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Parasite Cure, Tapeworm, Roundworms, MMS Cures Parasites

26th May 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

(editor’s note - please be aware that MMS did not fully cure this case of parasites. The infestation was huge and other means were needed. But MMS was the link to reveal to Laura that indeed she did have a  parasite infection and it greatly helped in her recovery)

This is an amazing story of a woman who was loosing her life to parasites. She faced many challenges to get a diagnosis and treatment because doctors do not believe in the possibility nor adequately test for parasites. Following her story you will see before and after photographs of her face. Note the swelling and general fatigued appearance in the first picture and the restoration in the second. We also have photos of her parasites that you can view that are stored off site that you can view by clicking here.

I am a 52 year old woman and only a few short weeks ago I was dying. I started to lose my health about 17 years ago. Two months ago, I was barely able to get out of bed to take care of myself.

I drank creek water and contracted Hepatitis A when I was 32 years old. The doctors at the time said I would get well on my own, and it seemed that I did for a few years, but I know now that it was because I had youth on my side. Something inside me said “parasites?” a few times over the years, but I dismissed the thought after mentioning it to my doctors who also dismissed the possibility.

This winter I decided to pay attention to that little voice inside me, and to take matters into my own hands. I knew I was dying and felt it wouldn’t be long. It took me twelve hours a night to get six or seven hours of un-restorative “sleep”. (Actually I was passed out on various “medications” and still woke up every forty minutes to an hour, all night, every night). My doctors called me “complicated” and were clearly stumpted, “insomnia” being one of the many labels they gave to my condition, with no answers as to what could possibly be the cause.

I have been on disability for over 8 years due to this medical condition that doctors could not explain. Three months ago I asked one of my doctors for a test for parasites. I could see the tapeworm segments in my stool and was sure it would come back positive. It did not. I was shocked, but had read that only 10%  of tests ever come back positive for parasites due to inadequate testing procedures. I took heart for I knew this from reading posts of other people this had happened to.

A few years ago I had tumors and had to have a hysterectomy. I now believe those “tumors” were parasite eggs. (They congregate to survive). Before and after the hysterectomy I had two hernia surgeries that have never made sense to me. I don’t just think, I know now, that this was inflammation to the intestines due to severe parasite infestation.( I’d been plagued with poor digestion and elimination.) Not to mention other misdiagnosis of Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was in widespread (whole body) muscle pain 24/7 and was barely able to get out of bed to take care of myself for so many years….and not one doctor had any idea of what was really wrong with me. I had been to three. Needless to say, despair was a large part of this whole experience for me, but I have a strong will to survive. I decided to educate myself.

I tried herbs first after researching online for weeks. I read many posts of various people and learned that Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull and Cloves could kill parasites. I used these herbs diligently from the first of January through March. I did pass some round worms but still saw those white seed looking things in my stool and I didn’t get better.

After searching on the internet and comparing pictures to what I was seeing, I decided it had to be a tapeworm. Over the winter I researched about parasites and the connection to various diseases, myself having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after my blood was sent to the Mayo Clinic. It was at this time that Miracle Mineral Solution kept popping up throughout my search for something that would help me. At first I thought “no way”, there just can’t be anything that inexpensive that could work that well. Finally, when nothing else worked I decided it was in expensive enough, and that I had nothing left to lose. Meanwhile, I was starting to gain hope from the various testimonies of people who were being cured by using MMS.

I felt isolated and alone, but for the internet……because of the people who posted their testimonials/experiences with MMS I also felt very excited. I started with two drops MMS combined with ten drops of the citric acid. (Always five drops citric acid per one drop MMS, then time it for three minutes, then add any hot or cold beverage (or water) and drink right away– you have to drink it within an hour or it loses potency. Do not use anything with added vitamin C) At three drops I felt a little warm in the stomach. The instructions are to stay just under the nausea barrier, that when you feel nauseous it is because pathogens are being killed and the liver is trying to expel them. Jim Humble (inventor of MMS) says you should not go too fast, just increase a drop per day (or per dose) and back off a little if too nauseous. My first dose was 2 drops in the morning then three that evening. The next day four drops in the morning and then four that night. At this dose I did have nausea but not too bad. So the next day I stayed at four drops twice a day and stayed at that dose for three days. The next day four drops three times, morning noon and night and so on. Into the second week I could not believe my eyes. I was completely infested with various parasites and they were coming out dead! Over a week’s time, I counted and took pictures of over 15 very adult round worms, pin worms and tapeworms, but I still had the tapeworm segments, (they shed them) so I knew there were more.

I then decided I was a candidate for the MMS enema protocol and for two reasons. After being so sick, for so long, I really wanted to get this over with. And, I was getting sick to my stomach at 8 drops. (that told me the MMS was still hard at work.) I read that the nausea could be avoided by doing the enemas. It’s a delicate subject but I must say, I’m so glad I did it. After another week of staying at seven drops three times a day, and an enema every day of 8 drops (into 3-4 cups warm water) the parasites were still coming out daily but partially decomposed, and now I am tapeworm segment free.

By this time the mental fog had lifted and I was feeling incredibly like my old self. Taking walks with my grandson. Sleeping 8 hours at night and feeling refreshed. My pain and inflammation had greatly diminished from excruciating to tolerable. I read that taking the MMS orally goes throughout the body as a gas, on the red blood cells, destroying pathogens but not harming healthy cells. The enema protocol is more like an IV infusion of MMS (in power), actually penetrating into the plasma of the red blood cells. So…after a few days drinking 7 drops MMS with the 5 drops of citric acid per each drop of mms and the enemas, the very much larger and more “adult” parasites came out, along with many, many eggs. Some of the eggs were the size of half of my little finger tip. Very large! Over all, I counted over 25 parasites that were killing me. After several days of using the enema protocol, they came out partially decomposed, and now I am tapeworm segment free.

It has been seven weeks as I write this. I now know what it feels like to be 52 years old, and not like a very old, very sick woman. I was told that when parasites die they release more of themselves. I’m sure I will be at this a while, (for I am still passing a few liver flukes, and I’m still only at 9 drops three times a day.) After I get to 15 drops three times a day and hold there for 5 days I hope to be pathogen free. Then I will definitely stay on a maintenance dose of MMS for the rest of my life.

I have encouraged and succeeded in getting some of my family to take the drops. I’d started to see signs that my kids and extended family are also sick to varying degrees including the insomnia (your immune system tries to kill the parasites at night when you’re supposed to get restorative sleep, causing multiple awakenings.)

My son’s fiancee has been really ill and sometimes can’t get out of bed.

Doctors haven’t been able to say why after much testing and expense. My (ex) sister-in-law has been sick with the same symptoms as me for several years and is also on disability because of it. Again, that little voice inside will not let me rest. All the signs were there. Then, I got my sister-in-law to my house for a week, we got her on the MMS, and “I knew it!”. Parasites. So, the ones who have taken MMS are getting the same results as me.

I believe after eating on each other’s dishes and hugging and kissing over the years, we all got the parasites. I am so very grateful to Jim Humble for saving my life and making it possible for our family to get healthy again.

I know this is hard to comprehend and accept, but all true. May something I have said here help the many people afflicted with parasites understand the underlying issues of what parasites can do, and the diseases they do cause.

May those who read this take heart and find hope. For this is really something.

Forever grateful and enjoying life once again.


Before MMS Treatment
Before MMS treatment

After MMS Treatment
After MMS treatment


Laurie’s Story contiues… turns out tapeworm is not so easy to get rid of. Considering the many years she has been infected, the terrible state of her health before MMS and the medical professions incompetancy to diagnose her, her spirits continue to be high from her regained energy. She continues with the MMS treatments and she has found that the MMS enemas are most important for this condition. She thinks that these parasites may be located in other parts of her body besides her gut… and that possiblility has been varified as a true possiblility by other doctors over the years. Here is an update that I received from her a few days ago.

June 16, 2010

You aren’t going to believe this…I got the big one! (I hope there are no more big ones but there might be.) I have done mms enemas for a week and got small ones every day…then yesterday I had to go to town to shop so didn’t do one in the morning as usual. I ate dinner around 5 pm, then just had the feeling to do the enema so I did. Then this came out. I believe that the big ones are so evolved, and know the habits of my body, and even know how to escape the mms, that they know when they are safe from it and can come down.

I am (of course) such a believer in the mms enemas. I know I’m really closing in on them now. Again this morning my hands are not as swollen. I have a cyst or a worm in my hand though. I’m sure they are (have been) everywhere in my body and finally I have tied my experience together. When I was 39 I had an ectopic pregnancy, I was really sick and trying to keep working, so tired all the time. A few years later I could not work anymore so I tried to go back to community college but only made it a couple of semesters due to severe fatigue and back pain.

