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New MMS Testimonials

6th June 2011 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I have posted new MMS Testimonials here on HealthSalon. Since the death threat on Jim Humble’s life has been revealed I feel that it is time for me to refocus on the benefits of MMS. I am hoping that all MMS advocates will do the same.

Dear FDA and who every you are that has decided that MMS should be taken away from the people by murder please know this. You will never succeed in diminishing MMS. No matter who you threaten or kill we the masses will persist, no matter what business you destroy we will succeed. For we know that our numbers and longevity will not be diminished but perpetually grow if we continue supporting Jim Humble’s efforts, if we continue supporting MMS education and if we keep telling the truth.

We will not lie down in fear for through MMS the hopless will find hope in MMS, the pharmaceutically condemened will find new life and the children of the world that the powers that be would prefer to be dead shall live. As the years go by our forces of truth will overcome your dark intent and humanity will be freed from pharmaceutical bondage and the all the lies they perpertrate.

The following testimonial discusses 4 years of MMS use:

Testimonial #1

May 24, 2011
I have been takeing mms for over four years now, daily. i am 66 and havent had a single problem during that time, that I couldnt cure within a day or so. two important aspects about mms stand out from my experience which I would like to tell:

1. I have all but two of my original teeth, with about 28 spots on teeth, and gum borders, that had been filled over the years.

One gold cap remains in place. several major filling in chewing teeth, are still intact. a lot of other fillings have dropped out from old age and have not been replaced. a daily steralising with mms at night, after brushing for plaque is the only care my teeth get.

Although up to twenty spots have had the filling drop out, i have had zero tooth aches during that four years. and in fact, two years back when i had a dentist renew a chewing tooth filling, he commented how the other rot areas WERE STABALISED and not rotting.

2. my hobby is metal detecting for gold nuggets. this hobby requires a high level of concentration, listening for the faint sounds of the elusive nuggets. a hearing test eighteen months back, showed that i had the hearing of a 24 year old. this shocked me, as i was 65 years old. a further test a month ago said i had the hearing of a 18 year old ??????

I can only attribute the above results to the daily maintainance dose of six drops of activated MMS for a person of my age.

I will continue to monitor my health and and i can offer complete confidence in jim humbles assertions … kev

Testimonial #2

Regarding athletes foot – fungal infection

I can testify that with a few months of regular use of MMS1, I cleared up a severe case of Athlete’s foot.
Every summer it would come back for years and years, no medicine worked. Until I started using MMS1 regularly. It took some time but finally the fungus vanished and until now more than 2 year’s later it hasn’t returned.
While using MMS1 I felt an overall improvement of my health and gained a lot more energy. If you use it wisely, followingJim Humble’s latest protocols, it will do miracles for your overall health.

Besides taking activated MMS orally, I have used it for (foot)baths and mouthwash, with excellent results.
Personally I don’t find it comfortable to take it on an empty stomach.

Remember NOT to use anti oxidants while the ClO2 is still active in your body. It will be counterproductive.
(like: green tea, vegetables, fruit(juice), coffee, red wine, colloidal silver, etc.)
Bless you

Testimonial #3

Arrow, I’ll post my success story, yes you may use it.
I have had dental work done that left a gap between two molars. Three months ago food became stuck there and the area became terribly inflamed. It did not resolve for many days, so I had to use antibiotics. I do not like using them because they are “anti-life” and kill the beneficial gut bacteria. One week ago the same area became inflamed again and was quite painful. Rather than kill of my intestinal bacteria again I tried MMS. I squirted the solution directly into the gap, held it there for a minute or so, then swallowed it. In the spirit of full disclosure, I also rinsed the area several times a day with real salt. Within 12 hours the area was no longer painful or swollen. The antibiotics took three days to effect the same result. I am sold on MMS!

