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Signs of Heart Disease

21st October 2006 by Carol Posted in Uncategorized

Whenever your body needs to tell you something important, it only knows of one way to do this and that is by causing you pain.  One of these signs may be that of heart disease. If your body sends you this sign, then you should not ignore it.

Chest pain is one of the most obvious signs of heart disease.  Some of the other signs may not be so obvious.  These other signs include shortness of breath, leg swelling, leg pain when walking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  These things are important because your body is sending you signs of heart disease.  If you ignore these signs, the consequences could be deadly.

Angina (chest pain) is pain or the feeling of pressure or tightening in your chest. Usually this feeling occurs whenever you are involved in physical activity.  If it occurs while you are at rest, then you are said to have unstable angina.  This is a sign of heart disease and it is possible that you may have a heart attack in the near future.

Another common sign of heart disease is shortness of breath.  This occurs because the heart is unable to pump enough blood to keep up with your body’s requirements.  When this happens, a back-up of blood and fluid can build up in your lungs.  This will make it extremely difficult to breathe.  You should know that this is a definite sign of heart disease and if you have this symptom then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Whenever your legs and feet begin collecting fluid, they will start to swell.  This could be a sign of heart disease.  If you have this symptom you should let your doctor know if you have this symptom, especially if you have any of the other symptoms that were mentioned above.  This may be a sign of heart disease.  Of course, if you have pain in your calves taking place whenever you are exercising, you should not worry about it as long as it stops shortly after you end the activity.  On the other hand, if you are having leg pain while you are inactive then it is possible that your legs are not getting enough oxygen because of a blocked artery.

Two other signs of heart disease are high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol.  You should keep an eye on these things by getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked annually, unless your doctor says that you need to have these things checked more often.  It is important to keep your eye on these things because high cholesterol makes your blood thicker which makes it harder to pump.  When this occurs your blood pressure raises, which can lead to blood clotting.  This could starve your heart of the blood and oxygen that it requires.

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