The back pain was my gall bladder. Had surgery, got that out. Then I had an enlarged uterus with “tumors”. More surgery….all the while low back pain. My liver enymes have been elevated for a long time. Doctors keep asking if I drink. I do not. Ever. Hate alcohol. Arrow, I now believe I’ve been infested with parasites for years and years and that they blocked my bile ducts. (gall bladder and liver) That they traveled out and into my uterus and through my blood stream to other areas. I feel as though I’ve got them everywhere.

So…I do think that in this severe of infestation it would be to ones advantage to have IV infusions of MMS as per the cancer type protocol. Since I can’t do that I will continue the enemas and the oral cancer protocol. I do know that you can’t let up at all or the parasites gain ground. I am so relieved to finally know what has been truly wrong with me for so many years. It is empowering. Never again will I ever take a “blanket” diagnosis, or not question a medical doctor.

Yes, that gut feeling is never wrong. I will always remember that. It is a most profound lesson. One that I will carry through the rest of my life. So…I know the parasites come out in the evening because they know they are safe. I’m changing my routine. Will keep you posted.

Oh, I will ask my doctor for paraquantel (sp?). (a drug for tapeworm) I read it dissolves tapeworms and cysts. I think this is a tapeworm, but I’m not sure. I can’t find any pictures that look like what’s been coming out of me. I plan to put one in alcohol and take it in for identification. Thank you for being my place to vent Arrow. This is still just unbelievable to me, but I am excited that I can do something to help myself. Thank you. ( and thank God and Jim Humble for MMS) Laurie

Laurie has provided a photo of the “big one” You can view it here.

Laura continues her story in the comment section below.

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66 Responses to “Parasite Cure, Tapeworm, Roundworms, MMS Cures Parasites”

  1. maria Says:

    Wow what a difference in you appearance! Congratulations on getting healthy again. I am somewhat in the same situation but haven´t had the same good results yet, but hoping perhaps someday it will work. I have so many parasites in my brain though and the mms haven´t touched it yet.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Thank you. How long have you taken MMS? How do you know you have parasites in your brain? Have you passed dead ones already? I hope you get the results I have. I don’t think anything else could have helped me.
    Best wishes,

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I had a friend who battled parasites for a long time. She didn’t have the big ones like you. They were very small and they would come out her skin when her cleansing protocols were strong. She also collected them in jars because the doctors didn’t beleive her. She was in her 60′s at the time and she had become very debilitated from it. Once she figured it out she cured herself and regained her health totally. Now in her mid sixties few people can keep up with her.

    She used other things than MMS, as mms was not around at that time. She used Olive leaf capsules (not extracted, just plain powdered olive leaf) daily, for about a year, colloidal minerals from Oz (they were run out of business by the FDA), a raw foods diet and the Rife GB4000 frequency generator.

    She claimed that most of her renewed energy came from the raw foods diet.

    She attained local fame and spoke frequently about parasites on a radio program in Salt Lake City

  4. susan day Says:

    MMs 1 and 2 are saving my life right now. From parasites, chronic candida , hepatitis b, mercury poisoning, lead and flouride also.I am so greatful for this help as ive spent a fortune trying to get well. I also have pictures of before and after that are so dramatic. My immune system was in complete breakdown. Thank you to everyone using and writing about it. Susan

  5. CG. Says:

    I use to use MMS a year or so ago. My family and I have been plagued with parasites in our skin. Crawling sensations insistant in our bodies. I didn’t stay with it and it did not seem to work for me. I don’t know if its because of my weight or what. At the time I didn’t really understand how to use the product. I have been overweight for smoe time so I don’t know exactly how much is needed for my size. I have been diagnosed with elevated liver and I don’t drink. My family and myself have started eating healthier for over a year (had good weightloss) however we can’t shake these things. We feel them all the time. Even in our home, car, or wherever. Can someone give me some advice?


  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Yes, CG. The first thing you need to do is to go to Jim Humble’s website and read the instructions for using mms. Review them until you understand them.

    Then look at his protocols to using mms in an enema and in a bath. You will want to do that as you take it orally also.

    You must bypass the life cycle of the parasite. I have no evidence that mms will kill all eggs. So be ready to take it for several months. I think the mms will also help your liver return to normal also.

    Keep up with the good work with your diet.

    There are many types of parasites that can live in the skin.
    Have you ever noticed fibers that “appear” to be growing out of your skin? If you have that it is called Morgellon’s disease, but it is very rare.

  7. CG. Says:

    Thanks Arrow…I have noticed little fiber-like things. White and some seem like glitter on the skin… It feels like my family and I are the only people in the world with this issue. No one seems to be able to understand. I appreciate your suggestions and kind words. If you know of any other suggestions I am definitely up for the advice. I feel like this thing is winning the war on my body… I will check out the MMS and try and followup in a couple of weeks.

    thanks again

  8. Arrow Says:

    The fibers mean that you likely have Morgellon’s disease. I am not sure that MMS can cure it but it may. Be sure to use the enema protocol and the tub bath protocol that Jim outlines on his website. If you have success with MMS please drop me a line because there are many people out there that need to know about it.

    If you do a search on Morgellon’s disease you will find explainations. Be aware that no current conventional drug on the market can treat it. It is contageous.

    You may also want to look into using NutraSilver as it has worked very well for some people with Morgellon’s disease. go to and you will find testimonials on its use with this disease.

  9. David C Says:

    I had kidney failure and kidney function of only 10% I was keen to go onto Dialysis as I had been feeling bad for sometime. I came across MMS and read all the detail and wanted to have a mormal life and not Dialising three days a week.
    So I started the MMS protocol and could not believe the improvment, My Kidney specialist was amazed with the new results he said that he had never seen kidneys improve like this before,my kidneys have improved back to where they were four years earlier and still improving. I cannot wait for my next visit to my specialist to find out where my Kidneys are at now.
    I cannot speak highly enough about this product, I will be recomending it to all my family and friends.

  10. Arrow Says:

    Such very good news for you. I have been trying to convince some others with kidney issues to use mms but they are not responding. I am hoping your testimonial will help them to make a decision.

  11. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have just heard from Laurie regarding her parasite story in the above article. After she did a lot of MMS many parasites came out but it just would not end. I advised her to take a prescription medication because I thought she had been through enough and perhaps it would end the ordeal. Below is a copy of her e-mail to me.


    Hi arrow,
    Man, I just typed you a letter and lost it. My computer died, I’m at the library.

    I did get parasite medicine, Mebendazole, which got the head of the tapeworm. What I know now, is that the head surrounds it’s self with stool so the mms can’t reach it. If I had to do that over, I would take a laxative, fast, and take a megadose of mms.

    Anyway, a nurse recognized what kind I had as being from South East Asia. I probably got them taking care of veteran’s as a C.N.A.

    The doctors thought I was psychotic and delusional. The nurse got in trouble for helping me after the tests came back negative. I told her about you, and Health Salon. She is the only one who believed me.

    Well, only have a few minutes left. I will contact you again in a couple of months. Will be getting a new computer.
    Thank you Arrow, so much for your help. This isn’t much of a letter, but feel free to use it.

    I will write and tell you the nightmare later. For now, I am checking into reform for parasite testing. I plan to be an advocate.

    Be well,
    Your friend,

  12. Terri H Says:

    I have been struggling with parasites, candida, bacteria, virus and heavy metals for a long time and I and have taken many different herbs to kill the parasites. I can still feel things moving around everywhere in my body. But my digestive system causes me the most problems. I have been taking MMS for about 5 weeks and I have noticed a slight improvement in my overall energy. But I can still feel things moving around. I have been told I have a tapeworm. I started Mebendazole on Sunday night.
    I wanted to ask Laurie how long it took her to get rid of her tapeworm?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Terri H

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    laurie is off line right now due to computer problems.

    She passed many tapeworms using mms but after about 3 months she relented and went and took a prescription mediciation after I advised her to do so. She had been suffering from this for way too long.

    The medication helped her. It was explained to her that he head of this particular type of worm she had embedded itself in the intestinal wall with impacted fecal matter around it. So she is thinking that the mms just could not reach it. You can read what she said two ir three comments up. Her opinion was that a dose of laxative followed by mms might work but we do not know for sure.

    I do not thinkt he verdict is out on her case. Time will tell all.

