow the instructions given here and you will be OK. Please save these technical bulletins as there will be more. You may need them sometime, or they may save a life sometime. Also be sure to go to for the instructions on protocols 1000 and 2000.


  236. smokyC Says:

    why has the site not approved my comment ??? this will help many people with their condition

  237. Stillsmiling Says:

    This site is nolonger approving my comments. I guess we are saying something they dont like. All is well with me, Ive been outbreak free for almost a year now. I’ve thrown the rest of my mms away, I nolonger need it. :-) Im also HPV vaccinated, so i dont have to worry about catching HPV.

  238. smokyC Says:

    listen its very simple DONT EAT SUGAR AND U WILL BE FINE!!!!! drinking wine is ok, fruit is great. dont eat fructose,sucrose or any processed sugar and U WILL NEVER HAVE AN OB AGAIN FACT !!!!

  239. Lacika Says:


    I agree with your advice, but what is it based on ? Where do you get your information ? Do you have any web source to point to ?

  240. smokyC Says:

    hey Lacika :) there are sources all over the web regarding almost all viruses feeding on processed sugar.
    Arginine as we very well know ,is the catalyst for hsv but without sugar its as harmless as a fruit fly.

    Honestly you can spend hours reading random pdfs on this subject but the bottom line is, others as well as myself are finding this to be the perfect solution. i dont think hsv is such a bad thing really, it’s forcing me to lead a very healthy life, well diet wise at least lol. i smoke and drink (red wine yum) more than moderately. it simply has no effect on the condition.

    I recently spoke to several doctors regarding what i had discovered and they just are completley dismissive. even when i said how do you explain the dramatic changes?? all they know is antivirals antivirals antivirals antivirals antivirals antivirals.i have no faith in health care system, in any capacity.

    Using mms (only when absolutely necessary), avoiding sugar and just genaraly not eating food that is processed or too many root vegetables, is more than adequate to keep virus or parasite at bay

    it all sounds very easy doesnt it lol until u realise how much sugar is in everything we’s a must to stay under ten grams of the evil that is sugar per day, preferably none.
    of course that can sometimes be impossible, unless u starve.

    I personally prefer not to take any chances, i ate my last chocolate bar a long time ago and im not missing it, i’m fit, healthy male and i can enjoy a great deal without it, if u know what i mean ;)

    if this is working for you too please share your expiriences. i’d be happy if evey person thas ever suffered with this nasty little bug, managed to contain it for life using this method.

    wouldn’t that be something ,one less thing for us all to worry about and we gett to keep the ones we love safe too.

    hope this helps peeps, be lucky :)

  241. smokyC Says:

    oh yes ,i would just like to add something. if after several weeks of reading my posts u are still suffering with an OB it could be related to sweetners.

    i dont eat them at all so i have no idea how they can effect hsv, as sweetners are broken down as sugars in the body and also ,in most cases they are made from sugar. sad but true. good luck and thanks for listening :)

  242. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I would also stress that adequate sleep is a critical issue for some people with HSV.
    Burning the wick at both ends can bring a breakout for many

  243. smokyC Says:

    @ arrow

    well said arrow and perfecly timed. as over the past few weeks i have run myself into the ground (since just b4 my birthday on 2nd august) i have had very little sleep, lots of illegal drugs and wine, i have also not been so careful with my eating habbits and hey presto i’m breaking. i’m not so concerned about it really its only 2 sores. theorys have to be tested and i have been working hard at it, its certainly been fun though lol.

    so i will use your advice and behave myself and go to bed earlier. its tough for all of us to live like saints every single day of our lives, we all stumble and fall sometimes. its been a long time since i had this and i forgot how much it hurts lol at least its an excuse to lounge around in salt water baths and rest, i could do with it lol.
    i’m 37 now i shouldnt be such a badass at my age but we all have our lives to lead as we choose to.
    i firmly stand by my original findings and as arrow has mentioned above rest is of paramount importance. zero sugar diet and regular sleep kicks ass. stick with it or u will end up like me again lol

    “i’ll be back” when its terminated lol adios ;)

  244. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Topical Lugols iodine is known for greatly reducing a HSV outbreak. Apply it as soon as you notice the itch. You can apply several times a day if you want. Careful it stains, but a slurry of ascorbic acid, vitamin c, rubbed into the fabric will get rid of it.

  245. monica2011 Says:

    estuve tomando por dos semanas el protocolo 1000 lo preparaba para todo el día. después de dos semana me empezó a salir una dermatitis extrema en mi espalda y en el cuello, me asuste mucho porque lo único rato que había probado era el smm. Sin embargo mi herpes genital no se hizo presente si sentí algunos dolores y picazón pero nunca tuve las ulceras. Leyendo estos comentarios creo que voy a volver a probarlo. gracias por leer mi comentario

  246. Lacika Says:

    My question to you was not only reducing, but also eliminating the virus. Is this your findings, by not consuming any sugar ? Or, this is just for the lesser or shorter OB ?
    10 days ago, I had another OB ( first since April ), when I returned from a trip on vacation. I normally do not consume sweet stuff, but I believe, excitement, lack of sleep, stress, can bring an OB.
    I still cannot figure out the MMS proper use. It seems to be working, because when I started taking it, within 2 days the OB was gone. Prior MMS, it lasted for around 2 weeks. I have read somewhere, that the goal is to catch the virus’s reproduction, so, it won’t return again. Some people claim that MMS has eliminated the virus. This is my goal, too.

  247. questionit Says:


    How do you take the MMS in pill form? Do you do this following the 1000 Protocol, taking a pill instead of drinking it?

    Generally it seems that the test themselves for herpes are rather unreliable. Forgive me if I don’t want someone digging around in my spine but at least an accurate blood test would be nice. Like someone else mentioned about WebMD, it states that a lot of the tests are false negatives yet false positives are just about non-existent. Also it seems that the anti-bodies stay in your blood for a while even without an outbreak. I think what people often forget with herpes due to its sole association with sex is that it is a virus that lives in the nerves of your body. Who knows what kind of issues this may cause later in life and as time goes on, not to mention that having a chronic illness weakens our immune systems leaving it susceptible to other illnesses.

    I’d like to add the benefit of exercise (not sure if I mentioned it before). Exercise helps keep the body healthy or healthier depending on diet so I’d like to remind people to exercise at least 3 times a week for an hour each time. The human body was built to move and we do it injustice by not respecting what it was designed for (that includes what we ingest as well).

