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Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer – Now Proven

24th December 2011 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

In my early alternative health experiences when I worked as a colonic therapist the clinic I worked in provided to our clients the Gerson therapy. We believed it and knew it worked but cancer patients willing to take the risk of trying it were few. Many more people who were interested in general detox or cures for lesser diseases found great success.

Now new information has come to the public about the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy. Finally doctors and hospitals are doing research on the Gerson Therapy and it is curing cancer and at very high rates. This research is being done in Japan, or at least was until the tsunamii hit and Fukashima blew its deadly radiation eveywhere. I am praying that these events have not lead them to loose focus on this research. On the other hand the Gerson therapy is probably exactly what many Japanese people are needing more than ever. Now they have the doctors there who know the truth and are ready to implement it.

You may know someone who needs this information.

I am leading you to a documentary about the work of Max Gerson and the Gerson Institute. The journalist, Steve Krochel, does an exceptional work in bringing to people in the USA the truth about the Gerson therapy in his documentary “Dying to Have Known”. This is well worth your time to watch and if you have a chronic disease or cancer it is a must watch.

Mr. Krochel examines not only the work of Max Gerson but of his daughter, Charolett Gerson, who has kept alive the Gerson Therapy knowledge and taken it around the world. He talks with many physicians both here in the USA and in Japan, as well as providing clinical evidence that the Gerson Therapy does, indeed, cure cancer. You will see the before and after medical scans and meet the patients who no longer have cancer. You will also get a face to face with the notorious and dark Steven Barett M.D. of Quackwatch fame, who has dedicated his life to discrediting all the alternative methods of healing and spreading lies about true health care.

Please be aware, as you watch, that this is also a cure for diabetes and other chronic disease.

Eventually Mr. Kochel’s journey of revealing the Gerson therapy takes him to Japan where real research in going on in Japanese hospitals regarding the Gerson therapy.. the verdict? Gerson Therapy cures cncer!

Watch “Dying to Have Known” on Netflix or here for free and right now on youtube.

Here is another movie by the same author with similar information. “Dying to Have Known” presents more clinical evidence and hence is more important information but still “The Beautiful Truth” is a good intoductory movie and may be more appropriate for teenagers. Also Available on netflix or youtube here:

“The Beautiful Truth”…&feature=mv_sr

Please, if anyone has a testimonial for the Gerson Therapy, please leave it in the comments section below.

for further informaiton on the Gerson Therapy see:

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3 Responses to “Gerson Therapy Cures Cancer – Now Proven”

  1. C J Hewish Says:

    I got my diagnostic upstage of 3(a) Prostate Cancer in May 2004 (from 2(b), Dec 2003) and went on intermittent hormonal manipulation (GnRH/a), first 18 months their protocol. By late 2005 I felt I had done enough research to (a) challenge their protocol and (b) adopt my own adjuvant practices. Earlier this month, at 8 years out, I listened as the consultant dictated his letter to my G.P. – “… doing amazingly well” – a phrase that rang in my brain all the way home. I’m waiting to find out if it’s in the letter that comes through. I’ve had CFS/ME since 1986, so have no energy to “do” the Gerson’s therapy properly. I just do the best I can!

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    One of the downfall’s of the gerson therapy is that it is very hard to do and costly too! You wear a path from your bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom and there is little time for much else in your life. I recently spoke with a woman who did it for 19 months and she told me about how exhausting it was. But she is still alive! She is now looking for other alternative methods that are not so demanding.

  3. C J Hewish Says:

    The point about Gerson, as a science trained person – not a medical doctor, is its biological logic. In principle it supports, repairs and thus heals the body and keeps the mind busy. Before I became a teacher I worked as an R&D scientist and had contact with toluene and xylene vapours in the factory environment. That was before their carcinogenic nature was well-known. Over a two year period, my store of these benzenoids diminished via enema outputs.
    I was shown a Steve Kroschel DVD some time ago. Be interested to see the hospital research in Japan get into a peer-reviewed journal!