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Julian Assange and the Ecuador Connection

30th September 2012 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I am providing to you today a link to an article that I feel is extremely important for all peoples in Europe, the USA and South America to read. It is in regard to Wikileak’s Julian Assange. It will tell you about things going on within the secret war being held by the elites of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and between the nations of the world. It will also explain to you why Ecuador is willing to take on Assage and protect him within their embassy… things I doubt you knew about.
It will also show to you how nations in South America are solidifying in intent to promote freedom in economy outside of the control of the IMF or the World Bank.

Although this may not be directly related to health concerns, ultimately all of our health, both physical, mental and spiritual is reliant on the state of the nation within which we live and the economy which we must dwell within.

I would like to thank the blog “The 2012 Scenario” for making this article available. I will now send you to their site to read it.

Julian Assange, International Intrigue and What’s Going On With Ecuador

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