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NEW FDA MMS WARNING – Tell Them The Good effects of MMS

27th September 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I just received this comment here at HealthSalon and I think this is a great idea. We should make this viral and with everyone’s help here we can. Cut and past this post and move it on to other blogs and forums. Even sites that sell MMS should be able to post it.

Heres the comment:

“The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible and to discard the product. Consumers and health care professionals should report adverse events to the FDA’s MedWatch program at 800-FDA-1088 or online at

Why are they not asking for reports where there are no adverse events but cures or recoveries? I think anyone with a good event should be reported as well! Yes report the good stuff whether they like it or not! Hey did you know if you take more acetaminophen than recommended in a 24 hr period you can die of liver failure! Why is that product not recalled? Go figure!

If you have had a positive experience report it to the FDA. I doubt they will accept phone calls of positive experience but they have no choice with online record. Even if you had a not so positive experience tell them and let them know how it resolved and that you are not dead nor in the hospital nor permanently damaged.

If you know of someone who has had a positive effect please give them the FDA contact information and ask them to write to the FDA. We must not allow them to take MMS away nor fill the airwaves with lies.

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23 Responses to “NEW FDA MMS WARNING – Tell Them The Good effects of MMS”

  1. Phoenix Says:

    Not only should we flood them with information we want to be heard, but perhaps we should sue them as well. For not looking out for the public’s BEST INTEREST, for failing to protecting the public. The NRDC is suing them for failing to ban tryclosan in antibacterial products.
    Evidence is everywhere..

  2. Melvyn Says:

    The warning as found here
    is full of deceptions and double speak.

    They call it bleach, but it is NOT chlorine, as they have proclaimed that the use of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant is preferred as it does not react with ammonia, as chlorine bleach does to produce THM’S and HAA’s (dioxins)like agent orange.
    Please visit the dupont site for more info here:

    They are purposely using the “bleach” term in such a manner to throw people off. It is a disinfectant, but NOT a chlorine Bleach as the common everyday person thinks of when they hear or see the term “bleach.

    They know this, they are tacticians. They know when people hear the term bleach they think “chlorox”

    Again they mention that MMS claims to treat “unrelated” illnesses, well that is far from the truth, they are ALL related as they ALL are opportunistic pathogens that suppress the immune system.

    They say that the FDA is not “aware” of any research that MMS is effective, this too is a load of crap as chlorine dioxide is “approved” by the FDA to kill all the pathogens that are causitive of these diseases. Absolutely! The issue is that no one has performed the action of applying to the FDA a “biocide” by the name of MMS. By citing the previous approvals for the use of chlorine dioxide to kill these pathogens, and citing the previous U.S. Patents, the smart thing would have been to first apply for a patent using the MMS name and it would have been granted just by default of the previous approvals, but the real difference would have been that the “name” MMS would have been approved prior to its release by humble, and the current political climate.
    They say that the FDA continues to investigate “and may” pursue various actions to protect against “potential” dangerous product.

    So maybe they will, maybe they wont, and potential does NOT mean “IT IS DANGEROUS” it does not mean “IT IS NOT DANGEROUS” Very anbiguous statements, and many of the statements within this warning are directly contradicory against their many prior approvals of the use of chlorine dioxides to kill pathogens both in and out of the body.

    In closing:
    The MMS as it has historically be advised to be “mixed up” at home produces a very “Acidic” solution in the range of 2.5-3.0 pH! THIS IS THE PROBLEM!
    The MMS does NOt need to be acidic to work its majic.

    The FDA is absolutely CORRECT! when it comes to already sick people drinking MMS in this fashion. They are ALREADY too acidic, so why tell people to drink more battery acid? Guys, this makes NO sense!
    The acidic solution causes all the symptoms that everyone knows of from MMS. Much the same as if you over dose on just citric acid or vitamin C, the symptoms are much the same. Dehydration, Diarrhea, headache, cramps, guys this is not the way to go, and the solution does not have to be acidic at all!

    after following what Humble says by mixing the sodium chlorite solution and citric acid wait 3-5 minutes add distilled water, add 1/4 tsp of salt for the chlorates to bind too then add 1/4 to 1/3 tsp of sodium bicarb (baking soda) and the pH will rise to the neutral range, while still retaining the chlorine dioxide.