  248. Lacika Says:

    @ SmokyC
    I don’t really consume sweets or sugar. I put a small spoon of cane sugar into my morning coffee. I make my own chocolate with maple syrup, but don’t eat it much. I am not debating your findings, but the OB could be triggered by many things, stress, sleepless nights, sweets, emotions, etc. So, although your advice is valuable, it cannot be the only solution. I know, when I use MMS, the OB disappears in less then two days. I still need to practice to apply it early enough, so it does not even develop, but I am not good at watching the tingling sensations. Someone just wrote on another platform, that this virus is one the most difficult to eliminate. However, it is possible with strong commitment. MMS1 and MMS2 for long period of time ( which I cannot do ! ) does give good results or elimination. But you are correct, healthy food and healthy life is the first step towards peace with this bug.

  249. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I think that those who have had success curing herpes have been very diligent with MMS1 for many months using it orally as well as topically.

    There are new updates on application of mms on Jim Humble’s website Topical and oral applications of MMS1 are now being done with DMSO. This could greatly benefit in the treatment of Herpes that lodges in nerve cell bundles that generally are difficult to penetrate.

    If you are treating with MMS1 consider adding MMS2 for your protocol.

  250. ihateme Says:

    I have been searching these websites like a virus myself and there are so many different reactions to this i was just diagnosed herpes simplex 2 . I know were desperate i know were scared and willing to try almost anything for a cure including selling our souls. I hear that mms is fake and gets people sick i hear that that the guy who invented it has been scamming the world ……..

  251. ihateme Says:


  252. BOSTON Says:


  253. ameena Says:

    If you’ve had a pos. pap you can take Pau-D-Arco and you will never have another bad pap, I have 2 relatives that had bad paps, 1 approx. 15 years ago was testing pos. for cervical dysphlasia and begin to take the Pau-D-Arco and has never had a bad pap since, my other relative test for high risk HPV that causes cervical cancer and begin to take the Pau-D-Arco and since shes been on it the HPV went away, I am firm believer in Pau-D-Arco, you can purchase it at any health food store for only $10, they did not use the pills, only liquid, hope this helped someone, good luck.

  254. Anon Says:

    All in all, it’s not that bad. There are plenty of dating sites, etc. Statistically, practically everyone has one or other… You’ll be ok.

  255. Anon Says:

    That was to Ihateme… It’s not the end of the world.

  256. Optimist Says:

    hi all. i have read just about every single ocmment posted here. some things im still not getting because there are so many repsonses, comments & opinions. howwvwe i would like to know where you all purchase you mixtures from? as we know all websites are not legit.

    ******@ lacika & stillsmiling****** all of your info is greatly appreciated and i would like to know where you purchased your supply from and if you take the l-lysine with or at a separeate time from the mms/mms2. thanx so much

  257. me Says:

    I am curious if there is a way to take MMS without vomiting ect?? please tell me if there is or if anyone has taken the lower reccomended dose and not had these issues

  258. Lacika Says:

    To Optimist:

    I don’t take l-lysine. I do use MMS1 when I have an OB and it goes away in 2-3 days. Before MMS, it took about 2-3 weeks. I use MMS1 topically on the sore for 3 minutes and I wash it off immediately. ( It will burn, if you leave it longer ).
    My latest info is that the virus is not what you need to kill. It is the parasite, which carries it. The parasite lives within the cell and it is very difficult to kill. Once the parasite is eliminated, the virus will be easy to kill with MMS. To kill the parasite, you will need heavy doses for minimum 2-3 weeks. Before you can start the heavy doses, you need to bring your body up to a strong immune system level. Vitamins, probiotics, etc. The heavy MMS treatment will destroy good bacteria, as well. So, your body has to be strong to overcome this stage. Lot of rest, sleep, no stress, is also required. I have seen negative lab tests on a web page from a guy, who has this method. He helped others to eliminate the herpes and have negative lab tests.
    The MMS people developed a new method to take the doses. It is based on generating the gas into chilled distilled/filtered water. In reality the gas kills the pathogens. With this method, the troubling acid taste can be eliminated and higher doses can be taken. The generated gas will be active for weeks in this water, as long you keep it in the fridge ( below 11 Celsius ). It is called now CDS. Google for MMS/CDS and you will find out more how to do this. There is also a YouTube video you can watch, how to generate the gas.
    If you are still using the activated drops method, I don’t recommend to take more than 3 drops (MMS + citric acid each ) per hour. But you can go all day 8-12 hours, if you can handle it. It is important to do a treatment like this for at least 3 weeks, or more, when you have an OB.

    To Ihateme:
    I understand your feelings. It is terrible to know that you have something for life. But you can live with it. Just be honest about it. Many loving partners will understand you and will stay with you. Just don’t lie about it. We all hope that there will be a cure to this annoying bug, but nobody knows when. It seems that MMS did cure few people already. Since it is a harmless gas if you use it according the recommendations, you will not have anything to lose to try it. Just don’t over use it and you will be safe.
    You are not alone, as you possibly know this now. I was told that the 60 % of the sexually active adult population in the US has this bug. So, you are not alone. I had it for 35 years now. The lady who gave it to me, did not say anything about it. Imagine my annoyance with this. But life goes on and you can be a normal person, as long you are honest about it to yourself and to your partner. The pain and irritation this bug causes is nothing comparing to really serious deceases. Treating yourself ( or trying it ) will be good for you. I know, it was good for me, when I started to use MMS. So, don’t give up and do your best !

    To All:
    MMS might not be the magic tool but it does do wonders to certain people. Only you can decide, if this is for you, or not. Search, research, and try. That is the only way to know, if it I can help you. I did and it did help me in different ways. If, some day, it will also eliminate the herpes in my body, I will be overwhelmed. If not, I will keep trying and do my best. Isn’t it life is about this ?

  259. me Says:

    Can I talk to you privately please? Do you have an email where we can chat

  260. Lacika Says:

    To ‘ Me ‘:

    You can write to me at

  261. Julie Says:

    Hello all. Well I’ve been following this forum for some time now, about 2 years. And I’d now like to participate. I’d like to share my MMS journey with readers, as I plan to begin my MMS journey in the next few days. I have both oral and genital HSV1, spread by myself from mouth to genitals. I have since battled with monthly outbreaks, from 2008. After initially trialling MMS in 2009, where I managed to reach 10 drops twice daily, I stopped due to anxiety and depression. I truly do believe the herpes was being pushed out of my body, as OB’s were occurring at around 9 to 10 drops. Due to depression and severe anxiety, I struggled to cope with the OB’s, so I went off MMS, and have since been through one of the most spiritually cleansing times of my life. I can’t stress this enough. Removing stress from your life, along with a healthy eating plan, can only help your body to remove Herpes from your system. This, combined with MMS will be a lethal combination for the herpes virus. In saying all of this, I am now ready! I no longer fear outcomes and I no longer hate this virus. I have learned to accept it, and in a way, admire it’s strength and endurance. What an intelligent being it is! However, I would prefer not to share my body with parasites and virus, so state of mind, clarity and a good diet, combined with MMS will be the great kicker of this parasite. I have no doubt this path is going to be the final part of my cleansing journey and I look forward to sharing it with you all. I’ll begin my daily posts when I start. There is hope, never give up on hope! Once hope leaves us, then we have nothing. You are more than you think.. once you realise this, life gets better :-) . Love to you all, Julie

  262. Stillsmiling Says:

    Wow…I havent been on here in a while. All is well with me. I dont know the last time ive had a herpes discomfort. The only thing Ive been taking is Lysine and Zinc. Ive gotten all of my HPV shots. Once again I’ll go for HSV testing soon (still no insurance).