    My opinion, if it were me, I would take the conventional medicine for parasites and then continue with mms as mms takes care of the other stuff you mentioned over time. These parasites continually release toxins into the system. That is why perhaps you are not getting well too quick. MMS can detox many heavy metals, and candida.

    MMS has cured parasites in other people but apparently for Laurie it was not enough… but remember, she was a very extreme case.

    Be sure to read jims page

  14. am Says:

    Dear CG,
    It couldn’t hurt to use MMS. I highly recommend you purchase Jim Humble’s book. I’ts important. It speaks of dosage. I started taking MMS about 1 1/2 weeks ago. You have to be very careful and start out slow! Really, very slow! That’s why I recommend the book. I’ve had nausea & diarrhea. It states in the book, those are symptoms of someone who needs their system cleaned out. I felt nauseous at only two drops, so I knew I had some issues. I also have gained about 30 lbs. in 6 years! Not good on a 5’2″ frame. However, I cannot encourage you enough to just purchase his book (either printed -contains both parts), or download the e-books. I purchased the hard copy for my records just in case the government decides to do away with Jim Humble’s websites, etc.
    So far, I’ve only seen what looks like liver flukes and possibly a small tape worm segment…. Yuk…! I’m scared to death, but will continue my protocol until I know that I’m completely clean of any parasites, fungus, or bacterias…

    I hope my response helps, cause by all means, God don’t leave those blood and body eating things inside of you and your family! You’ll never get your life back otherwise! Even if you decide to use something other than MMS… Don’t let the parasites win!!!!

    I hear Humaworm is also a great antidote for parasites… See …—- AND TESTIMONALS FROM HUMAWORM’S SITE….

    and an independent testimonal site of someone who used Humaworm @

  15. Melvyn Says:

    Hi everyone Great post!
    here is a resource to purchase mms and view great certified lab work also
    read the 4 part series on chlorine dioxide. very informative.
    remember the body is 70% water
    clean the water, clean the body.
    keep up the great work

  16. amanda Says:


    I have a load of really big worms in my body. I have taken antiparasitic herbs and they haven’t responded. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue. My adrenals are pretty bad and it causes a lot of anxiety at times.

    I have had this problem for many years. I have also taken melbendazole, but I think the dose I took it was for pinworms . Do you know the dose for tapeworms.

    I have tried MMS, years ago and it made me really ill.
    After the pain that was moving around my body, and the nausea and runny tum I got flu symptoms for days. My nose ran for ages.

    I think I took far too much. My theory at the time was to kill the big ones. I can feel them in my stomach, in my joints and cruising around my immune system. I am anaemic, no matter how much meat I eat and have a really low stress tolerance. My gums are receding and my hair is falling out too much in my hairbrush.
    I also have digestive problems and constipation that is extreme for the amount of water I drink and I do put fibre in my diet.
    I am gluten intolerant.
    My back and pelvis goes out of alignment at times for no apparent reason.
    I didn’t realise you could take MMS as an enema. I will buy an enema kit and give it a try.

    I also have problems with sleeping and my parasites get really active around the full moon. When I eat they move up my legs to my stomach.
    I feel gross. The doctor has done her best to help me but she doesn’t know much about this.

    The other day I was in the kitchen looking at food and I could feel the ones in my back writhing around. At times I feel compelled to eat even when I’m not really hungry.

    I saw laurees case and realised I can get better.
    I can’t afford humaworm right now.

    Any suggestions for a plan of attack to get rid of a bunch of them and then getting rid of the stragglers would be appreciated.

    Thank you


  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Amamda,

    I strongly suggest that you seek a new doctor. I would go to a large city hospital with a known medical teaching faciltiy.
    Take your records with you. Take expelled parasites with you. MMS will expell some parasites for you. See Laurie’s photos.

    The biggest problem for many people with parasites is getting the doctor to believe you, then the second biggest is finding a doctor who knows how to deal with it.

    Although MMS was very helpul to Laurie, it did not cure her after 3 months of diligent trying. You may need to do several different medicines for such an extreme case.

    Lets us know how it goes for you over time.

  18. Melvyn Says:

    Hey I just found a website that is selling MMS, but they do not call it MMS anymore, but I bought it and yes it is the same kit. You can find it at

  19. Melvyn Says:

    I think I need to point out that the MMS as is prepared with citric acid is very “acidic” and can be verified with a ph test strip. The webite I spoke of has on the PartA bottle (28% sodium chlorite solution) to add 1/4 -1/3 teaspoon of sodium Bicarb to the solution prior to using it. This raises the Ph to the neutral range, but still keeps all the chlorine dioxide which is what people are using MMS for. Also the label advises to add 1/4 tsp of salt to the solution if you are going to use it for a mouth wash to kill Candida, and gum disease. This all makes good sense as I remember my dentist always telling me to rinse my mouth with salt water to speed recovery.

  20. helene Says:

    April 2010 in France I became invaded with worms, the worms getting more active when I had sugar at 50 centimetres from myself. The worms felt the food sugar near my body.

    The stool and the blood analysis I did four times did not reveal anything and I learned that only the minimal number of parasites are searched because a thorough lab analysis would be too expensive. This means I need to find a doctor who prescribes an analysis of the right parasite. This has not been possible yet and what I observe is absolute passivity from all the medical organization. I cannot look for work in a food environment, nor a children or elderly that only because of my own standards. I would not want to contaminate vulnerable people or the food chain. I also had to live at people’s places and I find having parasites makes living at people’s places absolutely nightmarish because of either the necessity to hide my condition in order not to find myself in the street or because of the discussion about it and the reactio of the people it felt worse than having Syphillis.

    My dearest friend who was sick told me to heal from the parasite before I visit him in Paris but he died since without me seing him and I am still with the parasites. The doctors could not care less. I could not believe it. The doctors are school trained to see their patients as totally unsignificant items. My emotions are for them a completely idiotic manifestation. I would stay polite in order to get at least a prescription. A huge power trip for no advantage to any body.

    A nurse at one lab told me in secret that nothing can be seen in the lab tests if the worms are installed in cysts inside the body and not in the intestines. What world is this. Millions of people travel in tropical countries and for sure bring back and distribute germs. the doctors where totally blank with me as if I was telling them about Mars planet. Well I read David Ick book The biggest secret – this book is a thorough anti paranoïac vaccination you survive with a life changing new perspective: you had reason to worry and he tells you why – and he is probably right in his own way. I am certainly from another gene group than the doctor and corporate robots capable of pharmaceutical and medical morbid take over of the planet.

    Anyway the real thing is that nine doctors did the minimum for me: take their pay and not say anything useful nor answer any of my questions. I am amazed at the fact that zero doctor took care of contagiosity. Twenty years ago the doctors where aware of the importance of limiting the propagation and also of caring for the people around the sick. Now I observe a total dis engagement. I cannot accept this so on top of having parasites I am revolted by the whole medical and pharmaceutical community.

    I went to the Infectuous tropical deseases of a medium city hospital. The doctor shouted at me that if I had what I described it was non existent or only center Africa tropical parasites. I had repeatedto her several times I had been in a Social Shelter with African poor and sick refugees. She was highly paid and highly deaf. I escaped her office in order not to risk her damaging my health so crazy she was. Another wanted to send my in psychiatry. Medical school is not safe.

    I then called an Aids and HIV community center to get one of their doctors who might be more friendly since they deal with the “leprosis” of our time style of patients pharmaceutical companies exploit at a maximum. I got a chinese doctor who prescribed me a medicine to fight scabies called Stromectol. Even if the worms came back he refused to make another prescription so I started cheating with prescriptions and going from doctor to doctor. In six months I had height times Stromectol. Last time this morning.

    I have started eating more rawfoodist type of diet but really, I can’t believe the size of the situation worldwide. I am sure there is a passive agressive will from the top medical corporations to just make people ill. The training the doctors I’ve seen just reveals the incredible irresponsibility, that is ingrained in the medical students. It reflects as if they are taught “save your bum and the hell with the people who are anyway stupid”. I have received zero respect and the people around me either from the doctors who are absolutely not concerned with others getting what I have.

    I have learned of MMS this morning and have been on Internet to research more information about it and also I am going to stay in close touch with the lady who told me about it in order to get to know all the people she knows who have tried MMS. We will all keep in touch on the telephone or in person.

    There is the web site a friend directed me to for a plant called Simarouba which I am going to research.