    This can easily be proven by purchasing an aquacheck pool test kit which contains 50 ph and chlorine test strips. Mix up the MMS as directed then test with a test strip. You will see that the pH pad is bright yellow-meaning very acidic! you will also see the “free chlorine” pad to be deep purple-meaning concentrated dissolved chlorine, but the solution does not produce Chlorox type chlorine, it produces chlorine dioxide which is NOT chlorine bleach! the test strip “reads” the chlorine dioxide as “free chlorine”.

    Next add the sodium bicarb (baking soda) and test again with another test strip, and you will see with your own eyes that the pH has risen to neutral, a good thing, while the free chlorine is still showing the presence of chlorine dioxide.

    Meaning the solution need NOT be “acidic” to be effective.

    This does many things, it helps reduce all the bad side effects, and becaus eof this more people will actually do the protocol. becaus ethey will not not be so sick from it, not to mention that the taste will be greatly improved. People hate stuff that taste bad, even if it helps them.
    We live in a “sugar” society, and people just will not take anything that taste bad.

    This solution that is alkaline will also help raise the alkalinity of the body.
    Folks, this just makes far too much sense to be ignored, and I hope all of you will test as above on your own, and see it for your own eyes.
    Go to and learn more

  3. Melvyn Says:

    Also when using MMS as a bath “soak” to rid yourselves of skin pathogens remember to also add the sodium bicarb prior to adding the solution to the bath tub. The water should be “warm” and not hot, as heat causes the chlorine dioxide to outgas from the water very quickly. If your bath tub holds about 50 gallons of water then use 1 tsp of MMS solution to 5 tsp of citric acid solution and 1/2 – 1 full tsp of sodium bicarb to rais ethe pH. The solution should be made up in a 1 quart glass jar for bath tub uses, and remeber to use ditilled water. Them pour the mixure into the bath tub. Get In And Soak!
    Us ethe MMS solution to rinse all your veggies, fruits and meats, prior to cooking to kill all the bad guys tha are on food stuffs, because if you do not kill them before you eat the food the bad guys will kill you.
    For example: a common food stuff pathogen “Fusarium” is heat stable-meaning it can survive temperatures of up to 900 degrees! nope no ones stove heats to 900 degrees, does yours? I do not think so.

    So by cooking you are taught that the organisms are destroyed, this is NOT the case folks, and this explains why the bread you purchase from the store turns all moldy and green and black before you can even get it home, even thoufg it is full of preservatives and just came out of a HOT oven, the pathogen was not killed by the 450 degree oven.
    Please visit click on water purification and read the 4 part series and see for your self that even HIV virus is destroyed within seconds by a solution that is “alkaline, and not acidic.

  4. Melvyn Says:

    Geez Im sorry, but I must also post this very important aspect that has occurred to me concerning the power of the FDA.
    I will also slow down typing to limit the typos :)

    The FDA gets its power to shut down any entity of selling any product that it does not want on the market thru the U.S. I.C.C laws, or commonly known as “interstate commerce laws”
    Thru these laws it has its power.
    case in point:

    Does everyone remember Mercuricome?
    As a kid I would skin my knee and out would come the cure that stung like royal hell, but once that stuff was dabbed on the injury it would heal quickly and no infection.
    Then the FDA, in all their great wisdom takes away the products “gras” label and says that it is “untested” (UNTESTED! this stuff has been around for literally hundreds of years!, but now it is untested?)causing the product to be pulled from all drugstore shelves as the product was manufatured in one state and distributed to all states thru what? Interstate commerce.

    Now, even today you CAN still buy it in the state of Idaho, but why only Idaho? because the manufacturer is IN IDAHO, and only SELLS in IDAHO! They will not transport accross state lines!.
    to keep from getting into trouble with the FDA! The WAY they sell it keeps them out of the jurisdiction of the FDA.