  263. Stillstrong Says:

    This is my first post.

    I have HSV1&2 and Ocular Herpes. It was devastating to learn that I might be going blind. So I started surfing the web and that’s how I came across MMS1&2 DMSO, and Molecula Silver. Some people say taking MMS and molecula silver may not be effective, but I use molecula silver as an eye dropper and it has helped me fight the virus a great deal. If you have ocular herpes, I would strongly recommend you to start using molecula silver as an eye dropper. Sometimes I take it orally.

    Now to HSV1&2, I was diagnosed with HSV1&2 in Feb 2011. I did use a condom, but it was stupid of me to go down that girl and that’s I got it. I started using MMS1&2 last week and I am up to 15 drops 3 or 4 times daily. I mix it with DMSO and take 5 pills of MMS2 daily(I know it’s different from protocol 1000 or 2000 , but it’s not practical for me as I am not home most of the day). Hopefully, I can do this for the next 4 weeks or so and get tested. Once tested, I will post the test results here.

  264. john Says:

    This blog is a great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.


  265. Stillstrong Says:

    Today, I received my CDS from Michael Harrah. I ordered it on Tues and received it Thurs. I am going to switch from MMS to CDS since Jim Humble stated that it is more effective than MMS. Keep you guys posted!!!

  266. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Jim just put out another announcement and he says that CDS is not better except when used by IV. Sorry

  267. Stillstrong Says:

    I received that update via MMS newsletter. I am switching back to mms

  268. Lacika Says:

    It seems that CDS does work and does enter the blood, even when it is taken orally. The only problem they found so far that is not helping with malaria virus. Read the latest newsletter from J.H.

  269. Stillsmiling Says:

    Hey. Well, I think I had an outbreak. It was during my monthly cycle. What I experience wasn’t common. I haven’t had this sort of discomfort since I first got herpes. I’m starting to believe I have hsv1 on the private area, because I haven’t had a bad experience with herpes. I took mms 1 and 2 for 3mon over a year ago. I guess it wore off. I’m not sure. Well hopefully better meds, a vaccine, or cure comes about soon.

  270. Rick Says:

    Hey Stillsmiling,

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while and your posts were inspirational. Are you sure it was an outbreak ? did the tingles come back ? I remember you saying the dmso stoped those things pretty early on into your treatment.

    I’m just about to start an mms dmso treatment with the information I have been compiling.

  271. mani Says:

    hey guys remember me ?
    i am just here to see how are you all doing but i feel sad that you all are in the same situation as was
    i am writing this after almost an year the last suggestion was this

    [mani Says:
    April 22nd, 2011 at 4:24 am
    hello guyz
    i am just here to say you all are trying well against this nasty viral but take a sugestion and try SAFI produce by Hamdard laboratories Pakistan it will clean your blood from other viral too please try once a bottel is enough to see the diffrence and result it have no side effects]]]]]]

    ok i was dignosted as a victum of herpes i got it from a call girl
    and i had a broken skin on that night 3 of them dermotoligist which are well know DR and very Famous and very professional

    they told i have herpes they give medicines tablets etc i dnt remeber the name right now but i took them as a sake of health but i dnt know if that medicine works or not but somebody told me abour an herbalist he was very professional and practice his profession very honestly i went to him and dint told him what is the problem and was trying say about herpes but in front of her female asistants i cnt the he aske me to show my right hand and he hold my pulse nerve and said you should not do this its a SIN in our religion now whats is the position i replied i am having an OB he and showed him some pics taken earlier from my IPHONE he give me some herbal prducts and a syrup named SAFI and he said its not cureable in science but it can be minimized and the it will be vanished but it will take time and on the very next day i went to other dermotologist he is old pal of my uncle he said we will treat it as an fdc or i dnt remember exactly allergic and then we will go on it with more stronger medicine if needed i started to take medicine and herbal prduct also this was continued till 6 to 8 months we changed medicine and then we used only oientments creams etc and herbal etc and i am very good now but once in a year i got an acne on my penis but my DR OBAID who is a dermotologist told me ohh this is just an allergic which happed to you but doing intercourse its cause by an scratch or friction…….and after a week or 2 i get back to my simple life

    i was having the same pain in legs fever high tempreature in the begning but now i am fine in 3 months i am coming to USA to see my relatives over there and friends meet me if you like

    i feel every doctor will tell you that you have herpes oh my god it will never cure bla bla all this is bullshit they make money from you all

    go to any good dermotologist and ladies please go to Dermo+Ghino and ask them both to what you have

    remember its a sin to have sex in any religion you can search it my god punished me and same did yours i am not a extremist but thats true

    and i want ask one more thing why these blog administrator blocked my id why because i was effecting there sale ?is that why oh come guys help each other stay together

    mobile number 92-300-92 71 593

  272. Lacika Says:

    I started to take CDS (MMS) about two weeks ago. So far, I don’t have any OB and I don’t feel anything. My life is very stressful now, which normally triggers OBs. CDS is easy on my stomach and I have no diarrhea. I still have perfect how to make the best CDS solution, but whatever I have made seems to be doing something good. I’ll keep you posted.

  273. João Says:

    @ Lacika

    What is CDS?

  274. Lacika Says:

    to Joao:

    CDS is a variation of MMS1. Search for Jim Humble and MMS and CDS. You will find the description and how to make it.

  275. Lacika Says:

    To share with others. This was one of the reply I wrote to a person, who asked me questions:

    I have been trying to get success with MMS since last year. I have tried different methods but it was not successful. Recently I could manage to make my own CDS and I am taking it every day. It has been more than a month, but not long enough to report solid results. However, I am having a very stressful time of my life, but no OB. That something I consider success. I will try to continue with this for a year or two. If after two years without OB and any symptoms I am willing to take a test to see, if the virus is still in my body.
    I have not changed my diet much and I do drink coffee in the morning. I always try to buy and cook organic food and I am a carnivore.
    I use around 100 ml. CDS with a quart of water daily. I set my alarm for hourly count down and drink a small portion of this mix. I keep and carry it in a cooler box, so it is always cold, so the gas would not not escape fast. Sometimes I experience mild bowell movement, but nothing’s else. I do not know the ppm of my CDS, but I generate it from 200 ml activated MMS.

