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Homeopathy in Quantum Physics per Professor Bruce Lipton PHD

10th August 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I am bringing forth this 3 segment video interview by Professor Lipton PHD,  becasue he explains so eloquently why allopathic medicine is outdated and non-curative. Professor Lipton is a medical professor and researcher. You can find further information about him here.

Professor Lipton states that any science based on Neutonian physics is now outdated in light of our new undertandings of quantum physics which has essentially rewritten all science as we have previously known it.

The war against homeoapthy by the pharmaceutial industry promotes the maintence of old science and ignorance and is an impediment on further undertanding and developement in the sciences related to health and healing.

In the United Kingdom, the war by the drug industry is raging as they endeavor to take homeoapthy out of the hospitals and reduce its availability to the people by making it illegal.

If we do not incorporate the new understandings of quantum science into health exploration and medical advancement we will be doomed to repeat history, that is, our failure through allopathy to cure the most debilitating and deadly diseases that are upon us.

This is the link to the 3 part video interviews. In the column to the right on the video page you will find links to part 2 and part 3.

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9 Responses to “Homeopathy in Quantum Physics per Professor Bruce Lipton PHD”

  1. Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. Says:

    The effectiveness of homeopathy is due primarily to the placebo effect as is the effectiveness of much of alternative medicine. That is not to say that “it is all in your mind or imagination”. No, the placebo effect is very powerful as it is based on the power of heightened belief to facilitate healing. Also, the use of quantum physics to explain how the mind can play a major part in healing, by people like Dr. Bruce Lipton, is unnecessary. According to the Occam’s Razor rule, the simplest explanation, the one needing the least assumptions, is always the best. The simpler explanation for how the mind can affect the body can be found in Pavlov’s work on higher order conditioning. One of his most famous quotes is: “Obviously for man speech [as well as inner speech or thoughts] provides conditioned stimuli which are just as real as any other stimuli…Speech on account of the whole preceding life of an adult is connected up with all the internal and external stimuli which can reach the cortex signalling all of them and replacing them and, therefore, can call forth all those reactions of the organism which are normally determined by the actual stimuli themselves.” I suggest you read some of my articles that deal with this subject. They can be found in the Dr. Barrios articles section of my website: In particular, I recommend:”Science in Support of Religion: From the Perspective of a Behavioral Scientist” – especially the section on faith healing.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:


    It is most apparent that you have no practical hands on experience with homeopathy dealing with a multitude and variety of patients and conditons.

    Is this the same Pavlov that did studies with dogs? Perhaps you could pick up his experiments with animals, find a good homeopath to assist you and try to figure out why homeoapthy works so well for animals, or are they subject to the placebo effect to? and just how would it be that their minds could initiate a placebo effect with absolutley no comprehension of what is being or not being done to them? If after working with animals and seeing how homeoapthy can cure their physical ailments you should be requried to explain how the placebo effect works in animals.

    With homeopathy my friend can turn around a severe case of mastitis in goats in less than 12 hours. The vet would be pumping in antibiotics. And this is without all the manual milking techniques for dealing with goat mastitis.

    She is no Woo Woo queen. She did not hypnotise the goat nor pray over it nor even tell the goat what she was doing. She simply went in, assesed it and gave the correct homeopathic remedy instead of an antibiotic.

    Now, I do not treat animals much. But I have turned around more bladder infections in women than I can remember with homeoapthy.
    Most of the clients I treated had great skeptism on homeopathy. I can take them from peeing blood to cure in one day. Why is it that I can do that and so many other homeopaths but a medical doctor cannot? I do not think we have any powers that they do not, except for our exceptional medicines.

    Why does not the placebo effect cure bladder infections for medical doctors in one day? Many people idolized their medical doctors and put great faith in them, seek their counsel religously, still it takes days to cure a bladder infection with antibiotics, and not only that they have to do a culture to make sure they give the right antibiotic so that it will work right. It is the same it the patient is 3 months old or 90 years old.

    I did cure one case of bladder or kidney infection in a cat. The cat seemed fine during the day, urinated blood at night repeatedly for about 6 days until I found the remedy. This was a keynote symptom, bleeding at night, of the chosen remedy. It cured in one day.

    In conventional medicine if an antibiotic eliminates an infection it is considered that the antibiotic cured the disease. With homeoapthy people like you consider it placebo when a remedy cures an identical infection. This surely is delusional thinking.

    You really should focus on what you know and it is most clear to me that homeoapthy is not something you know.

