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FDA Warns Agaisnt MMS

14th August 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I received this email today from Adam Abraham who writes the blog: Phaelosopher Food for Thought. Adam has been an enthusiastic promoter, historian and educator on the use of MMS. To my knowledge Adam has never sold MMS. Please visit him at his site. His website link is found in the column directly to your right.It seems to me that now is the time to start actually giving MMS away.
It should be promoted as water purification drops. We must talk about and write about MMS at every given opportunity. /this is so important not only to the countless thousands who have cured their “incurable” diseases with MMS, but to the millions who anxiously wait to find the cure for their chronic illnessess also.

Those sites that do not sell MMS but educate about its use will become extremely important and valuable to the public… hey guys, thats us!

All the links in the following letter work so now is your chance to investigate MMS and decide what you can do to help the MMS mission to provide non-toxic cures to humanity.

………………………………………….. …………………..

BARAHONA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Fasten your seatbelts, because the MMS story is about to take the greatest roller coaster ride of its life. The FDA is following up its July 30, 2010 warning on the personal and discretionary use of chlorine dioxide with a vengeance, having picked out a sampling of MMS suppliers in the United States and Japan (yes, Japan), to begin a global dissuasion campaign that you can be sure, will be televised.
On the heels of their warning, a convoy of FDA agents appeared at PGL International (, in Spokane, Washington, and their fulfillment house, intent on gathering “forensic” evidence of wrongdoing.
On the same day, on the other side of the world, agents from the Drug Regulation and Monitoring Agency, a unit of Japan’s Ministry of Health, visited an MMS supplier in Tokyo, while agents from the Health and Hygiene Agency made another impromptu call to a distributor in Osaka.
According to a reliable source, the tone of the Japanese encounters was decidedly different from those in Spokane. After three days of investigation, the FDA representatives made their objective very clear; a full recall of all MMS sold. To make the appearance of justification of wrongdoing and harm to the public complete, they were offering no consideration to the company owners.
I just received a text message from Daniel Smith, owner of PGL International:

May need that defense fund ASAP even with a recall. They want MMS off the market. Feel free to wake the masses.

The purpose of a recall isn’t so much about returning MMS to the suppliers, it would amount to an admission of wrongdoing, of harm having been done on the public (who the FDA is “protecting,”), for which some form of “punishment” would be in order. The Agency has been mobilized to make discrediting MMS a priority, facts and evidence to the contrary, be damned.
IF “wrong” had been done, if harm had been done, I would be in full agreement with the Agency. However, they appear, curiously to be inactive and disinterested in the harm that happens daily America, thanks to drugs that they have evaluated, collected very high application fees for, and approved. MMS’ major “sin,” according to the FDA is, (1) not having gone through the approval cycle, and (2) making fantastic (presumed to be false and fraudulent) claims for what they call unrelated conditions.
The question of whether the claims, reported, not by the MMS sellers, but by people who have used it, are true, has not been considered. If the claims are true, then it may mean that the diseases mentioned, are not unrelated.
The FDA wants to discredit MMS before enough people put “2 + 2” together and begin asking these questions.
I suspect that it is too late.

MMS is not the only “public domain” chemical on the block that can point to fantastic claims that are true. Dimethyl Sulfoxide, otherwise known as DMSO, is another which is backed by over 40 years of clinical research. It was first formulated by Dr. Stanley Jacob at the University of Oregon Medical School.

DMSO: Nature’s Healer, written by Dr. Morton Walker and published over 20 years ago, lists research that began in the late 1950’s, when DMSO, a non-toxic chemical derived from tree sap, was shown to have a multitude of beneficial properties as a beneficial solvent. For example, instead of prescribing an anticoagulant to stroke patients, that “thins” the blood so as to facilitate circulation through an obstructed passageway, DMSO, with its extraordinary penetration characteristics, would simply and safely dissolve the clot, without introducing new toxicity into the body.
The scope of research done on DMSO is extensive. Symposiums of medical professionals were convened, as doctors envisioned and exchanged ideas on how they could improve their craft. Except… the FDA granted only very limited approval.
You can buy DMSO in a feed store to rub down your horse, but there are precious few places where you can get knowledgeable advice on human use, other than in books and on the Internet.
Living clay – Calcium bentonite – is another natural, non-toxic substance that can bring relief to a wide range of ailments. (See
The FDA should be working in the public interest. However, their efforts should be based on incontrovertible facts. Their case against MMS doesn’t rest on such a basis.

Harm Has Actually Been Done
The FDA’s warning claims “serious harm” from drinking MMS. They said that, when used as directed, it produces an industrial bleach that can cause harm to health.
Examples of harm that they mention include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration. These are indeed results that some MMS users have reported, but MMS is growing in popularity because they also reported recovery from the real problem that they sought relief from. This stands in stark contrast to most medicines used today.