  276. Lacika Says:

    To share more with others. Another reply I wrote:

    Every person is different and every lifestyle is different. What works for me, might not work for you. Regardless, the rule of thumb that you must make changes in your life. I was not aware of this for most of my life. I have learned healthy life and alternative medicine only in 2005, when my parents passed away. It was a big wake up call to me and I am trying to do my best, ever since.
    I have been reading and educating myself constantly and I believe, it has saved my life, or at least my health.
    Back to the subject.
    Mental and physical health is crucial to be able to fight an ‘ invader ‘ such as this. You are correct, you must boost your immune system, you must do serious cleansing, you must gain strength into your body.
    I am also aware of a decent protein intake, but it is not very much my concern. I just don’t want another stress in my life. I also have very difficult time, these days and it will go on for another year. This will be a good test to MMS, because I am a perfect candidate for OBs. I grew up in a country where everybody eats meat and spicy food. I need the taste. If I don’t get it, I am not happy. You must try to be happy, even if it is in the small scale.
    We all have stress. Most civilized societies have to deal with stress. What your option is; when you return to your home, you should not have stress. So, deal with the daily commute, work, boss, etc. But when you go home, prevent it. Try to enjoy it. Of course not with a bunch of cookies and munches in front of the television. Also, good sleep is a must. This is a problem to me. I cannot sleep longer than 5-6 hours. That is not enough. Lately, I have newly discovered the benefit of an ‘ evening drink ‘. Although, I am not a drinker, I do appreciate a little wine. By being a bartender for many year, I have some knowledge about quality alcohol. To me, the best option is a good, imported Port wine. It is a strong, sweet wine, with full flavor, and they must use some grapes to make it, otherwise it is tasteless. So, a small shot glass of Port, gives me a very peaceful sleep. Just a thought. But whatever works for you, make sure you get a steady and deep sleep. Your body will reward you.
    Coffee: I suggest to you to invest into a good espresso machine and drink only espresso as a latte, or cappuccino. Espresso is not acidy as regular coffee. I only drink a double shot in the morning with some raw milk and coconut sugar. It makes me happy and it tastes delicious.
    Fruits and veggies: Be careful with fruits. Too much sucrose, either natural, or added, will still convert to carbohydrate and that overloads your system. I only buy the real juice. It costs 3 times as much as all the other ‘ fancy, natural ‘ juices, but I lived in Florida and I know how the real orange juice is made and tastes.
    Veggies: I cook them with herbs and spices, but I stopped eating salads, or raw. The cellulose is hard to digest, so thorough cooking is a must. Just make it tasty.
    Meat: If you don’t like meat, that is your choice. Again, you must eat what feels good to your body and to your soul. But I do recommend at least to consume ‘ blue ocean ‘ fish, clear of pollution. Eat little, if it is expensive, but eat it regularly. Or shrimp, if it is not against your religion.
    I track and purchase eggs and milk from the local farms, preferably organic. Most of the time I am successful.
    I do not take any medicine other than MMS. I am not very fond of regular medicine.
    Your questions:
    Yes, I had this bug for more than 35 years. I got it in Thailand, when I was a young man. Same as you, I was not told about it. But we cannot chew on this forever. We cannot change it, so it is better to move on. Stop asking for explanations, why did this happen to you? It did and you must try to recover and make your life better. Accept it and try to forget about that person who gave it to you. There were, there are, and there will be bad and irresponsible people. Don’t give up about your options. As long you are honest and tell your future or present partner about your problem, it will be fine. Someone who really loves you, will accept you, as you are. If not, that person is not your best choice. Don’t be angry with that person. Just move on. That person has the right to decide about the risks and you have the obligation to be honest. But you do have a chance to have relationships. This bug is very inconvenient, but it is not the end of the world. Find your peace with it and be honest about it.
    Yes, I am one of those lucky ones, who do not have OBs more than 2-3 a year. But only, when I have a normal and peaceful life. If I am stressed and things do not go well, I do have it more often. Again, lifestyle change is a must.
    I have discovered MMS, last year. I tried the original methods, with lots of diarrhea and nausea. I did heavy load and lots of drops, too. I took breaks, I did it for two months in a row, 8-10 times a day. The herpes always returned. At one point, I gave up. I did conclude that I am not capable to do 10-12 heave doses a day for several months, or longer. I just could not. I settled with this and I told myself; at least it shortens the OBs when I take MMS. That was an improvement to me, already. Instead of 2-3 weeks, it went away in 2-3 days. It was a big change for me. Then came the new theory, with smaller doses and more frequently. I still hated the taste and smell, but I could handle it better. Soon after, they discovered how to make CDS. This was my time. I started slow but now I am on 8 times a day and I am planning to do this for a year or longer. I can handle CDS, so why not?
    Drinking it in small quantities of water is quite easy, you just need an alarm to remind you. As I have told you, I make my own, but I am not a chemist and I do not check all the things needed to be checked such as ppm and volume and percentage. I just mix it in the morning to the strength I can handle. I try to eliminate another worry.

    As of your city and commute, well, that is not easy to change. I certainly encourage you to go back to College. Achievement, success, productivity does help your soul. A healthier soul is helpful to your body. So, follow up on that.
    Try to commute by bus, if that is feasible. Get a mobil WiFi and get on the web during your commute. Or read. Music is good, but very few people listen to smoothing classics, or instrumentals. So, I do not know. Whatever boost your inner peace, use it. You need it.
    I will be happy to answer your question, if you have more. Take care of yourself and get out of the bad feelings. Life is still beautiful and you must enjoy it.
    All this is just my opinion and not a medical advice to anyone. I take no responsibility for your actions and your results. I am not a health professional and I do not give medical advice to anybody. What you read here is my opinion and my experience!

  277. Lacika Says:

    Hello. Yes, garlic has virus killing properties.
    Talking about garlic. I am a big fan of garlic. I eat it anytime I can. But to make garlic effective, you must consume at least 3-4 wedges a day. My solution to this was a tomato drink. It worked for me, but it could troubling to you. The key with garlic that it must be raw. It also has to be prepared. Once you peel it, you need to smash it or to cut it into small pieces and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This time allows the garlic to release the healing chemicals, once it is exposed to air. You should not cook it.
    My idea was this: I mixed this smashed garlic with thick tomato juice. You can buy it in the stores. Preferably in a bottle, not in a can. We can buy an imported one from Italy here and it tastes very good. It also has lot of Vit. C. I put some quality sea salt into this mix and also the juice of the home made sauerkraut or pickles. Although, the garlic was still strong and I was stinky like hell, but I could drink the high volume of garlic. I agree, garlic is very healthy and very important. However, since I started CDS, I stopped drinking this. I want to make sure that MMS is doing the job and nothing else interferes with the results. I still use garlic for cooking, though. Some people drink garlic just with water. I have never tried it.