    Another case involves the 1960′s topical product that contained “Papain” a cancer killer.
    The product was very successful and 10′s of thousands of people cured their skin cancer with it by just rubbing it in the melanomas. The FDA went after the company because they had recieved THREE (3) complaints about this product causing irritation. You can imagine who these 3 anonymous complainers were. Im sure the real issue was that it worked, and it was cheap, and it did not require a prescription, no small leap to figure out who were the complainers.
    So the letter went out prohibiting the sale of this product thru again interstate commerce, (the letter did not mention “Intrastate” commerce) effectively killing this product as it was a propietary blend, and of course the company could not open up factories in every state to continue, so they just quit.

    Folks it is clear. MMS must and can be sold “Intrastate” not “INTER” state meaning made within a state, and only sold within the state that the manufacturer produces it taking the product out of the FDA’s jurisdiction.

    One last point to clarify:

    The well known Coca Cola company gets away with the manufacture and sales of its very well known poison “Coke”, and the same with “Pepsi” and the others.
    by the use of franchisee bottlers that are assigned state by state franchise regions. A bottler is forbidden to sell outside his region, or home state in which he produces the garbage. These “franchises” are told that they can not “infringe” upon another franchises teritory, but they are NOT explained the true reason. They must sell and distribute within the state that they are producing in and can not cross state lines for if they do they are subject to examination by the FDA, because they have broken the intrastate commerce laws.

    Yes, this is in fact how all these poison pushers work, and remain in operation.
    Very simple.
    Sell MMS, but do not sell across state lines, or you can change the name, and the tactic used.
    Sell using an “approved” method that is allowable to cross state lines therefore not violating the intrastate commerce laws, and falling into the FDA’s jurisdiction.

    You can not change the Game! IT IS THEIR GAME Learn how to play the game, and use their rules against them.
    All the tactics must be changed to avert confrontaion.
    Instead explore, and be creative,
    Set up state by state “networks”
    not networks by the entire country.This is not needed.
    Everyone must come to realize that MMS is dead, because it is Acidic, it needs all persons to realize that the game for MMS was begun all wrong.
    There needed to be more research as to the “formula” It does not need to be acidic, and does not need to make people sick, and does not need to cause rapid dehydration, which yes, can lead to death in cases of overdose.
    Nope the method needs to change.
    Their needs to be a “Coca Cola” of MMS who franchises out to bottlers. Who will also give the needed lawful direction. You see the bottlers (franchisees) of coke do not advertise, and the parent company does not produce coke so the bottlers do not get into trouble,and coke does not get into trouble because they do not make coke.

    You never see ads from “Davis Bottling” your local Coke bottler do you? of course not, you see the big t.v. ads from who? the parent “Coca Cola” who does NOT bottle the garbage.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Interesting concepts on manufacturing and distribution. I don’t know the laws that well. I have always felt that producing and selling locally is essential. Due to the nature of MMS direct eye to eye education is best… but alas, this has been an internet product and the force necessary has been huge to get it into the hands of the people when it could not be found in their own state or nation.

    Jim Humble did give everyone what they need to know to make their own but most people do not.

    I hope you take your ideas to Jim Humble to see what he thinks and to work with them. He’s spending a lot of time teaching people how to do the MMS thing and if there is a better way with the sodium bicarb he needs to know.

  6. Melvyn Says:

    Thank you. I have a question for you. Do you feel that MMS works because of the acid, or the chlorine dioxide, or maybe even both?
    I know that in my family owned business sedona health labs, that we try to show people that MMS does not really need to be acidic, as the chlorine dioxide is retained even when the solution is made alkaline.

    Arrow, I know that you have dealt with MMS for quite some time, and I would like your opinion.
    WE have so many labs on the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide against so many pathogens including HIV, and in a solution that is non acidic and has kill rates even when the solution is as low as 1ppm. Of course this in the lab setting.
    I guess really what I am asking your opinion on, can it actually be both the acid and the chlorine dioxide if the solution pH is slightly raised maybe into the 4.5-5.5 range instead of the 2.5-3.0 range I think that this could not only retain the chlorine dioxide, but also retain some of the Chlorous acid as well.

    Just a thought,
    I await your reply.

  7. Melvyn Says:

    Arrow, I have taken the time to put up a video that I would like everyone to see. It teaches how all people can make MMS in their own house. They can produce about $200.00 worth of MMS for only about $30.00, and save alot of money.
    Please see the video at the link provided, and let us know what you think.

