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Homeopathy Explained – Part One

26th February 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

Part One
Author: Arrow Durfee LPN DiHom

“Such a beautiful system of healing
is a blessing upon this earth
and should be known and practiced by all
for the wellbeing
and upliftment of humanity.”


Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was born in Meissen, Germany 1744-1843. He was a medical doctor, educated at the University of Erlagen in Bavaria, in 1779. He was fluent in 6 languages and translated many medical textbooks from around the world. He was one of the first physicians to develop concepts in hygiene and regimen, that is, the daily practice of sensible healthy living. While translating a book about the treatment of malaria with cinchona, (the plant origin of the use of quinine for malaria) Hahnemann went into experimentation with the herb. He found that if he took repeated doses of the herb over time he developed similar symptoms to malaria. He theorized that the herb helped malaria because it was capable of producing malaria like symptoms in a healthy person, not because of its bitterness and astringent quality as the author contended. Hence he went on to develop the “Law of Similars” – that which can cause a particular set of symptoms when given in a large or “gross” form will cure that picture of symptoms in disease when given in a potenized or homeopathically prepared form. The word homeopathy is from Greek origin. Homeo means same and pathos means suffering. Hence Hahnemann developed a theory that directs the discovery, production and application of a medicine, what even to this day the pharmaceutical industry lacks. Today it is considered beyond a theory by homeopaths. It is considered a scientific LAW.

Over time Hahnemann developed though empirical experimentation a number of remedies that were effective in not only treating diseases of his time but that brought about complete cure. Because of jealously and conflicts in ideology during his day Hahnemann suffered onslaught from peers and the pharmaceutical industry which forced him to frequently relocate and abandon practice. In spite of his trials he developed a significant following which encouraged him to start to teach the principles of homeopathy to other doctors. These physicians went on to develop homeopathic practice through the use of the Law of Similars and to increase the number of medicines available. Today homeopathy is practiced throughout Europe and is taught in many medical schools and homeopathic schools. Surveys indicate that 42% of British physicians refer patients to homeopaths and in France 42% of physicians utilize homeopathic remedies. In India there are over 100 homeopathic hospitals. In Mexico homeopathic remedies can be found in many pharmacies. The long lived royal family of England has a personal homeopathic physician and Mother Theresa was a homeopath and utilized homeopathy in her centers for the care of the indigent and it is no wonder. A small vial of homeopathic remedy is capable of treating a hundred people or more if applied judicially. The cost is shamefully low, being less than one dollar in India, eight dollars in the US for a remedy.

So what happened to Homeopathy is the USA? Homeopathy was brought to this country in the early 1800’s and there were a number of homeopathic hospitals, teaching facilities and physicians, including the University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, University of Michigan, and the Hahnemann Medical College to name a few of over 100 schools that taught homeopathy. The first medical association formed in the states was the American Society of Homeopaths. Shortly thereafter the American Medical Association was formed, largely with the intent to stamp out homeopathy. Many years of bitter battles ensued between homeopaths and allopaths (those who follow the doctrine of the AMA and adhere to the theory of medicine that contrary substances as opposed to similar substances should be applied for medicinal uses) Eventually the allopaths almost won. Homeopathy seemed to have been crushed, but in reality it was only sleeping.

A bronze statue to honor Dr Hahnemann is located in Washington DC and was recently rededicated to his work. and for historical photographs (PFD file).
In 1975 I met my first homeopath, Dr Robert Schore MD, in San Diego. He had told me that as a medical doctor he early on became frustrated that his patients never seemed to get better but only developed more chronic disease as time went by requiring more and varied drugs. He abandoned his practice and traveled to learn about other methods of treating people. He found homeopathy and developed a successful practice. Through his assistance he helped me and others I knew at the time overcome some very chronic health issues. I remain deeply indebted to him to this day for showing me homeopathy for it has greatly impacted on the health of my family and those I know who I have been able to educate about it its use. Since then I had the opportunity to take my children to Dr. Joseph Goldstrich MD, in Dallas Texas. He had been a cardiologist at Texas Southwestern Medical School. He told me that he found homeopathy to be significantly superior form for non-emergency treatments. All I know is that he saved my sons from extensive use of steroids and antibiotics for chronic sinus problems (diagnoses by ENT though their symptomatic picture and CAT scan.) Dr. Goldstritch claimed that their condition was based in allergy and was easily curable with the correct homeopathic remedy. And so it was, curtailing years of inhalant steroids, antibiotics and the degenerative processes that often ensue, my son’s chronic sinuses were cured in a few weeks, never to return.