  278. João Says:

    Hello everyone, i get cure my genital herpes with MMS, my depoiment is bellow in portuguese, please who want to know about my experience, please translate for your language..
    Tks god e tks Jim Humble, and tks this forumm

    Boa tarde a todos!

    Sei que me ausentei por um tempo do blog porém estou de volta para contar a vocês desde o começo minha história.

    Como alguns sabem contrai herpes no ano passado por volta do mês de março, logo de inicio nem imaginava o que seria essa doença, só após frequentes crises descobri que ela era incurável e que teria que conviver com aquilo o resto da minha vida.
    Nesse momento meu mundo foi ao chão, sensação que todos vocês devem ter passado, após isso comecei uma intensa busca pela cura da doença, que no começo tinha 1 erupção a cada 15 dias e ao passar do tempo piorou passando para 1 crise por semana.
    Tentei inumeras coisas já encontradas na web como, enax, autohemoterapia, ViT C todos os dias, ozonioterapia, oleo de copaiba, oleo de coco, os tradicionais remedios com final “vir” aciclovir, famvir, e por ai vai…
    Final do ano passado, por volta de outubro comecei minhas sessões de ozonioterapia retal e por meio de autohemoterapia, tive uma melhora que foi na intensidade das erupções que antes vinham muito fortes e machucava muito, a partir de então minhas crises começaram a vir mais leves, porém ainda não deixaram de vir 1 por semana…
    Como nunca fui de ficar parado po um problema, comecei a fazer pesquisas em diversos sites, inclusive os estrangeiros, inglês, chinês, espanhoil, enfim diversos deles, onde encontrei diversos estudo sobre o caso e comecei a entender melr como a doença funciona.
    Nessas pesquisas me deparei com o MMS-Mineral Miracle Supplement que é um remédio natural descoberto por Jim Humble e que ajudou a curar a malaria de mais de 75 mil pessoas, como também ajudava no reforço da imunidade, e serviria para diversas outras doenças pois tem como objetivo oxigenar o sangue, oxigenar as celulas e matar organismos patogenicos. Mesmo assim tinha um certo receio em tomar esse remédio pois não era um produto tradicional que estamos acostumados a escutar médicos receitarem e nem ver propagandas pela TV, é um remédio natural feito de cloreto de sódio, misturado com acido citrico.
    Visitei diversos foruns onde pude encontrar diversos depoimentos de pessoas que alegavam ter se curado tomando o MMS e outras dizendo que não fez efeito algum, como também videos no youtube falando o mesmo, e pensei: Já tentei de tudo pq não tentar o esse tratamento tbm, morrer sei que não vou, agora diarreia e ansia de vomito são os “presentes” que esse remédio proporciona, porém vou te contar minha experiência:

    Comecei a tomar dizem que para se livrar da herpes o ideial é tomar 15 gotas de MMS ativadas ao acido citrico 3x ao dia durante 2 semanas e nunca mais terá herpes. Porém o caminho até as 15 gotas é muito longo pois o remédio é muito forte e o ideal é começar com poucas gotas e ir aumentando assim que o corpo vai acostumando com o remédio pois senão vomitos e diarreias frequentes serão suas compnheiras e não conseguirá continuar o caminho até as 15 gotas.
    Como sou um cara que gosta de coisas rápidas, comecei com 6 gotas de MMS logo no primeiro dia, e aumentei a dose da tarde para 8 e a dose da noite para 9, o gosto é horrivel.. no outro dia comecei com 9 gotas de manhã quando foi a tarde e fui tomar minha 2 dose do dia coloquei 11 gotas, ai deu no que falavam, ansia de vomito e suador, depois de 5 minutos tive um leve vomito, coisa horrivel porém rápido, voltei para 9 gotas e fui camaninhando até chegar em 15 gotas de MMS e 15 de acido citrico misturados, quando cheguei nas 15 gotas fiquei durante 2 semanas tomando 3x ao dia, sem tomar uma gota de alcool, sem comer doces, chocolates, frutas ou produtos que contem Vitamnina C pois a Vit C corta o efeito do MMS, também eliminei o leite da minha dieta, e continuei até dar 2 semanas de tratamento, resultado final: Vai fazer 1 mês que não tenho um surto de herpes, nem esboço, nem formigamento, nem nada, meu pênis está mais viçoso, mais claro, dá a impressão de que ele voltou a vida, hehehe…. Isso é um grande progresso para mim que tinha e sempre tive 1 erupção por semana e tive minha vida sexual totalmente prejudicada, minha auto-estima era quase inexistente, não tinha ambições nem nada, um dos meus maiores desejos que é ter uma familia estava meio complexo pois, como namoraria uma pessoa com esse bicho em mim, todo esse sentimento se encontra de volta em mim nesse momento, graças a Deus e a Jim Humble estou curado, eu sinto isso, fiz os testes para ver se a herpes aparecia apos o tratamento, comi de tudo, dormi tarde, to bebendo pra caramba, fazendo sexo pelo menos 3x por semana, coisa que era fatal para o aparecimento, me alimentando do jeito que quero e nada de herpes, nem esboço…estou numa felicidade que não consigo explicar, galera não peço e nem indico ninguém a fazer o que fiz pois não sou médico nem nada, esse foi um tratamento que fiz e que deu certo pra mim, procurem um médico, apesar da maioria deles não conhecerem esse tratamento e os que conhecem ignorá-los, foi muito bom para mim, peço que surfem na net, procurem foruns sobre o MMS principalmente em inglês, neles existem várias experiencias de pessoas que tbm foram curadas de herpes com o remédio como também alguns que não tiveram sucesso com o tratamento, acredito que esses não levaram o tratamento ao pé da letra ou não aguentaram tomar até o final, procurem informação pessoal me sinti na obrigadção de compartilhar com vocês essas informação pois sei o como essas doença destroi em todos os sentidos uma pessoa, como faleiu a vocês nãoa conselho ninguém a fazer esse tratamento, foi um tratamento que fiz e pra mim deu certo, procurem seu médico e procurem informação no mundo inteiro.

    Desejo a todos sorte na busca da cura, graças a Deus acredito ter encontrado a minha e nunca mais sofrer desse mal.

