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Cancer cured Twice with Ozone Therapy

16th January 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

With the permission of Gaylen I have brought his post from another forum. Well worth the read.

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 10:13 pm Post subject: A Cure For Cancer
I just want to tell the story of how my wife was cured from cancer twice.
The first time my wife had 16 tumors throughout her body, in her intestines, liver, kidney, and breast. All the doctors said there was nothing they could do and that she had 6-12 months. That was 3 years ago.
My wife found a new experimental chemo treatment that “had a 80% cure rate”. She did the chemo for 9 months and it was killing her. The chemo was Not affecting the three largest tumors at all. The doctor said her system was starting to shut down, and that she should take a break and get her affairs together.
I had been looking at alternative treatments from various sources & doing research on my own & found ozone. We didn’t want to try it because of what the EPA & everyone else said about it, but since her system was starting to shut down, what did we have to lose?
We drank ozonated water & breathed it while we slept every night, and also started juicing and eating healthy. She started feeling better so she went back to the doctor & continued with the chemo. Within 3 months she was cancer free. Naturally the doctor thought it was the chemo that cured my wife.
Now if that wasn’t enough, a year and a half later when she went in for her check up to see if she was still cancer free, they said she had two more tumors. One on the bile duct & one in her intestines again.
The doctor told her they couldn’t give her any more chemo & there was NOTHING they could do this time because the cancer was chemo resistant now.
We had slacked off on the ozone for about a year then so we decided to flood our bodies with ozone again. Guess what? Within about 3 months the tumors were gone again. We did did the same thing again, the ozonated water, breathing ozone, juicing and healthy diet.
The doctor couldn’t believe it & sent the tests out to 4 other doctors & they all said there was no cancer. He said they should hire me. By the way my wife is the only one out of 54 who is still alive from the group that was given that chemo. I think they played with the numbers a little in their 80% cure rate claim.
Also I have cured athletes foot, a rash or something like that on my head, and removed age spots with ozone.
I just want eveyone possible to know what ozone can do. It really works!
I belong to Dr. Pressman’s ozone group at the Yahoo site. You can see what ozone can cure at that group. Dr. Pressman has written two books on ozone, one called “The Owner’s Manual To The Human Body” and “The Story Of Ozone” The O3 Center web site is a Great resource for ozone therapy.
I’ve written an article on ozone at This is another Great site on alternative treatments for cancer. The owner of the site (Paul) and Dr. Pressman will help you as much as possible.
If you read my article you will see all the things ozone can help cure. (Over 300 diseases) You will see the history of ozone, which is long, and it includes a few of the MANY studies done on ozone for improving health.
Lance Armstrong admitted to drinking ozonated water in his last tour, but keeps going on TV promoting chemo. He really doesn’t know what he’s using. So knowledge and faith is the key.
Another Great web site for alternative health is There are thousands of people who are practicing alternative health there.
I just want to let you know I’m NOT doing this for ANY money. I’ve had a book offer and refused to do it, because money destroys everything. I was given this information freely, and can ONLY give it freely. (Like Jesus said to do) This story and the information I’ve written can be googled by entering Gaylen Ozone, and Gaylen Tibbitt Ozone, to see some of the articles I’ve written and the sites that have put my information on them. There aren’t a lot, but it’s growing. The point is, I gain nothing from doing this except the satisfaction of helping others, and I wouldn’t be doing this for years unless I knew it worked.
The current medical establishment is broke! What they’re doing is criminal in my opinion. They only treat symptoms, and really don’t cure anything, and usually add to the problem. Alternative health treatments will replace it eventually. It’s not if, it’s only when.
This is the first time I’ve been to this site and really don’t know too much about it. I was invited here by Dr. J who works for this site, and as long as it’s free and promotes alternative health, I’ll do it every time.
If you never remember anything else, just remember there is only one disease. All the other “diseases” the medical establishment claims there are, are only symptoms of this one disease. The cause for this disease is lack of proper nutrition, and too many toxins in the body. The world we live in is a toxic stew. A good natural diet (Like God told us to eat in Genesis 1:29) will give your body the proper nutrition. Then the other step is getting rid of the toxins in your body. There is no greater thing at getting rid of toxins than ozone. Ozone will destroy all but 6 or 7 toxins. Ozone is the closet thing to a cure-all there is.

Never fear ANY disease, and NEVER give up! The cure for all disease is “at hand”.

Take Care,
Lack of a higher purpose is the greatest disease.