    There is the Book called the Green Pharmacy written by Dr James A. Duke where I found a list of plants to get rid of Worms and Parasites that I will include in my treatment. All this asks for superior effort of reading and searching. Suzanne Somers says in her book Ageless that she too had to do this superior incredible effort because we are all starting from scratch away from the medical and pharmaceutical corporate destructivity over everybody’s health. Dr John R. Lee in his book Natural Progesterone and Hormonal Balance says the same – the title is my translation, I read the book in French.

    I am going to read thoroughly what Mr Sproutman, real name Steve Meyerowitz, says about worms and parasites in his books.

    There is the Boutenko family,, who are raw foodists, who have observed that if you have no putrefaction nor anything of the same type in your body the worms/parasites have no reason to stay: the intruders stay only when there are morbid things in our bodies. So the Boutenko believe the raw food diet can be the solution because after an anti parasite drug is taken, the worms parasites do come back very often. Only the right diet – what ever it is that works for humans – rids the body of the decomposed substances. I advise to read a lot and start progressively with a raw food diet. It is a lot of work to find how to live on a raw food diet and it is important to stick only with mentally and physically healthy and no non sense teachers. It can take years to become a healthy raw foodist.

    The 1972 edition of the book Lets Get Well of Adelle Davis also states that parasites do come back if diet is not corrected. What is the right diet? Edgar Cayce in a book of his prescriptions says that lettuce leaves are worms fighters. Many naturopaths say raw carrot salad is good plus a long list of friendly foods and others to avoid.

    I personally believe happiness and a respected by others personnal sexual dimension has something to do with being whole and not being invaded with mini parasites as well as with destructive vampire type humans. I my case it is clear I am fighting my way socially outside a toxic family brain wash and outside the social replica of it in my personnal life. We live in a society where genuine kindness is absent from the top reverberating towards the whole population below. Kindness is being aware of what people have that is the same kind as I. Kindness is important in life. Goodness also is what we crave for. And parasites keep us company when society is iron cold, bloody, unemotional, cynic, destructive and not reassuring at all – marketers shower us with non reassuring messages so we throw ourselves in shopping drunkness.

    arasites are also the “noble” – self made King and Queen – travelers of our body inner territory and they superbly manifest all the ill will victory over our integrity an important part of the populatio sends to the other. Emotional,physical,psychological and nutritional abandonment makes people either desperate and sad or makes them want to lash out at others. I am the victim type I have been overpowered by parasites because I am not a bully. Bullies and psychopaths have the best Intelligence Quotient in dictature social settings and countries. The statistics are all for them in every department: narcissism, money, success, health of these “sharks”. So what can have it all to the detriment of others. For what. To have me sweat and that shows the bully he has it all without sweat so he is too much and that makes me emotionally sick because I am consciencious. I cannot cheat on people so I am poor. If I cheated I would be included in the bullies’ club.

    Now I have parasites and I have an average Intelligence quotient and all this means a lot of effort on my part to figure the MMS dosage, how to wait until my Welfare comes in so I can buy MMS Jim Humble book and read it. Also I will photocopy pages of books telling about what plants and foods support getting rid of worms and parasites. We are many in this situation. Very funilly doctors and pharmacists pout against us.

    Per example, I being full of parasites I am the target the frustrated doctor subconsciously or consciously likes to see walking around in circle because I display his victory at having his own personal victim of his passive-agressive managment of his own anguish he cannot face. The doctor cannot face what I have to face for myself and himself since he is not helping at all clearing the environment of what freaks him out. Doctors are freaked out at what they have joined since they could not fight it. I the Welfare recipient am doing all the unpaid job he does not have the nerve nor the legal right to do. Medical law forbids a doctor to prescribe anything other doctors do not prescribe. Change and progress are forbiden outside the Corporate control. Read Dr John R. Lee. Abuse is really facilitated and also corruption. Any matter whose progress is not allowed becomes corrupted. That’s where humanity is right now.

    In this actual society if You have a problem, You are a looser. I have decided to be who I am by reading many books and sending messages to the universe to answer my questions like Rhonda Byrne Life coaches she interviews suggest in her book The Secret. The actual governments are not friendly to the population. I have to be friendly to myself and certainly this makes me a marginal. I read Martin Seligman Learned Optimism to be me. I want to be Beautiful: Be You Bountifully. The parasite tell me I am half buried under unacceptable social settings and that I am rotting from the inside and I work at getting out of this social mud.

    I certainly do come from an extremely toxic family, which programming has influenced the rest of my life and it is not a New Age moralist who can change that. I am 49. Reading Eric Bern and Suzan Forward has given me the right to be me standing tall and aware of family and society influence. I am mentally defrosted. I am living in a not very friendly world.

    I keep up to date with Suzanne Somers books and website. Watch her last videos at

    I am on Welfare – it means not rich – so I bought a Tribest blender to make myself green smoothies – see Boutenko family recipies – that rebuild my digestive system with wild weeds and bitter salads at the lowest possible cost. I put four garlic little teeth in it and still study what else would make me unfriendly to parasites. I do not have the money to buy top natural anti worms and anti parasites. I do it myself. I am trying to find in bulk good quality spirulina and barley grass powders to keep my blood healthy. The blood is the rio of life. Blood is so important that the naturopath Christopher Vasey wrote a book about it. It is to be respected and loved and cared after. Do you see any care for the blood welfare in any communication from television, pharmaceutical and medical corporates? No, only with naturopaths.

    Imagine all the people in the Third World dying of parasites and viruses in their blood streams with not one pharmaceutical company true enough to help them. HIV can be cured with super improved diet, clean water and treatment of opportunists sicknesses said the French medical pionner in HIV when he got fired from his lab because retirement norms saw him too old. I will find the link on Internet and send it to you. That Nobel prize doctor has no subsidy provider to please anymore so now he speaks the truth and he takes every day powdered papaya to lift his immune system and says that can be the world’s cure although it is an expensive supplement right now. And no doctor nor pharmacy will lift a finger to work at it. The mature people are here in the wilderness now where we are all together. The top corporates are a minority still pushing toward us hugely junk material and food only to make a pile of money sit on their desk. In France, there is so much junk plastic and metals I had to throw to the garbage my new laptop which had toxic fumes getting out of it and it came from a store which does not take back nor exchange what it sells. The corporates are having a ball I would never want to be part of. They have no pride. France most reputed expert on resilience, resilience is the capacity to survive and have a life in spite of obstacle, is Boris Cyrulnik. This man says “do not submit, refuse the unacceptable”.

  21. helene Says:

    The lady who told me about MMS this morning came back tonight and even if she lives in a city two hour from my place we have arranged to keep in touch with one another and with everybody we know who take MMS in order to be supportive and perfect what works against parasites and with the use of MMS.

    I confided to her that the quantity of raw garlic I took in the hope to destroy my body parasites made me feel socially toxic because of my hugely bad breath and that this was another thing that made me feel helpless. She agreed that in her experience the proximity of people smelling too much of garlic was socially toxic – utterly unpleasant and not conducive to socialising positively. She told me she never took garlic. I remembered having read that Asian boudhist monks avoid garlic and onions even though they live in Tropical countries where there are body parasites; also monks are very sociable people: they live in group and care probably to be pleasant. I’ll inquire.

    The lady, her name is Valerie, told me she heard airplane pilots are forbidden to eat garlic during the three days before the flight they intend to pilot because garlic desynchronizes the left and right brain hemispheres. The reflexes are not as good when our body carries garlic. I’ll inquire.

    Also bad breath is destructive to the relationship between lovers she told me. I want peace and love. I understand that for all I thought about the super power of garlic I find here on my doorstep someone telling me not every body believe it to be true. I recognise that garlic is a parasite fighter I selected among others and put in great quantity which brings discouragement in me because it makes me feel disgusting socially. I prefer a friendly and kind medicine and will find it.

    I know what I know, I know what I don’t know, and I don’t know what I don’t know.

    I thought I knew garlic was good for me even if it made me a walking social poison very difficult to hire even by the nicest boss in the world. I clearly lost control of my life and I will correct that. The fact that some people are not so enthusiastic about garlic is one thing I did not know I did not know. Christopher Vasey naturopath says that plants that are very bitter can be used as medicine in a moderate way their taste reminds us of. If it doesn’t taste good, it is probably not good to take very often.

    I write a lot because it makes me feel good. I cannot take more isolation and body parasites isolate socially just as human bullies are parasites that only win when they can isolate in shame and fear their targets. Cinderella was so isolated she spoke with animals and fairies and in spite of all her most heart felt wishes she lost her shoe. She wins only with the very real material and emotional support of her lover and her lover’s powerful family. We need strong love and support and to not isolate ourselves one from the other. Divide and rule: parasites could be a key to dislocation of social strength by the corporate medicals and pharmaceuticals. Parasites are nothing to be proud of nor to disclose because ndividuals are far too ashamed by parasites in their bodies. The medical community is incredibly not interested. Peace and Love is really a concept hard to put in place and “medical” might be a word that will disappear from our speach on our way to the Aquarian Era unfolding. Kindness would replace it nicely. Thank you for this web site.

