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Purchasing Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS

15th January 2009 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

For the most complete MMS info on the net be sure to search the archives starting in September. Also click on the MMS Testimonials in the Toolbar at the top of the page. This page updated 4/25/09

Keep MMS Out Of The Reach Of Children

These pages present everything you need to know about using MMS
according to its developer, Jim Humble

Jim Humble’s webpage:

Jim Humble

Jim Humble’s Emails:

To purchases MMS go to ebay and search MMS miracle mineral supplement. Best prices sometimes found there.
an online store front. Search water purification drops

For MMS in Australia, same product as Global Light’s

Most retail the pre-made product for $20 far as I can tell. Still really cheap for what you get. I just bought a bottle from Dennis.

Here are two other distributors:
Dennis: 702-353-0566 USA
Kennith: 780-628-2872. ( Canada) MMS is no longer sold in Canada due to Government intervention

Need some humorous education? View this Video.

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20 Responses to “Purchasing Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS”

  1. Dale Selgrath Says:


    Purchased my MMS from from healthdoc911. Super quality, original 100% Jim Humble formula 28% Sodium Chlorite.
    Best Price plus Free Kits! Check it Out!

  2. Dbg Says:

    I purchased MMS from
    They seemed top tier w/ a Jim Humble connection while some of the stuff on eBay may be cheaper but from someone’s basement. Got 4fl oz for $25 delivered. Wanted the best because after all is said and done you are consuming small quantities of freshly generated chlorine dioxide, same as the active ingredient in bleach

    Getting very good results, no nausea, after just 4 doses in two days
    “Stop feeding the load” is what MMS people say. The load is your bacterial, viral or mold burden. Kill that load so you can feed yourself and take care of yourself and others

    Jim Humble’s personal site made me feel he is a genius and on the level
    Site is but is not business site but an educational one about MMS and other topics dear to Jim Humble. It also has special MMS usage methods

    Good luck

  3. Humble Says:

    Like Dbg says above, you dont want to purchase just anywhere and make sure that you buy from someone that uses an FDA approved Lab for manufacturing, sticks to the recommended $20 price tag and also ships quickly and cheaply to the US, UK and rest of the world. Some sites are also approved by Humble himself which is a further indorsement of the supplier.

    I personally use and cannot fault them on customer service, packaging, price and speed – ticks all the boxes.

    Happy MMSing

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So you are saying that there is an FDA approved lab for manufacturing MMS?
    You just blew your credibility.

  5. Humble Says:

    Ret, just to be cristal clear – MMS is not FDA approved, I did not say it was. I simply said that the lab that manufactures the MMS has been approved by the FDA for drugs manufacture. This to me tells me that the Lab has to some degree facilities and processes in place to ensure the cleanliness and quality of what they are producing.

    In fact, each bottle of MMS comes with a bar code, Lot number and also an expiry date to ensure proper traceability of the product. This to me enforces that they are doing it properly and it is not produced in someones grubby kitchen!

    I am particular about what I put into my body, and if I can make more certainty as to the quality and cleanliness of the environment in which the product is produced then I will do so.

    I am sorry that you have this impression of credibility, I am simply letting people know the results of my lengthy research and pass useful information on.

  6. popop Says:


  7. D. Nash Says:

    My wife (56 years old and in excellent robust health) died three weeks ago 12 hours after ingesting two drops of MMS mixed in lime juice – the initial dose recommended in Jim Humble’s protocol. She suffered severe and prolonged nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. She thought that those symptoms were to be expected because Humble’s written protocol says vomiting and diarrhea are “not a bad sign”. After suffering those effects for eleven hours, my wife went into a coma. One hour of CPR plus other conventional emergency medical procedures failed to revive her. She had decided to try MMS because she succumbed to the arguments of its proponents that MMS could aid in protecting the two of us against malaria in our current travels in the western Pacific islands. MMS is a dangerous and potentially lethal substance if ingested as a medical remedy.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dear Mr Nash,

    I am very sorry for your loss. There are no words that ease your mind and soul for what you have gone through.

    Any medicine can have unexpected and rare results. Have you ever seen anyone die from one dose of prescribed antibiotics? I have.

    Unless you had an autopsy one will never know how your wife died. The human body is a mysterious machine and sometimes malfunctions lie hidden only exerting their force when under sufficient stress. I would be inclined to think that perhaps there was aneurysm or stroke or some other life threatening disease process involved that would be coincidental and causative.

    Since many many people use MMS on a daily basis and have used its predecessor product, stabilized oxygen, for over 30 years, with even some physicians administering it via IV infusion, I doubt MMS was the direct cause of your wife’s death.

    Rett Anderson

  9. mms_causes_kidney_failure Says:

    Please consider the following three references if you are thinking about trying MMS:

    The first is a video interview by Jim Humble. It can be viewed here:
    In the video, Mr. Humble relates the story of a man who “chug-a-lugged” 2 ounces of MMS because he had mistaken it for a glass of water. Mr. Humble says that the man became very ill. His kidneys stopped working and he had to go on dialysis. He was hospitalized for several weeks. Mr. Humble says that people should know that, if they get extremely sick after taking MMS, “they need to go to the hospital because the kidneys will quit working”.

    The second reference is an article entitled “Acute Sodium Chlorite Poisoning Associated with Renal Failure”, by Ja-Liang Lin. It was published in a journal called “Renal Failure” (Ren Fail, 1993; 15(5); 645-8). The website says that Miracle Mineral Solution is a 28% solution of sodium chlorite in distilled water. The term “renal failure” means that the kidneys stop working. The abstract says that the patient ingested 10g of sodium chlorite. The patient suffered an acute hemolytic crisis and acute renal failure. He was on dialysis for 4 weeks.