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20 Responses to “Cancer cured Twice with Ozone Therapy”

  1. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This testimonial talks about breathing in ozone. I want to send the caution that has been given to me regarding breathing in ozone, especially in strong concentration.
    Some of the ozone experts say that it can damage the lung cells. Dr Holmes, a dentist, who uses ozone has photos of lung damage from ozone in a lecture on CD that he has. I don’t know where the truth lies in this matter. I have heard other testimonials saying that it is not dangerous yet I keep reading repeated warnings. In Ed McCabes book on ozone he comments that one person who works with ozone makng an ozone product breathes in large amounts of ozone all day to no ill effect. Saul Pressman, a well known ozone promoter and others say NO! Saul Pressman sells a bubbler to bubble the ozone through olive oil. This changes the ozone and makes is safe to breathe directly into the lungs. This bubbler can be purchased from him for $35. Call him. His number is on his webpage at I have one and it works well. Have not had any ill effects of using ozone in this manner.

  2. SoulSearcher Says:

    Hi Arrowwind,
    I’m Gaylen. I’ve heard the same. Just look at the motive behind the person. Are they giving information, or selling products? And yes you should use caution with anything you do. First do no harm, and follow the body. It will tell you. If it really hurts your lungs I wouldn’t have any now. (3 years now) I speak from experience, and I give freely.
    Take Care,

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thanks Gaylen for stopping in! Motive and intent are important but not everything. I am watching this issue as closely as I can, considering people don’t talk much about their ozone experiences.

    I go to a doctor, a homeopath for help on certain issues. His wife can not tolerate an ozone machine to purifiy the air. Even on the lowest settings it makes her sick. I do know that she has some major toxicity issues. Because of this they are somewhat skeptical of using ozone. I think that she is so toxic that just breathing in small ammounts sends her into an immediate herx/detox reaction.

    I do think that someday the truth on this issue will be known. If ozone, through inhalation can cure many things it would put a lot of people out of business, both in conventional medicine and alternative.

    I want to ask again so that I am absolutely clear on the ozone you breathe in. Is it made with a machine that requires oxygen at its source or is it ozone made from room air? I do understand that you just generally ozonate the room air and are not breathing it in directly off a canula from the machine. Please clarify for me.

  4. Sandra Lang Says:

    May I please ask Gaylen – My friends in Canada have Dr. Pressman’s Ozone Sauna.

    The few times I’ve used it, I’ve felt so much better! I have fibromyalgia and it totally helped with pain and energy.

    I would love to eventually stop prescription drugs for pain and be able to enjoy life again and would like to have an ozone sauna in my home.

    I admire Dr. Pressman’s work and the quality of his unit. Is there any way to make it more affordable or make do with less and still be effective?

    Many thanks to you all -
    Sandra Lang

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Scroll down the page to see the dual dialectric ozone generator and the canvas sauna. This is almost identical to the setup I have and works just fine. You don’t need to spend so much! The owner of this site is very knowledgable and friendly. Call him and ask questions.

  6. Char Says:

    I an just hearing about this for the first time last week. I go to a chiropractor and he just purchased a sauna. I am going to try it for the first time this week. I have had cancer twice, I have had the medical treatments, surgery & radiation. I also have Fibromyalgia. Within the last 2 months, I have found out that I have 3 tumors. One in the right lung, one outside of the left lung, which I was told are Swahnommia tumors, and one on my Thoracis T9 vertebrae. I will be going back tomorrow for all of the results.
    If you can give me more info about ozone & drinking ozone, I would truly appreciate it. I am looking forward to my sauna and pray that it helps me.

    Thanks, Char

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Char,

    If I had cancer I would want to do more than just ozone saunas. If you want to know what there is to know about ozone you will have to get the book “Flood Your Body With Oxygen” by Ed McCabe. You will find used copies on amazon.

    Also look into B 17. This is an old movie but just as true today as when it was made.

    MMS – all the info needed will be found on this site

    Sodium Bicarb Therapy -

  8. Li Metaxa Says:

    Thanks for this article Gaylen! With your ozone generator (for the water) was their a strong ozone smell within 2-3 minutes (enough to cause dizziness)? I just want to know if this is normal since I don’t want to hurt my lungs. Thanks.

  9. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Hello Li,

    I doubt Gaylen will be by to answer your question.
    It is my experience that people who have a lot of toxicity will be very uncomfortable with an ozone generator running in the room and releasing it to the air. For people like this detox must be a very slow and controlled process.

