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A Coupon For You

Many of my articles recommend nutritional supplements. I have found a company that will carry most of what you need at extremely reasonable prices, about the best prices I have found. They have provided to me excellent service now for over 10 years and they carry leading name brands for you to choose from.

If you order $40 worth of product shipping is $4, a flat fee.

No matter where you live, if you order from enter the coupon code BAR 967 at the checkout to receive $5 off your first purchase if you order under $40 of product. Save $10 if you order over $40. After you order you can get your own coupon code to give to your friends. This will provide to you a discount on your next order when they make their first order and thereafter through your coupon code.

Be sure to check out their free samples found under Free Deals… I hadn’t even noticed that till recently.

To better understand the rewards program go here: