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Protandim – Turn Back the Aging Clock?

30th November 2010 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

A new product is on the market called Protandim that touts its ability to significantly reduce oxidative stress. The studies on this product are more than impressive. They are amazing! And if ever you take time out to read an article on health this is the one! There have been many studies done on Protandim’s ingredients over the years and as well as the studies done on the total produc that reveals remarkable findings. CBS, ABC and Dr Sanjay Gupta have reported or written on this product. You can watch the CBS report below found in related links.

The research on this product was done by the distinguished Dr. Joseph McCord, 4 time noble awards nominee, winner of other prestigious awards in science and the discoverer of Superoxide dismutases, commonly known as S.O.D.

I have been using and have researched most of these herbs independently over the years. The studies suggest that using these herbs in tandem will provide synergistic effects that will have profound oxidative stress properties. The video also suggests that if you use this product you will not need many of the other anti-oxidant vitamins you may have been taking so there is a cost savings here to you,

Let’s go through the ingredients individually.

Curcumin – this herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is associated with a reduced risk for colon cancer, is helpful for some in arthritis and a multitude of other inflammatory conditions. I have been taking this herb for 3 years for its protective benefits for the colon.

Silymarin – commonly known as milk thistle extract is known for liver detoxification and modulation. It is frequently used for Hepatitis conditions, skin disorders and an is found in a multitude of detox products.

Bacopa – this is an East Indian herb used to ward of brain degeneration and dementia, promotes learning memory enhancement by regenerating neurons and synapses in the brain and improvement in children with ADHD has been noted in studies

Ashwagandha – relaxes and reduces stress and at some dosages may help with insomnia, sexual enhancement (you know its then having a positive effect on hormones), strong anti-oxidant properties, it may reduce blood sugar levels therefor helpful to diabetics. It also promotes SOD and levels glutathione. Promotes vascular dilation with its formation of nitric oxides.

This article will give further info:

Green Tea Extract – well known in the orient for many centuries as an anti-aging herb. It may help with arthritic conditions. Studies show that it can lower cholesterol and inhibits cancer cell growth. It is associated with weight loss and is found in many weight loss products.

Protandim costs $50 for a month’s supply.

In my retirement I cannot afford this product for both me and my husband and I suspect that many working people these days cannot either. But you can make your own and I will tell you how. If there is one herbal supplement to take this is the one. Although this is a patented product three times over there is no illegal act committed if you formulate you own for personal use. I warn you, do not try to market and sell it though. The lawyers will come after you.

The proprietary Blend is 675 mg:

Silymarin 50 grams, (seed part) #8475 $9.90

Bacopa 50 grams. (Bacopa monnieri – aerial part) #408.0 $6.50

Ashwagandha 50grams, (Withania somnifera – root) #8335 $8.75

Green Tea 95% Extract 50 grams, (Camellia sinensis – leaf) #8298 $5.95

Curcumin 95% 50 grams, (Curcuma longa – rhizome) #8550 $17.50

Bioperine 1 gram, #8660 $2.50

If you purchased the following you would have enough ingredients to supply yourself with 250 days of supplement at a cost of $51 plus some shipping. That’s about 5 months of supplement instead of one month for the same price.

Bioperine can be taken as a separate tablet if you like, to be taken at the same time of formulation. This will give your capsules a little extra room for herbs. You need 5mg tablets of bioperine and it is commonly available at Beyond a Century or other vitamin distributors. Bioperine is a black pepper extract the promotes the absorption of nutrients and is required for Curcumin to be absorbed efficiently.

Likely the dosage is not critical. I would mix all the ingredients and stir well. Get some 00 gelatin or rice capsules and start stuffing them. You can purchase a capsule filler on line. Beyond-a-Century provides a small spoon/scoop and they tell you how much of a scoop = so many mg.

Each of Beyond a Century bottles specifies a suggested dose so look at their bottled products of these ingredients.

All the order numbers are provided above to purchase at Beyond a Century. Make sure you have the correct standardized extract.

Protandim facts and Download Clinical Reports

CBS Report

Order individual herbs Here at Beyond A Century

Purchase Geletin Capsules Here. Enter coupon code BAR967 for $5 off your first purchase at Iherb

Content copyright © 2010 by Arrow Durfee. All rights reserved.
A special thanks to Iggy for helping me to prepare this article.