    MMS should not be a money making venture, it should be for the people.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well at less than $20 a bottle, I consider that for the people considering what it provides and the costly and deadly pharmaceutical options out there.

    Many people should not make their own mms. Although it is simple you must be accurate. When people are ill mistakes happen. That being said, someone in the household should be able to make it and provide it to those in need.

    Jim talks about hypochlorus acid being the end product of mms. Now hypochlorus acid is just what we call stomach acid if I am seeing this right. For the amount of hypochlorus acid produced I would think that it is inconsquential, considering your stomach makes a ton of it daily.. Now hypochlorus acid does have an antimicrobial effect that is very important to the body. It keeps one from getting stomach ulcers for one thing.

    But no, I do not see that the small amount of acid from MMS is a big deal in the antimicrobial effect. Its fully the chlorine dioxide in my opinion… but be aware, I am not a chemist and my perspective on this topic I feel is limited.

    The proof will be in the pudding. If you can get results with your new procedure then that is what counts. Cure a few serious diseases with it as can be done with traditional MMS and there you have it.

    I will try to watch your videos this week. It will be incredible if you have a way to eliminate the bad taste of mms and the nausea side effects. I have got so I barely want to go near the stuff myself… but I gladly give it to others : ))

  9. Melvyn Says:

    I think that you and I are on the same page concerning MMS in general. The whole chlorous acid premise is mis-guided. You are correct that chlorous acid is produced by the body, but it is not used by the digestive tract at all. Chlorous acid is used by the immune system killer cells to pierce the cell walls of pathogens, much in the same way a sperm is able to break into an egg to fertilize it. The immune system killer cells can then destroy the pathogen. The issue today is that our immune systems are not so much depleted, as they are not working, not turned on, is a better term.

    The main focus should be on “flipping the switch” and turning our immune systems back on.

    The only way these opportunistic “invaders” can take us over is if our immune systems are “dumbed down”, and shut down.
    I really find it difficult to explain in a laymans terms and in a forum setting. Maybe I could write a few articles or maybe start another thread.

    The first step in disease is the calcification of our Pineal glands. The Pineal gland produces the signal to turn on our immune systems, and also regulate our sleep cycles. It also regulates the “flight or flight” hormone Cortisol.
    Cortisol, left to its own devices will and does shut down the immune system, and also the bodies system of rebuild and repair, not to mention all the other real damage to body systems. Cortisol is important, but when left un-regulated over time destroys the body.

    Any healing must include a method of de-calcifying the Pineal (the third eye), and Hypothalymus glands.
    It has been reported to me that 90% of all people have calcified Pineal glands by the age of 20, and sometimes by the age of 8.

    The first symptoms would be a lack of direction, sleep apnea, bouts of anxiety for no reason, sudden unexplained depression, unfounded feelings of fear, always afraid for no reason, irritability without cause.

    Back again to MMS, Arrow it is the chlorine dioxide that does the killing, and not the acid.
    I will put up even more videos this week. I have resupplied on certain test supplies that I will use to show without question that it is the chlorine dioxide in an alkaline state that kills these pathogens. The other issue is the bioslime. Only Chlorine Dioxide can cut thru the bioslime to get at the pathogens. Please google “slime fungus” These are the real dark enemies.

    In Closing for now:

    Producing MMS or sodium chlorite at home really is very simple. It is all about simple math.
    To produce a 28% solution of sodium chlorite (MMS) it requires 1.6 oz. of dry sodium chlorite powder or flake of the 80% technical lab grade dissolved into 3.85 oz of distilled water.

    It is o.k. to round up to 4oz. we are not building a rocket.

    In the video we show how to use a common coffee maker. The coffee maker heats the water to just the right temp without boiling to safely dissolve the sodium chlorite. Use 5 8oz. cups of distilled water and 16 oz’s or 1 pound of sodium chlorite flake and brew just as you would to make a pot of coffee, but without the filter. Perfect solution, and in about 10 minutes.
    Very Simple.
    I look forward to more chats with you.
    I will respond to the woman who has tape worms.