    Usem camisinha, também recebi em trocas de emails outros tratamentos que não tive a oportunidade de testar pois consegui a cura com o MMS, mas caso alguém deseje em uma outra oportunidade aqui nesse blog eu passo.

  279. Lacika Says:

    To João:

    How much time ago was this final cure? How long have you been symptoms free?

    If I understand your letter correctly, you have gradually increased the MMS drops to 15/take and you took it 3x/day for two weeks? Is this correct?

    How did you handle the ‘ side effects ‘ such as diarrea, vomiting? Did you have those when you were taking the 3x/day/15 drops for weeks?

    Please, share with us any additional details on your diet, during your curing weeks. Thanks.

  280. Lacika Says:

    Here is a Google translation of Joao’s letter:

    Good afternoon everyone!

    I know I ausentei blog for a while but I’m back to tell you my story from the beginning.

    As some know contracted herpes last year around the month of March, just starting could not imagine what this disease was only after frequent seizures found that she was incurable and would have to live with what the rest of my life.
    At that moment my world was on the floor, feeling that you all should have gone after it began an intense search for the cure of the disease, which earlier had an eruption every 15 days and over time moving to a worse crisis for weeks.
    I tried numerous things already found on the web as enax, autohemoterapia, Vit C every day, ozone therapy, the copaiba oil, coconut oil, traditional remedies to end “come” acyclovir, famvir, and so on …
    Late last year, around October I started my sessions of rectal ozone therapy and through autohemoterapia, an improvement that had been in the intensity of eruptions before they were very strong and very hurt, since then my seizures started coming lighter but has not stopped coming a week …
    As I was never one to sit still po problem, I started doing research on various websites, including foreigners, English, Chinese, espanhoil finally many of them, where I found many studies on the case and began to understand how the disease works melr.
    In these studies I came across the MMS-Miracle Mineral Supplement is a natural remedy discovered by Jim Humble and that helped cure malaria for more than 75 000 people, but also helped in strengthening the immunity, and serve to other diseases because it has intended to oxygenate the blood, oxygenating the cells and kill pathogenic organisms. Still had a fear of taking this medication because it was not a traditional product that we’re used to hearing doctors prescribe and not see advertisements on TV, is a natural remedy made from sodium chloride, mixed with citric acid.
    I visited many forums where I could find many testimonials from people who claimed to have cured himself by taking the MMS and other saying it did not work at all, but also videos on youtube talking about the same, and I thought: I’ve tried everything why not try this treatment tbm , know I will not die, now longing for diarrhea and vomiting are the “gifts” that provides this remedy, but I’ll tell you my experience:

    I started taking say to get rid of the herpes ideial is taking 15 drops of citric acid to the activated MMS 3x daily for 2 weeks and never have herpes. But the way up to 15 drops is too long because the medicine is very strong and the ideal is to start with a few drops and go up so the body will get used to the medicine only as vomiting and diarrhea are frequent and their compnheiras can not continue along the path 15 to the drops.
    Since I am a guy who likes things fast, I started with 6 drops of MMS on the first day, and increased the dose to 8 pm and the evening dose to 9, the taste is horrible .. the other day started with nine drops in the morning when it was late and I take my second dose of the day put 11 drops, i gave in speaking, retching and sweat lodge, after 5 minutes I had a mild vomiting, horrible thing but faster I went back and went camaninhando 9 drops until you reach 15 drops of MMS and 15 mixed citric acid, 15 drops in when I arrived I spent two weeks taking 3x a day without taking a drop of alcohol, not eating sweets, chocolates, fruit or products containing Vitamnina Vit C because C cuts the effect of MMS, also eliminated milk from my diet, and continued up to 2 weeks of treatment outcome: Go to 1 month I do not have a herpes outbreak, or sketch or tingling, or anything, my penis is more fresh, clear, gives the impression that he returned to life, hehehe …. This is a great step forward for me and I had always had a rash for weeks and had completely affected my sex life, my self-esteem was almost non-existent, had no ambitions or anything, one of my greatest desires is to have a family that was half complex because, as date a person with this beast in me, all that feeling is back in me right now, thank God I am healed and Jim Humble, I feel it, did the tests to see if the herpes appeared after treatment I ate everything, slept late, to drinking a lot, having sex at least 3x a week, something that was fatal to the appearance, feeding me the way I want and no herpes, or a sketch … I’m happy I can not explain , guys do not ask and do not nominate anyone to do what I did because I’m not a doctor or anything, this was a treatment that did and it worked for me, go to a doctor, though most of them do not know that treatment and those who know to ignore it was very good to me, I ask you to surf the net, look for forums about MMS mainly in English, many of them are tbm experiences of people who have been cured of herpes with the drug as well as some who have failed treatment, believe that such treatment did not lead to the letter and could not bear to take until the end, I seek personal information on Sinti obrigadção to share this information with you because I know how these disease destroys in every way a person like you faleiu nãoa advice anyone to do this treatment, a treatment that was done and it worked for me, seek your doctor and seek information in the world.

    I wish everyone luck in search of healing, thank God I believe I have found mine and never suffer from this problem.

    Use a condom, I also received e-mail exchanges in other treatments that have not had the opportunity to test because I was able to cure with the MMS, but if someone wishes at another time I spend here in this blog.

  281. Lacika Says:


    I have switched to CDS in February, this year. I have been faithfully taking it everyday 8x. Unfortunately, this Sunday, I had an OB. I suspect that CDS cannot do what MMS1 can for herpes. Sorry for the bad news. It was very easy to take CDS because it has not taste or smell.
    I will move back to MMS1 and try the Joao’s method. It will not be easy because I hate the smell and the taste of MMS1. The elimination of chocolate, fruits, juices, alcohol will not be a problem for me. But I love milk products, so, that will be my challenge.
    Good luck to all of you!

  282. João Says:

    To Lacika:

    How much time ago was this final cure? How long have you been symptoms free?

    R: About 1 month ago, no more outbreaks

    If I understand your letter correctly, you have gradually increased the MMS drops to 15/take and you took it 3x/day for two weeks? Is this correct?

    R: Yes Lacika, when i get in 15 drops without vomiting, i took for 2 weeks 3 times a day, every day my mixed was different that the normal protocol, i made 15 drops MMS and 15 drops citric acid hold 3 minutes, mix the apple juice a little bit, about “2 fingers dose” and drink. Afeter that no more herpes, tks God.

    How did you handle the ‘ side effects ‘ such as diarrea, vomiting? Did you have those when you were taking the 3x/day/15 drops for weeks?

