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21st October 2008 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This is some new info on the use of Sodium Chlorite in medical care

Take a look.

“USE OF A CHEMICALLY-STABILIZED CHLORITE SOLUTION FOR INHIBITING AN ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC IMMUNE RESPONSE Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the use of a stabilized chlorite solution to inhibit antigen-specific immune responses. The stabilized chlorite solution inhibits antigen-specific immune responses by impeding antigen presentation by antigen presenting cells. The stabilized chlorite solution therefore is useful in treating diseases caused by or associated with unwanted or inappropriate antigen-specific immune responses including, for example, auto-immune diseases, hepatitis B and C, chronic hepatitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, systemic lupus erythemotosus and in preventing rejection in organ transplant and graft patients (graft versus host disease). The stabilized chlorite solution also is useful in treating lymphoma, specifically, follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

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  1. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Mr Nash,

    I am very sorry for your loss. There are no words that ease your mind and soul for what you have gone through.

    Any medicine can have unexpected and rare results. Have you ever seen anyone die from one dose of prescribed antibiotics? I have.

    Unless you had an autopsy one will never know how your wife died. The human body is a mysterious machine and sometimes malfunctions lie hidden only exerting their force when under sufficient stress. I would be inclined to think that perhaps there was aneurysm or stroke or some other life threatening disease process involved that would be coincidental and causative.

    Since many many people use MMS on a daily basis and have used its predecessor product, stabilized oxygen, for over 30 years, with even some physicians administering it via IV infusion, I doubt MMS was the direct cause of your wife’s death.

    Rett Anderson

  3. D. Nash Says:

    My wife’s death has been investigated by the Port Vila Police Department (Criminal Investigation Division) because the MMS she purchased in Port Vila was promoted as a medical remedy and sold to her by an unlicensed source in violation of Vanuatu statutes. The investigation has been supported by the Australian Joint Command Center in Port Vila. An autopsy was conducted in Port Vila by Court Order at their Central Hospital by the leading pathologist of the Victorian Institute for Forensic Medicine of Melbourne, Australia, who was flown to Port Vila, Vanuatu, for that purpose. We await the results of that analysis, including toxicology analysis of the MMS liquid which she purchased and used, as to cause of death and the relationship of her ingesting a Humble-recommended starting dose of MMS. That ingestion is what set off the chain of events that led 12 hours later to her death.

  4. rettanderson Says:

    So, Mr Nash, when they find no MMS in her body are you going to come back here and tell us?

  5. Sue Says:

    Mr. Anderson… Surely you did not mean to sound “snide” in your final comment to Mr. Nash? I can’t imagine that you meant to be sarcastic to someone who is grieving over the loss of their spouse?

    Regardless of what the final results are, I would hope that you would extend him an apology.

    Whether MMS had a hand in the death of his wife, or not, his posting this information was obviously well intentioned, as a way of warning folks.

    Since MMS neutralizes after a few hours I don’t know whether it would even show up on an autopsy. I think that an autopsy would only serve to determine if there was another underlying cause.

    But whether it shows up or not, I would speculate that it IS entirely possible the MMS could have triggered the chain of events that lead to his wife’s death. After all, a severe case of dehydration can cause a drastic drop in electrolytes, which can cause a stroke or heart attack.

    I myself was worried about that when I took too much MMS too soon. I made sure to drink a lot of fluid to keep from becoming dehydrated and I was OK, but I could envision a scenario, as you said, where the MMS triggers dehydration and (perhaps) a previously undetected condition is exacerbated (a friends 17 year old brother died of a heart attack a whole day AFTER a football game where he had became very dehydrated. Turned out he had an undetected heart defect).

    So while a lot of people have taken MMS and have been helped by it, people do have various tolerance levels and being forewarned allows one to be forearmed. If someone is taking MMS for the first time, and since Vitamin C neutralizes MMS, I’d be sure to have some Orange Juice on hand, just in case. I’d also have some Gatorade on hand. It has extra electrolytes in it and it isn’t preserved with Vitamin C so it would be good to sip on to keep fluid levels up.