  3. Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. Says:

    Arrow, I understand your comments on what I had to say about homeopathy and the placebo effect. Unfortunately, you did not give much importance to what I said about the value of the placebo, the value of the power of heightened belief in healing. And there is also the added benefit of less use of standard medicine with all its possible damaging side effects. With regards to your use of the positive effects of homeopathy on animals, I did a google search and found some interesting comments on this in the UK Skeptic website. They claim that there is no backup of this statement of yours in the research literature and that any possible positive effects are due to a “proxy placebo effect” whereby the the vet’s assurances of the animal being healed make the owner feel better which is then indirectly passed on to the animal. The other benefit would be that there would be no damaging side effects from standard treatments. Also, you did not say much about my statemnt that Pavov’s higher-order-conditioning explanation for how thoughts can affect the body is a better one than the use of a quantum physics explanation other than to say something about Pavlov’s work with animals. You should read up a little more on what he had to say about higher-order-conditioning in the last chapter on applications to man in his classic book Conditioned Refelexes especially with regards to the power of suggestion as in hypnosis. Please let me know what you think about some of the articles I have written on the power of mind, the power of heightened belief to heal which you can find in the Dr. Barrios articles section of my website: See especially the faith healing section of my article: “Science in Support of Religion: From the Perspective of a Behavioral Scientist”.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    A crock of BS. With all my years in the medical arena I have not seen the placebo effect work even once even though the world is filled with caring doctors and nurses and other assistants, mothers, fathers, and religous organizations that pray daily for the sick.

    Chronic disease becomes more chronic and people eventually die from their chronic diseases that these medical people could not muster one placebo effect for.

    There are a few, very very few who heal from spiritual upliftment. Not enought to make a dent in any study.

    So I am done with this conversation and this delusional thinking. I have other things to do.

  5. Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. Says:

    I’m sorry I wasted my time trying to communicate with someone as close-minded as you. You are stupid to say that there is no power in belief, as in the placebo effect(also in hypnosis and faith healing), to heal. You obviously are a single-minded person and can only see what you want to see. You have so much hate for the standard medical profession that you can’t see the reality of probably their biggest weapon – the placebo. Again I refer you to the articles on the power of belief to heal in the articles section of my website: Please also keep in mind what I say about belief alone not being sufficient to heal completely.

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I am fully aware of the powers of the mind. In our culture at this time it is significantly limited and is not of benefit to the masses who endure disease every day. It it had great power for the masses of people we would be seeing it and thats that. That being said I am interested in medicine that works where ever it comes from.

    Your intent in discrediting homeoapthy and calling it placebo is of great concern to me and significanlty misguided.

    When you have cured a few cases, repeatedly of crohns disease or psoriasis or appendicitis or cancer with your power of beliefs let me know. I will give it headlines.

  7. Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. Says:

    I’m sorry you feel that I am discrediting homeopathy. In actual fact one thing I am trying to do is give scientific support to its healing claims. You keep acting as if I am implying that healing from the placebo effect is all in one’s imagination. Not at all. If you will read the “Is faith healing real?” section of my article Science in Support of Religion: From the Perspective of a Behavioral Scientist (in the articles section of my website:, you will see how in a state of heightened belief one can help heal even such deadly diseases as cancer (see this section especially in response to your last request regarding wanting to hear of cancer patients I have worked with). And please do not think that I am singling out just homeopathy. I also feel that the placebo effect is a major healing factor in acupuncture, chiropractic, alternative medicine and standard medicine. That is not to say that each of these fields as well as homeopathy may not also provide supplemental healing procedures along with the placebo effect.

  8. nioma Says:

    Mother Teresa used homeopathy, mother Teresa and her sisters learned how to use homeopathic remedies in curing countless people.

    John Rockefeller for himself used homeopathic treatment and did not let any other physicians come near him, until the ripe age of 93, so did the queen mother of england until her last year of 102 when she continued her royal duties until the last months before herdemise.

    The royalties in Europe, especially britain are using homeopathy for now over 150 years.

    And to make another point homeopathy can deal with people who fell into coma show me a placebo (chemical) that can do this. I have treated a few myself who have returned back to life with 90% of their faculties and activities.

  9. Robert D Says:

    I stand somewhere in the middle of the above exchanges between Arrow and Alfred. At 16 i got chronic bacterial pnuemonia and was bed ridden for 10 days and still down for another 10 or so days. It started as a cold that would come and go for several weeks.

    After this experience i made up my mind that i would never get that sick again. I refuse to be sick even on days when i have not felt my best and by the next day i feel 100%. I do believe in mind over matter, but with that said i was diagnosed with colon cancer. My mind did not protect me from the cancer. I also have been diagnosed as having diverticulosis and my thinking of not letting the flare up does not appear to work not matter my resolve.

    This is where i fall on the other side of the coin. Allopathic medicine only gives me temporary relief (5-6 months) from the condition and then it returns, but i believe GOD has given us all the natural things on this earth to heal our bodies. I am looking into homeopathic and alternative treatments, such as MMS, for more permenant treatment.

    I think we need a good combination of mental acuity as well as natural remedies found on this earth.

    I will check back periodically if either of you have a response for this as i think you both may need to broaden your horizons just a bit.
    Alfred, from your statements though you sound a little self serving with references to YOUR web site and YOUR articles and looking at your website you are promoting your product in lieu of medicinal treatment.