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UVB, Ozone, Prolotherapy as Prolozone, Oxidative Therapy, Ozone in Dentistry

10th January 2009 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

You can find UVB practitioners listed in the links to the right under oxidative therapies, listed state by state. This post it to introduce you in a visual way to the use of UVB and some different varieties of Ozone therapy in general. In the first video Dr Rowan talks of Oxidative therapies. Did you know that Dr Rowan while living in working in Alaska helped cure a powerful politician of cancer using ozone therapy. This politician when on to make it legal for medical doctors in Alaska to legally administer alternative therapies. Dr Rowan now lives and works in California.

The following three videos cover Prolozone therapy for chronic pain. I had opportunity to see this done at and Ozone seminar. One student there, actually a physician himself, had suffered from chronic back pain for years. He received ozone injections to the site and was greatly improved thereafter.

The next three videos discuss Ozone Therapy in Dentistry. I have a copy of Dr Holmes CD on Ozone Applied in Dentistry. There he takes you through, step by step, the regrowth of a molar when ozone is applied. It is remarkable. There is no reason why someone should have a metal or plastic filling. We have been led to believe that teeth cannot regenerate and it is just not true.

In the following video Dr Holmes does a brief discussion of ozonating water.

In this last video, Ed McCabe, an ozone promoter and educator discusses why you need oxygen and the benefits of ozone. If you have not read his book it is a must have for those venturing into ozone therapy. Please go to the Oxidative Therapies thread found to the left in the column on this page for further information on ozone therapy.

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2 Responses to “UVB, Ozone, Prolotherapy as Prolozone, Oxidative Therapy, Ozone in Dentistry”

  1. Peggy Thomson Says:

    I am seeking treatment for my 15-year-old son, who had a tooth knocked out (No. 9) lateral during a baseball game. Root was severed so root canal was begun. The tooth has not been closed yet, and I would like treatment to enhance healing before root canal is finished. No. 10 was knocked back but not completely evulsed. Obviously we want to save that tooth and avoid another root canal. Before root canal on evulsed tooth is complete, I would like my son to have ozone treatment with possibly cold laser as an adjunctive therapy. We live in the Memphis, Tennessee area, where no alternative treatments in dentistry are offered. Any suggestions?

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Sorry I am getting to this late. there is a link in the above post that leads to dentists that use ozone.

    Oh. No. It was in a different article on this forum. Here:

    and here is the specific page to help you find a dentist in your area who does this
    cutting edge dentistry. You should never need another root canal.