    I do hope that Mr. Nash does come back and tell us of the results of the tests and autopsy. And I hope that he knows that we all feel terrible about the loss of his dear wife. Regardless of the cause, it is heartbreaking and I can’t imagine how angry and sad he is feeling.

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I was not being snide. You need to retune your antenna.

    MMS will not be found in her body after 2 to 4 hours. They will never find it.
    And above and beyond that sodium chlorite toxicology will not indicate that a few drops
    are capable of causing death.

    Mr. Nash has flooded this site and others with his concerns. I believe his concerns about mms will not stand up
    to scrutiny. What it could do is force public policy to eliminate MMS, which has been a health savior to many many people.

    Many people come on to blogs like this and say they are cured or poisoned then never return to give the facts. If he is going to come here and say what he has said he needs to follow up and state the facts…. otherwise his words could keep many people from attempting mms and saving themselves from their own deaths in which case he could share some of the guilt through the spread of fear based on false evidence that cannot stand up.

    Grief is one thing but having it direct your words is another and it is not an excuse for spreading unsubstantiated information that could lead people down pathways of fear.

  7. Jim Humble Says:

    I have been extremely concerned with Mr. Nash’s terrible ordeal. The death of one’s wife is always probably the worst experience that one will ever undergo this lifetime. I understand his feelings. And I hope we all find what the problem actually was. I am extremely sorry for any part that I may have played in her death since she might have looked at the vomiting in a different light had she not read my observations about vomiting. I can only say that I am extremely sorry for this situation. But let me also say something about the opposite side. Right this moment October 13, 2009 I am working in a clinic in Africa where we have successfully treated over 125 cases of HIV and AIDS and included in the group were people who had life threatening cancers that are gone, and other conditions that ruin one’s life that no longer exist. Throughout the world it has been estimated that over 100 thousand lives have been saved, and many more than that have been given back their life from conditions that prevented them from living their life otherwise. MMS has the possibility of saving untold millions of lives throughout the world in the near future.

    While I feel extremely sad to hear about this death, as all deaths before their time are terrible, I do not feel the Mr. Nash is being fair to the people of the world, or to the millions of those who are now suffering who may read his words and decide to not use MMS, or to the governmental reactions that might prevent thousands from being able to find MMS. His immediate response is understandable for a person in his situation, however when millions of people are involved we expect a person in his situation to rise above his own personal feelings and wait for facts and to evaluate the situation against the good it might bring to man. I also ask ever one to realize the medical drugs cause the death of 970 thousand people in the USA alone each year. And no one seems to care, but one single death with natural remedies will bring on millions of dollars of investigations and will stop the use of the natural remedy involved completely in many parts of the world. This has happened to numerous natural remedies throughout the world. Because the drug companies have billions, they will spend millions to stamp out any competition no matter how insignificant, and this is their chance to damage MMS and it is doubtful that they will miss it. (MMS1 and 2 are both chemicals that the immune system makes naturally. There is no remedy that is more natural than MMS).

    So I am asking those personally involved to rise above their own feelings and do what is best for the people of the world. I want all the facts to come out exactly, but please help by not allowing false data to be used as false data often gets included in situations of this nature.

    Jim Humble

  8. D. Nash Says:

    This is in response to Mr. Anderson’s posting. (I’ll respond to Humble’s in a later posting.)

    My wife died from an apparent 18-mg dose of MMS.

    Here’s how that figure is derived: According to an MD’s discussion on page 2 of his scholarly article titled “On the Mechanisms of Toxicity of Chlorine Oxides Against Malarial Parasites – An Overview” [published September 6, 2007 and accessible on the Internet at the website, there is a statement of drop size and equivalent milligram concentration of sodium chlorite per drop for the Humble-protocol administration of MMS. It states that a medium caliber dropper [which comes as a bottle cap device on the bottle of MMS liquid in the kit that my wife purchased] produces 25 drops per cc. The article goes on to state: “In terms of milligrams of sodium chlorite(NaClO2), this calculates out to 9 mg per drop…”

    Thus the dose that led to my wife’s agonizing death just 12 hours after she ingested it appears to have been 18 mg.

