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Gulf Oil Spill Acid Rain

29th July 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized


We need to be aware that the effects of this oil spill may be upon us for a long time, damaging the health of our citizens as well as crops.

According to Corexit Ingredients not very toxic at all… but Dr Ott explains in a video below how this mixture can causes the oil to enter the body.

Gulf Spill Chemical Hazards Report

According to Dr Ott the dispersant breakdown the skins resistance to the oil so the oil does great damage to skin and to the respiratory system. She lists the effects of oil in the body and notes the need to update standards of oil exposure made over 40 years ago.

People need to go to the Environmental Health Center in Dallas for comprehensive treatment if exposure is causing illness.

Toxic Rain buring plants in Plano Texas and now in many states. Reports from West Jefferson Medical Center.

In Fort Worth

In Ohio

In Iowa

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One Response to “Gulf Oil Spill Acid Rain”

  1. Arrow Says:

    Oil now found in small animals.