    The third reference is a Letter to the Editor that was published in the September 2009 edition of the Journal of Medical Toxicology. It’s entitled “Chlorine Dioxide-induced Acute Hemolysis” by Hari Kishan, M.D. (J Med Toxicol 2009 Sep; 5(3):177). The website says that chlorine dioxide is produced when Miracle Mineral Solution is activated. Dr. Kishan’s article relates the story of two patients “with alleged accidental consumption of approximately 100 ml each of 2% (20 g/L) Cl02″. Cl02 is chlorine dioxide. Dr. Kishan says that investigations on both patients revealed significant anemia with features of intravascular hemolysis. The patients were treated with blood transfusions and aggressive hydration to prevent hemoglobinuria-associated renal failure. If you would like more information, email me at

  10. Arrow Durfee Says:

    to Ms_causes_kidney_failure_

    anyone stupid enought to take the amoount of sodium chlorite your study refers to will have their stupidity rewarded by a near death experience. So what the heck are you trying to say?
    The obvious? don’t drink a whole bottle of MSS, or even a third or quarter. Follow Jim Humble’s instructions precisely.

  11. Fred Says:

    I have been following this so called ‘Mr Nash’ who claimed that his wife passed away because of the MMS.

    Whether that his real name or not, he is nothing more than an agent for the government (FDA) and attempted to discredit Jim Humble’s work.

    Mr Nash’s comment have been posted on different forums.

    Nice try, Mr Nash.. whoever you are.

  12. Rhiannon Says:

    Dear Fred,

    It concerns me that you would think Mr Nash is a false identity – he is a real person, and his wife really did die after taking MMS. I am a registered Nurse, and it concerns me even more that people such as yourself would take such a ‘powerful’ therapeutic agent without medical assistance. Any other medication of such reported benefit, and such associated risks is prescribed and administered by health professionals in a supported environment with assistance at hand to deal with such occassions as Ms Finks unfortunate death.

    The MMS website recommends its use in conjunction with medical advice, and is especially important for those with electrolyte imbalances caused by dehydration, a previous history of kidney or bladder stones, or any kidney disease just to name a few.

    Most medications are researched and trialled in the clinical setting for many years, and need to be independantly verified as safe and any side effects noted, rather than just touted by the person that invented them and profits from them.

    Our health is the most important thing we have, and we must be careful with everything that we put into our bodies. Just because its ‘different, or alternative’ doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care.


  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Mr Nash’s wife may have died after taking MMS but she did not die from MMS.

    With all the research on drugs they do they sure they kill lots of people and cure nothing. Independently verified? Safe? What kind of nurse are you? You don’t even know what you are handing out to people. I suggest you look at the side effects of Levaquin, Vioxx, Bactrim, all the statin drugs, Heparin, Vancomycin, Clindamycin,
    , chemo therapy, tramadol, neurontin, plavix, all the antidepressants.

    Sheesh, that you would even come here and make this rant.
    Go hide somewhere.

    Our health is the most important thing we have, and we must be careful with everything that we put in our bodies. Just because it is “proven” safe by a pharmaceutical company doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care.

  14. carl Says:

    the reason why you need to be aware with mms is that it works too well it can cause toxic over load from all the viruses and other things mms get rid of like, toxins. if you have somthing wrong with your stomach, like bacteria growth in it, like weak kidneys or liver. you can cause your liver or kidneys to shut down. that’s why if your really sick or even just past 50 (exposed to lots of toxin) you should get a blood work up before starting to take a does of 1 drop a day for a week to get a base line, then take another blood work up, to be safe start, with a 20th of a drop of mms. start with a glass and sip it once an hour and see how you feel.

    also to reduce nasua i think do a liver and kidney cleanse before starting an mms cleanse. you can get blood work up in the hospital you just have to pay for it.

  15. Ahuva Says:

    hey! i’m looking for Arrow’s email address. can you please send it to me?? thank you! Ahuva

  16. Melvyn Says:

    Everyone is selling first rate MMS, but they are careful and marketing it as water disinfection solution as jim has advised. they also have great 3rd party labs work for you to download and the cost is only $6.95 inexpensive as jim wanted it to be.

  17. Steve Says:

    Hey Rett,
    I was just letting you know that we are still around at and also at (same site)
    We have a bulk, powder, and kits still available. The labeling doesn’t use the MMS acronym anymore, but I use the acronym on my site as a strength indication.
    I have also added the 5% Solution with a 6.25% HCl Activator for applications where releasing all the ClO2 is advisable, as well as more stuff coming.
    I use only EPA registered Sodium Chlorite from Spain with No Lye, No Chlorate, and No Heavy Metal content. I have a certificate of analysis available for my powdered sodium chlorite.
    However as soon as I repackage the barrel, I can no longer make EPA claims, kill claims, nor are Keavy’s Products EPA registered.
    I am going to start marketing a Mold Treatment system, and other ClO2 environmental products in conjunction with emergency water purification.
    Our phone number is available on our site. Feel free to call with any questions.

  18. Yvonne Colburn Says:

    Has anyone tried a product called MAZU Gold?

    Thank you,

  19. Charmaine Says:

    My friend has cancer of the adrenals and lungs and is on dialysis four times a week. Is it safe for her to take MMS?

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    In my opinion it may be their only hope. Please also do a fully raw foods diet, see Gereson Therapy as well as Hoxey therapy at Iodine must be a par of HOxey therapy so be sure to include that. Take the hoxey formula about 2 hours after mms at night.

    Some people on dialysis have gotten off of it with MMS.