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Thank You Monsanto For Making The World Better

5th October 2012 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

With permission from the author Ben, I have posted this letter. He says take it and run! That means you too!

Dear Monsanto,

I wanted to write you this letter thanking you for all of your hard work leading the food industry towards the future. I have seen some incredible things as of late and I believe that your efforts have been the main reason I and others have been so fortunate. I have always cared about healthy food just as many of my friends and associates do. Your recent push as the number one financial backer of the anti-prop 37 movement has produced such amazing results that I barely have words to express my gratitude. Below I have outlined some of those incredible things. I thought you deserved to hear from a consumer, an American, a Californian just what you have done for us.

1- My friends and family now pay much more attention to what is in their food and what they feed themselves and their children.

2- I have seen people who would otherwise not be aware of each other working toward the common goal of food safety and health. I have personally interacted with people from Russia and South Africa regarding the food on their dinner tables and my own. I love new friends.

3- Organic food sales have gone through the roof! The farmers markets in my home town have been growing at a magnificent rate. An entire new culture of caring about what our food really is has come into existence in places where people never really cared before.
4- As a consumer I merely have to look at the list of donors looking to kill prop 37 to know who gives a **** about human beings and who only cares about money.

5- The two larger community gardens in my town went from having a few volunteers each day to having anywhere from 25 – 100 volunteers EACH DAY!!

6- Local independent grocery stores are proudly starting to educate their customers as to which foods do not contain GMO’s.

7- Some GMO foods were sneaking in “under the radar” but now this is on “everyone’s radar.”

8- Farmers are realizing that they do not have to back down to big companies trying to bully them into submission so that they do not have choices.

9- People from all different races, political affiliations, religions, cultures, and places in the world have banded together ala “The enemy o my enemy is my friend.”

10- Girls LOVE guys who make an effort to avoid fake food such as what you supply the world with. If I go out to any gathering and start talking about how terrible GMO’s are I inevitably meet lots of pretty girls.

There are many more benefits I am realizing now thanks to you spending so many millions of dollars to defeat prop 37. So in summary thank you. It must be so frustrating to see your efforts backfiring on you and your friends Nestle, Bayer, Hershey’s, Abbott, Pepsi, Coke, and all the others. Thank you for your arrogance and lack of regard of the entire human species. It has served to bring us together and make us stronger.

Your Friend
Benjamin Lantz

I am inviting folks to take this following letter that I just emailed out to my community and to alter it as appropriate for your situation and to email it out to newspapers or other lists that you might have.


Hi Everyone,

Although the farmer’s market is over for the time being, organic gardener’s and farmer’s concerns never sleep. Today I have made up a little presentation for you regarding GMO products for your consideration.

GMO – genetically modified organisms – in foods is a real concern for those interested in eating and growing organic foods. With enough exposure to GMO out in the field, organics could become extinct as pollens from GMO move across acreage and contaminate seed. Each year new foods are intoduced into the market that are GMO. As the law stands right now we have no legal recourse to determine if the foods we purchase or consume are GMO or developed through GMO feeds or not. We are blindly purchasing and consuming.

“France is expected to call for an official ban on Monsanto’s genetically-modified (GM) corn very soon “at a European level,” according to the French news source RFI. Following the recent release of a University of Caen study that found a link between the “Frankencorn” and the development of severe tumors in rats, French officials have been urging a Europe-wide ban on both the cultivation and import of the GM corn, which was never proven safe in the first place prior to its commercial release.”

See the full article here.

I want to remind folks that GMO alfalfa hay has entered into ….. and ….. Counties. It is roundup ready, meaning that roundup will not kill the alfalfa hay but it will kill the weeds. Although the spread of this type of seed across pastures is very limited, it is not fully impossible. Generally ranchers cut the hay before it goes to seed. The risk is in the genetic alteration and potential damage of the hay itself upon the animals that consume it and consequently the people who eat the meat and other animal products like milk and butter. We were not designed to eat foreign protiens.

Until indepth studies have been done on the animals who consume these GMO grains and grasses, we are all in potential jeopardy. We must demand complete testing of these products at all levels in the food chain and we must demand freedom of choice though clear labeling on all food products.

And here’s a heads up for farmers and ranchers who are now growing GMO crops locally. California proposition 37 is going to pass. Polls indicate a 65% bipartisan favor of the proposition. This will require all food products to be labeled regarding which ingredients within are GMO in the state of California leading to informed consumers in this state. This will cause an immediate wake up to families across California and hence the nation. GMO products, once identified, will no longer be wanted and your crop prices will go down and eventually you will have difficulty finding someone to purchase it. This has been the course of the econimic reprocussions of GMO in Europe. Organic consultants expect a similiar outcome in the States. You may still be able to ship this undesired product to unsuspecting people in foreign nations as there may develop a grain and hay shortage as famers struggle to reorganize to meet the needs and demands of our nation.

This 14 minute video will bring to your attention the crisis we are facing concerning GMO foods. A must watch if you feel it is time for you to wake up to this issue.

This very brief film actually shows the damage in fields to plant life… I had heard about it but not seen it before. Now you can see too. This guy will have to mow his fields for several consecutive years to get rid of this super ragweed. Why he has let it grow this tall is beyond me, except maybe to make his point. This plant should NOT be allowed to seed.



President of …… Community Farmer’s Market


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2 Responses to “Thank You Monsanto For Making The World Better”

  1. Karen Bowlin Says:

    I am just part of a farming family. But I wonder if you ever considered the problem of how is the world going to produce enough food for the ever-growing population on the same amount of land? We need to find the answer soon. Here are some possible answers:

    1. If you are willing to give up your single-family home & move into a highrise apartment, we would have room to grow more organics.

    2. We could simply stop trying to feed the world & just let those people die who are having more kids than they can ever feed without help.

    3. We could rack our brains for new ways to make what we have more productive.

    I, personally, am glad someone is trying to find answers that fit into the 3rd option.

  2. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Well you bring up agenda 21 issues. A serious concern for sure.
    visit for further details on this UN program to move people into high rise buildings and off of their land, control of all planetary water and resourses by a one world agency.

    We don’t have to wrack our brains very hard to figure out how to feed ourselves. One must get up off their fat ass and go out and plant something.

    Quite a few people have demonstrated that it is possible to feed a family of 4 off a small urban home lot. Many cities have enough public land to feed many thousands. Start by participating in a community garden and when you are there plant the seeds to make Essiac Tea and plant a slippery elm tree.