  22. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Helene,

    Thank you for your story. I hope you will resolve your problems in time.

    First I will say that you should not waste your money on Jim’s book right now. It is not that important. His first book is available free to download on line. The second book is somewhat repetitive and is mostly for people who want to manufacture MMS.

    Most everything you need to know about taking mms can be found on Jim Humble’s website This should be the most reading you really need to do. If you like you can join the following forum for individual help during your treatment, even if you should choose not to use mms people here can be very helpful

    If you start a protocol and start to expell parasites it is important that you collect a few to take to the doctor with you. Their tests do not work, you are right. They must be visually convinced.. Laurie, who this thread is about did, not have full success with MMS for her parasite case. She had taken perscription medicine also since she was able to convince a doctor when she took her parasites it for them to see. She is still battling it but she is doing so much better. I will be posting her latest letter to me soon.

    I have known of other people who had 100 percent success with MMS and their case of parasites.. I guess it might depend on how infested you are how long it will take to get rid of them, where they are located and if the MMS can get to them.

    Keep in contact with us an let us know what you have decided to do and if it works.

  23. helene Says:

    Thank you for your caring informative answer what you just wrote is worth a lot to me because of this:

    a) I am really weary about my situation that is worsening concerning the parasites “liveliness” in spite or even because I took two days ago a conventional French medicine Stromectol.

    b) I’ve been on Internet studying MMS related sites for hours for the last two days.
    I am upset because I am not a pro in Internet, just Adam Abraham website is like walking a city. And per example, I have not found out how or where get the free download of Jim Humble book if ever it is available so I copied and pasted in Word format at lot of the texts I found in case the websites are made to be closed by FDA. It is a method but it is time consuming and slows down my learning.

    c) I am very alone except for you and the websites to deal with the parasites.

    d) I have found the website which has an educational link at the bottom line of their window I have not yet studied: more information I don’t know from where to start studying while in urgency. is in United Kingdom and looks like a good provider of MMS for me living in France since French websites are just crashing.

    The lady who first told me about MMS two days ago is like most French people: they can get very vague: I asked her “where did you buy exactly your MMS? – her answer: “there are many websites”. I asked four times in a deep concentrated friendly insisting comprehensive manner which website, the name, how: I got the same answer. I could get more insisting but sometimes but it is risky to break a wall even with a feather. This time I dropped it because my emotion is overwhelmed by this cultural thing: I could be dying she would still skip the big bit of info: just to be like she’s been trained: anybody in need is poop, you have to sail high and wide whatever means but without speaking the truth: so steel, spy, scratch thy neighbour, be mean, as long as you “seem a winner”. France is a very corrupted organisation. It is a recognized fact reported in books: all professional organizations, associations, corporations, will hide all frauds and errors made by their members and not protect the public, clients, citizens. The mechanics have to be corrupted. This is a wide spread French style and completely above my North American Intelligence Quotient. It is difficult to deal on a daily basis with French people brainwash into “authority style” that makes them speak in ordinary conversation as if the person in front is KGB to whom they have to hide where, when, what and then these same dissimulating people lash out in strange ways you never expect including inquiry into absolutely personal affairs just to strip you of your clothes to the only use to sabotage real communication. Conflictual communication in France ends with the same morale made to you that goes this way: “you had better shut up” or the person remarks: “I heared again a silly thing (meaning you, the person trying to communicate, said something gross)”. Communication is not welcomed and people in France do not know about easy going manners and simple smiles, one toward the other. Equals do not level in a friendly way, they scratch one another. Even labels glued to vittamin supplements are misleading in a masterpiece way. French vitamins labels rival translated from chinese labels and the contents and people handling them seem as unsafe. By the way this is the true Napoleonic management material and social set: dictatorship breeds deviant behaviours and products. If you are interested in CODEX promises, here they are sampled in France and it is I would say ugly.

    Arrow you are pretty more specific, useful and constructive. Thanks. If you know a better provider of MMS I am interested to know.

    e) I stick to English speaking MMS websites because French websites on MMS I have found crash on my computer and this could be due to French government control over alternative called medicine.

    f) Tomorrow I get my Welfare bank deposit so I will be able to order MMS.

    g) Today I am reading what I just pasted from your above kind reply: “”Most everything you need to know about taking mms can be found on Jim Humble’s website This should be the most reading you really need to do. If you like you can join the following forum for individual help during your treatment, even if you should choose not to use mms people here can be very helpful

    Thank you Arrow, all that I do engage only my own responsibility and my free personal will so your suggestions are managed by myself, with in my own sense of value, fairness to your generous involvement to support people through this website. In some matters, just like you could, I should be paid 700$ an hour since I have several doctorates worth in certain areas. I really appreciate your input.


  24. Laurie Says:

    I am back…and heartsick. I just learned of the FDA ban on MMS. It is a death sentence for many.
    I have taken the MMS for 7 months. Daily. I am grateful that I had it this long. I have come to the conclusion that it is true and right that we MUST not give parasites an hospitable home in our bodies. I know that is where all my problems started.
    There is no over night solution. It just takes time. And making right choices for our health. I had to stop smoking, give up all things “white” from my diet, and now even wheat gluten. So except for a little fish or chicken I am on a raw food diet. I take Bromelain and ginger to help digest protein and reduce inflammation. (tapeworms hate pinapple extract, that is Bromelain) I take pro-biotic’s, a multi-vitamin, green drink, and flax and fish oils. The one thing I cheat on is yogurt, low or no sugar.
    Parasites take root when our body’s PH is out of balance. So you need to saturate your system with alkaline rich foods (nutrients.) You can find a list easily online.
    Water…lots of water, all day, and fiber. Keep things flushed out.
    I am about to start juicing. I got the juicer anyway…just can’t say enough about fresh, orgainic fruits and vegetables. I guess I will be washing them in apple cider vinegar or grape seed extract now that I can’t use the MMS.
    I have known the FDA was going to do this. So my plan all along was to take the MMS as long as I could, as I built my body up.
    Excercise…even a short walk. Fresh air. Work up a sweat if you are able. I am still not strong enough for resistence training so I bought a Tai Chi video. Get your mind to telling your body what to do.
    It will.
    Arrow…I still cannot thank you enough. Having your support, direction and encouragement has been everything to me.
    Knowing what I now know, if I wouldn’t have gotten the Mebendazole, I’d have needed to fast for a few days, flush with fiber, and use an herbal/colon cleansing protocol. (If anyone reading this still has MMS…fast, drink the drops, do the enemas. Lots of Benefiber and don’t give up.) I believe the fast to be vital. You have to clean everything out of the intestines and colon to even get at them in the first place. Each person should get to know their body, how long it takes you to digest food. (When I fast, I do drink green tea and vegetable bullion. Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant.)
    Because I know that I’m not at the end yet…(however there is still no tapeworm evidence in my stool and I’m having regular bowel movements for the first time in 20 years…)I have researched further and found a product at “One Life USA” for parasite cleansing and colon cleansing. It’s called the Basic Starter Kit. $69.56. Two complete Post Cleanses.$22.20 plus shipping. It has all the right dosages of Wormwood, Black Walnut Hull and Ground Cloves (from bud) over the appropriate period of time, per Hulda Clark.
    I’m not sure how good it is, but I’ll be asking about how it’s preserved, how fresh it is, and so on. The way I see it, it’s a small price and can’t hurt.
    The other thing is (before my computer crashed I had) Jim Humble’s e-book and if I remember right he said you can buy chlorine dioxide at a pool supply store and use it as a pathogen killer. It has to be 78%. I will try to find the directions for that.
    I guess my next question is, I’m wondering if all chlorine dioxide is being banned or if we can still purchase water purification drops at all. ?? (or at the pool supply)
    Do you know Arrow?
    I am glad to be back.

  25. Arrow Durfee Says:


    Do not worry about MMS becoming unavailable as of yet. US manufactures have had to change their sales approach and they now call it water purification drops. It is still available. For information on how to use it and what it does people will have to look for sources of info like HealthSalon, Jim Humble’s website and natmedtalk as well as Adam Abrahams site, Talk for Food.

    If one does a blog searh for “purchase MMS” here on HealthSalon you will find a page that helps you to find a supplier.

