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Colon Polyps treated with Cucurmin and Quercetin per Dr. Rowan

20th December 2006 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Per Dr Rowen

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If Cancer Runs in Your Family, Read This …

As you probably know, cancer runs in families. One of
the most common cancers with a genetic link is colon

Many people who get colon cancer have a condition call
familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). This is a genetic
problem that causes hundreds of polyps in the colon.
These polyps can eventually develop into colon cancer.

A recent study found that FAP can be treated with nutritional
supplements. In the study, researchers took five people with
FAP and gave them 480 mg curcumin and 20 mg quercetin, three
times daily for six months. Then they evaluated the size and
number of polyps in their intestines and rectums.

The number of polyps decreased in all five by an average 60+%.
And the size of those that remained decreased by 51%. There
were no side effects from the supplements.

This was a small study. However, its results are compelling.
Here, five people with extremely high risk for colon cancer
saw their risk decline substantially. All they did was take
these two cheap and common supplements.

And because these two supplements are powerful anti-inflammatories
and antioxidants, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also reduce the
risk of other cancers as well.

One final note: I’ve had great success over the years with vitamin
A (100,000 IU daily) and folic acid (five mg, three times daily)
supplements. They really help keep polyps from coming back.

So if you have polyps or a family history of colon cancer, take
vitamin A and folic acid, as well as curcumin and quercetin.
You can find all four at any good health food store.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Ref: Cruz-Correa, M., D.A. Shoskes, et al. “Combination Treatment
With Curcumin and Quercetin of Adenomas in Familial Adenomatous
Polyposis,” Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol., 2006, June 4.

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3 Responses to “Colon Polyps treated with Cucurmin and Quercetin per Dr. Rowan”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    visit this site for a nice visual on the effects to cucurmin

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This link takes you to the actual study on polyps

  3. Bowtrol Says:

    thanks for this very helpful post !