Multiple unrelated diseases?
The FDA warning lists claims to treat “multiple unrelated diseases,” which include HIV, hepatitis, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, and other conditions. The operative word here is “unrelated.” If the reports, submitted by actual MMS users, are true, and if there are other products that have shown a similar level of effectiveness against a wide range of pathologies, then perhaps these conditions are related in spite of FDA statements to the contrary. IF they are, then the question shifts back to the FDA, the medical system, and the entire industry that has operated under the dissection principle, where diseases are considered isolated conditions that warrant very specific, and oftentimes multiple, simultaneous (and expensive) treatments.

No Interest Shown in MMS’ benefits.

In coming out in a decidedly aggressive effort to stem any further growth of MMS, the FDA reveals a blatant bias in the absence of interest in its beneficial effects. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but the last time I checked, plans were still being made for another walk, run, bicycle ride, or concert to raise money for cancer research. Telethons are being done for Jerry’s Kids, and many other worthy causes. Chlorine is a chemical that is routinely introduced into the human body without one’s consent, as is fluoridation, through municipal water treatment systems. NO ONE, certainly not the FDA, has taken an unbiased look at the health effects of several generations of this practice. So the bias doesn’t really appear to be for the public, as the FDA claims in its warning. It actually seems to be working against us.

What can YOU do?
As I said at the end of my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, the MMS protocol appears to have properties that could be very useful to society, specifically due to the effects it has on water. No health claims are really necessary. No promises are needed. It’s become widely known public knowledge that water quality, and water treatment methods, are not producing optimal results, and may indeed be contributing to the state of human health. Yet, the damage associated with these practices still go unexamined, or unreported.

If you have credible information, good or bad, about MMS, I invite you to send it to:

Additionally I’d like to produce a documentary on the subject, asking and answering the unasked questions on this timely and soon to be controversial subject.

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43 Responses to “FDA Warns Agaisnt MMS”

  1. Taylore Says:

    The FDA says: ‘…to stop using MMS and throw it away!’

    Well, if it is so dangerous why did they not tell the public how to ‘properly dispose of this dangerous chemical???’

    They said, “Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away.”

    I’ve taken it for 3 years and my health has never been better! MMS saved my 81 year old husband from death with Lyme disease. He’s completely over it now and has no aches or pain. He can work on the farm a 14 hour day, again. MMS is great stuff! We must protect those who are under attack for being a supplier. We’re losing all our rights to freedom!

  2. forest sprague Says:

    This is unbelievable, of course the FDA is now bought and sold by the pharmacuetical companies. Have been for a long time. Now they are telling us that we are not better after taking mms. Its only in our minds……
    I know personally hundreds of people helped by mms. People you right to self medicate is at risk….. Either we fight back or we lose our rights.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    The more MMS helps the more they will work against it. All the greatest alternative medicines they have tried to ridicule and eliminate…. like comfrey. If you know how to use comfrey you do not need narcotics for pain of a broken bone. It will reduce the heal time for a broken bone by about 30%. Now you cannot get it. I recommend that every garden have a comfrey patch and also learn how to use the homeoapthic preparation called symphytum.

    Thanks Taylor for your MMS testimonial. We need to keep hearing these stories, now more than ever, lest people become fearful of MMS and turn away from the thing that could cure them.

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    We must fight and make our voices unrelenting, loud and clear.

    It is time for the FDA to go to its grave. They have been responsible for the deaths of countless people over the years.

    Their policies promote a genocide through drug use. We have a rising cancer epidemic due to the use of antibiotics and steroids, all drugs they approve and promote.

    FDA leaders are pharmceutical CEO’s and others of high position.
    They are biased towards making money for the drug companies.

    You need to understand how evil the FDA is. Go to YouTube and watch the series of videos called “Sweet Misery” You will learn what you are up againts.

    We must win to maintain our lives, and the health of generations to come. Soon I will post an article on how to stock pile MMS

  5. Taylore Says:

    Yes, I agree! We have to do something! Fighting has never worked. Love and Light is what the evil ones hate!

    Shine the Light on the situation!!!
    Spread the news/ tell the story — the media is owned by the same people who are behind the drugs, dis-information, food industry and sickness. We cannot depend on the newspapers or TV to protect our rights!

    It has to be a person to person information campaign — telling the story of MMS, teaching how to use it and telling how it is helping others regain their health.

    Go to the Dominican Republic to study directly with Jim Humble. Become a Minister of Health!

    How many of you reading this will tell 3 people every day about MMS — now also called water purification drops?

    Shine light on darkness. Educate each other! Will you tell three people? Will you get them on the WPD? (water purification drops.)

