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8th November 2008 by orfeo032 Posted in Uncategorized

I am using MMS to treat HIV, and a few questions come to my mind… can I take Multivitamins and AHCC without those can affect the effect of MMS? just because the book says that VITAMIN C is not suppose to be take and of course multivitamins contain a lot of vitamin C.

I believe that I may take multivitamins in a different hour of the day… I dont know. The book is not than clear about how to use it… :(

well if someone knows… let me know…. thanks

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One Response to “MMS….”

  1. Dale Selgrath Says:


    Do not take Vitamin C at the same time as MMS but later on. Exception to this would be Vitamin C IV’s drip treatment by a ND etc. A new super breakthrough Supplement for HIV that works see this is amazing. Be sure to tell all your friends ! People are getting well ! God Bless!