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Cannabis Tutorial Guide

12th August 2013 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

The following are all the links that I have on using Cannabis to cure cancer. Currently the best states for medicinal marijuana are Washington and Colorado for these states have ruled that cannabis is legal, even outside of medical use. Look into each state’s law to be sure it will be suitable for your needs. Still some medical marijuana dispensaries are not aware of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) that can cure cancer. RSO can be difficult to get in some states that permit medical marijuana and in my search in Oregon last year I found that many medical marijuana dispensaries were unfamiliar with RSO. If you have cancer RSO is what you want. Nothing else will do.
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? – a documentary that outlines the science behind cannabis.

Run From the Cure – the Rick Simpson Story. A must watch to understand where RSO comes from and the history of its use.

Please do not confuse Hemp Oil with RSO, (Rick Simpson Oil) Hemp oil is just made from hemp seed and it is available in many health food stores now. It is not the same thing and you will not get the same results… but I do recommend it for salad dressing!
Cannabis Cures Cancer


Dramatic Testimonials following the screening at the Sausalito Film Festival Panel:

helpful site with great before and after photos:
Cannabis for the treatment of pain. Many videos here:…0.0…
More testimonials:

stage 4 cancer cure:


Prostate Cancer:

and here is an interesting story of a hospice patient. Having worked in hospice myself for 6 years I will testify that once the morphine starts it never stops, not until death anyway. Now I wonder how many patients with terminal disease could have lived much longer with cannabis instead of morphine.. and how much better their passage to the next world could have been.

Hemp Oil Dosage written by Rick Simpson:

there are also several good videos on youtube demonstrating how to make the oil. Be sure to watch videos by Rick Simpson if you are considering making your own RSO.
For Further Information visit this website: book: “Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Bible” by Jorge Cervantez also a book by Ed Reosenthal. These books will detail how to grow plants properly.
Rick Simpson says that the shelf life of RSO is many years. Keep it in a cool and dark storage place.

How To Make RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)
I’ve included brief instructions on how to make RSO so you can have a quick idea of what it is about. Please watch the videos and be fully familiar with the process before you attempt it.

Use Sativa Indica Strain that promotes rest and sleep
Use pure Naphtha or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol as a solvent
Use 1 pound of bud to make 2 ounces of oil, a two month supply, enough to cure most serious cancers.
In a large plastic food grade bucket cover bud with solvent until material is covered
Crush down to cover. It takes about 3 minutes for the THC to enter into the solvent
Strain with a coffee filter. It will be the color of gasoline.
Use a rice cooker. Make sure room is well ventilated to prevent explosion from igniting the solvent fumes.
Do not use open burners, no smoking. Use a fan to carry the fumes away.
Bring it to a boil in the rice cooker gradually adding more of the THC solvent as it boils off.
As the level of the solvent comes down for the last time add 8 to 10 drops of water
Agitate rice cooker off the heat so the oil doesn’t get too hot as it reduces. Never allow the mix to go above 290 degrees
Pour oil into a small steel pan and place on a coffee warmer and keep warm.
Over several hours the last of the water will evaporate off. You are left with a thick grease. You should have about 2 ounces of oil, enough to cure most serious cancers when taken over a two month period.
That’s it. That’s your cure!
Cannabis for cancer
Spain Study:













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