  6. Jack Says:

    MMS is really a miracle from stars to save humanity, it really works guys. Just to piss FDA off, I’m going to add one more drop tonight :) . Jim is not benefiting one dollar form it.

    Really, life solutions are simple…FDA and medical community wants to create monsters out of everything..they want to make you believe that diseases are some big huge monsters that cannot be cured unless you spend equally big bucks.

    You see, every disease known to mankind could be cured by simple solutions..Jim should get noble prize for it..wait…well he will not..cos that too is controlled by these vampires.

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Here is a little something you should know about.

    I recently watched part 2 of a documentary called “Guns, Germs and Steel” based on the work of Jared Diamond, (available from NetFlex) an anthropologist who studied the concepts of these three forms of weapons to take over empires by invading forces.

    In the documentary he travels to Africa and ends up visiting a city hospital in Zaire. He talks with the doctor. She works in the pediatric unit where children go to get treated for and dye from malaria. She shows Professor her records. About 7 children die in her unit every day, mostly under the age of 5 from Malaria. The drugs do not work. Professor Diamond breaksdown in tears.

    He goes on to say that the population growth in Afriac is -1%, and these deaths from my investigations are due to diseases like malaria and HIV as well as famine and war.

    The population is so overhelmed by death and the constant struggle that they do not progress economically or socially.

    The World Health Organization is aware of MMS and that it cures malaria. They prefer to continue to use the drugs that do not work and allow these children to die. Remember these 7 children a day are just one hospital. Thousands and thousands of children a year die from Malaria in Africa.

    Now you might be asking why? Why has the W.H.O. refused MMS?

    Let me tell you people. The W.H.O. is part of a population reduction campanign not only for Africa, where the natural resources are so coveted, but for the whole world.

    They have been responsible for the import of HIV tainted vaccines to Africa also. Jim Humble says MMS helps with the kind of HIV found in Africa.

    So it seems to me that the W.H.O. finds this -1% growth rate adventageous, they are not really combating it when they could.

    The W.H.O. is an arm for the New World Order so expounded by President Bush Senior, Henry Kissinger and so many others. It is a political arm of the United Nations.

    If you think the N.W.O. is just some prattle from conspiracy theorists you need to get on to YOUTUBE and watch the series of videos called “Invisibe Empire” then you will see how the N.W.O. concept is spoken of in the halls of the United Nations and our own US government.

    This N.W.O. is a long term strategie. They are patient. A -1% growth rate for Africa is sufficint for them. In 30 years the population will be reduced by at least 30 percent, considering the life expectancy for deep central Africa is only about 35 years.

    Wake up people!

  8. TJ Says:

    We really need to get Jim Humble’s response to the FDA online! People need to see that! Arrow Durfee, you are spot on and everyone is waking up to who the WHO and NWO really are. We know they are purposefully killing people in Africa so that they can just walk in and take the natural resources from them later.

  9. Richard Says:

    I cured a cold with it; stopped the flu in it’s tracks; my daughter, an RN, stopped her swine flu with it. Thats just a few examples. FDA warning is nothing more than a fraud to stop a product that is inexpensive, and yet damn near cures every virus related illness. Permit MMS to continue being sold/used and the large pharmacology manufacture’s lose profit; but it also becomes obvious to more people that all the real poison chemical meds. aren’t half as good as they advertised to be.

    Am waiting to see what the feds. may try to do to a product I’ve been taking since my triple by-pass, and NO chemcial meds.; and my arteries are cearing out of plaque my cardiovascular health condition is equal to a 39 year old; and blood pressure is only 110/70. DISBAND THE FDA…they ARE the enemy of public health.

  10. Richard Says:

    Have used DMSO for over 15 years; statred using it on myself after seeing what it did for my horses. it is UNBELEIEVABLE not only how quickly it releives pain, but also aids in healing the soreness or injury. And it’s cost is literally cheap. THEREFORE the FDA needs to outlaw it too….the stuff is to GOOD, & to cheap. Big pharma can’t compete with it.

    One might ask if it, DMSO, is so evil, why does my vet. recommedn it for my expensive horses???!!

  11. Iceberg Says:

    At the risk of offending everyone here, are there any actual scientific studies of the effects of MMS or DMSO? Could someone provide a link? Has there been any structured testing, like “we gave it to 50 people, and gave plain water to 50 people, and here’s statistically significant results showing an improvement against HIV/H1N1/whatever”?

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    You do not offend anyone by asking this question. The answer is no, there are no such studies that I know of.

    I suggest that you look into the concept of empirical science. Find out exactly what empirical science is.

    Empirical science shows by the weight of the evidience that mms helps many people with a wide variety of serious illnesses to get better.