    And of course we have a Death Certificate — in fact, two of them: The first, issued by the attending medical practitioner who pronounced her dead, states her death was the result of an “Adverse Reaction To A Mineral Solution.” The second, by an examining physician who released her body to her family after the autopsy, states her death was the result of “Possible Poisoning, Possible Anaphylaxia.”

    We are still awaiting an Australian forensic pathologist’s report on the post-mortem examination of her body and toxicology analysis of the MMS liquid she ingested that led to her death. I will report that information when I know it.

  9. Fred Says:

    I have been following this so called ‘Mr Nash’ who claimed that his wife passed away because of the MMS.

    Whether that his real name or not, he is nothing more than an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work.

    Mr Nash’s comment have been posted on different forums.

    Nice try, Mr Nash.. whoever you are.

  10. bridgett Says:

    why didn’t he give some oj? i was vomiting and sick for hours before i realized i could take an antioxidant then was ok in 10 min.

    did anyone hear of the thousands of people dying in europe due to h1n1 vaccination? maybe we should focus on these deaths too.

    mr. nash sorry you lost your wife but if you do not forgive yourself and surrender your anger, it will make you sick very quickly.

    love and light to all

  11. Michlle Says:

    Goverment bodies will stoop to any level to make a product look bad if it is aalternative to a drug companys drug. Yet they are quiet happy to endorse a product that kills you like chemo,apartame and many other concoctions made in a lab.Just look at the cover up of aspartame who is to say that that does not happen in other labs. Especially when lots of money is envolved. Jim humble has told everyone how to make his product for yourself. You don’t get told how to make any of the other drugs on the market. If you did the drug companies would make no money would they. I have used mms and I use to get masive cold sores regually not so much any more and if i do they are way smaller in size and are becoming more infrequent. So if mms is so bad why does it make peolpe feel so much better. Including myself not a plasebo effect at all. Have my own experiance to back it up.
    Love and light to all

  12. Gary S. Says:

    Researching mms1 and mms2, I really don’t think we can trust the FDA. They’re killing a lot of people. All you have to do to discredit something is to install one negative against a million positives. The FDA will act on the one negative pass the use of other drugs which we know kills or cripples people and after its already kills hundreds of people then maybe there issue a warning and then when it kills maybe thousands they take it off the market for more study. Here is the Related FDA warning.
    I have many friends dying of Cancer and I have lost friends to Cancer, my mother died of Cancer and her Mother died of Cancer. I consider the FDA suppression of cures criminal.
    Revelations and Pharmaceutical Waste

    In Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse (Sandpoint, idaho:Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001), Len Horowitz claims that Revelation 18 points to the eruption of a pharmaceutical-based biological disaster when it refers to the End Times as a period of deception. This is a period in which “the Kings and wealthiest of men of all nations are deceived by men who practiced ‘sorcery.’ ‘”
    The earliest equivalent for the word ‘sorcery’ in Revelation is the Greek root word ‘pharmacopoeia’ or pharmacy. This ‘sorcery’ is also connected with the beast which Horowitz claims is , in Greek lexicon, ‘therion,’ meaning ‘a little beast or animal.’ Horowirz suggests that the danger prophesized in Revelation is the appearance of virulent, infectious diseases caused by microbes like bacteria and viruses.

    According to Horowitz, Revelation’s prediction that deadly “red wine” will flow “full of impurities into the rivers and streams” infecting millions at the time of the great plagues is becoming a reality in the pollution of the water systems caused by pharmaceutical waste; this situation has resulted in the evolution of bacterial resistance and superbugs.

    Read more at Suite101: End Times Prophecy and Infectious Diseases: Pharmaceutical Waste, Superbugs and Body Ecology

  13. John Says:

    If this is true, that Mr Nash, has lost his wife after taking MMS..then I am deeply sorry for his loss. Nonetheless, who gave her “MMS”? Where did it come from ? What was the quality..was it MMS?

    Tens of thousands of people, at least , have taken and continue to take MMS…I’ve tried it, my family has taken’s done nothing but good for us. How many people die every year from legal drugs, like aspirin, for example? Thousands die yearly from taking over the counter drugs..NYQUIL cough medicine has a death toll, where is the government warning or band on these medicines?

  14. Arrow Durfee Says:

    That is exactly right John.

    The FDA is manned by people who have corporate interest in the pharmacies. They do not care who they kill as proven by the Vioxx scandel. Many die from Tylenol every year, childrens cough syrup, vaccinations, antibiotics and on and on.

    They will endeavor to take MMS away from free and independent thinking people who want to take responsibilty for their own health because the product works and it will and already is taking money out of pharaceutical pockets.

    It is an evil empire.

    If you really want to see just how evil the FDA can be go to youtube and watch the series of films called “Sweet Misery”
    I repeat. They care not if you live or die and this mis-adventure clearly shows that there is an agenda for depopulation, IMHO. How could any individual or group be so ruthless?

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Gary, I agree with much of what you have said.

    There is now a new superbug out that will not respond to the typical antibiotics for super infections. MRSA is already out in the community at large spreading though grocery stores and high schools.

    This new bug, when it gets a hold, and it will if they do not stop their dangerous treatments, will have us all lamenting and cryign for salvation.

    Salvation is in MMS… and they intend to take it away from us.
    I do suggest that everyone stock up. I also suggest that you purchase it in flake form over already premixed form, as it will store indefinately. Keep well sealed out of light. Mix 4 tablespoons of flakes per 4 ounces of quite warm water, under 150 degrees though, to dissolve it. Put in a dark colored bottle and label. visit to learn about MMS

  16. David Geffeney Says:

    Often the toxins that are released during a “cleansing” can have a harmful effect. When I lavage my sinuses with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), often the bacteria and fungus cause a sore throat, and even toxic lethargy.

    I have ordered my own chemicals to weigh and combine the agents so I know exactly how much I am taking. If I have toxic shock, I will flush my system with electrolytes (as suggested by anyone experiencing diarrhea, and tachycardia.

    ** IF it persists, I will go to the ER as suggested by common sense. **

    It is the carelessness and stupidity of people of people like Mr. Nash that make medicine prohibitively expensive for the world. His grief doesn’t exclude him from culpability. Give your loved ones gallons of juice and fluids when they have diarrhea, their body is getting rid of something.

    Also, pre-existing conditions can make for greater risk in taking anything. Kids die from peanut butter, massage even releases toxins that have had adverse effects. Salmonella from Eggs kill 400 people / year in America too.

    Now, I welcome the outrage from hyper-sensitive people. What about the poor people who cannot afford over-regulated medicine like antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, antifungal (candida), insuline… Oh, and those of you who have so much faith in doctors to monitor, I was admitted to hospital for 30 days due to doctor error.

    Oh, and it is legal to put the acid solution in municipal water supplies.

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hyper-sensitive people just don’t seem to get that conventional medicine is responsibe for hundreds of thousands of deaths a year, and lilkey more.

    People who have no money have the right to seek what ever type of healthcare that they can afford and believe in. People who have money have the right to take chemo and radiation and to kill themselves.

    The government does not have the right to dictate our healthcare choices. They have no right to control us in this way. Their laws are tyranny and we as a society have not received what we thought we were voting for.

    Any nurse or doctor that decides that you are incapable, too stupid, to uneducated, to naive, to old, too young, to make your own medical decisions need to be “retrained” or “re-educated” in the meaning of self sovereignty, self determination and freedom of choice. They are the pharmaceutical gestapo that uses fear tactics to control people who are despirately trying to think for themselves, to save their lives, to free themselves from toxic and dangerous drugs.

    They know how to cure no disease and their treatments cause new disease, that is silently invasive, and last a lifetime. Their lack of education and support for sound nutrition compounds all the diseases and makes people vulnerable to more disease.

