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Horsetail – Silica for Osteoporosis

25th November 2009 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

So I’ve been taking a clinical nutrition course and the instructor has been reluctant to make recommendations on product Brands but he has let 2 or 3 slip on through.  

When we got to studying Osteoporosis he had a recommendation that took me by surprise. He recommends Horsetail and this specific product I show below.

So I’ve used horsetail over the years for certain things but had not considered it for osteoporosis. Its mainly a source of silicon, not magnesium or calcium.

He went on to explain that silica, and particularly with this product due to the way its manufactured, will convert from silica to calcium, that there is an actual biochemial conversion of elements through the transfer of protons. Yes, Protons, not electrons. He calls this process Biological Transmutation and he goes through the proton changes that can occur.

Now this is kind of out there and not taught in your average university, at least here in the USA. He recommends the book called Biological Transmutations by Dr. Louis Kervan of the Sorbonne University in Paris. He says that a proton of an element will share the proton of another element. For instance: Sodium has an atomic weight of 23. Oxygen has an atomic weight of 16. 23 plus 16 make 39 and thats the atomic weight of potassium. What? Do we have a new way to make potassium?….I believe we do he goes on to say, but we have got to have enough oxygen in order to do it.

He goes on to say that all over Germany and France educational institutions subscribe to the Kervan theory. Kervan claims that silica, when extracted from a plant based source, not sand, is very biologically available form that can be transmutated within the body into calcium. Osteoporosis cure is possible in 6 to 9 weeks on this protocol according to my instructor.

My teacher recommends Alta Horsetail and a product from Flora.

So here is the treatment recommendation:
Alta Silica 16 capsules a day for 3 weeks. (Flora brand Vegital Silica is an excellent choice also)
then 12 capsules a day for 3 weeks
then 8 capsules a day for 3 weeks
and then a maintenance dose of 6 caps a day for 1 year
take 2 caps after each meal.

So, has anyone tried this? And what do you think?


Prof. KERVRAN’S PROCESS – The HORSETAIL SILICA process that makes the difference!

As reported in the Swedish newspaper, Halsoblast, many well known stars use Prof. Kervran’s silica: Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn and Barbra Streisand all credit their youthful skin to Prof. Kervran’s vegetal silica. ALTA Health Products is the largest manufacturer of Prof. Kervran’s vegetal Silica and has been using only his finest process for 30 years.

Thirty Years of Integrity come with every bottle of ALTA SILICA and each and every bottle contains that special water soluble extract from European springtime. It is this process that makes ALTA SILICA the Star’s friend, proving very beneficial for thick hair, strong nails and firm, supple, young looking skin!  

Organic Silica was originally brought to the United States in 1972 by Dr. Richard Barmakian, founder of Alta Health Products. Under the guidance of biophysicist and Nobel Prize nominee Professor Louis C. Kervran. Prof. Kervran’s process chelates, or bonds vegetal silica to a group of water-soluble bioflavonoids. These organic compounds take silica and guide it through the intestinal wall to the bloodstream. Inorganic silica is NOT ABSORBED by the human body!

Testimonial evidence abounds that ALTA’s Silica improves hair, nails and skin! Dr. Barmakian was so sure of the Kervran difference that he provided it to the Las Vegas Show Girls in 1972. Sales of ALTA SILICA have remained constant, in relation to growth, in the Vegas area for the past 30 years and have taken off all over the country. The Kervran process utilizes the silica-rich European springtime horsetail (Equisetum urvense) with a unique aqueous extraction method that neutralizes the alkaloids in the horsetail. Dr. E. M. Carlisle’s studies indicate that vegetal silica helps calcium, and possibly phosphorus, find its way to bones, hair and cartilage (Silicon, in Biochemistry of the Essential Ultratrace Elements, E. Frieden ed., Plenum Press, NY., NY., 1984). Both Kervran and Carlisle present evidence that silica may have what it takes to remineralize calcium into the bone, thus supporting the body’s power to prevent osteoporosis!

Dr. Barmakian called this Silica the Original Internal Cosmetic.

Always choose the best! Always choose ALTA’s Silica!


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2 Responses to “Horsetail – Silica for Osteoporosis”

  1. Dave Knop Says:

    Interesting post. I recently learned that osteoporosis and Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) are closely related, my sister has both. Acai may be another possibility for effective treatment. Above is a link to a direct article on my site written for me by a licensed therapist very familiar with the subject matter at hand. I hope that someone may find this helpful, the read is interesting. Thanks.

  2. Maryland Says:

    Dave, I’m not so sure about acai. It’s actually very high in sugar, and aside from some essential vitamins, it provides little use.