    People who have turned to mms are sick of the type of studies you suggest. They are sick. The science of the pharmaceutical companies does not bring forth curative remedies. The sciense of universities is often repressed. The weight of the hand of the FDA keeps the truth from the people.

    The drugs that are backed by double blind “scientific studies” have proven themselves to be dangerous and ineffective and often bring forth new disease. Make no mistake. Read the “side effects” on any medicine you might take. These side effects are poisonous reactions. The word “side effect” has been whitewashed. Wake up, if you can.

    Vioxx killed 50,000 people due to fraudulent studies.
    Aspertame is killing many right now due to FDA fraud and corrput pharmaceutial industry. Go to youtube and watch the series called “Sweet Misery”
    Tylenol kills people every year.
    Ibuprofen kills people every year.
    Vaccinations kill people, and paralize them
    Antibiotics cause systemic fungal infection
    Drugs for malaria do not cure. Hundreds of children die a day from malaria but curative MMS is not permitted by the WHO, who provides most drugs to Africa.
    Many doctors us MMS in Africa and know it cures malaria in less than one day.
    None of these drugs cure anything.

    Poor nutrition promoted by the medical profession kills people.
    Iodine deficeny kills people… promoted by doctor ignorance and FDA controls. Vitamin D3 deficiency leads to death.

    The nausea and diarrhea caused by MMS for some people is a herx reaction. Look up what that is. When the diease is curing the herx goes away. Healthy people will have no diarrhea or nausea if they take MMS as directed

  13. firedancer Says:

    Pharma Rep Confession

  14. Phoenix Says:

    The FDA wants jurisdiction over your kitchen!Posted in Deadly Politics by R Lee Wrights on August 26th, 2010

  15. Phoenix Says:

    Sorry if this is inappropriate but I thought I’d try:

    Project GreenLife and the MMS movement needs your help now. Please give what you can afford to the Health Freedom Defense Fund and help keep the FDA out of your kitchen!

  16. Terry Says:

    I have used MMS for more than 2 years now and have not been sick since I started using it. I used to get bronchitis about 4 – 5 times a year. Now, as soon as I feel my chest tightening and that I’m getting a fever, like I’m getting bronchitis, I take 6 – 10 drops of MMS every 2 – 3 hours and I feel better by the second dose. It’s amazing! I began using MMS because I had a cough that would not go away. I had the cough for about 4 months that had lingered from walking pneumonia. Within 3 days of taking MMS on the old 2 – 15 drops, 2x a day protocol, I no longer had a cough. I have since switched to the newer protocols where you take smaller doses more frequently and found them to be much more effective.

    I have also told many friends and family about MMS and they have used it for the following (yes, I personally know the individuals who have had these tremendous successes):

    genital herpes – in 1 month, no more outbreaks and has stayed that way for over 2 years now (even with having a hysterectomy where her gyno warned her that she would have an outbreak due to the stress of the surgery – yep, no outbreak!)

    mono – in 1.5 weeks (and was feeling well enough in 3 days to attend all college classes) & yes a test proved he had it and that it was gone that quickly

    toenail fungus – sprayed it on the yellowed toenail and within 2 weeks, the nail was growing in pink and healthy without the fungus

    flu – well within 10 hours! (so many friends have used it for this)

    urinary tract infections – well within 6 – 8 hours!

    HPV – cured within 3 weeks (yes, they had a test that proved they had it and 3 weeks later, tested negative)

    severe acne – created the spray recommended by Jim Humble and sprayed it on face morning and night and the severe acne that was not cured by so many other “traditional” treatments was reduced to barely any acne at all in just 3 weeks. Clear skin maintained by doing this treatment daily.

    Diverticulitis – co-worker who was in severe pain and facing surgery to remove the part of the “diseased” colon. Took MMS under the old protocol (working from 2 to 15 drops, 3x a day) and was feeling better within 3 days and pain free in 2 weeks. He has no more pain and has totally avoided surgery. He can now eat anything he wants.

    There are so many uses for MMS that the new “joke” in our family is to “put some MMS on it.” (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding and it’s funny!) We also use DMSO and find that to be so very helpful for sore muscles and inflamed joints, tennis elbow, etc.

    I am so upset that the FDA has chosen this battle. Amazing how they care about a little bit of nausea and diarrhea when their FDA approved drugs are causing much more severe side effects. Have you actually listened to the legal disclaimers on the drug commercials lately? Geesh!!! And, those who have the severe vomiting and diarrhea are those who didn’t follow instructions properly, as Jim so aptly warns. I had a friend who used dollops instead of drops (even though I warned him to just use drops and take small doses). So, he got the equivalent of about 80 drops of MMS in a dose. He spent 3 days in the bathroom and vomiting. But, when he was done, he felt so much better and no longer had the issues he was concerned about. He still uses MMS, just in small doses now. He learned his lesson to follow directions carefully.