Testimonial #4

This testimonial is not to claim that all PTSD is caused by heavy metal poisoning, but it clearly indicates that for some people this group of mental symptoms may be metal toxicity, leading to a significant misdiagnosis where the patient is never treated for the correct disease. Certainly many people in the military may be subject to significant exposures, as well as plumbers, pipe fitters and other mechanical work……Arrow

Re: MMS and metal implants

1 have over the last 8 months removed Aluminium 97.739 mcg/l., Barium 205mcg/l., Berryllium 0.225mcg/l., cadmium 0.225mcg/l, lead 37.21 mcg/l, Mercury 35.237mcg/l, Nickel 11.112mcg/l, palladium 6.002 mcg/l.platinum 4.157mcg/l., silver 60.227mcg/l., Tantallium 0.54 mcg/l., Thallium 0.104mcg/l., and Tin 10.737 mcg/l.
Tt was a saliva test. Aluminium and barium don’t belong in the make up of what was in my mouth, 6 gold plates of which no gold is present,4 amalgam fillings, Tantallium also doesnt belong there, its only found in mobile phones, computers, and flat screen tv”s.

I can take you through every aspect of what it does to your body, in conjunction with what you put in your mouth will determine the effects and how long it takes to turn you into a candidate for the asylum.

10 yrs in the hands of the experts and told i was unstable, (and i was, i was a danger to myself and everyone around me) given the tag off ptsd/combat stress, diagnosed with a multitude of illnesses.
so where have all the nightmares and the rest gone? MMS has blew them away.

It hasn’t just been mms. I have got a procedure that will clean out the body, then it has to be built up from cell and mineral level, now have 10 previous sufferers at different stages of recovery, they cannot change whats already on our medical records, i want them to explain what majic wand has started to reverse the lot,
Learn what mms is, how it works, but most importantly make decisions for yourself. This can only be done by having the information required.

My eyes have kept me alive throughout many different crazy situations. One look into jim humbles eyes gave me all the answers i needed. You have got no problems with mms harming you. Take it for a few weeks. Life will change. All it is doing is removing the combinations that are destroying the human body, the mind and memory problems which are a symptom of a body that is slowly disentigrating from the inside out.

22 yrs of military, lead, from weapons, mercury from from amalgam fillings and as a leaving present, 6 gold plates put in 10 months before leaving but there is no gold. They consist of 7 different metals. I became a plumber, heating engineer and gas fitter. That knowledge has saved my life, also nearly cost me it. The system ensures tests are inadequate. I had to play them at their own game to get answers, combat stress, doctors and dentists all denied this was happening but they could diagnose PTSD. Even now the metals are visable throughout my whole body, the difference is they are out of my main organs and i am in control. NO HELP FOR HEROS should be the slogan. It cost a few thousand pounds to get tests done (GERMANY) I had to sell what i had to get answers. Even now when I put the results down in front of the doctor he never gave them a second glance, but hey they said i was mentally ill. I will go into roleplay to trigger actions. When a doctor wants to take blood to test for lead after giving him the results, when i pointed out that it will not be found in my blood and his answer was well where is it? he had to be told that he was a threat to my life, and after surviving 22yrs infantry i find that the most dangerous people i have ever met are the ones who are supposed to help, PTSD = HEAVY METAL and CHEMICAL POISONING. People are looking for what is there, the most important factor is what and how your internal workings are slowly destroyed As time goes on what you put in your mouth completes the combinations required.

No problems (for permission to use this testimonial) , my experiences and knowledge gained are all personal, MMS is just part of what has had to be done to get me to this stage, mms 2 has been used also, the results phenominal, only after or during me carrying out medical experiments on myself and monitoring every reaction, observing carefully what is departing my body and by which meathod i was then able to work out the causes, and the proccess of all illness. There has been no help from anyone. In fact, doctors, veterans agencys etc. all closed the doors when i mentioned mercury. My body is now 9stone soaking wet, 2st muscle tissue eaten away. What I realy need is someone to take the words from my mouth and put them in an order people can understand. There is so much more that happens inside. The key things that happen are that metals keep you acidic. This feeds candida. Candida eats cells destroyed by acid. The immune system uses calcium from bones to balance ph, this is deposited internally in most organs and pipes, causing blood to thicken and a lack of oxygen. Calcium in this state is as toxic as lead. Once in this condition, anything that goes in with a ph of less than 7.365 requires to be alkalised and the immune system uses anything at hand. Behaviour etc is a manefastation of this proccess
June 6 …. an update