    Keep up the good work. You are inspiring many. I feel that eventually you will overcome this. Make sure you keep your nutriton up with plenty of protien. Sounds like you are doing fine.

  26. Laurie Says:


    I missed you.
    Yes, I discovered the water purification drops. (No one can stop me.) To think they just let people die…
    Thank you for believing me when no one else did.
    I have discovered tofu for the protein (with fish and chicken) and lost 30 pounds. Twenty to go.
    There is no way around the need to have a healthy body and that takes time. Bless Jim Humble and all of you for carrying the torch.
    Continuing to heal.

  27. Diana Says:

    Hello Arrow,

    Thank you for your help on this site.

    Can you recommend where I can send away for Mebendazole? I don’t exactly want to go to a doctor
    and ask for it. I don’t have the time. I am certain I have parasites and have been cleaning for several months.
    I too have some things in my upper intestine. Today I got back on MMS. I am sick and tired and want to knock
    them out.

    Also, thank you Laurie for sharing your story. God Bless you.

  28. Melvyn Says:

    Dear Diana,
    Concerning this mebendazole, you may wish to consider Ivermectin. It is a fantastic broad spectrum de-wormer, and it is also very safe to use. It can be purchased at just about any animal supply store such as a farm supply. The product has been used safely for many years on animals and humans. The human dose and the animal dose is exactly the same. The dose is administered by body weight. The ivermectin that you can purchase from an animal supply outlet usually comes in an oral syringe, and the directions tell you how much per pound of body weight.
    The cost is minimal as most stores sell a syringe that contains enough medicine to treat a 1200 pound horse for only about $8.00 USD. Do not take more than is directed per pound of weight as side effects will then come into play such as “drunkenness” and loss of motor skills, and if too much is consumed you may even die from it as it will completely deaden your neurological system.

    Taken as directed it is extremely safe. It will kill all worms except for tape worms, and do so very quickly with little or no nausea, or upset stomach at all.

    Tape worms and some liver flukes are a different story. Ivermectin being very safe for humans will not affect the tape worms, and the reason is one you may not want to know.
    Tape worms have a very similar biological profile to humans, therefore what does not hurt humans will not hurt them.
    Also what helps humans……Helps the tape worms. A very disgusting truth.

    This is where MMS comes in to play. MMS dissolves the “bioslime” that protects this parasite, and also exposes it to the oxidizing action of MMS.

    You can make your own MMS, and you do not need to purchase pre made MMS. Please watch this video which teaches everyone how to make MMS at home and save hundreds of dollars as well:

    We wish to teach everyone how to do this at home, and save their money.

  29. Arrow Durfee Says:

    So Melvyn, is there no conventional drug that gets rid of tapeworm? Laurie thought the mebendazole helped her… does she need to repeat it?

    although mms got rid of a lot for her she just wasn’t getting past it.

    If your method of mms application indeed works would you be able to take much higher dosages?… more quickly, not having to work up in dosage?

  30. Melvyn Says:

    It would appear that Laurie is suffering from many different types of worms, and not just one.
    Arrow it is very rare that any worm infestation is only one species. There are over 9 different species of tape worm alone.

    This may sound odd, but really the only proven killer of tape worms is Praziquantel, and is readily available otc at pet stores. Its brand name is “Tape Worm Tabs” this product also has approval by the FDA for human consumption, however, the human version, which is EXACTLY the same formula cost almost 20 times more thru prescription.
    It is dosed by body weight.

    The treatment must be repeated within 6 weeks as all deworming must be done repeated as the eggs that are left behind will hatch, and a new infestation will occure.

    I personally advise people to use these products to rid themselves of worm type parasites, and use the alkaline MMS for “fungal” types of diseases.

  31. Laurie Says:

    Arrow and Melvin,
    Thought I’d check in. I am always so grateful for whatever info I find here.
    I ordered more mebendazole (from Canada). I only talked the doctors into 3 doses of 100mg. Then no one would give me any more. It did kill the adult tapeworm in my gut. I no longer suffer with irregularity as I did for over 18 years. Actually I was completely stopped up. (and the very large tapeworm segments disappeared.)
    I have made the rounds with the doctors to educate them. Not because I want or need their help. I have found that going back long enough to show them I’m not delusional, and that I don’t care if they help me, has taken their power away.
    I know that I had/have various kinds of worms, that is for sure. And now I see the tiny little tapeworm segments again. I was sure more would grow as I researched enough to know about the eggs. And I know three treatments of Mebendazole wasn’t enough or maybe not the right kind of medicine.
    Thank you Melvin, for posting that one can buy praziquantel at the pet store. That is valuable information.
    I still believe whole heartedly in the MMS. I found the antigen info on the web last winter…my body was in a inflammatory state. The MMS takes care of that. I’m thankful we can still get it.
    I continue to take herbs and supplements, and am pretty much on a raw food diet. I believe we have to create the environment that parasites can’t live in. There is no way around that.
    Thank you again for all you guys to do help people. We are truly in the dark ages concerning modern medicine. This is what it takes to change that.
    Warm regards to you all.

  32. Dave Says:

    Wow, a lot to take in.

    I could not sleep because something is moving in my body. I have had this feeling for around 6 months now along with my vision going blurry, constantly tired, frustrated, swelling of my hands & face, pains in my joints, pains in my heart, pains in my eye, temp loss of eye site, headaches, and my weight is down. I have talked to doctors and they keep telling me it is from my back injury from more than six years ago. This is not the same as the problems I have experienced from my injury. I take no medications, alcohol or drugs.

    I just know something is inside me, I can tell. I can feel them.

    Tonight is the first time I have done any research on this but I have been at it for hours now.

    Can you help me with understanding the difference between MMS and MMS2?

    I want to thank you Laurie for putting yourself “out there” and thank the rest of you too.


  33. Arrow Durfee Says:

    To learn about the two different types of MMS go to

    all the info you need is there.

  34. John Says:


    I would love to contact you, and hear more. I have been sickly most of my life, and suffering from Chronic Dry eye since age 13 (18 years thus far). Two years ago I crashed… Chronic fatigue syndrome, or so I thought.

    I went to numerous doctors with no help. As a last resort, I got on the Gerson Therapy- coffee enemas, carrot juice, and an organic diet. I started noticing lots of tapeworms coming out. I then started taking a myriad of herbs to kill the parasites, while staying on the gerson therapy. Here I am 8 months later, still doing 5 coffee enemas or more a day, and having tons of tapeworms come out every time! I am starting to feel somewhat better, but it has been a long haul, and I am not sure how much longer I need to go! I really had no idea that I was so sick! I will try the MMS next, along with all of the therapy that I am doing!

    I would love to exchange war stories, and even photos with you, as my photos look a lot like yours! Feel free to write.


  35. Troythewormkiller Says:

    I have BLOOD-BORNE NEMATODES, got them any where from 10-5 years ago, either in central America or Thailand, through mosquito bites. I have been using the MMS, orally and will start the enemas after reading this article. Laurie, once thing that I have been doing that you might want to try is adding Ultrasound therapy to your regimen. I am finding that the MMS orally makes these worms in my lmyphatic system uncomfortable enough that they try to move and cause inflammation. Once I KNOW exactly where they are I direct the ultrasound technician to that area. Ultrasound will push the MMS through your skin and deep into your tissue, and if you use a high enough frequency (one used to break up gall stones) the worms will be killed or broken up as well….This works, but is painful if they are large enough to try to move, and can’t…Good hunting.

    Peace and health

  36. Palash Says:

    Can Laurie post some of the tapeworm pictures that she took for more credibility to her story?

  37. Palash Says:

    The link you have where the photos are supposed to be hosted doesn’t work. There are no photos there. This whole story seems made up

  38. Marianne Says:

    Can anyone help me. I have bumps on my head and feel as if something is crawling all over my head
    and my scalp is continually itching.
    There is a feeling of pressure on my head.
    I also have been constipated all my life.
    Have been taking MMS on and off for quite a while.
    I can’t help wondering if worms have moved into my brain. How can I tell and what can I do to
    make MMS go through the blood / brain barrier?
    Would it serve any purpose to put MMS topically on my head? If so, what concentration would be
    I am 67 years of age.
    Regards, Marianne

  39. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Everyone, the link with the parasite photos is now repaired. The photo host site had some techinical difficulties. So near the top of the article you will find the word here in green. Click on that and you will be taken to the photo site.