    I hope the companies producing MMS will simply start producing water purification drops and allow us to spread the word of the various uses for those drops. Word of mouth is a strong network and has developed MMS so far that it caught the attention of the FDA. Now, lets push it further and keep spreading the word!

    At any rate, I stocked up on MMS as soon as I heard about the recall and I am so very glad Jim published the recipe on how to make it in his book. That recipe is priceless! Thanks Jim Humble for all you are doing to spread the word and educate everyone on MMS!

  17. Tony Says:

    I have been treated with chemo therapy for my heb-c . costing thousands of dollars. After spending almost $15,000 the doctors told me , the interferon I was injecting was not working. Now I’m taking MMS along with DSMO.
    I know I’m going to be cured

  18. Banned Says:

    Tony, I know it too!

    Thing is, I’ve known about MMS for a couple years, thought it crazy, someone trying to make money.

    But then my husband got prostate cancer, no I didn’t use MMS, I found HIFU, high intensity focused ultrasound. I investigated and found the Swiss using it on brains, the Chinese on breast cancer, etc…..cured in two hours and out dancing that night. So, my husband had HIFU in Mexico (it’s available all over the globe except in the USA and Isreal). Yes, he is cancer free and it was a 2 hour procedure, no pain & no side effects.

    So, I wanted to share what I had experienced, I went to Cancer Forums and posted my story, they erased what I wrote and banned me. I didn’t give in or give up, I kept going back as new people and writting until they finally gave in and now allow it—somewhat, I still get erased and banned. But, now there are others talking about their HIFU experience.

    The moral of my story is that having experienced the silencing of the forums, most owned by doctors, the one that still bans me is owned by the government (health message But finally they will allow HIFU talk if it is negative, so I am gaining ground. But it proves that they are only about money, hifu is ultrasound, it cooks cancer, it would severely cut into profit from the drug industry, radiation and surgery.

    If they are so corrupt as to erase proven foreign ultrasound treatments (that was actually invented in the USA in 1941 for prostate cancer) then they certainly would silence this easy cheap treatment.

    Good luck to all

  19. tomas hagan Says:

    I had a teeth and gum problems when I was using tooth paste in the US. I spent several month in Japan and used tooth paste purchased in Japan, and the problems got much worse. I stopped using any tooth paste and started using MMS solution only to brush my teeth. The problems completely disappeared. I have complete faith in MMS and understand why FDA wants to ban MMS.

  20. Luisa Says:

    Here is the link to what Jim Humble said August 2010 to the FDA in reply to theirs July 30th 2010, .. ridiculous……

    PS. I have just started taking this..MMS. been on it for 3 days and feel much better in myself already, I am doing the Clara protocol and I wont be stopping that’s for sure and helping myself to chemo, radiation and surgery as an alternative for my breast cancer? Err.. NO WAY…!!!

  21. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Luisa, if you have breast cancer I strongly suggest that you look into Lugol’s iodine therapy. You can find out about it on this blog. Do a search at the top of the page and links to articles will come up to teach you about it and why is so important to prevent breast cancer, and in this case to try to stop the spread. My doctor told me that she knew of cases of breast cancer cured only with Lugol’s, but if it were me I would do more than Lugols, but Lugols would be a part of it.

  22. AD Says:

    I am being helped by MMS right now. I went to tell people on the zone website and they kicked me off! I just don’t understand, or maybe I do, why they won’t allow me to tell people my own experience with MMS. I really believe not only does it cure things but it awakens you to have clarity with more things than you ever have. I’m so glad that I trusted the person who told me about it. I can see behind the veil now.

  23. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thats exactly it. Those on the Zone cannot see beyond the veil. Welcome to the awakened world!

  24. Phoenix Says:

    If you need proof the FDA is corrupt, check out the new movie just released:

    Watch the 2 trailers.

    Also another clip:

  25. Luke Says:

    1. I especially like how one sided this article is and how you haven’t posted any people with the bad information you invite.


    The approval process is there to ensure the safety of treatments, as well as assess the efficacy. If you have nothing to hide get it assessed by the FDA. If you don’t then the product is illegal.

    It is a dangerous product. It is an industrial bleach. I love how it is always mentioned that it is used in a healthcare setting. YES, TO CLEAN FLOORS, SURFACES ETC NOT INTERNALLY. It is negligent to suggest that it should be ingested.

    This article horrifies me, and I hope that the people selling this and promoting this as a treatment serve time for the harm they are doing.

    People have nearly died from taking this.

    Please, if you’re going to promote it you need to be educated on the subject. Why do you think we have an approval process, and after-market monitoring. Have you seen drugs recently been taken off the market? IT’S BECAUSE THEY WENT THROUGH APPROVAL AND ARE STILL BEING MONITORED. MMS cannot be monitored effectively because it has not been approved.

