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Treating Radiation Exposure – Updated July 8

20th April 2011 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Please start with this video. Radiation still coming at high levels to USA and Canada

now go to the site yourself and look for yourself.;O=D

Dr Mark Sircus has a good report in his blog:

This article is advice given for the detox of radiation. I have excluded sources and research. If you need to know that please proceed on your own. The article is designed to be a quick reference on applications of detox protocols for various forms of radiation. I will be updating this article as I find new information so check back often. This article has been udated April 22, 2011

1. Baking Soda – to protect kidneys by making the uranyl ion less toxic and it will promote the excretion of the uranium carbonate complex. Baking soda is used to clean uranium contaminated soil. Sodium bicarb binds to uranium. It is recommended by the US Army for radiation exposure.

Take orally:

One teaspoon in water in am and pm on an empty stomach.

If inhalation of radioactive materials is a concern the nebulization of baking soda and glutathione is essential. Mix is with sodium chloride water (normal saline) Just use the same equipment for nebulization as used for asthma treatments. Or any air blower or oxygen tank that can connect to a nebulizer. A nebulizer can be purchased from along with a face mask for applications on children if you think you might need it. Dosages? still seeking dosage information

There is controversy as to whether Arm and Hammer baking soda is aluminum free. I suggest that you use Bob’s Baking Soda available from If you have or can get nothing else use Arm and Hammer, as radiation sickness is much more severe that the traces of aluminum you might receive, which can be detoxed later. My understanding is that baking soda in Europe is aluminum free but double check.

2. Apple Pectin – This was found effective for children post Chernobly. It significantly helped to detox radioactive cesium. Take it daily. Available from iherb or Amazonvideo:

Purchase in capsules: Or Bulk:

3. Lugols Iodine – If you have not been supplementing with Lugols iodine you will have to do a loading dose as most citizens of the US are iodine deficient. Below is the protocol. Excess iodine is readily eliminated from the kidneys. If you have thyroid issues and are on a thyroid hormone you will have to have your thyroid levels checked in 4 to 6 weeks as you likely will need your hormone dosages reduced. Do not fail to do this. If you have Hashimotos disease I strongly recommend that you follow the protocols of Dr Haskin’s from Salt Lake City. He has a book on Hashimoto’s Disease and how to correctly treat it available on Do not take iodine until you have read this book if you have Hashimoto’s disease.

Bulk:Lugols loading dose = 8 drops daily for 3 months

Bulk:12.5mg is maintenance dose after that (2 drops)

15 mg is upper maximum daily dosage after you have completed the loading dose for safety in most cases.

Potassium Iodide tablets can only be safely taken for 2 weeks because they provide 130mg of potassium iodide.. which for most people will be a saturating loading dose. But his is way too much iodine for long term protection of the thyroid, which we will be needed because this Fukashima keeps putting out radiation. Lugols iodine is the correct choice because you can easily control the dosage.

That being said I have dosed at 3 drops four to five times a week for 3 years and have done very well.You can purchase Lugol’s Iodine from Eucador from one of the most reputable distributors I know. Purchase their 15% percent solution and cut it with water,,. 1/3 of the one ounce bottle with water added to make one ounce. This way you will have 3 one ounce bottles of 5% solution for about $15. If you prefer a 7% solution as many of the old time formulas recommend just make two one ounce bottles out of it. If cancer should become an issue you will want to look into using baking soda as a treatment as well as some of these products offered by Herbalhealers. There are a lot of arguments on which kind of iodine to use. I have chosen Lugol’s iodine based on the research of Drs. Abraham, Flechas, Brownstein, the clinincal experience of Jonathan Wright and others. Edgar Cayce says to use Nascient Iodine. It is up to you. The following protocol is for Lugols iodine.Remember radioactive iodine has an 8.5 day half life. In 85 days it will be just about nonexistent. Holding harvests for 30 to 60 days before consumption should be sufficient, but I am still unsure on this.. But remember, if there is radioactive iodine present are you sure the other elements like plutonium, cesium and uranium are not there?

Another issue regarding radio active iodine if it is found in your water supply. Authorities state that it is safe to shower in. I disagree. The skin is capable of absorbing many minerals topically, especially when the water temp is hot and your skin pours are open. Many conventional drugs are applied topically in cream forms due to the skins ability to absorb drugs without needing to go through the digestive system. If you must shower or wash at least use cold or very lukewarm water if you suspect radioactive materials in the water. Avoid it if you can.

If you search the keyword ‘Iodine’ on this site you will find many articles on studies and research.

4. Prussien Blue “Prussian blue is a vibrant blue dye that is capable of binding with radioactive cesium in the intestines, thereby preventing the radioactive material from being re-absorbed by the body. Once cesium is bound to the dye, it can be passed out of the body through normal elimination. Modern research indicates that the administration of Prussian blue shortens the retention or biological half-life of radioactive cesium from roughly 110 days to about 30 days. (5)

This is only available by prescription.