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21 Responses to “Protandim – Turn Back the Aging Clock?”

  1. Jess Says:

    I want to live forever! Will anyone help me to find the right medicine?

  2. reannonRhi Says:

    maybe hes been a ww so long it starts changing sooner just the hair growing bit

  3. Emilyaige Says:

    I was just saying coz the second pic is a bit low quality, but face is especially blurry. !

  4. Arrow Durfee Says:

    I have finally started taking my own homemade version of “protandem”.

    I purchased all the ingredients as listed above. This ended up producing 420 capsules of herb consisting of approximately 595mg each. The protandem proprietary herbal blend is 675mg per tablet/cap. In my caps this will be approximately 119mg of each herb, except for the bioperine, of course.

    This dosage falls well within the standard recommended dosages on these products. For some of the herbs it is even a little low, but I assume it is the same in the protandem product. I have no way to know how they balanced the herbs. I am just assuming that the amounts for each were divided equally, but that certainly may not be correct.

    I’ve decided to take two capsules a day. This may put me slightly over the protandem dosage on some herbs but still I feel that the dosage for each herb remains within a safe range compared to other standardized herb products.

    There is one herb in the product that may be an issue for some people. This is the Ashwagandha. For some rare people this herb upsets the thyroid. If you have a thyroid condition you may want to research this further and consider if you really want to use this herb or not. At approximately 240mg of Ashwagandha a day that is likely a low enough dose that there will be no problems but this will remain up to you. You can start your reading on Ashwangandha here at Dr Ray Sahelian’s site:

    My cost is about $13 per month for one person including the cost of the capsules and for shipping of the products.

  5. Anita Says:

    Paul Myhill, the primary inventor and patent holder of Protandim and Co-founder of LifeVantage is now writing up the “Protandim Development History.” After each entry, he’s pasting the relevant link on his new “LifeVantage / Protandim Founder’s Page” on Facebook at


  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks Anita for the link. I will follow up on this.

    I am close to my third week taking my homemade knockoff.
    I do feel its effect by a significant energy incease. Not wired or racey… very calm and even keeled. My husband seems to continue to have more energy also.

    I am considering making the mix into an alcohol extract or possibly make a lipsomal version. Lipsomal preparations of vitamins and herbals are demonstrating greater absorption and cellular utilization.

  7. Steven Prince Says:

    I saw Donny Osmond on Dr. Phil. He was asked by the Dr. how he does it and mentioned Protamdim. Dr. Phil quickly went on to another subject but I assume the folks at Protandim were very pleased. Arrow, I was wondering what size caps you use for the mixture? I ordered a set-up that was for OO caps and I wonder if that is too small, too big or just right. How do you know that the dosage is the right amount? I ordered the Bioperine in the 10 gram tablets which I intend to cut in half. Do you have any suggestions?

  8. Steven Prince Says:

    I looked at the research and the amounts are different than what you have mixed. Bacopa 150mg, Silymarin 225 mg, Ashwagandha 150mg, green tea 75mg, Curcumin 75 mg. What are your thoughts?

  9. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Im sorry but I am away from home at this time and I did not bring my calculations with me and I wont be back at my desk for some weeks. What I did mix was within the range of standard dosage. I use a single 0 capsule and I take two at the same time each day. I was surprised that their forumula is not a very high dosage. When you take these ingredients for theraputic use individually the dosages can go much higher. I think my two capsules deliver a bit more than what protandim does but not a lot more and still within standard dosage ranges. 10 grams of bioperine will be required if you make the mix as I described. Also taking the product with some coconut oil may further aide in its absorption

  10. Steven Prince Says:

    I guess I’ll have to figure out how much I’m able to get into the 00 capsules. Since Century no longer had a capsulation fill kit I ordered one from Lucky Vitamins along with 750 Gel Caps. What method would you suggest for mixing the ingrediants. I was guessing that shaking them up in a large ziplock would be one method but probably isn’t the best.

  11. Steven Prince Says:

    Arrow, Can you please resend the other web site. Somehow I managed to lose it in my computer.

    TY, Steve

  12. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Steve, sorry, I dont know what website you are referring to.

    I just put my ingredients into a plastic box and shook them up. It will work.
    Powdered stuff isnt hard to mix.