    I also urge you to stop claiming the corruption in the FDA. Comments claim that the FDA is being paid off by the pharmaceutical industry… If that were the case then the Pharmaceutical companies would not even bother spending so much money on drug development (hundreds of millions) and they would just go straight to the FDA and say “here’s this miracle cure, I call it MMS, approve it”. That is what YOU are asking, YOU are asking to avoid the process, and therefore YOU are asking to be approved without process. You are just as bad as you “say” the FDA are (and they aren’t mind you).

    Source: I have 5 years university training in pharmacy, 2 years honours.

  26. Luke Says:

    Also there is a death that can’t be overlooked. Investigation pending of course.

  27. Arrow Durfee Says:

    It is my opinion that 2 drops of MMS as reportedly taken by Silvia Frank was not the cause of her death. Something else was going on here. I don’t know what but it was not the MMS.

    Hundreds of thousands of people take much higher dosages daily, many times a day. Not one other report as such.

    People die every day from using tylenol or ibuprofen… and look at all the deaths chemo agents cause! stomach and mouth uslcer, esophgeal uslcers, depleted white blood cell counts, depelted red blood cell counts, kidney failure.

    Two years in pharmacy training hugh? So your one of these type guys that manufactures or distributes stuff like vioxx? Thanks pal!… and I would argue who the idiot is.

    I have not posted any ill effect reports on mms coming to this blog because they have not been coming in. When Mr Frank posted here his posts remain to this day. What comments that come in remain on the forum unless they are vulgar in content. I have eliminated nothing regarding ill effects of MMS.

    There are a few scattered comments like yours and a few other’s regarding worry and concerns and difficulties with nausea and diarrhea that stop when mms is discontinued or reduced in dosage. Comments like yours stay even though I think they are greatly in error and the results of pharmaceutical and FDA brainwashing. So YOU GET TO STAY!

    MMS is here to stay and you might as dam well get used to it. Its going to put your industry in it’s grave…. maybe someday you’ll get a real education.

  28. luke Says:

    I said 5 years plus 2 years honours. 7 years study. You obviously have no understanding of what a pharmacist is. Look it up sometime, you might be surprised.

    Have a good day

  29. luke Says:

    And I’ll take clinical evidence over speculation and unproven claims any day. God not everything is a conspiracy or brainwashing. But an industrial bleach used to clean surfaces should really throw up a warning flag. Don’t worry I’m not worried about it making my field obsolete, not going to happen. You can believe what you like and take what you like I just dislike it when speculation is out forward as fact. And before you say it an unsupervised trial in Africa does not suffice a rigorous multi stage clinical trial. I will bother you np more. Thanks.

  30. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have worked in association with pharmacists for 27 years. I know their game and I know the poisons they deal and the death their medicines bring and the total disregard of the medical profession to disregard nutrition, to limit knowledge and push drugs. Pharmacists and doctors are the drug dealers supereme and your type are significanlty filled with unmerited self-importance.
    Bother me no more.

  31. Arrow Durfee Says:

    From the CDC: Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Sodium Chlorite and Chlorate in Man

    Understanding MMS – 5 page brochure

  32. Chris Says:

    Well luke, i dont think you belong here buddy! it seems everyone here is wrong according to you. I have had severe flus every year for 12 years running, i checked with my doctor and i have needed antibiotics for nearly all of them, but 2 years ago i purchased mms and hey presto im flu virus free for 2 years, its all in my head buddy is usually the comeback. Infected tooth i have had for a few years that comes and goes, quickly stops aching after a few brushes and swirling of mms in my mouth. I was a sceptic of the stuff at first, i now realise i was geting worse with antibiotics treating my flus, mms seems to have boosted my immune system after the antibiotics had wrecked it. You should be worried luke if this stuff really gets out there and has effects like mine, personally your comments mean nothing to me as im feeling great now and doctor free….

  33. paul egan Says:

