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Lugol’s Iodine Dosage

4th October 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Vaginal yeast infection 20 to 30 Lugol’s Iodine drops in a douche for
5 to 10 days will usually clear It up – per Dr Jonathan Wright MD

Vaginal applications of iodine along with oral applications may be more helpful for ovarian cysts..

Breast cysts and breast pain respond well to topical applications also. Just slather it on. Protect your clothing.

Lugols loading dose = 8 drops daily for 3 months
12.5mg is maintence dose after that (2 drops of 5% lugols)
15 mg is the standard daily dose.

(The above seems to be controversial. My physician has me take three drops daily or 4 drops daily 15% solution if I miss dosages through the week, then more if getting sick. What has been shown through studies is that excess iodine is readily eliminated through the urine and no side effects have been seen.)

Lugols 5%:
2 drops= 12.5mg

3 drops= 37.5mg
4 drops= 25 mg
8 drops= 50 mg

16 drops=100 mg
20 drops=125 mg

always hold your dropper in a vertical position. If you make drops holding the dropper on a slant the drops will be bigger

Severe hypothyroid can require up to 20mg per day or more.

I purchase 15% lugols from Their preparation contains 7.3 mg per drop.

Loading dosages can be high initially:

Week One: 25mg a day
Week Two: 50 mg a day
Conintue for up to 3 months
the go to a standard daily dose.

Some people get rashes when starting iodine therapy. This is not an allergic reaction. This most like is the detox through the skin of of the unneeded bromide in the body. It will pass.

Allergic reactions includes wheels on the skin, swelling of the skin with wheels or swelling of the throat that may occlude the airway and severe itching. True allergy to iodine is extremely rare. How can we be allergic to something that our bodies cannot live without? It is absolutley essential to thyroid function.

Some conditions may require up to 200mg a day. Consult an iodine literate physician. Remember, most physicians are clueless on this topic.

When starting iodine therapy and also if you are treating a hypothyroid condition be sure to have your thyroid hormone levels checked after about 4 to 6 weeks on iodine therapy or if you think your medication is making you feel strange. Your need for medication is likely to decrease over time. Some people will have to decrease their medication dosage several times over a period of months. Some people will end up needing no medication at all when sufficient iodine saturation has taken place. If thyroid damage has been severe or if you are not metabolizing iodine properly you may not be able to reduce your synthyroid. If it is a metabolism problem you will need a nutritional consult to try to correct the metabolic issue.

Almost all people in the USA are iodine deficient even if you have no hypothryoidism or goiter. You can be sure that you are if you have breast or prostate cancer. You can be sure that you are if you use clorinated water or water with fluoride or eat bromide added food products. Almost all food is iodine deficient these days unless you eat ample seaweed and fish you are at risk. Iodized salt is not sufficient. Those trace amounts can prevent goiter but it will not prevent other idodine deficiency diseases nor hypothyroidism. Even children are at risk of iodine deficiency.

If you are on thyroid medication and you want to try iodine your doctor may not be supportive. I strongly recommend that you educate yourself. Do a blog search here on iodine. I have a number of articles stored as well as links to videos.  Many people do do this without their doctors knowledge and eventually get their medications reduced. I do recommend that you try to discuss it with your doctor. If he/she is a crank and pigheaded you may be looking for another doctor before long…LOL ….and it will be well worth the effort.

If you have Hasimoto’s disease please get the book “Hope for Hashimoto’s Disease” by Dr. Alexander Haskell ND. Do not supplement with iodine until you read this book and you will need medical assistance if you have this disease. Available here:

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4 Responses to “Lugol’s Iodine Dosage”

  1. Candice Says:

    Hi,I am getting the 5% Lugol solution as I cannot get the 15% from Eucaudor ( because they do not send to New Zealand. Two things: when you say take 8xdrops/day for what dilution is that? Secondly where can I buy a stronger dilution, or buy bulk where shipping to New Zealand is available?

    From the J Crow Company I can only buy 1xbottle of 5% at a time.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Im sorry I don’t know of another source.

    for the 8 drops it was determined with either a 5% which has been the most common strength of recent.

    Whom ever you choose to purchase from, ask them how many milligrams one drop delivers of their specific product as drop size can vary with different applicators.. on the up side unless you have a specific problem metabolizing iodine the dosage is not extremely critical for an adult.

    US government law prohibits the sale of more than one bottle at a time…

  3. nearing Says:

    Hi Arrow,

    Your dosages above are for 5%, right? How many drops of 2% (all I can get) are equivalent to 12.5mg?

    Thank you!

  4. Candice Says:

    Thanks Arrow,

    I assume that I dilute the iodine drops in water?
    It burnt terribly when I dropped it straight into my mouth.

    Do I take all 8xdrops at once or spread out through the day?
    Is it wise to take 1-2xdays off every week during the 3xmonth course?
    A Naturopath once said when taking supplements give the body 1-2xdays per week off the supplement to stimulate the body to produce what is being supplemented itself. What do you think?

    If after 3xmonths doing this my test results are unchanged, I should assume that I am unable to metabolise iodine right?

    Thanks for your help.