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Helicobacter pylori – an antedotal case of cure with GSE and Ozone

27th February 2007 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Uncategorized

A while back an co-employee came to me asking what she might do for her ulcer. She had been to the doctor and was diagnosed with helibacter pylori ulcer and given a course of antibiotics called a prev pac. This pack included a couple of antibiotics and prevacid to be taken daily for a couple of weeks. She was now on day 3 and was having exceptional kidney pain, which she thought was from the drugs. She wanted to know if anything else could cure her ulcer.

Well, at this point I wan’t sure. I had only been experimenting with ozone therapy for a short time. I told her that I coulnd’t help her and she said that she would not continue with the antibiotics due to the pain it was causing her. She would try anything.

She started on ozonated water, 4 eight ounce glasses a day and also, greatfruit seed extract (GSE), Nutribiotic brand, one pill 3 times a day. In two days her stomach and kidney pain were gone. I advised her to have a bland diet. She refused to take the prevacid. This protocol she kept up for 3 weeks. She then returned to the doctor and had tests done. He said her ulcer was cured. She remained symptom free.

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One Response to “Helicobacter pylori – an antedotal case of cure with GSE and Ozone”

  1. bobic Says:

    Ozone water is very powerful and should be used more for treatment. Much kept secret.

    keep up the good work mate!