    Marianne, I cannot say for sure that the crawling feeling you are having on your scalp is parasites or not but I can say that I had a friend once who had the same sensation and it was parasites. She eliminated her case with the use of olive leaf extract tablets and rife therapy but it took her almost a year of work of incessant detox.

    I do not have great confidence in dermatologists but you might want to check in with one for another opinon. I dont know. They misdiagoned skin conditons for me on several occassions.. but have been helpful at other times.

    I would try the mms, but I would also go through the comments on this tread to Melvyns comments and try the over the counter medicaitons that are recommended. For advice on topical use of MMS go to

  40. Marianne Says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have begun to use Dr. Bob Beck’s blood purifier,his magnetic pulsar and drink ozonated water. I also
    use Dr Schulze’s Detox program. In addition, I spray colloidal silver all over my head and take worming tabs. I think that all of this is helping. I had taken MMS in the past and I know that it is a radical
    solution but I think that the blood purifier, if used 2 hours a day, plus the pulsar for your lymphatic system and the water to flush the toxins through your liver successfully is working well for me. All that
    kills All PARASITES AND PATHOGENS in the blood. My scalp has stopped itching and I am feeling tired but
    much better overall. I have ordered the BIO TUNER from “SOTA INSTRUMENTS”in Canada. It is not very expensive when you think what it does. Restores your memory and gets rid of depression, relaxes your body
    and is brilliant for people that are addicted to any drugs. People are totally freed without side effects.
    Anyhow, thanks again Arrow, for your advice. Actually I am afraid to put the MMS on my head. Will it not
    bleach my hair ? O yes, I will go to I am amazed what MMS has done for Laurie.

  41. Lee Ann Says:

    Just wondering if anyone has found MMS helpful for parasites in the eyes. I’ve been plagued with eye parasites for some time.

  42. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Lee Ann,

    I have not heard about MMS in regard to the eyes. I do know of someone who used olive leaf extract and Rife technology to eleminate parasites. They came out of her skin on her back. This was a number of years before MMS was around. I would seek medical advice. Be sure that you can show them the parasites or they may not believe you. I have heard of parasites in the eyes and have read about treatments but I don’t recall now. There use to be some youtube videos about it so look there. MMS may be worth a try. I cannot say for sure. I have never heard of using MMS directly in the eyes and I would not try it without discussing it with Jim Humble. You might try emailing him.

    Wishing you well.

  43. Seattlegirl Says:

    Laurie…thanks for sharing! Kind of dabbled with MMS a year ago, and I’ve recently started back on using MMS religiously. Internally, topically and added daily enemas. I could feel these guyes pulsating in my arms, legs….in fact, one year I had a TIA stroke….before the stroke my arm started pulsing. So, when I got the strange pulsing again, decided to go back on MMS. I too got the big one, actually several and them some! One of them was still pulsing (not a tape…not quite sure what it was)…just like the pulsing in my leg that disappeared afterwards. But I’m sure there are more. Feeling so much more alive and healthy.

  44. Seattlegirl Says:

    I also wanted to note, not an overnight success. I have been cleansing for a year and doing hot yoga for the past 3 months. My best sucess comes when I take DMSO internally with natural lemonaide on occasion with other cleaning tecniques. I also use castor oil…did this internally a number of times before the MMS and take high doses of niacin relegiously. I have taken niacin for years because I always struggled with poor circulation. Now I know why!!! These guys get in the blood and tissues.

  45. Seattlegirl Says:

    For those nay sayers…I totally believe Laurie. I have a video I sent to my father of on of my best catches. Wanted it documented because I know there are alot of non-believers out there. Why is it so hard to believe that parasites infect every living creature and thing on this earth, and humans should be spared?

  46. Arrow Durfee Says:

    For all those people who use MMS I would like to to know that there are new methods for using MMS.. which is called CDS and you can read about it on this thread. Before to long I hope to get an article up about it here on HealthSalon.

  47. Della Says:

    I found this site from a forum which mentioned parasite. I am SO thankful I found this. I am so similar to Laurie and at 51 fell terrible. I have done the MMS for Malaria, which I say saved me. Got so many parasites out, I couldn’t believe it. Now I will do the enemas, because I too feel them in the evenings. Wish now I would have taken pictures. counted 4 types. I will continue my fight which I know I have had for years. Thank you for this link I followed.

  48. jerry Says:

    i been on mms on a couple of months 6 drops a day there is some scary stuff coming out
    how can i get them on the site, it is important for people to see
    i was infested with PARASITES and they are still coming out

  49. Seattlegirl Says:

    Still doing the MMS..and still have parasites coming out. One thing I wanted to mention, is water source. Many water sources are infected with bacteria and parasites, especially well water. If you keep injesting contaminated water, you will keep getting parasites. I use an aquasauna shower filter and buy five filtered water at the grocery store…non PBC containers and .35 to 43 cents per gallon. I even give the 5-filtered water to my pets. I also wash all produce & chicken with it and citric acid or MMS.

    Also wanted to share this testimonial, not my own, about Bikram yoga..I have been doing hot Bikram yoga for 5 months now, and it has been life-changing for me. I believe I was born with congenitial lyme disease…

  50. Seattlegirl Says:

    Jerry – if you find out a way to post the photos, let me know. I have some scary one’s myself!

  51. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I wish to remind you all that Laurie was not able to cure her parasite case with mms alone. Please be sure to read the article and comments carefully. Some recommendations were made for some drug therapy in the comments area. If I had them so bad that they were in my legs, etc, I would not be solely relying on MMS

    Just my humble opinion on the matter.

  52. sephera Says:

    I been having a suspicion that I have had parasites for quite a while. I went to France recently and believe I infested myself with more parasites. One day recently I may have caught CFS. I went on MMS and straight away I felt some changes. For a while I couldn’t move or get out of bed. Sometimes I just feel like I lost all my energy during the day. I have been stepping up the MMS dosage to 5 drops and am feeling a bit better. When I stopped taking MMS I feel my energy crash again.

  53. jerry Madore Says:

    arrow, would like to try Mebendazole wondering where can find it
    i have expelled lots of Parasites been on mms for 3 months i do feel lots better
    just want to make sure
    any info would be greatly appreciated
    lots of health

  54. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I suspect that you need a prescription for Mebendazole. I would collect some of those parasites and take them in to a doctor for he will not want to give you an RX unless he can prove you do in fact have parasites.. this is just how they are. I would be inclined to go to a doctor at a University hospital or some large facilty as they may have more experience in such matters. Make sure you understand what a typical RX is for this treatment before you go as your doctor may not know. You want to be sure that you have enough of the medication to do the job right so do you research first. If you go to Mexico you may be able to get such a med easier either through a doc or maybe even over the counter.

  55. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Sephera, I can only encourage you to keep up with the MMS. Have you been to Jim Humble’s website? Make sure you are doing the protocol correctly. I do think that parasites can signficantly depete your nutrition also to tend to that. You need to excell in your nutrition and probiotics use.

  56. jerry Madore Says:


  57. Natural_girl Says:

    I’ve been detoxing for a year…still seam to be parasite ridden, started hot yoga and came upon a discovery that I believe has a huge significance…mouth breathing vs nose breathing. Until I started hot yoga, I didn’t realize that I have not been breathing properly for left nostril is almost totally blocked. Thought I was born this way or the shape of my nose…but upon further investigation, there are polyps or growths almost completely blocking my left nostril.

    Mouth breathing vs nose breathing, I found, plays a huge significance on body PH, disease, lack of oxegen on the cellular level to the body, allowing a breading ground for bacteria and parasites and a weak immune system. I also seemed to discover a link between mouth breathing and down syndrome, premature aging and illness (I was born with mild down syndrome or mosaic down and was always sickly)…

    Been experimenting with the left nostril using DMSO and hydrogen peroxide on q-tips. OMG….wont describe it, but the polyps have been shrinking…been doing this over a week, and proabaly at least another month to go…and I can finally breath through my left nostril!

    Still continuing on with the Detox as well as yoga and breathing, clearing of my sinuses. Here’s a link to the importance of nasal breathing…as they say in yoga…the nose is for breathing, the mouth is for speaking and eating.

  58. gettinbetta Says:

    First of all,

    thanks to Arrow for setting all of this up and caring enough to do so,

    to Laurie for sharing her story of her brave battle with us,

    to Helene and her beautiful holistic post,

    and to Seattlegirl for bringing up water quality and Lyme disease, a highly probable co-infection in my lay opinion.

    As many posters were inquiring about prescription drugs, I found the following useful:

    To me, it looks like Albendazole + Ivermectin should do it for most, along with an antibiotic like Bactrim DS to take care of the released bacteria from the dead parasites. Praziquantel and/or Mebendazole could be added/substituted if desired (can do some more searches on curezone). I’m not medically trained so do the research yourself and go see a parasitologist. You may want to take these drugs after a few rounds of deworming/MMS to prevent severe die-off reactions, but this is up to you. Also, probably a good idea to make sure your gut is in good working order to expel the die-off and toxins and get on a good diet plan so that the drugs can work (see below).

    One thing I would like to add is that DIET IS CRITICAL. My belief is that this situation came about for a reason (spiritual, physical, emotional) and diet plays a huge role in interactions with that. Take some time to research what goes into our food (GMO, antibiotics, metals, harmful chemicals, etc.). In short, go organic vegan, no soy, no gluten (sub w various rices, buckwheat, etc.), absolutely no sugar (Stevia is probably ok but why risk it, + it’s another untested chemical), no coffee (unless organic for enema use), no sodas, no preservatives, no meat. As many posters seem to have constipation issues, I think the diet would probably help. Plus, you want to starve the parasites as much as possible. There is probably something decaying in your gut if you’re constipated and the last thing you want to put in there is more stuff that is hard to digest (like meat) or feed parasites / fungi (gluten, chemicals and sugar). Also, food grade diatomaceous earth in clean water can help kill/slow down the worms and to help clean your gut.

    I hope this helps. I’m thankful to all the posters as there is something to be learned from each and I wish you the best in your journey. I am not a doctor and anything you do is at your own risk. These are merely suggestions.

    Get betta!

  59. Kristi D Says:


    I am really interested in doing the MMS and Ivermectin protocol. I’m just really scared about the precautions in Ivermectin, especially when death is one of the side effects.

    I have had Gall Bladder/Liver issues for approx. 20+ years. I am tired of my gut swelling every time I eat just a little bit. I feel I am addicted to sweets (Sweet tea, starches, etc) I used to bee able to ween myself from starches and go without them, but lately it seems that it’s really hard (I’m 46). I am just really tired of being overweight and underhealth. I want to feel/look good, but I know there’s an underlying problem that I just need to deal with. I “know” what to do, it’s just “doing it.” I’ve chosen “not” to take the gall bladder out and I just do liver cleanses every so often. The problem is, I just do one every now and then and I’m not totally cleaning my body first. I even ordered the humaworm capsules but haven’t taken the time to do it.

    We are in the rodeo business and raise goats and have cattle and horses so I have accessability to the ivermectin and such. We stopped giving our horses the ivermectin because of the “death” issue.

    Any and all comments are appreciated. I guess I just need some assurance.

  60. Linda Says:


    I am 48. I have been on a parasite detox/body cleanse for at least a year and a half. It’s not quick or easy. Still things coming out that would make a grown man scream. And I have found, not a one time shot. I have done hydro colonics, I do MMS (enemas), DMSO, MMS, citric acid, Seasalt, Artimisinin(even put MMS powder in my pets wet food) It’s a life sytle change and constant maintenance because parasites are everywhere.. But the plus side is..since I have adapted this lifestyle, cleansing and change…I feel better and happier than I ever have in my life. I no longer drink public water. I buy 5-filtered only for drinking at the local stores (45 cents or so per gallon). I think my water was one of my main causes of my parasitic infection and why I kept getting reinfected. The main thing that has helped me is Bikram hot yoga. Amazing for my digestive system and overall body and organ function. If I could do only one thing, it would be the Bikram. Again, not easy. But I think of it as a daily thing just like sleeping, eating and breathing. The yoga has given me new life. I continue with my supplements and other regiments….but like I said, without the yoga to get out the toxins and increase circulation…none of the other protocols were actually curing…just keeping things at bay. I am 48, and people tell me that I have the body and energy of a 20 year old now…thanks to Bikram Yoga. It totally changed my life…and the diet change followed, everything in my life changed. Hang in there…keep researching.

  61. Linda Says:

    One other thing that I do that I forgot to mention, natural Cedar Oil. I have my own fogger and buy Cedar oil products on line…they even have equestrian for horses and barnyards. Mites and fleas transmit parasites. Don’t know if I can say the name, but it’s Dr. Ben’s Evictor. I live near a wetland, so very prone to infestations and have two cats. MMS is still my favorite all time for body and home…my father is even into MMS. He makes his own from the flakes. But, I have found, that I need to address and balance my environment. We are our environment.

  62. Ashley Says:

    Laurie’s “worms” look like biofilm that covers the inside of the colon. I get this all the time from MMS enemas and it’s definitely not worms. I’ve dealt with cats with worms and I know the difference. This is just old, dirty mucous. Granted, it’s probably good to get it out of the body, it’s not worms.

  63. bessy Says:

    I want to say thank-you to all the brave people who post on this site about their health issues. I’ve been dealing with parasites for over a year now, but realize that I have probably had them for years without knowing.
    I started out with Paragone and that didn’t work. Next was mebendazole which killed small round worms and that’s when I noticed a segment of tape worm. I took mebendazole for 6 days and it didn’t kill the tapes, only small round worms. So, I looked on the net and got Albendazole which did work at first and then just stopped.
    I had found out about niclosamide and ordered from They also have albendazole and praziquantel. Another online pharmacy that doesn’t need a prescription is, they have mebendazole and albendazole, but not niclosamide or praziquantel.
    I have been taking the niclosamide and it is working to kill the tapes. I ordered the MMS from a site called I found this site recommended by Jim Humble on one of his sites. I haven’t used it yet, not sure if I should mix the two. I’m going to continue the niclosamide for the rest of this week and then try the MMS.
    Just wanted to let everyone know about where to find the medicines. If you have tapes – get the niclosamide. Another thing to do is to try colonics. I did that a couple of months ago and it really cleaned me out. After I take the aforementioned regiment I’m thinking of doing colonics again. I only went once, but according to the naturalpathic that I went to, it actually takes about 3 colonics to get the parasites to turn loose and come out. But, the first cleansing got a lot of old stuff out and I opted for the meds instead of going back as often as the naturalpath wanted me to. Its an uncomfortable procedure – but worth it!
    Good luck to all and God bless!

  64. Laura Says:

    That is lyme disease. I have it.The same things have been coming out of me for years,that is called a spirochete…I have been helping myself for years.Doctors do not care,they do not try to help you.They act like your crazy.I had one operation,on my hand because of the numbness/tingling.It came back 5 weeks later,now I have problems with numbness/tingling/severe pain in that hand,I went thru an operation for nothing.Doctors told me carpal tunnal(lie) Have severe back problems.Doctors wanted to take out my gallbladder,thyroid,uterous,I refuse to have an operation because from the very beginning I told them I was bit by some insect when I ended up in the hospital 4 days later because of heart problems…doctor said coinsidence…well I found out 13 years later it was lyme I have these things keep coming out….all you can do is controll it from getting real bad…I do not believe I will ever be cured,I have been sick since 1992 TREAT THIS DISEASE YOURSELF

  65. Allie Says:

    While in Tonga in 2007, I contracted a very nasty roundworm parasite called Strongyloidiasis Stercoralis. I did not know this for years, having diagnosed myself six months ago after the allopathic medical community failed me completely. For years, I have been searching for an answer to my chronic acne, itchy nose, digestive discomfort, anorexia, weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, etc, etc, etc. At times, I thought I had Rosacea or demodex mites infesting my skin. My skin was so itchy and I somehow just knew that I had an infestation of some kind. Finally, I prayed, sobbed, and asked for a dream showing me my body’s foe. That night, I dreamt of my worm and saw it’s ugly little face and greedy sharp teeth. Since then, I have discovered that each and every symptom I have is directly in line with Strongyloides. I have had some dead roundworms show in my stool, and have also had the worm larvae make an appearance. For months, I tried an herbal/homeopathic remedy called Parasitin. It helped to kill off some of the infestation in my digestive system, but did nothing for the nodules in my nose and the disseminated worms.

    I tried Ivermectin and Mebendazole ordered from Canadian pharmacies, and still am suffering. I’m still desperate for a cure, because the symptoms seemed to dissipate, but are all back again. The Ivermectin makes my fingertips tingle for days, and the mebendazole knocks me out (which I can’t have since I’m a SAHM to a two-year old), and I really don’t want to keep taking it. I just ordered MMS, and am hoping oral dosing, enemas, and topical applications/baths will help rid me of this infestation. I still have hope, but I also feel great despair about this issue and the lack of medical care.

  66. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Allie, please come back to the forum to give us your opinions on the use of MMS for your problems. Good Luck to you.