For further information read the full article here:

5. magnesium baths (standard Epsom salts) with a bentonite clay added may be helpful to pull heavy metals out. Use up to one pound each. Bentonite clay is more palatable for oral administration than regular clay products which would be good for poultice or tub bath. Do not do detox baths more than once a day.

6. Miso, temphe and sea kelp is very helpful in radioactive iodine protection. Due to the large amounts of these foods Japanese traditionally ate, they had far lower incidences of thyroid cancer than anticipated after the WWII bombing of Japan. Eating a combination of brown rice, seaweed and miso regularly will be helpful. If radiation exposure continues for a long time and sea water comes into question you will have to carefully examine your sources of kelp. The fiber in brown rice will help keep the digestive system moving radiation out. So will buckwheat and flax seed. It is not a good time to get constipated.

Miso soup should be taken daily. Do not boil miso. It is a living food. Have your water under 115 degrees when you mix it up.

Miso soup can chelate heavy metals including strontium 90.

7. Glutatione – purchase and use Jarrow Whey daily. Eat Lots of broccoli and cauliflower to stimulate glutathione pathways. If exposure is severe IV administration of glutathione with vitamin c and baking soda may be provided by some MDs and some Naturopathic physicians. It may be good to store Jarrow Whey if the meat supply becomes contaminated and you have been relying on meat for your protein source and if you think you are someone who requires above average levels of protein. A combination of beans and rice also provides complete protein complexes, but whey will boost the glutathione system.


8. Herbs/plant medicine - Cilantro Heavy metal detox is key to radiation detox protocols as many of the radio active isotopes are heavy metals. Cilantro will move heavy metals out of the body into the intestines. Purchase cilantro tincture. East fresh cilanto if you can get it also.. best to stock tincture ahead of time.

Then Use Chlorella to bind the metals in the intestines it and carry it out via the stool. Spirulina is helpful too. If the metal ions are not bound and carried out they tend to be reabsorbed.

Dosages on these will be at least 1000mg daily for chlorella. For spirulina follow package instructions.. If you think you have been seriously dosed with radiation you must consider doubling and tripling all dosages. It must become your daily task with focus.

Other herbs: Aloe Vera internally and topically, cucurmin and ginko biloba orally.

Burdock root and dandelion and milk thistle to stimulate detox of the liver. They are all anti cancer adjunctive herbs.

I have been using Pine Bark Extract for a number of years. It is a powerful anti-oxidant

And I would not leave it out of any regimen. Reverstatrol is another consideration.

Remember, if you are bombarded with radiation, your body, in its developing disease processes will respond with an abundance of free radicals that need to be contended with.

Please see my article on Protandim at:…e-aging-clock/

Change your drinking habits to green or white tea, 2 to 6 cups a day.

9. Supplements

R -Alpha lipoic Acid 600mg daily total with 500mg L Carnatine. Take 300mg of ALA two times a day

If radiation exposure is severe double or triple the dosage. The above is a standard daily dosage for detox of free radicals.

Vitamin D3 is essential and should be supplemented with or without radiation exposure.

If you never have supplemented before take 10,000 IU a day for 2 weeks, then reduce to 5,000 IU daily. It is not yet known if D3 in higher dosages will be helpful for radiation contamination. Search my archives for my D3 article for further information. Radioactive Strontium will deplete vitamin D.

The best product I have found is Biotec 3. found at a good price at Her own brand is the same product with her lable, a little less expensive.

Vitamin C – Mega dosages of vitamin c will help to maintain internal metabolic stability. There is now a way to make oral administrations of vitamin c at home that will equal in effectiveness IV administration. Also, in pill form, liposomal C is better utilized and you can reach IV levels orally.. is one source, but you can make your own. You can also purchase it at iherb for a better price:

This site will teach you how to make homemade Lipsomal Vitamin C that is as bioactive as IV vitamin c.

If you are using oral ascorbic acid as your vitamin C source learn about administration to bowel tolerance. Go here and put bowel tolerance in their search bar.  When vitamin C does not work its usually because you have not taken enough.

B complex, to protect the nervous system, which includes all the complex. If dosage is severe consider a B12 injection daily or weekly. If you do a daily injection 1000mcg is required as commonly found in the USA. Request a methylcabalomin form of the vitamin. It may have to be special ordered. Some B12 injections contain other B vitamins such as found in Bedoyecta Tri (10,000 mcg B12, B1 100mg, B6 50mg) which is available in Mexico over the counter. Note the high dosage of B12? This is considered a routine dosage in Mexico. One injection per week.

B12 injections are especially important if you use antacid proton pump inhibitor drugs or have reflux disease in general.