    Hey Luke, 7 years study in chemistry good on ya, you probably did learn something but obviously not a lot about MMS, you mentioned about a “death pending” blah the FDA had the same approach to the treatment B17 said some old folk died of it’s side affects rather funny that as soon as people have good cure rates from natural or inexspensive remadies, the FDA want to put a stop to it, infact they want to stop any thing and every thing that they have not been paid a fortune by “big pharma”, seems to me you have had your head buried in your chemistry books for to long and you have missed whats realy going on in the world. Apart from the 9/11 murders and the plans new world order have why don’t you go on a site called “Documentry Heaven” and look at a film called “what in the world are they spraying” if you have the guts, then come back and tell us that government are not doing any thing that makes people ill. You also mention that people should wait and have MMS approved by the FDA wake up mate millions of dollars and years of waiting to be told the bull**It there saying now, the FDA and Big Pharma are thick as thieves. You obviously have’nt suffered from any major illness before, well let me tell you that when you are told you have cancer i don’t know about anyone else but i ain’t going to sit back and die i will follow the truth and listern and talk to people who are cureing themselves and fight to be alive. Can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say that thousands and thousands of people all over the world are just saying that MMS is curing them, yeah side affects in certain people a touch of dioreha or feeling a bit neuseas big deal compared to what people have to endure with prescription drugs, any way luke if you don’t reply to this comment well i know you will have watched the documentrie and did your study on new world order and 9/11 and you will have realised the truth and woken up. Best Regards, Paul u.k.

  34. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you.
    Have you ever heard of the expression
    “Arrogance has no ears”

    Some people may listen to what you have to say Paul, but I doubt it will be Luke

  35. paul egan Says:

    Thanks Arrow, your expression could not be more true, maybe , just maybe if we keep people on the right track and they realy look at whats going on we might start turning people around to the truth, i for one will be pointing every one in the right direction no matter what some might think,they can call me paranoid, or what ever they want, becouse for those who realy bother to look and find out for them selves they will end up realising the truth and realise there are no conspiracy thearists only conspiracy factualists. Best regards. Paul u.k.

  36. Benchy Says:

    Hi all ive taken mms too… its sorted out colds, sore throats, got extremly clear nasal passages now…
    I’ve been researching Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide which does vertually the same as MMS…plus theres no odour just a taste…anyway ive ordered some and its on its way, it cost me £11 for 250ml and the protocol for using it is much the same as MMS… read this report by a Dr David G Williams…yes a doctor reporting on the benefits….I wonder why the FDA aren’t trying to quash this too, perhaps its because its already being used in the food industry so it must be ok, obviously not drinking it neat in its 35% form…theres a usage protocol on this page too.

    read the other links at the bottom of this link page too specially the nasal spray one with a video

    Lets get the MMS and Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide out to the public

  37. Benchy Says:

    Hey luke just in case your still hanging around why dont you research Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, this works much the same way as MMS, your body naturally makes it, its in colostrum babys first breast milk… the report states you may experience nausea or diarreaha due to your body getting rid of dead bacterial toxins, ive heard this somewhere before….The extra oxygen atom is released into the body leaving H20 (water). MMS does this, the extra oxygen in the body kills anerobic bacteria because they cant live in an oxygen rich environment, good aerobic bacteria thrives in an oxygen environment….another MMS traite………anyway read the report in my previous post

  38. zapperz Says:

    Luke has 7 years schooling, whoopy doo, does he know they use anti-freeze to make ice cream? the numb nut should know that bleach can kill, just like anti-freeze!! so can alchohol, drink enough and you will die, so he is like the FDA (fucking dumb asses) that let drug adveriseing on TV with half the commercial spent telling you of the side affects. Luke makes money selling drugs, and he cant make money off MMS so he will sell you antinausia pills at a $100 a dose all day long!!

  39. Linden Says:

    I notice that when someone disagrees with this group, they get jumped on and put down. I have no love for the pharmaceutical companies, they are not above a little blackmail, and I don’t like the FDA messing with my supplements. But I also don’t like a discussion where a dissenter is mocked for his education or his reasoning.

  40. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Probably dissenters are quelled like this because they often come here and make very stupid comments without educating themselves on mms. Now I do not approve of curing and being terribly rude,, but it they are trying sometimes and even they are often quite rude.

    People get upset when they see someone trying to dissuade an mms user from the cure they may need

  41. Ashley Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a 26 year-old taking MMS as an enema for ASD and autoimmune symptoms (which, as we all know, are the same). I started getting symptoms of autism soon after I was vaccinated for high school and had dental amalgams placed. I was homeschooled until I was 13 and my father passed away. I was forced into public school by my foster mother and vaccinated and forced to get amalgam fillings despite the fact my father was adamant that I not have these “treatments” (he was very skeptical of the medical-industrial complex, which I now completely understand).

    Over the years I went from being an athletic straight-A student, to barely being able to read a page of a book or walk a block because of the brain fog, fatigue, and depression. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II, PTSD, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Panic Disorder. I was given psychiatric medications, one of which sent me to the ER twice because I developed viral meningitis and erythema multiforme (which could’ve turned into Stevens-Johnson Syndrome if I hadn’t been taking such a low dose). This medication had a black box warning to watch out for signs of these illnesses. I had almost every single symptom of Multiple Sclerosis, though I was too poor and too tired mentally and physically to make appointments to get an MRI. I attempted suicide several times. I almost always had several infections, cold/flu, etc. I developed a stutter and a complete inability to have a conversation because of my poor short-term memory.