    I have talked with people who use ozone in industry and in the manufacture of ozonated oils and other products who are in rooms with extremely high ozone levels for long periods of time. They have not suffered any damage and are doing quite well. There is a lot of myth and fear regarding ozone. But those who work in it, not just with it, are the ones who know the truth. What ever you decide to do go forward cautiously and find ways to detox that your system can handle without causing overload and the stress that ca come from it.

  10. Li Metaxa Says:

    Thank you very much Rett! This is an answer I’ve been really looking for! Though I have no disease diagnosed, my mind is foggy and body lethargic. Just having ozone in room, lingered because small apartment doesn’t have good ventilation, so light ozone scent hung around for hours. I had low fever that night and next day. Can’t blame ozone, I’ve lived on junk food for a decade. Your post gives me new confidence. I set my ozone gen near open window with fan behind to blow odor out window (:

    Thanks again!

  11. Celeste Says:

    This is great, great, great!!!! I am a natural health professional and I am looking to obtain an ozone generator. I have read that some generators may not be strong enough to be effective against illness. I would like to purchase one, but can you please give me some recommendations? Please e-mail me back with recommendations.

  12. Julie Says:

    Dr. Saul Pressman who sells Ozone Sauna’s on his website is running a scam.

    After more than 2 years of trying to get the sauna that my father ordered online on Dr. Pressman’s website, we are still being ignored. Dr. Pressman has ignored all court documents from my father’s lawyer and the court.
    My mother has since passed away from her terminal cancer having never received the sauna after many excuses from Dr. Pressman. We were told the man making the sauna’s cabinets had had a minor Heart attack, and then after many more excuses Dr. Pressman stopped answering our inquiries all together.

    It has been more than a year since my mom passed away never receiving her sauna. Since my mother had already had too much chemo, and radiation it was not an option for this second cancer. Surgery was denied and she began to get very sick. We put all our effort into the non-traditional natural therapies hoping for a cure or at least some hope that she would feel less pain.

    It was our last option and Dr. Pressman failed to deliver. I will not stop along with many more victims and their families until Dr. Pressman is stopped and we have our money back. I’m doing this for my mother, who is now my angel and one of Dr. Pressman’s many victims.

    He is also infringing copyright laws.


  13. Jerry Says:

    I urge anyone considering this kind of treatment to dig deeper with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    “Dr.” Pressman and his company Plasmafire are currently under investigation by the Canadian Federal Government. They have an ‘F’ rating with the Better business Bureau and allegedly have taken people’s money but failed to provide the goods, as this heartbreaking story details

    Furthermore, in the US, the FDA have taken legal action against people falsely marketing and selling ozone generators as a cancer treatment.

    There are of course, also serious potential health risks to using this kin of equipment (ie. lethal gas embolism)

    caveat emptor!

  14. Gaylen Says:

    Hey people, sorry if I haven’t been back here. I go to a lot of sites.

    But Julie that REALLY bums me out! I’ve heard of problems with him and other people like him. But if what you say it true and I’m assuming it is, I’m behind you! I can’t stand anyone taking advantage of someone in this situation!Maybe email me and give me some more info about that deal and I’ll contact him. My email is And put Ozone in the subject line.

    To the rest of you I’d just like to say, yes you do have to take it easy with ozone. Someone in here was saying it depends on how toxic you are. That’s been my experience too. Some people just can’t take nearly as much at a time.

    But remember there are so many different ways to take it too. I wouldn’t breath it unless you have lung problems, or when you’re making ozonated water.

    But the bottom line is do what your body says is ok. It will tell you if it’s too much. And if it does, then back off on the amount and then gradually build it back up according to what the body says is ok.

    Someone was asking about the tyep of ozone too. There are generators that make ozone from the air we breath and one’s that make it from pure oxygen. (From welding tanks) The generators that use pure oxygen are called medical grade generators. You can also get a oxygen concentrator to make the pure oxygen too.

    The ozone made from pure oxygen is waaaaaaay stronger than the ozone made from the air we breath. Plus it’s healthier too. The air we breath has toxins in it so the ozone made from that air will have the byproducts left after being oxidized.

    After doing this for 7-8 years, I’ve found ozone doesn’t work for everything like I thought before too. It worked for my wife that’s for sure! But this last year someone I know was using it and on a good diet and his lung cancer got worse. I found out later he wasn’t doing as much as he said he was, but still he still has lung cancer. The doctors said he should have been dead already so at least that hasn’t happened yet. You wouldn’t even know he has cancer. He very active and doen’t look sick at all. He’s had luck with a Chinese herbal doctor.