    R: All right, my diarrea was controled normally when i felt a wish i went to bathroom, and the vomiting always happened 5 minutes after i took, so i went to the bathroom to, eu took the MMS only in my house for evited this things.

    Please, share with us any additional details on your diet, during your curing weeks.

    R: My diet during the curing was: No alcohol, no vit C, no milk, no candys, no chocolate, no corn, no pea, foods with a little oil cook, drink at least 1,5 ml of water every day, sleep earlier, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits alkaline, banana, maça, etc.. And the most important pray for God help us!!!

    I hope that you have sucess with your test, take that same way that i took and after that tell me.

    Good look and God bless you


  283. Lacika Says:

    To Joao:

    I really appreciate you giving us more information. Every little details is extremely useful. There are so many people with this problem and most of us are confused and only experimenting with the possible cure. There are lot of skeptics, too.
    Two questions:

    - If you vomited after taking the MMS1, what is your opinion about emptying out the MMS1, as well, with the vomit? Is this a fair assumption? Was it there a point when you did not vomit anymore and you could still take the 15 drops 3x/day?

    - Many people will not be completely convinced about your success until you can present a negative test on herpes. Would you consider taking such test, to prove your success? Or, will you just live it out, and if you do not have another OB, let’s say, for another year, you will consider yourself completely cured? You must understand that some people did have some successes, but later the herpes returned to them. Of course, you might get re-infected again, if you have sex, but a negative blood test on herpes would prove your case.
    Either way, I admire your courage and endurance and all information about your journey means a lot to us, sufferers.

  284. João Says:

    Dear Lacika

    You are thinking wrong, you are no faith in your purpose, if you think that the blood test is the key for the cure you always be arrest to herpes, you dont need prove, you need fell that, believe in that, and take off the negative thinking of your mind.

    Until now take the MMS is the worse thing that i experienced in my life but was necessary, i’m cured i feel that and when you get the same thing you will undertanding what i am tell you, just try that metod and after that answer me.

    Tell me something, why i need make a test of that if i have no more outbreaks? For remerber me about that desease? In order to be concerned? No i dont need that, i’m cured, you need have faith, if you dont have look out it.

    Just try Lacika, eliminated all of the bad things and thinks of your mind, clean up your soul and take the MMS, you will have sucess!!!

    Read the Christo depoiment he still is off outbreaks, and never do a test blood for that, did you understand!?

    I hope that i can help you to but in the firt time you need believe in yourself.

    God bless you!

  285. Lacika Says:

    To Joao:

    I apologize for not being clear. I DO believe in your success. I am not questioning your cure.
    Many other people will, however. This is a public forum and lot of people reading these entries. Many of those readers are skeptical.
    But I agree with you, if you do not get another herpes outbreak again, it should be considered cured.
    I do have faith in success. I have been using MMS1 for more than a year. I just have not found the right method, but I am still trying.

  286. me Says:

    hello João ,

    I have total faith and I believe that this method will certainly cure us, we must not be slaves to the the Doctors tell us ONLY and it is quite perfect to seek alternative medicine. Both of my grandmother believed in this and so do I as I have seen prove with both of them.

    I also agree with Lacika, in getting the test done, if the dna shows the virus is not there or does the virus has been out of your system long enough so that you dont have any antibodies present. I am saying this because people such as myself would not like to infect anyone in the future I would like to make sure that I am completely cured and have eradicated this nasty thing from my body before I feel free to have unprotected intercourse with my spouse. It would be nice to know if your test come out negative, but I understand that you have your rights, therefore I must wait for my turn and see the negative results are well.

    João , DEUS NÃO TE DESAMPARA, I am happy for you !


  287. João Says:

    Lacika just try to do the same method that i did, and after that send me a answer!

    I wish all the best in your treatment, good lucky!

    What i could help i’ll help you!

    God Bless you!

  288. me Says:

    @ João

    What was your diet comprised of during our treatment, we are suppose to eat alkaline only but there is very few alkaline feed that you can snack one. What do you breakfast with I mean I am used to cereal, milk, bread eggs..loll none can be eaten how can you keep this up.


  289. João Says:

    To Me:

    My diet is same thing that i wrote above, no milk ( there is a little depoiment that i saw that speak the milk for some types of blood increase the appear of herpes) no, alcohol, no candy, no sugar, no vit c, good rest , eat enough bean, drink a lot of water, eat eggs.

    This is the basic, look out one diet with your doctor, he will give to you the best way.

    Faith in God, you will scape that!

  290. Lacika Says:

    To Joao:

    Where did you get the information about the milk promoting herpes outbreaks? I am curious because I love milk and I drink a lot of it. However, there two types of milks. One which you buy in the store, the other, which you can get from the farm directly. I consume the latter. The milk I drink is raw and it does not have any hormones, antibiotics, etc. The cows only eating grass and this milk is very healthy and delicious.
    I would like to understand how milk promotes herpes occurrence? Thanks.

  291. me Says:

    Hi João,

    thank for the list, the reason why I asked you regarding your diet is because acidic food supposedly make you have OB (herpes to appear). So imagine, first there is a list of food not to eat that makes you have OB, and them there is a very small list of actual alkaline food that you can consume. Egg whites are very acidic while the yellow of the egg (yolk) is alkaline. Maybe the reason why milk makes you have OB because it is very acidic? is is rice, peanuts almost all meats.

    what meat did you eat? only chicken?



  292. João Says:

    To Lacika:

    I dont understanding how the milk promotes herpes i just made the test, and does work, i’m not doctor. That information a get in internet.

    To Yari:

    Like i said, my diet is basicly what i put above on the previous post, just that no more else, i have no right diet for pass to you just some tips.

  293. me Says:

    Thank for your response João, best wishes to you and enjoy …… I will keep you guys updated as well.
    I will miss milk..loll I love milk too, but I also read a couple of forums and people keep mentioning the same no milk.

    Take care João,

  294. mike Says:

    Hi, i’ve been taking mms for about 3 week. I’m using the protocol 1000, i was taking it very slow, two drops every two days and now i’m in the 24 drops. So i’ve been taking the 24 drops for 5 days now, my plan now is drinking it for 3 complete weeks, cause the protocol says: “24 drops during 3 weeks” And later i’ll go with the maintenance protocolo for a long time.

    My bigger problem with my genital herpes is not the outbreaks, but the feeling of hitching and in my whole body and the cold drops feeling. It’s very uncomfortable.

    My side effects with the MMS: Nothing but a flu which is normal. But i haven’t had diarrhea, vomit, nausea and i haven’t felt dizzy either.

    I had a little outbreak a few days ago, between my mms treatment, but it didn’t grow and it was gone very quickly. So, i think it might be doing something in my body. But i still have that itching and cold drops feeling even when i don’t have outbreaks.

