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HIV cured with Ozone?

26th February 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

This just came to me today (8-18-07) from Peter Jovan, an ozone specialist – lab reports documenting ozone effectiveness for HIV.

Read about a case of HIV treated with ozone on Ed McCabes webpage

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26 Responses to “HIV cured with Ozone?”

  1. colon detox Says:

    i wonder when are we going to have the cure for HIV/AIDS ? we are living on an age with very high technology but still we have not found a cure for this disease.

  2. ~ Melatonin Dosage Says:

    HIV / AIDS is one hell of a scary disease. we still do not have a cure nor a vaccine for it, so always practice safe sex.

  3. Arrow Durfee Says:

    BS. There is a cure. MMS for some. Advanced Ozone therapy for others.

  4. arthritishelp Says:

    HIV/AIDS is still rampant today and there is no cure for it. we need to practive safe sex all the time because an ounce of prevention is still better than a pound of cure.

  5. aussiechic06 Says:

    I personally believe they do have a cure for HIV/AIDS. Why bother to put that out on the market when these people making antiretroviral drugs are making possibly billions annually, kicking back in Cancun sipping margaritas? Why put something out that is going to eradicate the need for their business? Or maybe it’s some form of “curse” put on mankind for “defiling” something that is considered as being God’s gift between a married man and woman… who knows?

  6. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Although MMS1 has helped some people with HIV/AIDS the reports have not been substancial with consistent cure. Jim Humble says adding MMS2 to the protocol will cure HIV/AIDS

    Please note that MMS is now called MMS1 and Jim is promoting MMS2 as an adjunct. Please visit his website for details.

  7. MelatoninFaq Says:

    HIV is a nasty disease. Once you get it, there is no cure for it. Safe sex and abstinence is the only way to avoid getting it.

  8. Arrow Durfee Says:


    I think you are greatly misinformed. There are several cures for HIV but you will not find them in your local doctors office. Search MMS and Ozone therapy.

    But true, most people never find the cure for they are blinded by false belief systems.

  9. Caramoantour Says:

    It is quite scary that there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS and the only way we can fight it is by prevention. How long would it take our scientists to develop a cure or vaccine for this disease?

  10. rettanderson Says:

    Contrary there are cures for HIV. Look into Ozone therapy and MMS

  11. Jake Cullen Says:

    HIV is a disease that is still incurable today. We should always practice safe sex and also educate our people how to avoid the spread of this disease.

  12. stillsmiling Says:

    There is a cure….look at ex-pro basketball player Majic Johnson, he nolonger has it. Yes mms does work, also check out Dr. Sebi website…google him

  13. Arrow Durfee Says:

    It is my understanding that magic johnson used ozone therapy, not mms.

  14. HIV Symptoms In Men Says:

    So HIV can be cured with ozone therapy? How much does it cost?

  15. al moran Says:

    Ozone therapy costs whatever the machine costs you, plus oxygen supply, plus a green (live) diet and avoid toxins including being reinfected with HIV by continuing the life you were living at the time you were infected including DRUG ABUSE.

    OZONE GAS rectal insufflation (Not for pleasure) Medicine. The gas travels up a clean colon. Cleansed by an enema before the gas is introduced. The blood vessels (many) in the rectal canal absorbe the ozone gas. the gas goes into the blood stream and begins to kill bacteria, fungus, HIV or whatever other aneorobic life is hanging around the body.

  16. al moran Says:

    I mean you can also do IV OZONE. But IV OZONE is “penetrating the sanctity of the closed body” You DONT want to be “practicing” medicine w/o a “license”. BARF But when you do rectal, vaginal or ear insufflation to your own body. WHO CARES WHAT ANYBODY THINKS!


  17. ImReady Says:

    I read this post, and there were several references to “the way you got Hep C’ or aids’…….not everybody has the disease because of drugs, or sex. Mine came from a hospital in early 1991. I’ve never done drugs, and have always been faithful to my wife. So, keep this in mind when making these comments. I am an innocent victim. I have only known for about 8 months now, and, I’m on MMS, and will start MMS2, and am studying CDS, and Oxygen Therapy. I need all the information I can get, so if you have anything to say, please help me succeed at my mission of eradicating this Hep C.

  18. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Blood transfuions can also transfer these diseases. Is this how you think you caught it?