  10. Arrow Says:

    Hi Melvyn

    perhaps you should look into MMS2, which is hypochlorus acid. Many mms users have found that they get even better, or faster with its use combined with mms1 or even used alone. Now, this is not a trace of hypochlorus acid, this is a rather large dose.

    This is from wiki: In biology, hypochlorous acid is generated in activated neutrophils by myeloperoxidase-mediated peroxidation of chloride ions, and contributes to the destruction of bacteria.[3][4][5]

    so obviously I didn’t know too much about this stuff!

    Regarding the pineal gland, I have been advised that the pineal gland calcifies from halogens such as fluroide or bromide (chlorine too?)as they fill in the receptor sides for iodine that are in the gland. Being that all three are halogens it is an easy fit for the toxic chemicals.

    Bromide is put into bread and people soak in it in hot tubs.

    I promote the use of Lugols iodine religously. It will incease health in a multitude of ways. One of the big things it does is replace fluroide and bromide that have gone into iodine receptor sites such as located in the pineal gland and thyroid. I am no chemist, or microbiologist, but I can testify that iodine supplementation has greatly improved my health and for many others that use it that I have communicated with. I have a number of articles stored on this site. Search iodine in the search feature. Iodine will detox these chemicals out of iodine receptor sites.

    I am about to watch your video now.

  11. Arrow Says:

    Melvyn, I am not finding the link to delivering without the acid. Can you repost it here? You had written about an acid free method and I just can’t find it.

  12. Melvyn Says:

    Arrow I am so very happy with you! :) You are a truth seeker indeed!
    Yes! Lugol’s iodine is very important! This is how it works: In the body we have been saturated with radioactive iodines 131 in the form of potassium chloride which is a “chlorinated” iodine, such as is added to morton salt.
    In graves disease patients the doctors will administer radioiodine 131 to finish killing the thyroid prior to sending the patient to surgery.

    What is truely amazing is the fact that these same doctors then hand the patient off to the surgeons who will then administer Lugol’s iodine for 10 days, prior to surgery STABILIZE THE THYROID! Yes, Arrow, the surgeons give the lugol’s or non-radioacrive iodine to make the thyroid “SOFT” again, but what they see is that the thyroid not only becomes soft, but also begins to function again and the TSH levels “NORMALIZE” What!

    And then they still go forward with cutting the thyroid out! Even Though it is WORKING!

    The chlorine, flouride,bromine, and all other halogens are “radioactive”
    Yes, especially the chlorine in tap water.
    It is no small wonder that women are surpassing men in the lung and throat cancer areas:
    Women drink 3-4 times more bottled water than men, and bottled water contains 3 times more chlorine than tap water! it prolongs the shelf life of the bottled water.

    Women also take far longer hot showers than men, and heat releases the chlorine gas from the water, so in essence women are breathing in chlorine gas! just like the chlorine gas used in WWI.

    Lugol’s iodine does not displace the radioactive iodine in the thyroid for example, what happens is that once the body is saturated with the correct iodine the body will take up the correct iodine as the wrong iodine is used up. When the thyroid for example is saturated by the correct iodine it will not take up the bad radioactive iodine as it prefers the correct non radioactive iodine.

    The calcification of the soft tissues of the body is not directly related to these halogens. The calcification is due to the pathogens that have taken up residence with the soft tissues, and they accumulate the calcium carbonate type calcium to insulate themselves from the bodies immune system. Calcium carbonate is the WRONG calcium for the body, it is an electrical “insulator” meaning it does not conduct electricity! The body runs on electricity!

    Tumors and cancers are actually “dead zones” within the body that the organisms have created to survive. This is directly related to breast cancer in women. Breast cancer will usually begin as a calcified deposit or “calcified” lump, which then progresses into tumors and cancer.

    The correct calcium that the body needs is calcium Ca2+, It is a “metal” that is an excellent conductor of electricity.
    It is what the heart usues to transmit the signals to make the heart beat. When the heart does not have the correct calcium Ca2+ and has calcium carbonate instead the electrical impulses are short circuited and the heart misfires.
    Same holds true for the brain.

    These Dark demons the pathogens, are trying to turn the body’s light out!
    We are born children of light. The demons, the pathogens are turning off our body of light and turning us into them. The are the parasites and we are the host. Viral parasites work very hard at changing their environment “the host” into an environment where they can survive, just so happens though that in this process we die, but they continue to live.

