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Cannabis – Medical Marijuana Testimonials

Many, but not all of these testimonials come from this facebook page. If you want to discuss the use of Cannabis for medical conditions with others you can join this group.!/groups/416702921703509/


Hello I am Gwendolyn. I am a 57 year old female that was near deaths door 90 days ago. I happened to jump into a conversation my instructor Melissa Fitzgerald was having with a young man from CO. He was in the area visiting and offered me some cannabis oil. My life has been hell for the past 3 decades. I was diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, raynaudes, gout, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, many bulging discs, hep A , B, and C. I was also diagnosed with IBD, IBS, GERD, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, H-pylori. Last May 1 , 2012 I had a simple bone spur surgery somehow I got mercer, my whole leg turned black like a rotten banana and not one doctor could figure out what to do. I immediately started dosing on cannabis oil. Within 2 weeks the wheel chair and walker were gone. The ulcers on my leg are healing slowly. The cannabis oil pulled out gauze and old stitches from the surgery site. Today I am very happy with my 2nd chance at life. i am looking forward to a full recovery and hopefully returning back to work in 2014 after many long years of SSDI. When I returned to many doctors they said I “was just lucky,” They told me one out of 40 thousand people who get rid of Hepatitis completely, They have no explanation other then I am lucky. Now we know and they know its the cannabis oil. Lets just let folks have a chance to live. I was on a garbage basket full of Pharma Pills, creams, powders, you name it. Today it is gone, the pills are all gone except for 3. Now that’s a big change compared to 18 pills at bed time.


Hello yall! My precious son, Landon, was only 2.5 when he was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL (Leukemia). At the time of diagnosis he was given only a 10% chance of living through the first 24-48 hours of treatment as the Leukemia was growing at a very rapid rate. Chemo was the only option given to us to save his life. As we got started with the chemo treatments we began to research and learn the extremely dangerous and toxic side effects of what chemo does to the body. Chemo kills ALL cells in the body, not just the cancer cells. Watching your 2.5 year old son go from vibrant health to so weak and sick he could not walk or get out of bed was devastating. He lost 50% of his body weight, lost all muscle, puked for days at a time, had no appetite, was in constant pain, and was basically wasting away before our very eyes. All of his hair fell out, his eyes sunk into the back of his skull, all of his bones stuck out, he was hospitalized twice for infections due to the chemo killing his immune system, as well as him becoming dependent on the narcotic pain killers of morphine and oxy drugs. . We knew we had to do something so we started researching and through a series of events and people got connect with The Realm Of Caring, located in Colorado Springs. Seeking this Cannabis treatment required me and Landon to move to Colorado to be able to start seeing a doctor and obtain his red card to start treatment. The results were almost immediate once he started on the Charlottes Web oils. (note: Charlottes Web is the strain reported on by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his documentary found on youtube called “Weed’) He finally began to sleep through the night, the nightmares and terrors went away, the pain vanished, he regained his appetite, he started eating, his energy started coming back, he was weaned of all narcotic pain medications, slowly but surely he started to regain all that chemo and cancer had robbed him of. I still find it amusing that Landon had a prescription for synthetic marijuana to increase his appetite, yet it was illegal for him to be given a prescription for the natural plant itself, that I had to relocate us entirely to be able to do this treatment. We ended chemo 9 months into the 4 year stint…The Realm of Caring and the high CBD oil that they have developed saved Landon’s life. It brought him health even in the midst of chemo, it brought him peace and healed his body. We have no regrets and we are so thankful that God led us to Joel and Amanda Stanley with the Realm of Caring!! PLEASE HELP US SHARE HIS STORY!

Yes, I did the RSO for about 4 months ! I beet stage 3 lung cancer :) IT WORKS !!!


Hi everyone,
I want to tell you of my personal experience with Phoenix Tears we made. First off I have aggressive prostate cancer. My PSA numbers were good so I felt it was a great time to try the tears. I live in Colorado where it is very easy to obtain the material needed. Second, right up front, the tears (intense cannabis oil) did not eliminate my cancer. In fact my PSA numbers doubled while I was on the regimen.

Cannabis oil can not cure every cancer every time. I still believe we are all on the right track though. The success stories are wonderful and as we continue to learn more and use ourselves as experiments for the future of mankind I believe we will change medicine as we know it.

The 3 month regimen was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I have lost 20 pounds (almost all fat, very little muscle), am feeling and looking very fit and am ready for the next step. My tears were denser and more of a tar than the oils found in the dispensaries. It was so intense that 5 days after completion of taking my 60 grams in 3 months, I drove 20 miles to be tested for my THC levels at our local hospital. I had 188 nano grams of THC in my system.

My next attempt will be making a cannabis oil with very high CBDs.

As a close friend told me, “You know why they call it WD-40 don’t you. WD-39 failed. Please keep the faith, improve the science and don’t give up!


Rick Simpson

“Hi, I just wanted to update you. Dad has had another scan since starting the oil 5 months ago for pancreatic cancer. Last scan showed the cancer in the pancreas had shrunk and the other 7 spots that had appeared while he was on chemo had disappeared since starting the oil. New results show the cancer in pancreas has shrunk again and there are no other spots which is bloody fantastic considering that’s why pancreatic cancer is so deadly because of the rate it spreads. So 8 months along 5 of those months using oil dad is doing great in fact he feels better now than when he was first diagnosed. So thanks again Rick, J.B and everyone that helps get this information out if it was not for the oil I would not have my dad!!”!/pages/Rick-Simpson/298774923502987