I have trained and dabbled in homeopathy for 25 years now. Although there are many stories to tell I like my cat stories the best. Morris (much like the infamous Morris of commercial fame) spent the day snoozing on my bed with the door closed. When I opened the door the stench of bad cheese nearly knocked me over! Morris was irritable and clearly in distress. On his back between his shoulder blades was a boil ¾ inch across that was oozing a large amount of green drainage and the wound seemed extremely painful to him.. Being the nurse that I am I quickly gathered scissors and gauze for the exploratory surgery. The wound was deep and purulent and there were a few other puncture marks surrounding it that were inflamed. Clearly he had been bitten and it had been festering for a while. Having never treated such a severe wound I consulted the homeopathic texts although I was fairly sure of the remedy needed because of the particular smell. The book confirmed that Hepar Sulf. was the remedy of choice and a few doses of 30c over a couple of days quickly cleared it up. Since then cat bites have become sort of my specialty as my brood of cats are forever getting into trouble. The wounds have included fistulas, purple boils, and recurrent boils (a tougher case) with great success. I hate to think of what it would have cost at the vet’s. By the way, there are veterinarians in the Salt Lake area who use homeopathy.

Homeopathy is going through a great resurgence at this time in the US. A homeopath can be found in every major city and often other towns as well. Homeopaths are in the midst of developing their own regulatory bodies and some states have developed guidelines for practice. It is taught at Harvard Medical School and there are many independent homeopathic schools across the nation as well as in Canada. In Canada insurance as well as their state based health care system covers homeopathic treatment. In the US, postgraduate schools for the training and preparation for licensure of Naturopathic Doctors provide intensive homeopathic training. The first homeopathic hospital in over 75 years is in its planning stage near Phoenix Arizona.

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7 Responses to “Homeopathy Explained – Part One”

  1. sheila dayaram Says:

    I would like to learn Homeopathy and become a Homeopath doctor. How do I go about this.
    Please advise


  2. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I would be glad to advise you but it would be really helpful to know what state you live in as regulations vary from state to state. There a many approaches. It would be best to select the one that will lead to legal practice for you. So far, states individually regulate homeopathy. If you are from Canada it is even easier. California and Idaho are the easiest due to health freedom laws there. Some states have great schools like Arizona and New York and it would be best to contact the schools in those states as they would know the regulations for that state.

    If you choose to become an ND (Naturopathic Doctor) through one of the 4 year post grad schools that would provide you legal protection in at least 14 states where NDs are licensed and practice legally. Unfortunately most ND schools do not provide the best homeoapthic education out there. You would have to supplement what they offer or work at designing some of your own curriculum within their institutions if that could be possible. I’m just not seeing many NDs really focusing on homeopathy once they are out even though they are given some training. I suspect the school in Arizona might be the best choice. In Scottsdale or Pheonix I think. Homeopathy is really big there and I heard rumor that a homeopathic hospital was going to be created in association with the ND school there. Don’t know if it happened or will happen but what an opportunity for study if it was so.

    Some of the best independent homeoapthy schools are requiring 3 or more solid years of homeopathic training.

    Is your intent to serve only friends and family or to serve the public. That would also make a difference on how you approach it. Let me know.


  3. mary aspinwall Says:

    For those who would like to learn how to treat themselves and their families for first aid emergencies and acute illnesses there is lots of free information, including a training course on my site
    I can also highly recommend studying with Jeremy Sherr who runs courses in the US (currently in Minnesota):)
    Wishing you well
    Mary Aspinwall

  4. Lauren Says:

    Sounds like you might be located in Utah. I can’t seem to find any homeopathic physicians in this area for my friend suffering from colon cancer/small intestinal tumors. She is currently driving to Idaho for treatments and is so sick she shouldn’t be doing this. Any recommendations?

  5. Arrow Durfee Says:

    In Utah, Dr. Diane Farley Jones for classical homeopathy and alternative medicine. 801-407-3000

  6. Kelsey Says:

    I’m going to be going on an LDS mission and I need to get vaccines, which I’ve never had before. My dad is a chiropractor and he’s wondering if there’s MD’s who can use homeopathic vaccines instead of conventional ones. Do you, Arrow Durfee, know if Diane Jones can do that?
    Do you guys know if anyone can do that?
    Thanks for your help

  7. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Dr Jones does do homeopathy. I do not know if she does the vaccination protocols though. A call to her office would probably give you the answer you seek. For the cost of the office visits you would save money to purchase them yourself. I have the protocol stored here at HealthSalon. search homeopathic vaccination

    Most people I know who have done the vaccination protocols have purchased the remedies themselves and self administered. If you are going to a third world country where there are lots of strange diseases I strongly recommend that you take a small bottle (2 ouncea, or is it 4 ounces that the airlines permit) of mms and citric acid. You can learn all you need to know about mms (miracle mineral solution) at It is very good for parasitic diseases among other things. Purchase on ebay.