  19. ImReady Says:

    Arrow Durfee,
    Yes, I got my Hepatitis when I was admited to the hospital after a pickup rolled over me, ripping my left knee open, and ripping my shoulder off my collarbone. They cut me in both places to operate. I’m sure they gave me some blood, I bled a while before I got to the hospital. You’ve seen Mash, the army show; well, the hospital was about the same. It was a “Salvation Army Tent Hospital” brought to the island right after Hurricane Hugo destroyed the regular hospital. It just had two rows of beds lined up side by side, with hanging curtains around them for privacy.
    Of course, I didn’t, like, have a Hep test ran after my stay there, (11 days I layed there) so, I can’t say I definately got hep there, but, when I finally found out about it, the doctor said “You’ve had this for 20 years”…..This was February, 2011, and February, 1990 was when I was in the hospital. 21 years. Since I’ve never had a drug needle in my body, never swapped blood with anybody, well, it’s a pretty good guess that I got it at that tent hospital. I’ve seldom had any kind of job that would provide insurance, and rarely had any insurance at all. Never went for a simple checkup, or to have tests ran for anything. I’ve lived a pretty troublefree life. Hardly ever sick, no kind of bad accidents that would land me in a hospital. If I’d found out earlier, who knows what would have happened.
    So, I’m trying to decide what to do, and figure out a way to do whatever it is that I end up doing. I had a viral load test ran in early November 2011, and, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Viral Load was 750,000. I think one million is the straw that breaks the camels back. Anything less than a million is considered to be a low range. I have very little liver pain, VERY little. I’m probably suffer too much fatigue, but, I spend many hours every night searching about Hep, and don’t really get enough rest. I try to change that, every night. I’m not very successful at it either. When I get back on routing with MMS, or whatever, I’ll stop spending so much time here. I’m still searching.
    Well, sir, you asked me: “Blood transfuions can also transfer these diseases. Is this how you think you caught it?”……..well, the simple answer would have been 100% YES. Sometimes, I run my thoughts too much.

  20. ImReady Says:

    Check out this video. This is being done in Malaysia of all places!! This process is absolutely amazing, I’ve never seen anything any better than this!

  21. ImReady Says:

    this video is 32 minutes long, but you will LOVE it! It’s about ozone, it mentions aids several times, but it is about all diseases. It’s an OLD video, maybe the FDA has changed views by now, I don’t know. BUT, it is an amazing video!! Please watch it!!

  22. Life Choice Therapy Says:

    HIV cannot be cured but it can be greatly controlled, having the infection in a “sleep mode” that keeps the immune system intact.

    Here’s a testimonial of an HIV patient that’s been symptom free for the last years:

  23. ImReady Says:

    OK, here’s my new mission! I’m using a product called BHT. It is, basically, food preservative. If you go to you can find out about it. Is has “cured” both HIV and Hep C. Several people have claimed to bring their viral load of hep c down to “non-detectable” in just two months. It is suggested to continue taking it for a couple of years, to fully eradicate the disease. One pound of the BHT costs $20.00 off EBay, and you can find it from a web-site called…….This is where the people on Ebay buy it for MUCH less. Here is some information I copied from the Yahoo group that I found the information on:

    BHT is an antioxidant widely used as a food preservative that has been shown in research to uncoat lipid enveloped viruses and kill them. BHT has been used by thousands of herpes sufferers since the 1970′s to halt or minimize herpes outbreaks.

    Now, some of us are trying BHT on Hepatitis C, another lipid coated virus. Several of us are improving our condition using BHT while others have proven to recover and test negative for HCV after routine use of BHT. This group is set up both to educate others of the potential of BHT on Hepatis C and other lipid coated viral diseases and to share and track information about our progress and results with one another.

    The following viruses are lipid coated:
    Herpes (all types)
    Hepatitis C,
    Epstein Barr Virus,
    West nile virus
    Influenza virus,
    Hepatitis B
    Avian flu influenza
    Dengue Fever
    + more
    SO, there you have it. I have been taking it for about a month, and will continue for some time more, then get a new viral load test. My first and only test was given to me as:”875,000″ SO, that’s less than a million, which is a good thing, I’ve read. I bought a bag of empty capsules, fill them with BHT, and take one in the morning,one hour before eating. Then, later at night, I take one…like I just took one at 8:00 P.M. and I’ll finally eat again one hour later. I’m putting my hope and faith in this product. I believe it is going to cure my hep c. I will re-post after the next viral load test. the yahoo group is called “BHTCURES” Here, you will find a lot of information. You have to join the group, here’s a link, I hope it works. ”

  24. ImReady Says:

    OK, I just posted about BHT on an OZONE blog. Sorry, it anyone has a problem with that, I hope it’s ok. I just want to help people. I think the MMS will work, maybe, but, it is so NASTY to take, and the BHT sounds MUCH better, since it is dealing with particular cells in the body. Best wishes for EVERYONE!!!!

  25. Arrow Durfee Says:

    Thank you for the info on BHT. I was not familiar with it and I,m looking into it now.

  26. ImReady Says:

    I’m sorry, but, after taking the BHT for 3 or 4 months, I went back for another “Viral Load” test, and it, according to the doctor, was the same as when I took my first test, about a year earlier. SO, I’m not saying that BHT doesn’t work, but, it did nothing for me. The one available thing I did find out from the doctor was that I have a high “Ammonia” level in my blood, caused from, basically, my bad liver. This develops into something called: “Hepatic Encephalopothy” This problem can cause “Shakes” and “Trembling”; which was my problem. It ammonia in the blood affects the nervous system. It can, if left untreated for long enough, a coma, and even death. The doctor prescribed me a sweet liquid laxative called “Lactulose” which is supposed to remove the ammonia from the blood. It works very well. I am going back to this doctor soon, I’ll try to report back. I’ve had this Hep C since 1990, when I was in a hospital in a primitive country. I received bad blood there.