    But I’m still searching for the missing key. Maybe it’s because each body is different. But I don’t know anyone who has been really harmed by it. No one has had to go to the hospital from it that I know. My generator os a medical grade one and I’ve breathed in too much at once and coughed for a half hour before. That’s the worst thing I’ve experienced from it.

    I REALLY find it hard to believe someone’s lungs have been really harmed by breathing ozone. What happens when you breath too much is the ozone oxidizes all the garbage in your lungs and the natural reaction for the body is to cough. So the reality is no harm has been done. I know there is evidence that it inflames the lungs if you breath too much at first, but like I said the body builds up to it and you be totally surpirsed at how much pure ozone you can breath.

    The bottom line though is to follow what your body says is ok. It won’t lie to you. Plus breathing it is only good for lung problems. My wife cured her asthma by doing it.

    There are many ways to use ozone though and the key is using the process that gets the ozone where you need it. There’s what’s called bagging, funneling, sauna’s, ozonated water, IV’s RHP therapy and so on. RHP is waaaay to expensive for this poor guy!

    Anyway, investigate it and start out slow and you’d be surprised at all the things ozone can help!

    Take Care!

    Oh yeah, someone was recommending ozonated oil on line. That’s a good site! I’ve never heard anyone have a bad experience from that site. Paul, the owner of the site, is a nice guy and will help you as much as possible and the prices for his generators are very resonable! Someone was tlkaing about breathing a lot of ozone, Paul breaths tons.

    See Ya!

  15. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Because ozone gas it what it is. 03. there is no other name for it.

  16. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Gaylen, so glad you stopped by and to hear that your wife is still doing well thanks to ozone..

    I should get a notification everytime someone posts in the comments area but I don’t always and I missed your comment until now.

    I initially was very worried about breathing in ozone and at Saul Pressmans site he warns harshly about it… then one day I had a long talk with Paul from the ozonated oil site and we had actually discussed you. But also, he told me how he makes ozonated oil and the very high concentrations that are required to do so and how he breathes it in frequently.. It did cause some pretty intense detox for him initially but he is long over it now and fully well even though he breathes in this “dangerous to breath” ozone.

    I have a lot of respect for people who speak the truth and take risks to find the truth..

    Just like with ozone injections… there is much fear mongering going on there too but Jovan speaks the truth.. and I have since met other doctors who do the injecions also. . Safety for that is found in correct techinque. Do it right and there is no risk.. Do not let the ozone fall out of the syringe and be replaced by air.. as simple as that.

    The current powers that be in dictating ozone therapy do not want you to know the truth.. I have not been able to figure out why.. I do think someone should put a cork in Bocci. He has become the ozone lord and master but I know it is false information due to people like you and your wife, Paul and Peter Jovan… We must keep truth alive. Thank you.

  17. Gaylen Says:

    Hi Arrow, It’s good to see you’re learning the truth about ozone. :-) Peter and Paul know what they’re talking about. I’m just someone who learned about it and decided to try every angle without knowing what is supposed to be good or bad. But what I know is from first hand experience. And like Paul said, you can breath huge amounts of ozone after getting you body used to it, without any side effects. My wife and I are living proof. :-)

    I recently met someone who does the injections herself. I’ve never done it, but from what I’ve heard, make sure the air is out, like you said, and do it real slow. Like a 1/2 hr for an injection.

    But keep up the good work of getting the truth out. Even after about 7 yrs now since I wrote about my wife’s cancer I still get people contacting me about once a month now. Used to be a lot more. But the story lives on through people like you. So thanks! Each year I meet more and more people who know about ozone. I just met two more yesterday. The truth is going to be coming out soon showing all their lies! (not just health lies)

    Take Care Arrow! :-)

  18. Arrowwind Says:

    I’ve just recently met some doctors who do injection work. They also have a new ozone machine called an Octizone… not sure if Im spelling it right. It delivers 08, which is highly unstable but works wonders when done by injection for a number of conditions.

  19. Sarah Says:

    Does it kill HIV too?
    Where can I get it?

  20. Arrow Durfee Says:

    This page will be of help to you but all the links may not be active.

    A longevity ozone machine can do the work for you and can be found at this site:
    On the front page of healthsalon to the right is a link to find ozone practitioners but you must find one that is willing to do direct IV injections of ozone.
    There is a book about ozone therapy called “Flood your body with oxygen” by Ed McCabe and this is where to start your understanding. In it he tells of HIV/Aids people using intravenous ozone to take care of their HIV. If I had HIV it is what I would be doing along with the slapping and stretch exercises by Xiao Hongchi to increase my energy.
    You can learn about that here: