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Epstein Barr also known as Chronic Fatigue or Mononucleosis Cured with MMS

9th January 2009 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

A few months back someone I know passed a bottle of MMS on to her daughter who had been ill with chronic fatigue for about 2 years. Her quality of life was pretty poor, having no energy for anything. Lab work had revealed that she had two variants of Epstien Barr virus. And of course the doctors did not know what to do about it, except to let her linger in suffering.

The MMS had her well in less than 2 weeks, and she really started to feel improvement in just a couple of days. Now she is fully well.

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25 Responses to “Epstein Barr also known as Chronic Fatigue or Mononucleosis Cured with MMS”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hello Rett,

    When the daughter went back for follow up testing, did the tests confirm that the Epstien Barr virus was gone?


  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Since they don’t have insurance I doubt that they went back for tests. All I can say is that they believe that it is gone and she continues to feel well, several months after using MMS. Certainly not common for chronic fatigue!

  3. Bianca Says:

    Hi! I have been suffering from CFS, too and I am very mch interested in how your daughter took MMS. How long and how much did she take?

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Please to to the MMS thread found in the left hand column. You will learn how to use it there. Inform yourself fully on its use.
    Also read the testimonials found in the top toolbar. There you will see how others have used it.

    Best of Luck. I am confident that MMS can help CFS.

  5. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Mr Nash,

    I am very sorry for your loss. There are no words that ease your mind and soul for what you have gone through.

    Any medicine can have unexpected and rare results. Have you ever seen anyone die from one dose of prescribed antibiotics? I have.

    Unless you had an autopsy one will never know how your wife died. The human body is a mysterious machine and sometimes malfunctions lie hidden only exerting their force when under sufficient stress. I would be inclined to think that perhaps there was aneurysm or stroke or some other life threatening disease process involved that would be coincidental and causative.

    Since many many people use MMS on a daily basis and have used its predecessor product, stabilized oxygen, for over 30 years, with even some physicians administering it via IV infusion, I doubt MMS was the direct cause of your wife’s death.

    Rett Anderson

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    It all depends on what causes the fatigue. If there is a microbe or virus involved like with epstien barr it can.

  8. maxx Says:

    dr nash.from your travels your wife probably had parasites,possibly in the brain,the chlorine dioxide may have caused them to move or to release death throe toxins, causing her death.
    my condolences,but my 89 year od aunt uses mms and is fine.
    dr hulda clark
    the cure for all deseases

  9. Fred Says:

    Does it ever occur to you guys that Mr Nash may just be nothing more than just an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work?

    I have witnessed Mr Nash’s comment all over the web.

    If that was really Dr Hulda Clark’s comment who I respect very much then I’m very surprise by her comment and she would have spell ‘diseases’ instead of ‘deseases’.

  10. yep Says:

    I have seen that DR Nash comment everywhere

  11. Spunkysmum Says:

    If the solution was lethal, then there would be a lot more dead cats, as I have regularly been putting a fairly strong dose into the drinking water of stray and farm cats whose health is already compromised. Instead, yesterday when I went outside with the jug I was enthusiasticly greeted by an old tom that has been around for a year or more, and it took me a couple minutes to realize what was different – as long as we’ve known him he has always opened his mouth to meow but no sound came out. Yesterday he was meowing quite audibly, and he was moving around with more ease than usual. No cats have died from taking the solution.

  12. james Says:

    hello all that guy dr nash prolly was a gov person i want to try the mms butt have had no luck finding it around town any one know of a good site to get it quick?

  13. shan Says:

  14. Ghazwa Says:

    My daughter is diagnosed with CFS yesterday, and I already bought a bottle of MMS, would you please advise me of the right protocole and for how long do I have to use MMS.
    Another question: is there a website for MMS protocole for all kind of desease.

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Now I will tell you the CFS is a catch all term that doctors use when they don’t know what the hell is going on. They cannot make a real diagnosis. Some cases of CFS is caused by epstein barr virus.

    If it is about 1 to 2 weeks of MMS cure if for someone I know.She took it three times a day at that time but since then the general protocol has changed. If the CFS is not caused by a microbe but other types of toxicity MMS may be helpful still becasue it can detox some heavy metals. I suggest that if she is not better after three weeks to find a really ace naturopathic doctor and try to find out what is going on.

    visit this site to learn more about how to use mms.

  16. Ghazwa Says:

    To be exact, the result came today positive for Mononucleosis…Do you advise me to start with 2 drops of MMS in the morning and 3 drops in the evening, and therefore increase the amount until I reach 15 drops 2 times a day, and then go for 6 drops a day for maintenance? please advise. Thank you so much

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Go as high as you can up to 15 drops but not so high that you have nausea or diarrhea. Progress one drop at a time. If you get nausea or diarrhea on the next dose go back to what dose you could tolerte well.

    New protocols for mms say take every 1 to 2 hours. but the old protocols work still… the 2 or 3 times a day is what my friend did for mono… the epstein barr virus and it worked. She was feeling better in less than a week. fully well in about 1.5. Then she got to feeling so well it was hard to get her to stop.

    I do not agree with Jim Humble on being on a perpetual maintence dosage. I think it is wiser to do a yearly or biannual cleanse. No one knows for sure.

  18. Arrow Durfee Says:

    When you are done I hope you get retested so it can be confirmed. Did your doctor suggest any medicine for you at all?

  19. Ghazwa Says:

    The Dr. suggested Sudafed and Afrin nasal spray she recommended to spray it for 3 days only. My daughter is living away from home, I’m travelling to see her with a bottle of MMS with me. She told me she is better now. But I’m going to give her MMS anyway. What do u think?. Thank you again.

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    If your daughter truly has CFS as caused by epstein barr sudafed and afrin will not cure it and the idea that it would is laughable. She has a disease in her blood, those are for nasal congestion.

    If your daughter says she feels better be mindful that CFS is not constant in its symptoms. People can have better days or weeks than other days or weeks based on the immune systems ability to respond to the virus.

    Take the MMS with you and leave it with her. When she gets good and sick of being sick she will do it.

  21. Ghazwa Says:

    I called my daughter today, she told me that most of the symptoms from nose congestion sour throat sweating at night etc.. are gone except she is still feeling tired and has no appetite. She is home all this last week, couldn’t go to collage…I will be flying tomorrow to see her, I’m really worried about her situation. I hope MMS will work well for her!?. I will keep you posted.
    Thank you so much and I really do appreciate your concern.

  22. Ghazwa Says:

    I gave my daughter the MMS, and she’s been getting better, and not feeling tired like before. I was wondering if once she reached 15 drops twice a day, should she continue to take these 15 drops twice a day for a whole week, or should just stop once she reaches that 15?. Waiting to hear from you.

  23. Arrow Durfee Says:

    How long to do dosages is a tricky thing. No one knows for sure.

    I don’t think that the epstein barr virus is particularly tough for mms… Generally I think of it in terms of how long would you take an anti viral or an antibiotic… Of course they have no such treatment for epsein barr… I would give it two weeks if she feels fully well, then stop. Then I would wait 2 weeks and go get her blood checked to see if its gone. This will be valuable information for you. I am not sure exactly what type of test they do for it… or how sensitive the test is or if the test can determine levels of viral load, but if a trace of it still is there I would resume mms… or if she starts to feel sicj again resume it.

    My friend whos daughter had it felt fully well in one week.. but she kept at it for several months, I never fully understood why… perhaps she was afraid it would come back, I dont know…

  24. Willow Says:

    Hi everybody!

    I have tried MMS for my ME/CFS on several occasions, without success yet. It does help me when I get fever from chronic urinary infection, but does not get rid of it for good, nor does antibiotics though.

    My problem is, the more I use it, the more reactions I get from it : nausea and diarrhea of course, but also dizziness and really sore throat that only goes away after I completely stop. There is no diminishing to a dose small enough to make it ok.

    I tried mms in enema, but it would give me a hell of an inflammation in the guts after a couple of uses.

    I happen to have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity too, like many cfs sufferers, chlorine makes me sick. Does it mean I have allergic reaction to MMS ? Any way I can tell ? Iss MMS similar to chlorine or bleach ?

  25. Ashley Says:

    Willow, it sounds like you have mercury poisoning. I would suggest MMS enemas and Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD’s book Amalgam Illness for a protocol on how to remove mercury safely.

    Good luck!