    Fast forward several years when I when I found out dental amalgams had mercury and realized all my symptoms were mercury poisoning. I had them replaced with composite and suddenly my symptoms began falling away. My chronic pain disappeared, I stopped sleeping constantly, I lost my Bipolar II diagnosis among other mental illness diagnoses, and my immune system became normal. I began using low-dose DMPS orally à la Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler and my symptoms abated even more. I was able to get a job, my creativity returned, but several symptoms remained. I know it’s going to take me years to get all the mercury out. I’m taking MMS to deal with the viruses that were introduced via vaccines and the yeast, and everything that took over my vulnerable body while my immune system was corrupted by mercury. So far, the anxiety and pressure I felt in my brain that is normal in ASD people is lessening significantly. An ear infection that has plagued me for several months is going away.


    People keep saying, “you’re drinking bleach,” because they think it will scare us. YOUR MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT SAYS IT IS SAFE TO PUT FU**ING MERCURY IN THE BODIES OF CHILDREN.

    It’s not bleach, but that’s not the point. Do you even know what is in the medications that are prescribed to people? Industrial chemicals, synthetic chemicals created in labs that are often very toxic. I am watching a 20-something friend wither away from a brain tumor because he was led to believe doctors know more than regular people. The internet is blowing this fallacy to shreds. Doctors don’t have a secret vault from which they learn the secrets of the body that are unavailable to the layman.

    Also, people: check out the tertiary symptoms of syphilis that we’ve always been told were caused by the virus. These are symptoms such as anxiety, mental illness, and dementia. These symptoms were actually the result of the mercury that was given to the patients. Vincent Van Gogh and Friedrich Nietszche were given mercury and it caused them to go insane. These tertiary symptoms don’t occur in untreated people in 3rd world countries with syphilis.

    The NIH told Dr. Boyd Haley that he had to stop researching the link between Alzheimer’s and mercury from dental amalgam. They said that his science was accurate, but it was too political and so after 25 years of funding, they cut him off. The mercury-poisoned brains had the exact same neurofibrillary tangles as the Alzheimer’s brain. You will find that this is the case with the “syphilitic” brains. The FDA told Dr. Haley (former chairman of the Chemistry Dept. at the University of Kentucky) that he had to stop selling his OSR#1 which was a detoxifier of mercury for autistic children. This is exactly why I don’t trust “peer-reviewed” scientific articles that The Other Camp is so insistent we provide. How can we have a medicine approved by an institution that stops funding science for political reasons?

    I’m not afraid to be my own guinea pig because I trust my capacity to research, and I trust the reactions of my own (sensitive) body.

  42. Pete Says:

    So I had the worst breath ever because of really bad sinuses. I could clear out a room in a few minutes just by breathing through my nose. I am naturally outgoing and love to be around people. But once I figured out I was the one who was making people hold their noses, I became suicidal. I stayed in my apartment all day long and lost most of my friends. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my problem. Three surgical procedures included. Nothing worked for me. Until one day I was browsing an alternative online health forum and saw someone talking about MMS and how it cured them of their bad breath. Hell, I had nothing to lose, so I did a little bit of research on it. I have an open mind about alternative health (thank God) so I wanted to try this MMS stuff. Even though the FDA is against it, I didn’t care. I was suicidal, so why not? If I die from the stuff, then I don’t have to deal with being a walking stink bomb any longer. So it was a win-win situation for me.

    I started off taking 2 drops a day, one in the morning, and one before bed. I didn’t feel any effect, so I gradually stepped up the dosage to 8 drops a day, spread out over every other hour while awake. I did have a little bit of diarrhea and some fatigue.

    But after 4 days of doing the 8 drop routine, I woke up on the fifth day without any odor coming from my mouth or nose. THIS is what cured me of my smell!

    Before doing the MMS, I would wake up with horrible poop breath. I mean HORRIBLE. My ex girlfriend broke up with me because of the smell. Yeah, my situation was THAT bad.

    So, for all the naysayers out there saying that MMS can kill you or seriously harm your body, then why are SO many people benefiting from it? Are we just freaks of nature who don’t react to chlorine dioxide? I don’t think so. There are so many sheep out there who believe everything the government tells them. YES, if you are sick and take MMS you WILL have diarrhea or nausea, even headaches. But if you stick it out, these quickly go away after your body is cleared of the CRAP that has been building up in your organs for years and years.

    If you are reading this and have any kind of sickness that you can’t get to the bottom of, then I strongly suggest you give MMS a chance. Just my two cents!

  43. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Good for you. You may be interested in learning the new methods of taking MMS. This method takes out the citric acid before you drink it. It makes it much easier to take. For further info visit the MMS website at