    So, i really hope this feeling disappears.From now on, i’m still in treatment so i can’t state any conclusion yet.

    i want to add something more: There’s another treatment. It’s called “electro estimulation” it was discovered by Ernesto Mercado. A mexican electrician engineer.

    This treatment actually kills the virus.

    I’ve been talking with some electrician enginers and i’m one myself and everything about the ELECTRO ESTIMULATION seems to be real. Even one of the electrician enginers is using the electro estimulation himself. And it’s actually working on him. He’s is guiding me and he’s not charging any money at all. So this is not something you win money, so it’s not about money, is about helping each other for free.

    here’s the info:

    some info is in english, but not everything. Remember it’s a mexican investigation.

    And i used to wonder why USA doesn’t find the cure. Maybe they did, but it’s better for them to use us as slaves and take all the money from us buying aciclovir for the rest of our lives.

    I hope this help you too, because i’m pretty sure there’s already a cure. I’ll keep in touch, God bless you! :)

  295. Johnny Says:

    Where can I buy MMS? I looked all over and all I could find was the mmsstore and they looked kind of skethcy. Anyone have a reliable source that they can link me too? Please help.. I need something to stop this disease. Its harming my life badly. Ive done nothing other then getting medication from the clinic. I just found out I have herpes about 3 months ago. Now im already sick and tired of it. Some1 please help me with some real good advice.

  296. me Says:

    @ Johnny

    Hi Jon

    I purchased mms from keavyscorner (.)com
    and www(.)mmsgreenlife (.)com

    Go to the Jim humbles forum ( www genesis2forum org )and do a search for the username “John D” he is from mmsgreenlife, there is a protocol for herpes you can follow it, I understand you but dont give up, follow the protocol start mms slowly you will be cured! if other have why cant you, why can’t we, have confidence and feith. I will tell you it is not easy but try really hard to follow it religiously and you will be ok, I will let everyone now of my progress once I am finished I have 7 more weeks to go.

    Best of luck Johnny.

  297. me Says:


    what do you mean the “cold drop feeling”? I am not 100% aware of my symptoms because the docs just rushed me off and never sat down to talk and discuss this with me, I took 2 tests and both positive in different clinics. One girl calls it nerve twitches… I call it bugs crawling on my skin, sometimes I feel like when you get this cold feeling but that is rare it is mostly like bugs on my skin as if I had an ant walking on me. one time i had an actual ant ..loll and I though it was the feeling until the anti but me..loll I feel it itching mostly on my face and chest but I feel the crawling feeling on my cheeks and lips and face arms and legs sometimes arms.


  298. Bill Says:

  299. Geri Says:

    I had a herpes blood test a couple of weeks ago, but then, a week later, I had a small outbreak, just when I was plannng to have sex with a new partner. I have used Louise Hay affirmations(treats metaphysical cause), Yogananda healing affirmations, visualization of light, and prayer, but not consistantly enough. I did also depend on Acyclovir.
    It is imprtant to study healing. Dr. Chi(Chinese doctor) states that we suffer from Karmic suffering in ther form of disease, due to karmic problems in our past. It is important to ask for forgiveness from any persons whom we have hurt in our present and past lives.
    In addition, I read one account of a person who eliminated herpes by treating fungus, which can be done with herbs and supplements.
    Also, colloidal silver can be helpful.
    Maybe MMC will help too.
    But, I am now working with daily affirmations, prayer, and visualization. I previously ended herpes problems in one particular area thrugh these methods.
    I will take another testtomrrow. i hope that it is negative, but I also hope that I do nt get any more outbreaks.

  300. steff Says:

    bottom line…. you may say you are cured but without a blood test you should not be having unprotected sex with ANYONE!’regardless of what you believe without proof is unfair to someone else…

  301. jane Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to mention I have not had an outbreak of HSV 2 for almost 8 years now (since the first year I got it). When I first contacted it (did go to doctor and got confirmed) I had a couple outbreaks that year (very painful) and then no outbreaks ever again. Like I said it has been almost 8 years. The only thing I can think I did was I used essential oil applications on my sacrum. I did take anti viral meds the doctor gave me for a couple weeks after the first outbreak to take care of the acute symptoms (I didn’t take them for the 2nd outbreak later that year).
    Essential oils are known for deactivating the virus. No unpleasant side effect. Plus they smell good. IF you are going to do this I recommend making sure you are getting superior medicinal therapeutic grade essential oils from a company that has a really good reputation. Some single oils I used are tea tree, Melissa oil, rosemary, sandalwood, sage, lavender. I also used Simplers Herp Aid essential oil blend which I highly recommend. If your going to put oils directly on the lesion I would dilute it 20-80 first. (80% being the dilutent oil- like coconut, olive oil, jojoba or something like that – and for women you could put the oil blend on a maxi pad- or saturate a tampon- if it still burns dilute it 10-90) But you can use the oils straight (not diluted) on your sacrum and lover back/ spine- which is what I mostly did because the virus lives in the spinal nerves anyway. Taking oral Lysine on an empty stomach may have helped too. I don’t think about this virus hardly ever. Haven’t thought about it in years. It just popped up in my head again, and I was getting depressed- I was wondering if I had passed it to anyone before I got married, I was wondering if it was already cured (not able to pass it on) since I hadn’t had an outbreak for so long, I was too embarrassed to ever tell anyone about it. I think I thought I may be cured, and then I think of the times I didn’t use condoms- didn’t tell the people I slept with. I think I was in denial, and too terrified at the thought of admitting it to anyone. I live in a small town. I was too embarrassed. I just wanted to pretend it didn’t exist.I got it from a boyfriend. Still there are only 2 or 3 people in my life who know- and that’s why I came to this site- To do some research again. I still tested positive a few years ago (antibodies) but like I said no outbreak for 7+ years. I hope some of this information may help anyone who needs an option for possibly stopping outbreaks.

  302. B42Day Says:

    I got infected by a man who didn’t know he had the virus. You can’t pretend. That is how many have it now. Just because you don’t get breakouts
    doesn’t mean you are not passing it on. Until there is definitive proof of any type of cure and I am not sure that is possible with current testing and the antibodies showing up. It is extremely irresponsible to ever sleep with anyone again without them knowing and having a choice in taking the risk. The past is the past but from here on in, please people be responsible and care enough to spare another the condition. They may not be as lucky as you with few to no outbreaks.

  303. bassey Says:

    hsv2,,, so far no out breaks, using dmso cream daily on back of lower spine, lysine supplement three times daily, and drinking strickly alkaline water,i’m going the long route with this until i have done more research on mms,,,learning alot from this forum thx guys