The confirmation of the ability of MMS1 came when after getting a 2nd test done after a chelation drip and the strongest chelation meathod avaliable, on recieving my results my doctor called to enquire the name of the substance i had been using other than what he had prescribed. What he did not know was that I only used mms for 3 wks and none of the chelation prescription. My answer was you are holding my results and they read nothing like they should which was correct. Mercury was down from 37mcg/l to 1.75mcg/l and the rest were gone or way down, but it did show 37mcg/l of lead which I now know, thanks to mms 2, was buried deep in my hips, knees and big toe and injurys that have been there for years have gone, with bent knuckles are now straight joints are pain free. I went at it with the veiw that I have nothing to lose. The medical system wasnt helping and it can do no harm. Anything that happens is a reaction to what I am doing. My body knows exactly what it is doing and every ailment, thought process, reactions,behaviour, etc. are all manefestations of your body trying to keep you alive with the fuel thats being put in and if you can imagine the water condition of a 40yr old heating system,that hasn’t been cleaned, how would it function? MMS is the cleaner.

Here is an addition to this story received Jan 2012
i have been workin on a live body that had been destroyed physicaly and mentaly by 4 amalgam fillings and 6 gold plates, the system wont accept the results of a mineral analyses (saliva) test done in a lab in germany followed by a mineral analysis DMPS challenge, the first showed,Aluminium,Barium,Mercury,Nickel,Palladium,platinum ,Silver,Tin, all high, others present,Berryllium,cadmium,tantalum,thallium, the second test showed high levels of lead,
its now 1 year since i started to remove the metals,its all been done in a natural way, nothing induced,also what has to come out are parasites,pathogens,viruses,bad bacteria,yeast,fungus and mould, all have been thriving inside the body and will continue to thrive unless procedures are carried out to remove them, then there is the calcium to deal with it is in every joint and muscle tissue, 10 yrs juicing wont remove it, 9 months of using magnesium oil transdermally every day,along with calcium hyperchlorite,hempseed oil,lemon,juice,kefir,clay,mms spray,mms oral,iodine , the calcium on every join in my fingers is now dissolving and oozing out the palms of my hands,fingers are now straightening,joints are pain free,ptsd,combat stress,anxiety,depression,asthma,tension,constant fear all gone, there is so much i can say on what this **** exactly does to the body and why,i dont know how to explane it or put it all to gether in writing, the only way i have been able to get through to people as to what the real causes of their illness mental or physical, has been to prove to them that by removing chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and putting in the right combinations of fuel and water, they get better, but there is so much more that needs to be repaired

thank you arrowind, i need a book to explaine the meathods i had to use to get answers, even after 1st test which showed the metals present, a blood and hair analyses showed nothing, i am not bitter but so frustrated that the system deliberatly, ensures that the tests avaliable are designed to fail,
on the herbal side,when i got the confirmation that i was looking for,which came from a now special person in my life (the mercury free dentist) i then went to Belfast to visit a GP who is a holistic dr as well.he did manual tests which proved i was worth more melted down,this led to the following herbs being taken prior to getting amalgam followed 1 month later the gold out,
Hummet-R,Demertox,Nutrisorb selenium drops,Milk thistle,symboilact satchets, perentol,Quercetine,Bearberry tincture,Nystatin,Byocidin drops,oregano drops,
after recieving the results i had run out of herbs,and have been put in a situation where finances dont exist, i had been researching jim humble at the time and now i knew what had caused my demise, i had nothing to lose,my DR,the Veterans agencys and combatt stress wouldnt help,they used the fact that i had been classes as having a mental illness, as an excuse to dismiss me,when i went through the exact procedures that are taking place inside the body and they looked at me as if i had 2 heads,
well at the time i did and i was not in controll of any of them, so i took MMS for 4 wks,that process is a story on its own, the thing was very quickly thoughts,memory,reactions,tension,and every other ailment started to dissapear, i could see the metals departing the toilet was full of them for weeks, this period also seen candida departing,4 days straight tied to the toilet, then i collapsed so i stayed off mms,
shortly after i went back to belfast, had a second more intense test done, showed the doctor what was happening to my skin from toe to head, it was exploding.well he had no idea what it was,then i asked him for something that would help my wife with osteroporosis,was handed minerals, off i went, 2 wks later the DR is on the phone wanting to know what i had been using other than what he prescribed,i was getting my old sharpness back,the stuff that kept me alive during 22yrs of brainwashing, i mean service lol, i knew straight away that the results were not what he was expecting, 25 yrs in the bussines and the results had blew him away, mercury was down from 35mcg/l to 1.75, however masses of lead showed up that was not present in saliva test,he could not guarantee that resuls after 18 months,
this gave me physical evidence of the power of MMS it just had to be used properly, balance in taking things out is very important not to much at one time,or you will feel like you are dying and will put most people off,herximers reaction is to be attempted only 0nce ,
later on i had worked out what was happening to my skin,everything was trying to get out and it couldnt every pore is blocked and my skin has a calcium jacket over the outer surface,only forehead can sweat,this is still the case however annother 6 months to a year will see that side complete
later on i took mms 2,just to check out any reactions,it was for my uncle who was diagnosed with cancer, that is annother whole new story,i thought i was rid of metals internally how wrong was i, calcium pitted with lead was removed from hips,knees,foot,how do i know,4 days ainto mms 2, i couldnt walk for 4 days was in agony,hips knees and foot, then out pops masses of calcium and all pain gone,joints that were like broken glass are now running smooth and pain free,this process continues ,
if i didnt try it out i would never have known it was there,even better its removing it from every component in the body,
the way i have and am approaching the re build phase, has nothing to do with anything medical,all engineering,how fuel is converted to energy,what happens when the fuel does not contain the correct mix,what happens when energy is expended and the fuel reserves are depleted,how the flow of energy is disrupted due to cell deaths caused by acid and emf,s blowing cell electrons, both actions permenantly feed candida,which grows and dumps more acid,this changes the blood from life giving to contaminated,yeast fungus mould,parasites,pathogens,viruses and bad bacteria thrive in the enviroment that has all been created silently.
all internal organs operate at different frequencys,they all need different combinations of fuel,depending on the energy being expended, as metals and chemicals accumulate throughout life, organs diminish the ability to tune in is disrupted,your whole life is now on low frequency,this affects every aspect of who you are and in this state,the mental illness issues are all driven by fears that have been implanted during child hood,how you were treated will be in controll of how you think,react, the drills learned especially military,every drill is an automatic reaction to different events taking place,all aggressive reactions, when the brain cannot function fears and learned behavior are in controll, you will be held accountable for your behaviour,but no one will look at the cause, the mind is only one component and its running on contaminated fuel

Testimonial #5

I have been using MMS for over a year. I have seen great results in getting rid of bacteria in my body and seen it working with friends and family. I personally haven’t got any diseases of any kind but we all have bacteria of some sort and I did get a swollen stomach and gases. An old lady with diabetes with swollen feet, couldn’t walk anymore and needed help from family to look after her. After taking MMS 1, for 2 weeks, she could walk again and she got her life back and her family didn’t have to look after her anymore. They were impressed and very happy.

My brother had a fungal infection in his feet, used MMS for a week, all gone. I gave it to an overweight woman, that feels chronic fatigue most of the time. She took MMS for a week, she doesn;t feel it anymore. But of course she is changing her bad food habits. It’s all related, don’t leave it all to MMS, we need to eat fruits and veggies. Sleep well.

Testimonial #6

i deliberately exposed myself to current influenza outbreaks here in australia. in both instances i started to sneeze within hours, i resorted to my current maintaince dose of three activated drops, which i took morning and night.

one possible infection did not survive the night, and the second possible infection had me sneezing eight times the next day, but the nightly dose obviously knocked it on the head that night. so all remained controlled. no other symptoms were experienced, other than a slight runny nose as a result of the sneezing, which is normal.
the above flue infections are pretty bad, as the people involved were off work and bedridden for several days and affected badly for over two weeks.

nice to know that mms1 is still protecting me after four and half years of use. NO medication of any sort has passed my lips during those years…. kev

Testimonial #7

Kidney Stones:

I used it with the intention of a general detox and ended up getting rid of nine kidney stones in the process and I am cured of all the intermittent pains I get in my pelvic region for the past several years. I’ve posted the pictures in the Genesis Church forum.

Testimonial # 8

Arrow, it cleared up my pilonidal sinus, but I stopped taking it too soon! It also cleared up my crappy cough in about 3 days that I had had for about a month.
Yes it tastes foul, it will give you the *hits if you go to fast or have reached toxin overload – but it works.
Bill has a wonderful story about a friend who child took it and it cleared up a eye problem. Story in Jims thread.
My cousin is taking it for breast cancer – I will let you know how she goes. Arrow, it cleared up my pilonidal sinus, but I stopped taking it too soon! It also cleared up my crappy cough in about 3 days that I had had for about a month.
Yes it tastes foul, it will give you the *hits if you go to fast or have reached toxin overload – but it works.
Bill has a wonderful story about a friend who child took it and it cleared up a eye problem. Story in Jims thread.
My cousin is taking it for breast cancer – I will let you know how she goes.

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4 Responses to “New MMS Testimonials”

  1. genevieve Says:

    MMS Testimonial:

    After three indescribably horrific months of SCABIES and trying everything on the market I could find, I turned to the MMS bath protocol (activated MMS–30 drops MMS plus 150 drops [2 1/2 tsps] activator) in hot-as-you-can-stand-it water for 20-30 minutes, 3 times daily).

    Other things I did:

    – MMS spray on surfaces I touched, like tables, doorway curtains, plastic covering on my
    – Before each bath: Put into clothes dryer on high for 40 minutes: all clothes, towels,
    sheets, pillows, blankets, etc. I had touched.
    – After each bath: Dressed in clothes that had already been in the dryer; remade my bed;
    put towels down on any surfaces I might sit on.

    After only two baths I could feel a difference; after 4 baths I felt human again. If you have scabies, don’t waste time and money using anything else. Believe me when I tell you that this solution is the answer–and FAST.

    My big tough-guy sweetheart would suck in his breath when he checked to see how my back and legs and chest and arms were looking. My skin (which was raw in places and scabbed or crusted over in other places) is already–after only 3 1/2 days–looking and feeling human again and doesn’t feel raw and hypersensitive anymore. I have my mind and my life back.

    Wishing you all well.

  2. kelly Says:

    Thank you for your updates on MMS. I am still exploring it and tried to create a table differenting the effects of stabilized sodium chlorite and chlorine.

    I have found many MMS testimonials online but would appreciate one double-blind peer-reviewed study on this. I know Jim Humble may not have the funds to do such a study, and FDA would be reluctant to approve it as a cancer reversal treatment so how they approved Dr. Burzynski’s immunotherapy is of interest.

  3. Thibos Says:

    where can i get mms here in south africa

  4. margaux Says:

    Hi Genevieve

    I have a question not a reply,
    Could i ask Genevieve whether she took the MMS1 internally too?
    And how soon after eating should MMS1 be taken?