    Support your local Naturopath, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Herbalogist, Massage therapist, or alternative health consultant.

  18. Chris Says:

    The last 2 posts were spot on, peanut butter has killed people here in australia, but its still sold on shelves. Drugs, who knows how many they kill, i mean there seems to be a few being pulled of the market here for observation as the side effects have been shocking. I didnt get the flu last year or this year, yet before takeing mms i had the flu every year for the past 12 years, and i have needed antibiotics as they have been bad. A very bad toothache was dealt with quickly, no pain after brushing and swirling mms in my mouth, and i have had the same tooth play up before i knew of mms, and it usually stays painfull for over a week, need i say more, was a sceptic. MAYBE ITS JUST ALL IN MY HEAD!

  19. tractoristu Says:

    Works great for me, for my friends and their families, works everytime I try.
    That is a lie ( dead from 2 drops ). He said that his wife is gone becaus e of MMS ( hahahah ! ) not so, bro ! and than he is too much worry about not being from an…. approved supplier. One Billion people are dead from Chemotheray . They have chemicals frome approved spurces , right ?
    I use all the time MMS and it’s the best product I saw in my life.

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, many die from chemotherapy.

    Death from perscription drugs…. I call this “FDA Sanctioned Deaths”

  21. Bryan Says:

    I learned about MMS through Dr. Jerry Tennant’s book “Healing is Voltage”. My best friend has Lymphoma cancer and I wondered if anyone on this forum has had any success with using MMS and Lymphoma. You don’t have to give your full name (for privacy) but some help or guidance would be great.

    Also where can I buy some for the lowest price and highest quality?


  22. Heather Says:

    It’s been well over a year. Where are the autopsy results? I’ve searched the internet…nothing?

  23. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Bryan, for lymphoma I would seriously look into reshi mushrooms Lots of studies on it. Get the best source you can… sorry I cannot advise you as I do not know sources for this.

    If I were to use MMS for lymphoma I would take it orally but also apply it topically over the tumors. Be aware, according to someone I know of who used MMS for breast cancer it caused the tumor to be painful and she ended up using the mms on alternate says or some such schedule due to the pain in the tumor site it caused. According to her last report her tumor is now dead according to conventional diagnositcs.. She used no conventional medicine.

  24. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well dear, its hard to find what does not exist.
    ; ))

  25. Dr. Byron Cragun Says:

    Dear People,

    It is entirely possible that something did contribute to this ladies death.
    The morphine my patient was taking for her metastatic cancer would not have been listed as the cause of her death even though she was being given a normal persons lethal dose before I was told she had terminal cancer. She was told she had 2-4 more weeks to live. What is a person like me or any other person on the planet to do if you know that there is the slightest chance that MMS might help in ANYWAY!
    Well I IMMEDIATELY got her started on one drop of activated MMS and told her she might get nausea maybe like the morphine and she might get diarrhea and UN-contstipate her from the morphine constipation. She seem to like the idea of hope and not dieing.
    Well she did not die and 3 months after she was suppose to be she is very well and improving daily. She has been given proper herbs and food to rebuild her body and is told daily that they don’t remember her looking and acting so youthful. No trace of Bone or Blood cancer, lung cancer and brain lesion not detected on CT scan.

    So dear sir with the deceased wife, what if this 74 year old was you wife.

    Listen if you aren’t simply a plant, things in life are unpredictable. Let go of your grief and see if you can apply it to promoting MMS by further studies, like reading this real life story. Other will benefit if you do and your wife’s death will not have a negative affect on the promotion of MMS
    Man if the lady in-question is real I am certain she would be appalled that others might not now get a chance even if they, like she, did not have anything apparently wrong with her.

    The Drug industry is desperate and do not want anyone to have a choice and will eliminate the choice of billions of people if they can convince the world that one person, or a few, died that consumed something that simply is not capable of causing serious side effects on its own merit.


    Dr. Byron Cragun