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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

26th February 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

I would like to spend some time on this topic because it is of critical concern to the health and longevity of the people of the USA. There is not enough information about this disease in the media nor is the public being made sufficiently aware of its presence in the population, nor its treatment options and pitfalls, nor how to protect themselves.

I will now refer you to because this site can tell the scientific details much better than I can. I want you to specifically scroll down to the section on Epidemiology. This tells us where we stand as a nation and if you are a creative thinker it will insinuate where we are heading.

Now that you have read in wikipedia and know the basic facts I wish to tell you how it is in the hospital.

I worked in a long term acute care setting for a while. This is the kind of facility that people go to who are critically ill yet ready to start therapy. In fact therapy is essential to their survival. Its like either get up and do it or die. Here you will see a lot of chronic disease, auto accident victims, complex wounds, bedsores hopefully on the mend, cardiac rehab, etc., etc.
It is a heavy duty medical unit. Very complex but not as critical as ICU.

I worked in this unit for about 9 months. Literally, until I couldn’t stand the stress of it any longer. On any given day I might have between 4 to 6 patients, depending on acuity and census. Most were on heavy duty antibiotic IV therapy. Most were quite sick. Some were at various levels of rehab. Some were dying.

On any given day approximately half my patients had either MRSA or some other antibiotic resistant infection. These infections might be located in a wound, the urine, the lungs or what is called generally, septicemia, in the blood. Some of these patients survived to go home. Most did not. Sorry I can’t give you percentages. These were my casual observations, but generally the observations of most on the unit. They all received big gun antibiotics, every single one of them who had these resisitent infections.

I dealt with this stuff everyday. I did it till I could stand it no more. Now I know there are a lot of healthcare providers out there a lot tougher than me and they are still there putting up the fight. But I knew deep in my heart and soul and my mind that it was not the good fight. It was just the fight. I was powerless there to do what I knew would help them. I was just a lowly nurse confined by rules and laws, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, administrations. The tyrants never let up, never looked outside their confines. Locked in their boxes the never would listen to what I had to say. I couldn’t stand to watch them kill people any more. Even worse, in spite of all the good intent, I could not help them to do it any longer.

I had been looking around. I had been trying to find another way. I had also been meeting people with MRSA who did not get it in a hospital but who had contracted it from other family members or unknown places.

Some of the posts I will be putting on this thread will reveal what I have found out in my search for treatment for this terrible disease that takes young and old, healthy and strong, weak and debilitated alike. Stay tuned.

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