Strontium supplements, one tablet a day of the recommended dosage. If you are likely being subjected to radioactive strontium 90 you need to supplement with strontium. Strontium is a mineral that is a component of strong bones and is present in all bone material. If you are deficient in strontium intake your receptor sites will pick up strontium 90 in bone receptor sites and it can cause bone cancer.

Selenium 200mcg a day, should be taken by most people daily anyway to help prevent cancer and it should be taken if you are supplementing with iodine.

Gamma Tocotrienol form of vitamin E complex or Mixed tocopherols 200IU per day

Unrefined sea salt orally with food or in water 1/2 to 1 tsp daily for mineral support

10. Highlands Bioplama Cell Salts daily from Iherb

11. Infection: If infection occurs and because radiation can so deplete and damage the immune system some people may end up fighting infections also I recommend all the nutrients above as well as the following to contend with infection. Also avoid sugars, and white flour products as these stress the immune systemColloidal Silver…MMS – see for application instructionsBeta Glucans… I have been very impressed on the ability of this product to activate the immune response system in a balanced way. Solar or NOW I have had experience with and brand are effective. If you can afford it Transfer factor is the Cadillac of products.Manuka honey for topical infections, abscess

12. Have rain gear available. Avoid going out in the rain. Cover all body parts. When you return home wash the exterior of your rain gear off. Take a shower if you got wet from the rain. Your skin can absorb radioactive particles and radiation will be most concentrated in rain.

Rinse your shower out. Dont track into the house. Place newspapers down if necessary.

13. Practice Ti Chi or Qi Gong to open your meridians, disolve blockages, and fortify your immune system.

14. Educate Yourself Further: Dr Loret is a geo-physist and a peace activist as well as a Quaker. She has worked at Livermore Labs and Los Alamos. She is called to counsel on numerous nulcear projects and meetings. I suggest that you view this video with your partner… its a lot to handle alone, but none the less, the information must get out there.

For further information and other detailed detox info download this free manual Iherb ships to UK and perhaps other nations aside from the US. With your first purchase from you will receive a $5 discount. Enter the coupon code of BAR 967 on our purchase order.

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2 Responses to “Treating Radiation Exposure – Updated July 8”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Right now there are 4 things that I think everyone in the USA should do who suspects that they have or will be hit with nuclear radiation… they are not costly. All the other things mentioned are helpful and can be done if you can afford it. If you have suffered significant exposure it is time to bust the bank and do it all. These things need to be done daily as long as risk to exposure continues.

    baking soda
    apple pectin
    Lugols iodine
    Jarrow whey

    I do wish to comment on the use of Lugols iodine… there is a lot of misinformation out there that potassium iodide is dangerous to take repeatedly. Lugols is potassium iodide. The potassium iodide pills developed for radiation exposure are 130mg pills. Taking these daily can and will cause problems in the long run for some, but not all people. It can be done for short periods of time. Up to 14 days I believe.. follow package instructions for the pills…

    But we will be blasted with radioactive iodine for much longer than 14 days.. but after 14 days of potassium iodide pills you should be fairly well loaded. Lugols iodine can be used in lower dosages to keep your thyroid saturated with iodine.. Please see my article on HealthSalon for details on loading with lugols instead of the potassium iodide pills… the benefit with lugols is that it can be taken daily at safe dosages to protect your thyroid after loading has been done.

    You can load with either Lugol’s iodine or the potassium iodide pills developed for radiation exposure.

    Doing the lugols protocol will not damage your thyroid. Please see my article if you are taking thyroid hormone replacements as there are special considerations then. Daily small doses of lugols are tolerated quite well and many many naturopathic as well as medical doctors have their patients on such protocols for a variety of health conditions.

    This issue is that most people are significantly depeted of iodine… hence when radioactive iodine exposure comes they have to load very very fast.. hence the 130mg pills! If you do the lugols loading protocol then reduce to lower daily doses you should be fine because your thyroid is loaded with iodine as it should be.

    If you find you are suddenly struck with high levels of fallout.. you can take 130 mg of lugols… each drop of 5% lugols is about 6.5 mg.
    Iodine can also be topically applied to the skin over the thyroid and on breast tissue.
    They don’t talk about it much but elevated iodine 131 is associated with increased breast cancer also because there are many iodine receptor sites in breast tissue.. pineal gland also has many iodine receptor sites.

    There is also controversy about lugol’s being dangerous because it is potassium iodide as opposed to pure iodine, commonly called nascient iodine.. my opinion is that studies have shown that the thyroid has a greater affinity for potassium idodide than for regular iodine. Therefore, for radiation protection Lugols.. potassium iodide… should be used. Other human tissues like breast tissue has a greater affinity for plain iodine. But the body will break it down and distribute it so you do not have to split hairs over this.

  2. Acid Reflux Remedies Natural Says:

    We are a gaggle of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with useful information to work on. You have performed an impressive process and our whole community can be grateful to you.