  13. Lise Says:

    I have just run across this product and would love to use it. However, it is very expensive and I would want to make my own mix.

    Where do you buy these herbs? I noticed the product #s but no business name where you can buy them.

    Is there a more complete instruction online or? on how to make your own mix?
    Would like to know.

  14. Lise Says:

    Hi Arrow Durfee,

    Your comment “I am considering making the mix into an alcohol extract or possibly make a lipsomal version. Lipsomal preparations of vitamins and herbals are demonstrating greater absorption and cellular utilization.”

    What is the procedure to create an alcohol extract or Lipsomal version?
    Have you tried this yet?


  15. Diane Says:

    It took Dr. Joe McCord and his associates 157 tries to get the ratios of the herbs in Protandim correct for maximum synergy…. somehow I doubt your homemade mixture is anywhere near as effective. It is worth the $1.34/day to get the real thing and know that you are maximizing your results. I feel better on Protandim than I have in 10 years and have seen several of my friends experience great benefits from taking it.

  16. Dee Says:

    Just buy the supplements instead of mixing then you will be certain of the correct amount in each capsule. you can purchase same extracts and should give same results as Protandim the stomach successfully mixes all for you

  17. K Says:

    If you want the proportions of the product to be like Protandim here you are:

    1 whole container milk thistle (Silymarin)
    2/3 container, or 34 grams ashwagandha
    2/3 container, or 34 grams Bacopa
    1/3 container or 17 grams green tea
    1/3 container or 17 grams Curcumin
    all of the Bioperine

  18. Keith Says:

    I use:

    50 grams milk thistle (Silymarin)
    28 grams ashwagandha
    28 grams Bacoppa
    16.6 grams green tea
    16.6 grams tumeric (Curcumin)
    10 grams Bioperine

    I use an electric coffee blender to powder my ingredients. (You will want to use a face mask)
    I run each of the ingredients individually through my coffe blender
    which powders them up very nicely.
    Then I weigh each very carefully into a bowl and mix well with a spoon.
    After mixing I run all of the mixture back through the coffee grinder to blend.

    I have found that a OO capsule will hold an agerage of 860 mg.
    A O capsule averages 477 mg.

    I take one of each for one dose. this equal approx. 1325 mg per dose

    I have weighed the legit Protandim tablets and they weigh 1158 mg consistantly.

    Without too much trouble in exact weighing and filling of my capsules I figure I’m getting
    close enough to the right dose.

    By buying quality ingredients and searching for best price , it cost me a little over $10.00
    a month.

    By the way – this recipee gives me the same results as the legit Protandim. I have tried both
    and both are well worth taking. The legit Protandim is well worth the $50.00 per month if you don’t trust yourself to make it. Or, perhaps money is no object and you don’t really care about knowing exactly what is in the pills you take.

  19. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you for your instructions. I have decided to take two 00 caps for maximum effect.
    Can you share where you purchase your herbs?

  20. keith Says:

    The last batch I got ingredients from: EBay
    Green tea – herb-supply-house
    Milk thistle seed – athenas_garden

    Ashwagangha – athenas_garden

    Tumeric – athenas_garden

    Brahmi Certified Organic Water Hyssop Moneywort Bacopa Monnieri 1 oz – medicomo

    I will leave the bioperine out of the next batch. I don’t think it helps that much with absorbtion and it’s expensive.

    Actually , I just look for the best price. Although I do keep quantity/quality in mind.
    Also I have a nice coffee blender that will powder anything that I have run through it – so far

  21. Keith Says:


    I think that anyone interested in protandim realizes that the proportions of the ingredients are very important.

    Many people taking herbal suppliments have learned that bioperine can enhance absortion of the herbal suppliments that they are taking. The version of protandim that is being sold has no bioperine listed as an ingredient, and is probably not generally regarded as nessesary for proper absorbtion.

    If what is listed on the bottle is accurate, then simple math and a good digital scale will get you some very acurate results. I have tried both the marketed protandim and my own personal concoction, and I find the results are the same.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of getting quality ingredients.

    But…. if you have the cash, and don’t mind not knowing exactly what is in the stuff you eat, then I would have to agree with you, and I do think that the protandim being sold by the marketing process is good stuff.

    I still like making my own.