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Forstalling Alzheimers and Promoting Brain Health

18th December 2006 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

There is an impressive book called “Brain Longevity” by Daharma Sing Khalsa MD. that is a must. I bought it used on

He claims to forestall Alzheimers. Has many nutritional and drug regimens that are not even considered in US.

Also look for the books “Smart Drugs” and “Smart Drugs ll” by Ward Dean MD and John Morganthaler.

Also, go here and start reading. One worth reading on is Deprenyl.

Update: 11-11-10  Raw virgin coconut oil supplementation is also showing great promise for Alzheimer’s disease. Do a search on Coconut and Alzheimers and you will find some interesting articles.


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One Response to “Forstalling Alzheimers and Promoting Brain Health”

  1. Alzheimers disease news Says:

    Data from the study, the largest of its kind, contradicts some previous studies that found that ibuprofen might exceed others in its class when it comes to preventing this type of dementia. Besides ibuprofen, other types of NSAIDs include naproxen and aspirin.

    But the bottom line, the study authors said, is that the findings don’t support the use of NSAIDs to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s, at least not yet anyway.