    I know I have elaborated far more than your question, however, you now have more tools at your disposal.

    Arrow you are on your way to the truth.

    Research the calcium carbonate connection in all diseases, and your eyes will really begin to open.

    I will make another post later concerning how to “decalcify” the body.
    Please see the videos concerning making MMS “alkaline” at :

    Arrow please visit our site and read the article concerning the pineal gland:

    Arrow also see the video on how to make MMS at home:

  13. Nicole Says:


    Well so far I have begun my journey with MMS and have nothing but rave reviews!!! I have no doubt that this will be a miracle cure for me! I am not afraid of a herximers reaction, infact I can’t wait untill it occurs!! I have been waiting for a herxs reaction for sometime now, but unfortunetly have not found the supplement or solution that is strong enough to get the job done.

    So, Melvyn……
    What if I want to buy the MMS instead of make it? Are you saying that some of the companies are making inferior quality MMS or MMS in the wrong PH range.

    Right now I am using MMS by Oceans Lab. So far I am up to 5 drops with no adverse reactions. I feel great!

    I have Crohn’s disease and I am documenting my MMS progress on a blog that I am dedicating to MMS! I want to spread the word!!

    I will be the 1st to tell the FDA that this stuff works!! Time will only tell….but I have a good feeling!! Visit my blog for my progress!


  14. Nicole Says:

    1 more thing. I did notice on my bottle of MMS that it says it is only a 22.4% Sodium Chlorite solution. Is this a problem bc it is not 27 or 28%


  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hi Nichole,

    I do not think it will be a problem that your mms is only 22.4% Remember your dosage is based on your tolerance. You will take as much as you can take based on your reaction to it. It really matters not if it is 5 drops or 10 drops. You only take what you can manage without feeling ill.

    Do not let your herx reactions get out of hand. It is easy to develop an adversion to mms though repeated nausea and diarrhea. You want to take the highest dosage you can without this effect. Only by moving up gradually will you find that dosage.

    I have a friend who did very well with his crohn’s disease using mms. He feels that the reason he got crohns is because something does not work right in his immune system that allows for the massive overgrowth of pathogens that cause all the crohns symptoms. So to manage this he uses low dose naltrexone… and I think I have an article on it here on healthsalon, so do a blog search. Anyway, he is quite well now and has been so for some time. His crohns had been pretty serious for him. He says that mms got rid of all the bad crohns symptoms and I think he considers himself pretty much cured, as cured as you can get without knowing how to actually change this immune system glitch that the Low Dose Naltrexone manages very well.

    Melvyn has been working on a new application of MMS, where it is easier to take without the bad taste.. this will be great news and the issues of nausea and diarrha. I hope to be looking at the product before long. So many of the mms failures in treatment come from people being unable to “stomach it” Getting past this will be fantastic!

    Good luck and I will be checking in on your blog. I can but a link to it in our testimonials up in the toolbar at the top of the page. If you go in there you will find my friends testimonial for his crohn’s treatment.

  16. Nicole Says:

    Arrow….or anyone who can help,

    I have actually been on low dose naltrexone for about 6 months now. It has helped my crohn’s disease but not put me into remission. At the time I began LDN I was having the beginning symptoms of a fistula. Starting the LDN helped some of the fistula symptoms go away, but it is still healing now.

    As for the MMS, I am steady at 5 drops of MMS twice a day without any nausea and diarrhea. I am wondering what my next step should be? Should I be taking it every hour at a small dose? Or should I be very aggressive and treat my illness like cancer and take doses every 4hours then every 2 hours???

    At this point I need some guidance as to how I should proceed. My guess is that I have a high tolerance to this because my body is quite clean, I have been doing I.V hydrogen peroxide and i.v oxygen for some time now (it really keeps the inflammation down/at bay)but it hasn’t seemed to kick whatever is really causing crohn’s.

    Tomorrow I am going to increase my dosage to 5 drops three times a day and see how it goes.

    Let me know what you think! Thanks

  17. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Nichole, you will be interested to read this testimonial. This person I am still in contact with. He no longer has crohn’s symptoms and is doing very well.. he continus with LDN.

    also visit this site for further info.

  18. Monika Says:

    Hi Arrow
    I also think that those who use MMS succesfully need an outlet where their experiences will be heard and collected. I even thought of a collection of signatures to protest against the ban and send it to the FDA, but I don’t know how to go about it. just managed to open my new profile. Maybe this will help spreading the good news. I use MMS for a year and never looked back. MMS works for me!

  19. Dan Says:

    Jim Humble gave the formula for anyone to make their own MMS and I did just that. For anyone who wants to do the same, I recommend Lisa at to get tech grade 80% U.S. manufactured sodium chlorite flakes. There’s lots of China made stuff out there that I don’t trust. She still sells it for the same price I had bought 2 years ago and it was the best pricing I’ve seen anywhere: Prices are $30/1 lb., $100/5 lbs., $180/10 lbs. She ships quickly and is very professional. Super easy. You must put “sodium chlorite” into the subject line or she won’t open the email. It took me 3 tries before I figured out why I wasn’t getting through.

  20. mani Says:

    hey guyz
    i am a muslim suffering for herpes genital in Islam one night stand is not allowed and its a Sin if we do now look we all muslim,jewish,christan or other ethic are doing sex with there girl friends or the simple way have a call girl but being a muslim i feel i have done a sin and thats the result i got in shape of herpes genital .
    I live in karachi Pakistan and last night i visited practitioner (HAKEEM) who have a long history from his fore fathers it means his family is in this HIKMAT from last 120 years he is very known personality in Pakistan and its very diffcult to take appointment.
    story starts form herer
    i went in his clinic offer him Salam then he dint speaked to me and asked me to show my right wrist and then left wrist and then i asked him what happend to me he reply you have herpes genital i reply i am confused because i had never experince this viral before he replied you have herpes i was like oh GOD help me the dermotligst said i got herpes the gernal physician said you have herpes and now he also sayin ok i am finished just a thought in my mind .
    i asked him now what is the previntion for this viral he replied revention i have the cure. yahoooooo my heart says but i thought there is no treatment in the world for this viral how can you say that you have the internet is full of medicine but dnt have cure some one is taking mms or zovirex or voltrex,famvir etc etc and you how much the are costy they dont workon it how will your HERBS work he ask me take my medicine for 3 weeks you will feel change in you self just in first week and in another three weeks this viral will be gone from your body for ever.
    i am publishing this story to encourage every one please dnt be giulty became a muslim offer prayer do prayers and ask GOD to Forgive you and me after this SIN and Promise GOd we Will never do it again and make us able to do intercourse with our wifes/husbands might be i will not publish this story again and will not publish my progress report.
    If any like or dislike or have comment please contact me on this number 92-300-9271593 or email address
    let seee if i can help you ,humanity creat brotherhood among our selves

  21. Susan Hanson Says:

    If you are having a negative reaction from MMS, you are not taking it correctly. buy and read the books Jim Humble wrote. Nausea or diarrhea indicate that the dose is too strong. Back off to a point just below where you get those effects. You’ve increased the dosage too fast. It’s all there in the instructions – you have only to read them and follow directions.

  22. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Im not so into giving lawyers my hard earned money to protect my rights.

    Seems we will need to be taking to the streets before all is said and done to maintain our freedom

  23. katherina Says:

    I am a girl of 41 years. 3 years ago and was diagnosed with breast cancer, chemotherapy drone me reducirel tumor quron me and gave me radiotherapy, appears to stop cells near sternum and here is my fight, at 6 months, I said they remained in the sternum and was also in the neck, again I did chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did little to nothing, three months, I started chemo ously, but the oncologist is worried and does not give me much hope, started taking MMS1 and I think this having good results, I’m a rash and eruptions SLIO this is a day gone with the imflamacion and also the pain, something is not going very well??
    I wonder if anyone s doctor or I put the mms enfque intravenously, if you want to heal and to travel ttengo I will.
    My mother and diabetic using muna week was that sugar was 360, A275 vajado, and then to 240, we are happy, we know that it is healing,.
    ayudenme want and need me via intra venous mms live in madrid -